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Catherine最近真是运气不佳,工作中频频出错,接连不断的疏忽已经让领导颇有微词。这天,部门经理把她叫到办公室,严肃地对她说:Concentrate on your job, or you'll be given the pink slip. Catherine听后一脸的茫然,问道:“给我一张粉色的小纸条干吗?“这一问反倒把经理给逗乐了。于是,Catherine出来后就去问同事Jane。Catherine: Today I was called to the manager's office, and I was told to be more careful about my job. Otherwise he'll give me the pink slip.凯瑟琳:今天经理把我叫到办公室了,要我工作更细心些,否则他会给我张粉色的小纸条。Jane: Really? That's horrible! You've got to be more careful.珍妮:真的吗?那太糟糕了!你还是小心点吧。Catherine: What is "the pink slip"? Is it that bad?凯瑟琳:什么是the pink slip呀?它就那么可怕吗?Jane: Oh, my God! If you're given the pink slip, you won't be able to work here any more, it means you'll be fired!珍妮:哦,老天那!如果你收到the pink slip,那么你就不能再在这上班了,它意味着你会被解雇的! Concentrate on your job, or you'll be given the pink slip. 专注于你的工作,否则你会被解雇。concentrate on sth.意思是”专心于某事“;pink slip中slip是小纸条的意思,所以pink slip这个短语从表面上看,指的是一种粉色的小纸条,但在交际中它有”解雇“之意,与walking papers同义。所以,give sb. the pink slip就意味着dismiss sb.(解雇某人)。 Carl:I was scolded by my boss today, because I made lots of mistakes.卡尔:今天我被老板臭骂了一顿,因为我出错太多了。Amanda:You‘d better concentrate on your job, or you may be given the pink slip.阿曼达:你最好工作专心点,否则你可能被开除的。背景音乐:Addicted to love◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201007/108859

A: Mr. Bryant? Hi, I’m Mike from Florence Incorporated. I’ll glad you made it okay. How was your flight?B: It was pretty bumpy, also a bit long, all together about 5 hours.A: That is a long flight. You had a layover too, is that right? You must be tired.B: Actually I feel quite rested. I was able to sleep on the plane.A: Good! Here, let me help you with your bag. Is it your first time to Seattle? I’d be happy to take you around this city and show you the sights tonight if you’re up to it.B: That will be very nice. You're too kind. A: I’ve aly made a hotel reservation for you, let's go to the hotel first and drop off your things. Then, I’d like to have a drink so that we can get better acquainted. I’ve booked a table at an exclusive restaurant downtown. Afterwards, I’ve made arrangements to take you to see the city light. Seattle’s nightlife can be really quite exciting. How does that schedule sound to you?B: Sounds great. Thank you for your hospitality. /07/77646

Im so sorry to keep you cooling your heels.非常抱歉让您久等了。cool ones heels字面理解意思是:“冷却某人的脚后跟”。这里的heel一开始不是指人的脚后跟,而是指马蹄。在火车、汽车发明之前,马匹是人类最主要的交通工具,在长途旅行中,经过长时间跋涉,马蹄就会过度发热,骑马的人不得不中断旅行让马休息一下。现在,这个词已经转义为:“苦苦等候,坐冷板凳”了。因此,当美国人说;Im so sorry to keep you cooling your heels.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Im so sorry to keep you waiting for so long.;、;Im sorry to have you kicking your heels for so long.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Im so sorry to keep you cooling your heels. Have a seat.本杰明:很抱歉让你久等了,请坐。Client: I hope you were expecting me. Here are the details about our cooperation. Please have a look at it.客户:我想你之前也等着我来吧。这是我们合作的详细资料,请看一下。搭配句积累:①I was on emergency temporarily and couldnt get away immediately.我临时有事,一下子走不开。②Lets begin right now.我们马上开始吧。③We were caught in traffic jam.我们堵车了。④We will serve you as quickly as possible.我们会尽快为您务。单词:1. temporarily adv. 临时地His job here is only temporary...他在这儿的工作只是临时的。Most adolescent problems are temporary.多数青少年问题是暂时性的。The peace agreement has at least temporarily halted the civil war...该和平协定至少暂时停止了内战。2. traffic jam 交通堵塞The concurrent political rallies caused a traffic jam.同时举行的政治集会引起了交通堵塞。His car was stalled in a traffic jam.他的车子在交通阻塞中动弹不得。He was late because he was caught in the traffic jam.他迟到了,因为遇上了交通阻塞。 /201302/224617

(LIFT DOOR OPENS)Tom: Quick, gather round, here she comes.(ALL CHEER)Anna: Welcome back Denise, we just couldnt survive without you.Denise: Oh bless you.Narrator: 是的,欢迎回到 Tip Top Trading, Denise. 老板Paul 当初很草率的把 Denise给辞了,不过现在看来这个决定做的有点儿匆忙。Paul 请 Denise 从新回到办公室上班,不过 Denise 提出了一些条件,其中包括学做产品销售。那谁会来给 Denise 传授销售的技巧和经验呢?(DOOR OPENS)Paul: Hello Denise. Nice to have you back. I suppose I had to eat my words didnt I?Denise: Yes, well it makes a change from biscuits. Now, wheres my stapler and red pen?Paul: Dont worry about that, Ive got you a new stapler and a new desk, right here next to Anna.Denise: Oh lovely.Paul: Well you wanted some experience in sales, so I thought Anna could show you the ropes.Anna: Ropes? I dont have any ropes!Narrator: Anna, 短语 show someone the ropes 的意思是教一个人怎么做一件事儿,传授经验、窍门。我相信你一定会是一个好老师!Anna: Hmm. Well I might know what to do but Im no good at explaining it to someone else.Narrator: 最好的办法是从最头开始,一步一步来。 你可以告诉 Denise watch what I do 让她看你是怎么做的。然后可以把你手边的一些工作交给她做,你可以说 please could you make a start on these, 然后说Im here to help, so please ask me if you need to know what to do 如果你有任何不懂的地方,尽管问我。好了,你来试试。祝你好运。Anna: Thanks! So Denise, its nice to have you back, hows your new desk?Denise: Much bigger than my old one – and look, it goes up and down.Anna: Yes it does! Shall we make a start then and Ill show you the ropes.Denise: Oh yes Anna, of course Anna. Do I need to use the phone?Tom: I reckon youre quite experienced with the phone Denise!Anna: Thank you Tom. We wont make any calls yet, just watch what I do for a while. Look, Im just checking our database so see who we havent called for a while.Denise: Oh yes.Anna: Im just checking the dates here…in fact Denise, why dont you make a start on this.(PHONE RINGS)Denise: Oh look, my phones ringing.Tom: Are you going to answer it then?Denise: Oh right. Hello, Tip Top Trading, Denise speaking…oh hello Marge! (To Anna) Its Marge!Anna: Oh right. Ill leave you to it – Im here to help, so please ask me if you need to know what to do.Denise: OK Anna, I wont be long. (Back to the phone) So Marge, how did it go other night? Really? Really!Tom: Nice to have her back hey?! Some Sales Exec shes going to be!Narrator: Tom 别忘了,每个人都是从头学起的!Anna 在给 Denise 一些基本指导,我相信 Denise 一定会成为一名很出色的销售人员。下面我们再来听一次 Anna 使用的几个表达。Let me show you the ropes.Watch what I do for a while.Why dont you make a start on this?Im here to help, so please ask me if you need to know what to doNarrator: 我们来听听 Denise 学的怎么样了。Denise: (Still on phone) So I said to him, its just not my colour…yes exactly…hold on Marge, everyones looking at me. Id better call you back. Yes, tonight. Bye!Tom: Hmm, youve certainly got a good phone manner. Do you think you could order some pens now? Weve run out.Denise: Thats not my responsibility anymore.Tom: Err, I think it is.Denise: Isnt!Tom: Is.Denise: Isnt!Anna: You two, please.Tom: Well, shes got time for personal calls but not to order pens. (PHONE RINGS) Oh hold on….Oh Hi Jim, hows things? Yeah! Did you catch the match last night?Denise: Really!Narrator: 哎呀 Anna,听起来好像进展的不是特别顺利。我觉得该整顿一下纪律了,不过你打算怎么做呢? 下集见分晓。再见! 听力挑战:Anna 给 Denise 的第一个任务是什么?上期:Paul 对 Denise 说他一直在重新思考什么?staff situation in the office 办公室人事调整 /201303/229565

宣布会议开始 1. Let's call the meeting to order.2. Let's get things under way.3. Let's get things started.4. Shall we begin?  Order 在此是指"会议的程序与规则";call 有"宣布"的含意,call (a meeting) to order 是开会时的惯用语,是"会议开始"的意思。此句型适用于主席宣布讨论要开始时,示意与会者安静,遵守会场的秩序。这里"call"亦可以"bring"代替。这个句型适用于正式的场合中。  如果与会者中有公司以外的人,可以这样说:Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think we should begin.  也可以采用半正式的说法:Perhaps we'd better get started / down to business.All right, I think it's about time we get started / going.Right then, I think we should begin.  较口语的说法有:Let's begin /get going, shall we?Shall we start? /201004/102041

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