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Whats truly amazing and very touching about the spring and summer of 16421642年春夏 真正令人震惊和触动的是is the abundance of evidence we have about the agonies of allegiance:大量史料明当时很多人 处在忠义难两全的窘境之中The real soul searching that people went through when they were pondering the most painful and weightiest decision of their lives 人们向灵魂深处探寻 试图做出他们一生中 最痛苦最重大的抉择which side to join themselves to,and how earnestly and how honestly they tried to justify that decision to their families,他们该加入哪个阵营 他们急切而坦诚地试图向 亲朋好友明决定的正确性their friends and not least, to themselves.更重要的是要向他们自己明Cruellest of all, it tore fathers away from sons.最残酷的是这场战争竟导致父子反目The sad history of one Buckinghamshire family says it all.白金汉郡一家人家的遭遇是这场悲剧的缩影The Verneys had been the very model of a loving, companionable gentry family,瓦内一家本来是 和睦的模范家庭but they were torn apart in this crisis.但在这次危机中却四分五裂Ralph had sat next to his father during the great parliaments of 1640,在1640年那次伟大的议会上 拉尔夫就坐在他父亲身边but now he not only expressed support for the parliamentary cause当下他不仅表明要持议会but actually swore the oath required of all members after the militia ordinance.而且依照民兵条例 对议会宣誓效忠Now, oaths were very serious things in the 17th century,在十七世纪宣誓是很严肃的事情and taking this one split Ralph not only from his father,为了履行誓言拉尔夫不得不离开父亲but from his hothead younger Royalist brother Edmund,离开他忠诚于保皇党的弟弟埃德蒙who absolutely failed to see why Ralph should not be honouring not only his father but the king.弟弟显然不能理解 拉尔夫此刻选择 违抗父命违抗王命的原因And yet, and yet, the Verneys did remain a family.尽管如此瓦内们仍然是一家人Ralph had made his vow to parliament,拉尔夫宣誓效忠议会but his father felt under no less obligation to Charles.他父亲则觉得应该追随查理It was a bond of personal loyalty which held,despite Edmund having little enthusiasm for what the king had done.尽忠只是为了履行义务 事实上埃德蒙 对国王的所作所为毫无好感 /201703/498520。

Are you familiar with the, uh, website Ashley Madison.com. Yes你们熟悉Ashley MAdison.com 这个网站吗?当然Ok, I know a lot of guys are pretending they are not, but恩,但我知道很多人还在假装自己不懂Ashley Madison is a, they describe, they call it a dating siteAshley Madison据说是一个用于约会的社交网站for married men and women who are looking to have an affair.专门务于那些想要‘第二春’的已婚男女They pay a fee of some kind and they pair you up with other sneaky people.人们以某种方式先付费 然后网站就会把你和另外一个人配对But well.....unfortunately for those who signed up for this service actually Madison was hacked.但我想对那些注册过这个网站的人说 我为你们感到不幸 因为Madison被黑客攻击了A group of hackers called the Impact team broke in and theyre threatening to expose有一个叫‘影响力’的黑客组织黑进了这个网站 并威胁说the identities of more than 37,000,000 users.要曝光所有三千七百万用户的信息if actually Madison They said shut down the site. or we will reveal everyones identity.如果Madison选择关闭这个网站 他们就会披露出所有的用户信息Now first of all how crazy is that they have 37,000,000 Hahaha....诶 等等 拜托 他们居然有三千七百万的用户!哈哈哈Isnt that like everyone? Isnt that like...... I mean really......那不就是所有人了么 难道不是吗?我真是醉了……Walmart doesnt have 37,000,000 customers.就连沃尔玛都没三千七百万的顾客好么And you know 36,000,000 of those 37,000,000 customers are guys right?不过其中的三千六百万都是[同志]吧?I mean Women dont need a website. Women just need ..all they need is a pos and they are fine.本来就是啊 因为女人们根本不需要这种网站啊 她们只要有一个刷卡机就够了But if this information gets released, millions of marriages could be affected.但话说回来 如果这些信息曝光了 估计得有上百万的家庭受到影响吧And you know thats hardest on kids. Kids dont undetstand of the sort of thing.这样的话小孩子才是最受伤的 小屁孩才搞不懂大人的这些事儿呢Kids are very innocent until we pollute their minds.他们都超单纯 直到我们‘污染’了他们纯洁的心灵And in fact, we went on the street today, we asked kids...... We asked kids what adultery it is? Oh......实际上 我们今天延沿街采访了孩子……我们问孩子“出轨”是啥意思?天……!Were trying to do a show or I dont know what to tell you. And here it is. Kids explaining Adultery.诶 拜托 我们在努力做节目好么 不然你们看什么?好 来看看孩子们对‘出轨’的解释吧!What is “Audltery”? Um......to be a movie star? Do you know anyone who is a audlterer? Um......你知道什么是‘出轨’不?呃……就是当个电影明星?那你知道有谁出轨了的吗?呃……Johnny Depp? What is “Audltery”? A dog running? Describe “Adultery”. Its artery for adults?约翰尼.德普?什么是‘出轨’?啥?奔跑的小?请你描述一下‘出轨’是什么?变成大人?What is “Adultery”? Being an adult? What do you think the best part of adultery is? Getting to drink.什么是‘出轨’?做大人?那你觉得“出轨”最好的地方是什么?可以喝酒!Getting to drink? Yeah...... I agree. What is “Adultery”? Apparently saying that is fun...nursing...and...可以喝酒? 嗯……好样的 我同意 什么是‘出轨’?很明显啊……就是做父母啊 ……照顾别人神马的……还有..all sorts of things. Are your parents adulterers? Yes. Both of them? Yes.反正就是那些事儿呗 那你爸妈出轨不?要!两个都出轨?对!Hows that? Fun. Fun. Yeah. What is Adultery? Um.......what do you say?感觉咋样?挺好玩的!嗯……好玩……答的好……什么是“出轨”?呃……你说啥?Adultery. Adultery? I dont know what those are. You wanna take a guess? Um...... Heeeee......出轨 出轨啊?我也不知道那是什么鬼诶 那你猜一下呢 呃呃呃……呵呵呵呵……Did you guess its funny? Adultery? Until it happens to you right?你觉得好笑么?嗯……等发生在你身上的时候就好笑了吧?What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody? It means theyre cheating?对不起另一半是啥意思?就是……他们做了对不起另一半的事And what does that mean? It means theyre not following the rules.那又是什么意思呢?就是说 他们犯规了And what are the rules? That you cant cheat.犯什么规了?就是你不能做对不起另一半的事What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody else?什么是对不起另一半?That means that they...you know ...get the wrong person就是说……嗯你懂的……就是找错人了They might accidently get the different person that they are not supposed to get.他们可能不小心找到不适合自己的人了So when you cheat on somebody, its usually an accident? Yea.那么就是说 你对不起别人的时候都是不小心的咯?对But not all the time. Sometimes its on purpose. Yea.但也不总是这样 有时候你是有目的才对不起别人的是吧 恩 对Like if you went on to Ashley Madison and signed up to meet somebody? Yea.就像是人们注册Ashley Madison网站然后去和别人约会是吧?对的Right!Thanks kids Im Jimmy Kemmel.干得好!谢谢孩子们!我是吉米.坎尔If you like that, subscribe to our youtube channel to get all our latest s before they die and go to Youtube heaven.如果你喜欢我们的视频 请订阅我们的油管频道 观看享受更多的最新视频吧!201706/514212。

Therere people who look up to you who dont do what you do.有人敬佩你,但你做的事他却没做,You mean everybody?你是指每个人吗?You mean everybody?你是指任何人吗?Do you know how many people tweet hustle and work six hours a day?你知道多少人每天忙着写推特,只工作六个小时吗?Like...I know. Im serious. I know. Im serious.我知道。我是认真的。我知道。我很认真。I know. Someone Im very close to today asks me about my schedule今天一个和我很亲密的人问我的时间表,and I told him the schedule and then they asked me well why are you up so early?我告诉他了,他却问我为什么起那么早。Yeah. Lets move to the next question before I get angry.在我发火之前换个话题。By the way, real quick I got angry.顺便说一下,我很容易就生气。If you ever say to somebody else why are you up so early,如果你告诉过其他人为什么早起,that is the quickest tell to you are not a winning player.这就是你非赢家的最直接。If that has ever crossed your mind, youve lost.如果你曾有过这想法,你就是失败者。201707/516882。

All her adult life, Elizabeth had been spooked by her fascinating, infuriating cousin,自成年以来 伊丽莎白一直被 她那令人又爱又恨的表侄女搅得心神不宁who seemed to personify all the cliches about women which Elizabeth herself had rejected.她展示出了所有女人传统的特点 同时也是伊丽莎白所没有的品质Now she had a precious opportunity to get Mother Mary off her back.现在她有了一个绝好的机会 能让玛丽永远消失Parliament was impatient to be rid of her,the people were positively baying for Marys blood.议会迫不及待地要除掉她 而人民也渴望看到玛丽的鲜血Yet, somehow, Elizabeth couldnt bring herself to do the deed.但是 伊丽莎白却不能作出这个决定It wasnt that she was sentimental about Mary,这并不是她对玛丽心存惋惜it was that she was scared,scared to be seen by the world to have her fingerprints on the axe.她只是非常害怕 她害怕被世人铭记 她也曾将人送上断头台This is what was robbing Elizabeth of her sleep,这让伊丽莎白辗转反侧 夜不能寐the tormenting question, whether by killing Mary这是一个痛苦的问题 杀了玛丽后she was getting rid of trouble or inviting it.她是摆脱了烦恼还是愁上加愁呢On February 1st, 1587,Elizabeth finally put her signature on Marys death warrant.1587年2月1日 伊丽莎白最终在玛丽的死刑判决书上签字了All the chaos, squalor, reckless adventuring,rash conspiracies, pathetic delusions,所有这一切的混乱 鲁莽的行为 草率的阴谋 可悲的愚昧histrionic bouts of self-pity, all the escapes all the rescues,戏剧性的一幕自我怜悯 所有的逃跑和拯救they had all led her to this one supreme moment.这些都将她引向这最后的瞬间She would be a Catholic martyr.她将成为一名天主教的殉道者 /201606/448701。

Nowhere in Cromwells strong-arm regime did his shock troops seem to enjoy their work more thoroughly than in the visitations to the monasteries,在克伦威尔的高压统治下 他的突击队从修道院中攫取了前所未有的满足感done with lightning speed during the course of 1535 and early 1536.他们以迅雷不及掩耳之势 于1535至1536年初横扫各地The uprooting of nearly 10,000 monks and nuns,几近一万名僧尼惨遭迫害the destruction of an entire ancient way of life had little to do with reforming zeal.旧时生活方式的毁灭 也无法消退改革的狂热When you look at Cromwells flying squads up close and in action,当你看到克伦威尔的爪牙行动时you dont really get the impression of a bunch of men who thought of themselves as renovators. Wreckers, more likely.定不会觉得他们有;革新者;的自觉 而更像是一群强盗For one thing, they seemed to enjoy their work a bit too much.一来 他们似乎过于沉醉于其中I laid unto him a concealment of treason,我揭发了他的叛国罪wrote one of Cromwells hit men to his chief about a prior he had at his mercy.克伦威尔的一名打手 在向其长官报告一名修道院长的信中写道I called him heinous traitor in the worst terms I could devise,我极尽恶语辱骂这个叛国贼And him all the time kneeling and making intercession unto me,Not to utter to you the premises of his undoing.他一直跪在那里向我求饶 并供出了没完全坦白他霸占的地产Such were the pleasures of reform.这些就是改革带来的愉悦The property bonanza that followed the dissolution of the monasteries was on a scale no other English revolution ever approached.另外 解散修道院带来丰厚的不义之财 数字之庞大 英国任何革命都无法企及Abbeys like this one at Laycock were offered at bargain basement prices,诸如莱科克这样的修道院 都被作为廉价物品一般and loyalty to the new order secured with bricks and mortar.为新构建的体制占有 /201701/486936。

Bitcoin is no longer an underground phenomenon.比特币不再只存在于地下交易了Buy Bitcoin, 5.比特币的买入价是445美元Sellers will sell at 0.卖出价是460美元If youre buying less than half a Bitcoin,如果你买入小于半个比特币youll have to go to market price.就要走市场价This Bitcoin event is taking place on Wall Street.这场比特币交易发生在华尔街45 bid, 463 asked.四十五个出价 四百六十三个要价But how does the currency work?这种货币是如何运作的呢One of the people best placed to explain is Peter Todd.回答这个问题的最佳人选是彼得·陶德Hes chief scientist for a number of Bitcoin companies他是多个比特币公司的首席科学家including one of the hottest, Dark Wallet.其中包括最火的公司 暗黑钱包So, what Bitcoin is, is its virtual money.比特币是虚拟钱币I can give it to you electronically,我可以以电子的方式给你钱you can give it to someone else electronically.你也可以以电子的方式给别人The key thing to understand about Bitcoin了解比特币的关键is that these two people trading here are making a deal在于在进行交易的两个人without any bank involvement.可以不涉及到任何Its a form of electronic cash这是电子货币的一种形式and that has massive implications.而它拥有巨大的影响力重点解释:1.no longer 不再例句:These conditions no longer obtain.这些条件已不复存在了。2.less than 少于例句:The whole house went up in smoke in less than an hour.整座房子不到一个小时就烧光了。3.take place 发生例句:The meeting will take place soon.会议即将举行。201703/500154。