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Thank you, London. London is the greatest city in the world. I am so proud of our city. I am deeply humbled by the hope and trust youve placed in me today. I grew up on a council estate just a few miles from here. Back then, I never dreamed that someone like me could be elected as Mayor of London. And I want to say thank you to every single Londoner for making the impossible possible today. I have a burning ambition for London – an ambition that will guide me every day as Mayor of our great city. I want every single Londoner to get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family. The opportunities not just to survive, but to thrive; The opportunities to build a better future for you and your family with a decent and affordable home and a comfortable commute you can afford; More jobs with better pay, not just being safe but feeling safe, cleaner air and a healthier city; And the opportunities for all Londoners to fulfill their potential. You know, I have been thinking a lot about my late dad today. He was a wonderful man and a great dad. He would have been so proud today, proud that the city he chose to call his home has now chosen one of his children to be the Mayor. I want to say thank you to my amazing mum – she really is – and to my wonderful wife, my daughters and to my family. Without you, I wouldnt be here today. And I want to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this election. To my campaign team. We have run a positive campaign and weve worked our socks off. I want to thank, I want to thank, I want to thank all the other campaign teams too, to every assembly candidate from every party. To the police, the returning officer and all the staff whove made the election happen. And of course, to all the other mayoral candidates. This election was not without controversy. And Im so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear, and unity over division. I hope, I hope that we will never be offered such a stark choice again. Fear does not make us safer, it only makes us weaker. And the politics of fear is simply not welcome in our city. I want to end by making a promise to London – a promise I first made during the campaign, but a promise that I will keep here in City Hall. I promise to always be a Mayor for all Londoners; To work hard to make life better for every Londoner, regardless of your background; And to do everything in my power to ensure you get the opportunities that our incredible city gave to me. Thank you very much.201606/448350。

电影学口语 Lesson 15:[海底总动员]Time for school【精片断】剪辑自《Finding Nemo》海底总动员Nemo: Wake up, wake up! First day of school.Marlin: I don’t want to go to school—five more minutes.Nemo: Not you. Dad, me.Marlin: Ok.Nemo: Get up, get up. It’s time for school, time for school.Marlin: All right, I’m up.Nemo: Whoa!Marlin: Nemo!Nemo: First day of school!Marlin: Nemo, don’t move! You’ll never get out of there yourself. I’ll do it. Unh! You feel a break?Nemo: No!Marlin: Sometimes you can’t tell ’cause fluid rushes to the area. Are you woozy(眩晕的)?Nemo: No!Marlin: How many strips(条纹) do I have?Nemo: I am fine.Marlin: Answer the stripe question.Nemo: Three.Marlin: No! see? Something’s wrong with you. I have one, two, three—That’s all I have? You are ok. How’s the lucky fin?Nemo: Lucky.Marlin: Let’s see. Are you sure you want to go to school this year? There’s no problem if you don’t. You can wait 5 or 6 years.Nemo: Come on, Dad, it’s time for school.【口语财富】1. It’s time for school. 该上学了。2. I’m up. 我这就起来。3. You’ll never get out of there yourself. 你自己是无法摆脱的。4. You feel a break? 受伤了吗?5. Are you woozy? 头晕吗? /200604/6491。

美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson21-30暂无文本 /200606/7805。

Christmas Greeting from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper加拿大总理史蒂芬.哈珀年圣诞致辞Christmas is always a special time, a time when Canadians celebrate the bonds of family, faith and friendship.圣诞节始终是一个特殊的时刻,在这一天加拿大人为家庭纽带,信念和友谊而庆祝。This year, we have even more reasons to give thanks – a challenging year ended well and a new year brings hope and promise.今年,我们有更多的理由去感谢——充满挑战的一年很好的结束,新的一年带来了希望和承诺。We shall be the site of the next G-8 and G-20 summits, 我们将举办下一次G8和20国集团首脑会议,where the world’s most powerful leaders will set a new course toward sustainable growth and prosperity.期间世界上最强大的各国领导人将建设一条通向可持续增长和繁荣的新道路。And Canada will welcome the world at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler.同时加拿大将在温哥华和惠斯勒举办的冬季奥运会上欢迎世界宾朋。Young Canadians, aly winners of the contests to represent our country, will face off against the best athletes in the world.年轻的加拿大人,比赛的获胜者们,将代表我们的国家,去面对世界上最优秀的运动员。Their eyes are on gold and our hearts are with them.他们的目光集中在金牌上,而我们的心与他们在一起。Their courage makes us proud.他们的勇气让我们为之骄傲。Their determination inspires us and when they take the podium, they will tell us something of our country: 他们的决心激励着我们,当他们站上领奖台的一刻,他们会告诉我们这个国家所具有的信心,in a tough, competitive world Canada can lead.那就是在这样充满艰难和竞争的世界里,加拿大敢当人先。Every great thing to which our nation should aspire is within our reach if we have the spirit of an Olympian.如果我们具有奥林匹克的精神,我们渴望取得的每一件伟大的事情都能办到。Laureen, Ben, Rachel and I join in wishing you a very Merry Christmas.劳润,本,瑞切尔和我一起祝愿你们圣诞快乐!And we ask that you remember in your thoughts and prayers our men and women in uniform who risk their lives in the service of our country 我们也请大家在思念和祈祷时,记得祝福我们那些不畏艰险为国效力的男女军人们,and their loved ones here at home who anxiously await their return.祝福那些依然在焦急地等待着他们回家的亲人们。And to them, and all of you, we wish a happy and prosperous New Year.衷心祝愿各位新年快乐,万事如意!201612/481840。

I want to show you some brave souls whove had the courage to embrace this advanced potty training approach.我想要给你们展示这些英勇地灵魂,就是那些有勇气去拥抱这种先进如厕技术地人们。So those folks in New Mexico -- why did they do it?所以这些在新墨西哥州地人们--他们为什么要这么做呢?Cause theyre in a desert? Cause they save money? Yeah.因为他们身处沙漠之中吗?是为了省钱吗?当然。But more importantly, they felt comfortable seeing what was going down the toilet as a resource.但更重要地是他们会因为目睹卷入厕所的是一种资源而感到更舒心。Heres an average house in Portland, Oregon.这是在俄勒冈州,波特兰市的一个普通房子,This house is special because they have a composting toilet唯一特别之处是拥有一个堆粪厕所。turning all their poo and pee, over time, into a soil amendment.能够逐渐把所有排泄物变为土壤改良剂。Their wash water, their shower water, is going underground to a series of mulch basins,产生的洗手水,洗澡水都会进入地下,进入一系列封闭槽中,and then watering that orchard downhill.然后用于灌溉山下的果园。When they went to get this permitted, it wasnt allowed in Oregon.当他们去申报这个项目时,被俄勒冈州所禁止了。But it was allowed in five other states nearby.但却在相邻的五个州得到通过。That was Recodes -- my organizations -- first code-change campaign.那是我所在的组织“科技投资新闻资讯网”的第一次修该条例运动。Heres a great example where the Integrated Water Management approach was the cheapest.这有一个水资源综合治理的很好的例子,它也是最便宜的方法。This is three high-rise residential buildings in downtown Portland, and theyre not flushing to the sewer system.这是波特兰市中心的三栋高层住宅楼,它们不会因为谈及下水系统感到脸红。How? Well, their wash water is getting reused to flush toilets, cool mechanical systems, water the landscape.这怎么说?嗯,他们的洗澡水会被再利用去冲马桶,冷却机械系统,还有浇灌景观植物。And then once the building has thoroughly used everything -- aka, shat in it --当整栋楼已经充分利用了所有的东西,就是曾经的粪便们its treated to highest standard right on-site by plants and bacteria, and then infiltrated into the groundwater right below.他们已经被植物和细菌净化过了,才会进入正下方的地下水系统。And all that was cheaper than updating the surrounding sewer infrastructure.这一切要比更新周围的污水基础设施要便宜很多。So thats the last reason we should get really excited about doing things differently: we can save a lot of money.所以我们来到了应该为改变而感到激动的最后一个原因:我们可以节省一大笔钱。201701/486549。

点击此处下载音频大家好!广播学口语又和大家见面了.;面包会有的,鱼会有的.Money也会有的.;既然一切都会有的,那么别着急.让我们慢慢来看吧.(音乐)首先让我们看看面包和鱼--;loafs and fishes;.有了面包和鱼,还愁饿肚子吗?因为它是实实在在的;物质利益或名利;.现在的孩子真是越来越聪明了,这天Andy让小侄儿去买东西,不料小侄连头都没有抬:;My father will give me loaves and fishes if he asks me to buy something for him;(如果我爸爸想让我去买东西,他会给我一点跑腿钱的).唉!Andy只好给钱了.----有求于人吗?不过,晚上小侄儿因为不敢自己上厕所而叫Andy陪他去时,Andy只不过翻了一身:;I wonrsquo;t go with you if there is no loaves and fishes.;(如果没有什么利益,我不会陪你去的.)于是小侄儿不得不把Andy给他的钱又还给了Andy.哈哈!(音乐)其实我们不能怪孩子,在这个;物欲横流;的社会里,谁不知道;Money talks;, ;talks;谈话.钱可以和你谈话吗?当然不是;money talks;指的就是;有钱就灵;.新郎官要接走新娘,可要过重要的关卡.不过,money talks.(有钱就灵.),身上最好还是多带几个红包的好.金钱不是万能的,但是没有钱那是万万不能的.一个乞讨者盯着面包店老板新烤出的面包:;I beg you to give me a piece of b!; ;Only money talks;!(求你给我一块面包吧!有钱就行!)(音乐)Ok. Let`s stop here!(1)I wonrsquo;t go with you if there is no loaves and fishes.(如果没有好处,我不陪你去)(2)Money talks!(有钱就灵)OK! See you next time!。