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渭南市第二医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱商洛阳痿早泄价格THIS weekend, the singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen is celebrating his 80th birthday — with a cigarette. Last year he announced that he would resume smoking when he turned 80. “It’s the right age to recommence,” he explained.这个周末,歌手兼词曲创作者莱昂纳德·科恩点上一香烟,庆祝他的80岁生日(9月21日——译注)。去年他宣布,自己打算一到80岁就恢复吸烟。“这是重新开始的好年纪,”他说。At any age, taking up smoking is not sensible. Both the smoker and those who breathe his secondhand smoke can suffer not only long-term but acute health problems, including infections and asthma. And yet, Mr. Cohen’s plan presents a provocative question: When should we set aside a life lived for the future and, instead, embrace the pleasures of the present?吸烟在任何年纪都是不明智的。吸烟者和那些吸二手烟的人都会出现健康问题,既有长期的,也有急性的,比如感染和哮喘等。但是科恩的计划提出了一个刺激的问题:我们什么时候可以把未来的人生抛到一边,全新享受当下的快乐?At the start of the 20th century, only one-half of 1 percent of the ed States population was over the age of 80. Industrialized nations were preoccupied with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and polio. Many of the common diseases of aging, such as osteoporosis, were not even thought of as diseases.在20世纪伊始,美国只有0.5%的人口超过80岁。肺结核和脊髓灰质炎等传染性疾病在工业化国家发病率很高。骨质疏松等普通的老年疾病在当时甚至不被视为疾病。Today, 3.6 percent of the population is over 80, and life is heavily prescribed not only with the behaviors we should avoid, but the medications we ought to take. More than half of adults age 65 and older are taking five or more prescription medications, over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements, many of them designed not to treat acute suffering, but instead, to reduce the chances of future suffering. Stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure, hip fracture — the list is long, and with the ed States Department of Health and Human Services’ plan to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by 2025, it grows ever more ambitious.如今,美国3.6%的人口年过八旬,而我们的生活也被严格地规定了:不仅要注意避免某些行为,还要注意吃药。65岁以上的人之中,有一半人以上要吃五种乃至更多处方药、非处方药或膳食补充剂,其中很多并非用来治疗急性病,而是为了降低未来的发病率。中风、心脏病、心力衰竭、肾衰、髋关节骨折……这个名单很长,而且美国卫生和公众务部计划到2025年实现预防阿兹海默症,这个名单还会变得更庞大。Aging in the 21st century is all about risk and its reduction. Insurers reward customers for regular attendance at a gym or punish them if they smoke. Physicians are warned by pharmaceutical companies that even after they have prescribed drugs to reduce their patients’ risk of heart disease, a “residual risk” remains — more drugs are often prescribed. One fitness product tagline captures the zeitgeist: “Your health account is your wealth account! Long live living long!”在21世纪,衰老只与风险以及和它所带来的衰退有关。保险公司奖励客户常去健身,如果他们吸烟,就会惩罚他们。制药公司告诫医生们,就算他们给病人开了减少心脏病发病率的药,但仍然有“残余风险”——于是医生们就经常开出更多的药。一种健身产品的宣传词把握了这种时代精神:“健康就是财富!长寿万岁!”But when is it time to stop saving and spend some of our principal? If you thought you were going to die soon, you just might light up, as well as stop taking your daily aspirin, statin and blood pressure pill. You would spend more time and money on present pleasures, like a dinner out with friends, than on future anxieties.但是什么时候才能停止储蓄,花一点我们的本金?如果你觉得自己马上就要死掉,你可能会点上一烟,停掉每天的阿司匹林、斯他汀和降压药。你可能就不会那么忧虑未来,而是多花点时间和金钱来享受当下的快乐,比如和朋友出去吃饭之类的。When it comes to prevention, there can be too much of a good thing. Groups like the ed States Preventive Services Task Force regularly review the evidence that supports prevention guidelines, and find that after certain ages, the benefits of prevention are not worth the risks and hassles of testing, surgeries and medications. Recent guidelines for cholesterol treatment from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, for example, set 79 years as the upper limit for calculating the 10-year risk of developing or dying from heart attack, stroke or heart disease. They also suggest that, after 75, it may not be beneficial for a person without heart disease to start taking statins. But that doesn’t mean everyone follows this advice.预防措施也有可能过犹不及。美国预防工作组(Groups like the ed States Preventive Services Task Force)等组织经常研究持预防指导方案的据,发现到了特定年龄,预防措施所带来的好处并不能抵消检查、外科手术和药所带来的风险。比如说,最近美国心脏病学学院和美国心脏协会发布的胆固醇治疗指导手册把79岁作为上限,超过这个年龄就不必评估10年内心力衰竭、中风和心脏病发展及死亡的风险了。他们还建议,75岁以上、没有心脏病的人用斯他汀可能并没有好处。但这不意味着所有人都应该听从这个建议。Besides, isn’t 75 the new 65? Age seems a blunt criterion to decide when to stop. Is Mr. Cohen at 80 really 80? In his mid-70s, he maintained a rigorous touring schedule, often skipping off the stage. Maybe 80 is too young for him to start smoking again.另外,75岁不就是新的65岁吗?在决定停止做某事的时候,年龄似乎是一个模糊的标准。80岁的科恩真的是80岁吗?在他75岁左右的时候还保持着严格的巡演计划,经常从台上跳下来。或许对于他来说,80岁重新开始抽烟还太年轻了。Advances in the science of forecasting are held out as the answers to these questions. Physician researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and at Harvard, have developed ePrognosis, a website that collates 19 risk calculators that an older adult can use to calculate her likelihood of dying in the next six months to 10 years. The developers of ePrognosis report that frail older adults want to know their life expectancy so they can not only plan their health care but also make financial choices, such as giving away some of their savings.预测科学的进步可以为这些问题提供。加州大学旧金山分校和哈佛大学的医学研究者们开发了ePrognosis网站,它整理出19种风险计算法,可供老人计算自己在未来6个月到10年内的死亡率。ePrognosis的开发者说,较为脆弱的老年人想知道自己的预期年龄,以便规划自己的保健计划,同时做出财务选择,比如说花掉一些积蓄。Even more revolutionary is RealAge, a product of Sharecare Inc. that has quantified our impression that as we age, some of us are really older, while others are younger than the count of their years. It uses an algorithm that assesses a variety of habits and medical data to calculate how old you “really” are.更有革命性的是Sharecare公司开发的产品RealAge。我们当中有些人比实际年龄显老,有些人比实际年龄显得年轻,RealAge就是把这种感觉量化出来。它使用一种算法,通过生活习惯、药数据等资料计算你“事实上”有多大年纪。Websites like these can be a convenient vehicle to disseminate information (and marketing materials) to patients. But complex actuarial data — including its uncertainties and limitations — is best conveyed during a face-to-face, doctor-patient conversation.类似网站可以成为方便的工具,向病人传播信息(以及市场信息)。但是复杂精算数据中包括了各种不确定性和局限性,病人最好还是同医生当面交流。We are becoming a nation of planners living quantified lives. But life accumulates competing risks. By preventing heart disease and cancer, we live longer and so increase our risk of suffering cognitive losses so disabling that our caregivers then have to decide not just how, but how long, we will live. The bioethicist Dena Davis has argued that emerging biomarkers that may someday predict whether one is developing the earliest pathology of Alzheimer’s disease (like brain amyloid, measured with a PET scan) are an opportunity for people to schedule their suicide. Or at least start smoking.我们成了一个过着量化生活的计划者之国。但是生活会积累各种互相冲突的风险。通过心脏病和癌症预防,我们的寿命更长了,但这同时也增加了丧失认知能力的风险,患者会完全丧失生活能力,必须由照顾他们的人去决定他们该活多长、该怎样活。生物伦理学家蒂娜·戴维斯(Dena Davis)说,目前正在发展的生物标记技术或许有一天可以预测出一个人是否会出现阿兹海默症的早期症状(比如通过PET扫描脑淀粉样蛋白),这或许会使一些人去规划自杀——或者至少是开始吸烟。Our culture of aging is one of extremes. You are either healthy and executing vigorous efforts to build your health account, or you are dying. And yet, as we start to “ache in the places where [we] used to play,” as one of Mr. Cohen’s songs puts it, we want to focus on the present. Many of my older patients and their caregivers complain that they spend their days going from one doctor visit to the next, and data from the National Health Interview Survey suggests one reason. Among older adults whose nine-year mortality risk is 75 percent or greater, from one-third to as many as one-half are still receiving cancer-screening tests that are no longer recommended.我们的老龄文化是在走极端。你要么就保持健康,并且积极努力,建立自己的健康账户,要么你就死。然而,正当我们开始如科恩的歌中所唱:“在我们曾经嬉戏的地方受苦”,我们也想关注当下。我有很多老年病人,他们和他们的照顾者常常抱怨整天都在到处求医问药,国民健康访问调查(National Health Interview Survey)的数据提供了一个原因——在那些9年内死亡风险达到75%或以上的老年人中,有1/3到一半的人仍在接受对他们来说并不推荐的癌症筛查。I don’t plan to celebrate my 80th birthday with a cigarette or a colonoscopy, and I don’t want my aging experience reduced to an online, actuarial accounting exercise. I recently gave a talk about Alzheimer’s disease to a community group. During the question and answer session, one man exclaimed, “Why doesn’t Medicare pay us all to have dinner and two glasses of wine once a week with friends?” What he was getting at is that we desire not simply to pursue life, but happiness, and that medicine is important, but it’s not the only means to this happiness. A national investment in communities and services that improve the quality of our aging lives might help us to achieve this. Perhaps, instead of Death Panels, we can start talking about Pleasure Panels.我并不打算用香烟或结肠镜检查来庆祝我的80岁生日,我也不希望我的衰老体验会仅仅变成网上的精算数据。最近,我在一个社区团体内做了一次关于阿兹海默症的讲演。在问答环节,一个人大声说:“老年医疗保险为什么不付我们每周一次与朋友共进晚餐,再来两杯红酒的钱。”他的意思是责备我们不只是想要活着,还想幸福地活着,医药很重要,但并不是获得这种幸福的唯一手段。一项在社区和务业内的全国调查表明,提高老年生活质量或许能帮助我们获取这种幸福。或许我们应该开始讨论“快乐项目”而不是“死亡项目”(Death Panels,美国民众对奥巴马医改不信任的代称——译注)了。 /201410/338102渭南早泄手术多少钱 Eleven years ago, a shiny silver Boeing 727 airliner took off from Luanda, Angola, and became one of the few commercial jetliners to vanish and never be found.11年前,一架亮银色波音(Boeing) 727客机从安哥拉首都罗安达起飞后失踪,之后始终没有被找到,这使其成为了史上为数不多的几架失踪商用喷气式飞机之一。Massive jet airplanes disappear more often in fiction than in real life, but it does happen. In 1979, a Boeing 707 with six people aboard was lost in the Pacific Ocean after leaving Tokyo. And dozens of smaller planes have gone missing and never been located.现实中,大型喷气式客机的失踪事件并非小说里那样多见,但也确有发生。1979年一架载有6人的波音707飞机从东京起飞后消失在太平洋上空。还有数十架小型飞机在失踪后杳无踪迹。The so-far fruitless search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared early Saturday with 239 people aboard, is unprecedented because of the plane#39;s size and because the widebody Boeing 777 had been in radio and satellite contact with multiple locations on the ground. It was also flying when it lost contact over the sea in one of the world#39;s most densely populated regions, Southeast Asia, not over remote jungle or open ocean.上周六早上,搭载有239人的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370客机在起飞后失踪。而令人没有料到的是其搜寻工作迄今仍毫无进展。之所以这么说,是因为出事的波音777宽体客机体积庞大,在失踪之前与地面多个空管站保持着无线电和卫星联络;且失联时,客机正处于人口密集的东南亚的海域上空,而非某片偏远的热带雨林或大海上。Planes have fallen, never to be seen again, from the earliest days of aviation. Others have been found only after lengthy searches or by chance decades later. Radar, satellites and other technology have become powerful aids in such situations.在航空产业的发展初期就有过飞机失事后再未找到的案例。一些失事飞机在数十年后或因偶然、或经漫长的搜寻最终被找到,雷达、卫星等技术在其中起到了极大的帮助。But as Flight 370#39;s disappearance shows, technology still has limited reach in some swaths of the planet.然而此次马航客机失踪事件凸显出这些技术在世界一些地区仍不完备。#39;The fact is that, in many parts of the world . . . radar coverage is not complete,#39; said David McMillan, Chairman of the Flight Safety Foundation and former head of Eurocontrol, Europe#39;s air-traffic coordinator. #39;It#39;s clearly an area for further improvement.#39;欧洲航空安全组织(Eurocontrol)前主管、飞行安全基金会(Flight Safety Foundation)主席麦克米伦(David McMillan)说,实际上全球许多地区……的雷达覆盖都不完整,而该地区显然有待改善。In the same region in 2007, it took crews 10 days to find the first pieces of an Indonesian Boeing 737 that crashed in the sea near Sulawesi. Searchers needed 36 hours to locate the first wreckage of Air France Flight 447, which crashed over the Atlantic five years ago with 228 people aboard.2007年在这片地区,搜寻人员用了10天的时间才在苏拉威西(Sulawesi)附近海域找到了印尼波音737失事客机的首批残骸。五年前,载有228人的法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班在大西洋坠毁,搜寻队伍用了36个小时才首次找到客机残骸的位置。#39;If a plane goes down in the ocean, it#39;s very difficult to find it,#39; said Richard B. Stone, a former president of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.国际航空安全调查员协会(International Society of Air Safety Investigators)前主席斯通(Richard B. Stone)说,如果飞机坠入海洋,则其搜寻工作将十分困难。The Aviation Safety Network, a database tracking accidents, lists 80 planes as #39;missing#39; since 1948. No trace of the planes or their occupants was ever found, according to ASN President Harro Ranter. The aircraft range from tiny one-seat propeller planes to jetliners and a U.S. Coast Guard Lockheed C-130 Hercules -- a four-engine turboprop transport -- that crashed off the California coast in 2009.追踪航空事故的数据库公司航空安全网络(Aviation Safety Network, ASN)列出了1948年以来的80架“失踪”飞机。据公司总裁Harro Ranter称,这些飞机的踪迹及机上人员都未曾被找到过。这其中既包括只有一个座位的螺旋桨飞机,也有2009年在加利福尼亚海岸附近坠毁的美国海岸警卫队(U.S. Coast Guard) C-130运输机。The 727 that vanished over Angola is believed to have had only two people aboard. At dusk on May 25, 2003, an American mechanic for Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing Co., the Florida-based lessor that owned the 18-year-old plane, boarded the jetliner in Luanda, according to press reports at the time. He was accompanied by a Congolese assistant. Neither was certified to pilot the plane, which normally required a crew of three.据信在安哥拉上空失踪的727飞机只载有两人。当时媒体报道称,2003年5月25日傍晚,佛罗里达租赁公司Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing Co.的一位美国机械师在罗安达登上了这架喷气式客机。该公司是这架机龄18年的飞机的所有者。伴他一起登机的还有一位刚果助理。这两人均无驾驶该飞机的资格,而该飞机执行飞行任务时一般要求须有三名机组人员。Without authorization or communication, the plane began taxiing, according to press reports. Its lights and transponder remained off as it took off and started to fly over the Atlantic.媒体报道称,在无授权也无通讯联络的情况下,这架飞机开始滑翔。在该飞机起飞并开始飞越大西洋时,其航行灯和雷达收发机仍处于关闭状态。The unauthorized departure, less than two years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, sparked an international search. U.S. diplomats and African authorities visited airfields across the continent, seeking hints the plane had landed. U.S. national-security authorities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency scoured satellite images. The plane was never seen again.这次未授权的飞机离港事件距2001年9月11日的袭击还不到两年时间,国际社会对该飞机展开了搜索。美国外交人员和非洲国家政府部门查看了这块大陆上的机场,希望能找到727飞机落地的迹象。包括联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation,简称FBI)和中央情报局(Central Intelligence Agency,简称CIA)在内的美国国家安全部门还查找了卫星图像。但没有人再看见过这架飞机。#39;I have no idea#39; about what happened to the 727, it is #39;one of those things we#39;ve never understood,#39; said Maury Joseph, president of Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing. #39;It#39;s unheard of for something that large, and nothing to this day has ever shown up.#39;Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing总裁约瑟夫(Maury Joseph)说,他对这架727发生了什么一无所知,这是他们一直没搞明白的事件之一。他说,这么大的一个物体凭空消失,至今再未露面,这真是前所未闻。The FBI and CIA didn#39;t immediately respond to requests for comment.FBI和CIA未立即回应置评请求。Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is one of the first jet planes since then to disappear for this long.此事发生后,马航370航班是失踪了如此长时间的首批喷气式客机之一。#39;The fact that it#39;s so rare is the reason everyone is paying attention to it,#39; said Bob van der Linden, chairman of the aeronautics department at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.史密森尼国家航空航天物馆(Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)航空部门主席范德林登(Bob van der Linden)说,这样的事太罕见了,所以大家都十分关注。Disappearances used to be more common. Amelia Earhart was notable as one of the first female aviators to set distance records in the 1930s. But she remains in the public conscience today more because she disappeared in her Lockheed Electra near New Guinea while attempting to circumnavigate the globe.失踪事件以前更为常见。埃尔哈特(Amelia Earhart)是在上世纪30年代创造飞行距离纪录的首批女飞行员之一,并且因此扬名。但她现在还为人们所记起的一个更大的原因是,她驾驶着洛克希德-伊莱克特拉(Lockheed Electra)飞机进行环球飞行时,在新几内亚附近失踪。Today, radar can generally track aircraft large and small. But even in an age of global satellite navigation and the perception of world-wide surveillance, significant areas of Earth are untouched by radar or regular observation.时至今日,无论飞行器大小,雷达通常都可对其进行追踪。但即使到了全球卫星导航和人们以为的监控遍布世界各地的时代,地球上仍有大片区域是雷达或常规观测无法监测到的。Empty spots are shrinking. In the 1970s, the #39;Bermuda Triangle#39; loomed in the American imagination after several military planes disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean region between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, and other planes and ships were said to have vanished there. Supernatural explanations were eventually debunked.不过其实,人类未触及的空白区域正在不断缩小。上世纪70年代,几架军用飞机在佛罗里达、波多黎各和百慕大之间位于大西洋的那个地区失踪后,“百慕大三角区”便引起了美国人的丰富联想。据说其它飞机和船只也曾消失于这个三角区。种种超自然的解释最终被揭穿。#39;The accident rate in the Bermuda Triangle is no better or worse than anywhere else, but it sounds really intriguing,#39; said the Smithsonian#39;s Mr. van der Linden.范德林登表示,百慕大三角区的事故率和其他地方基本相当,只不过相关事件听上去很神秘罢了。Rational explanations haven#39;t limited people#39;s imaginations. The hugely successful TV series #39;Lost#39; focused on passengers of a jetliner that crashed on a mysterious island not found on maps.合理的解释并未遏制人们的想像力。大获成功的美国电视连续剧《迷失》(Lost)就讲述了一架飞机在一个地图上没有的神秘小岛坠毁后,机上乘客的相关故事。Disappearances are often simply accidents in remote locations, based on an analysis of planes that eventually showed up. Air France Flight 447 vanished for more than a day before searchers found floating pieces of the Airbus A330.从对一些类似事件的分析来看,飞机消失往往是在偏远地区失事。法航447航班在消失了一天多以后,搜救人员才发现了这架空客A330客机的漂浮碎片。Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in September 2007 while flying a single-engine propeller plane near Yosemite National Park in California. It took more than a year to find the wreckage.2007年9月冒险家史蒂夫#8226;福赛特(Steve Fossett)在加利福尼亚州约塞米蒂国家公园(Yosemite National Park)附近驾驶一架单引擎螺旋桨飞机失踪,一年多以后人们才找到了飞机残骸。Other accidents are often too difficult to investigate, or the small number of people killed is deemed too low to merit a costly search. #39;It is very expensive to do,#39; said Mr. Stone, the accident investigator.其他一些事故往往难以调查,或者说由于遇难人数较少,兴师动众地去搜索被认为有点不值得。斯通表示,那样做成本太高。The Boeing 707 that crashed off Japan in 1979 had six people aboard. A Boeing 727 that sent distress messages and vanished after taking off from Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1990 had 18 people aboard. Neither was ever found.1979年一架载有6人的波音707飞机在从日本起飞后失踪。1990年一架从冰岛雷克雅维克起飞的波音727飞机发出遇险信息并消失,机上载有18人。这两架飞机均未找到。On rare occasions, disappearances are solved by passengers. On Oct. 13, 1972, a Fairchild FH-227D with 45 people aboard, including a Uruguayan rugby team, crashed in the Andes while flying from Argentina to Chile -- an incident later dramatized in the 1993 film #39;Alive.#39; Twelve passengers died immediately or were missing and the others waited in the freezing heights for rescue, some eventually resorting to cannibalism to survive.也有极少数情况下乘客自救生还。1972年10月13日,一架载有45人(包括一乌拉圭橄榄球队)的Fairchild FH-227D飞机在从阿根廷飞往智利的途中在安第斯山脉失事,此事后来被改编为1993年的电影《天劫余生》(Alive)。当时当场死亡和失踪的乘客有12名,剩下的乘客则在冰峰上等待救援,一些人不得不通过食人肉求生。When no help arrived, three of the 16 survivors in December set off for help. After one turned back to ration food, the remaining two men walked for seven days before they spotted a sign of civilization: an empty soup can and a horseshoe. Two more days passed before they found men on horseback who sent for help. Helicopters were dispatched to retrieve the remaining survivors.由于没有等来外界救援,同年12月16名幸存者中有3名开始动身寻找救援。当其中一人返回找食物时,另外两人继续行走了七日,最终发现了人迹:一个空的汤罐和一个马蹄铁。又过了两天,他们发现了骑马的人,这些骑马的人为他们找到了帮助。于是直升飞机开过来救走了这些劫后余生的人。Modern technology increases the chance the Malaysia Airlines flight will be found, the Air France crash suggests. While floating wreckage of that Airbus plane was found in less than two days, weeks of deep-sea searches turned up no sign of the fuselage or pings from beacons on its recorders.从法航那次事件来看,现代化的技术会使马航航班被找到的几率提高。虽然搜救人员在不到两天的时间内就找到了法航空客飞机的漂浮残骸,但在之后数周的深海搜索中都没有见到飞机机身,也没有收到记录仪所发出的信号。Two subsequent searches were conducted using progressively more-sophisticated remote undersea vehicles, advanced sonar equipment and computer modeling of tidal patterns. Within days of launching the third search, almost two years after the crash, the wreckage was discovered.之后的两次搜索动用了越来越复杂的水下遥控工具、先进的声纳设备以及计算机模拟洋流。在第三次搜索启动几天,也就是失事约两年后,法航的失事飞机残骸终于被找到。#39;There#39;s going to be a trace somewhere, it will be found,#39; the Smithsonian#39;s Mr. van der Linden said of the Malaysian plane. #39;It may be a surprise about where it#39;s found, but we don#39;t know what happened on the airplane.#39;范德林登在谈到马航失联客机时表示,一些地方势必会留有踪迹,会找到的;最后发现它的地点或许会出人意料,但我们不知道飞机上究竟发生了什么。 /201403/279771渭南人民医院对慢性前列腺炎的治疗效果

渭南市一医院男科预约NICK FURY ENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Artist’s Edition《神盾局的尼克·弗里:艺术家版本》(Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Artist’s Edition)By Jim Steranko#8232;吉姆·斯特兰科(Jim Steranko)著。184 pages. IDW and Marvel. 0.184页。IDW和漫威漫画公司(IDW and Marvel)。150美元。“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on A is a diverting thriller, and Samuel L. Jackson epitomizes 21st-century cool as Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, but to experience the most raw and primal take on Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s necessary to go back to the late 1960s and Jim Steranko’s reinvention of these sleek characters. Which is exactly what this book does, reprinting S.H.I.E.L.D. stories from Strange Tales Nos. 151 to 162 in their full-size, black-and-white glory from the original art.A频道的《神盾局特工》(Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)是一部有趣的惊悚片,塞缪尔·L·杰克逊(Samuel L. Jackson)在漫威电影中饰演尼克·弗里,是这个角色在21世纪的超酷缩影,但是要想感受原汁原味的弗里和神盾局,还是要回到20世纪60年代末,看看吉姆·斯特兰科对这些精人物的重新阐释。这本书正好满足你的需要,它重印了《奇怪故事》(Strange Tales)第151至162集的神盾局故事,采用最初版本的尺寸和黑白色。Mr. Steranko transformed the grizzled Sgt. Nick Fury from World War II afterthought to postmodern spy, with stylish nods to Expressionism, Surrealism, Op Art and Pop Art. In these hyperkinetic, over-the-top comics, it’s psychedelia that wins the Cold War.斯特兰科把“二战”后头发斑白的尼克·弗里中士变成了后现代侦探,风格上向表现主义、超现实主义、欧普艺术和波普艺术致敬。在这些非常活跃、十分夸张的漫画中,赢得“冷战”靠的是致幻剂。EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS’ TARZAN #8232;The Sunday Comics: 1933-1935#8232;《埃德加·赖斯·伯勒斯的人猿泰山——星期天漫画:1933-1935》(Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan—The Sunday Comics: 1933-1935)By Hal Foster#8232;哈尔·福斯特(Hal Foster)著。104 pages. Dark Horse Comics. 5.104页。黑马漫画出版社(Dark Horse Comics)。125美元。In these luxuriant, oversize pages, Tarzan slashes at thrashing sharks, grapples with humongous crocodiles and makes fierce lions mewl. There’s enough animal humiliation here to prompt the World Wildlife Fund to place a bounty on him. As supple and powerful as a panther, Tarzan has been drawn by many fine artists, including Burne Hogarth, Russ Manning and Joe Kubert. But the very best was Hal Foster (1892-1982), who later created Prince Valiant.在这些豪华的超大页面上,人猿泰山猛击凶猛的鲨鱼,和庞大的鳄鱼较量,让凶猛的狮子低泣。为了让世界野生动物基金会给他奖赏,这本书对动物们的侮辱真是够了。人猿泰山像黑豹一样矫捷强大,很多优秀艺术家都描绘过他,包括伯恩·霍格思(Burne Hogarth)、鲁斯·曼宁(Russ Manning)和乔·库伯特(Joe Kubert)。但最好的是哈尔·福斯特(1892-1982),他后来又创作了《豪迈王子》(Prince Valiant)。This book, the second in a series, showcases Foster’s work in testosterone-suffused confections like “The Egyptian Saga” and “Tarzan and the Lost Vikings.” And when our hero in the leopard-skin loincloth isn’t shaming rogue gorillas, he even bests a few knavish humans.这本书是这个系列的第二本,以《埃及传说》(The Egyptian Saga)和《人猿泰山与迷失的北欧海盗》(Tarzan and the Lost Vikings)等充满睾丸素的有趣故事展现福斯特的作品。我们的英雄穿着豹皮腰布,没有令凶猛的大猩猩蒙羞,他甚至击败了一些狡诈的人类。THE INCAL《印加石》(The Incal)#8232;By Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky莫比厄斯和亚历杭德罗·尤杜洛斯基(Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky)著。#8232;313 pages. Humanoids. .95.313页。类人出版社(Humanoids)。44.95美元。This reissue of “The Incal” is a galactic blast of French savoir-faire. It collects the first cycle of “Incal” stories from the 1980s, in which the influential French artist Moebius and the Chilean-French writer and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky introduced their dystopian Incal-verse well before dystopias were cool.《印加石》的重新发行是法式才华的大爆发。它收集了20世纪80年代的第一批“印加石”故事,有影响力的法国艺术家莫比厄斯和智利法国作家、电影制作人亚历杭德罗·尤杜洛斯基在反乌托邦远未流行时就推出了他们的反乌托邦印加石诗文。The nominal hero in this broad satire of sex, politics and religion is John Difool, a shlubby PI who always manages to get in way, way over his head. Mr. Jodorowsky’s headlong futuristic romp entertains, but it is the art of Moebius (born Jean Giraud, 1938-2012) that shines. Moebius goes “Space Odyssey” cosmic and slapstick comic with equal ease — and each page is a lesson in design and craft.这部漫画是对性、政治和宗教的广泛讽刺,其中有名无实的英雄是蹩脚的约翰·迪福(John Difool),他总是想插手,做远超自己能力的事。尤杜洛斯基横冲直撞的未来主义嬉闹场面很有意思,但是真正大放光的是莫比厄斯(原名让·吉劳德[Jean Giraud],1938-2012)的艺术。不管是宏大的《太空漫游》(Space Odyssey)漫画还是低俗漫画,莫比厄斯都能轻松驾驭,每一页都是设计和手工艺的典范。BATMAN UNWRAPPED#8232; The Court of Owls#8232;《蝙蝠侠现身:猫头鹰法庭》(Batman Unwrapped: The Court of Owls)By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo#8232;斯科特·斯奈德(Scott Snyder)和格雷格·凯普罗(Greg Capullo)著。264 pages. DC Comics. .99.264页。DC漫画。39.99美元。Batman’s noir essence just begs for him to be draped in black and white. There have been four volumes of the “Batman: Black and White” series, Frank Miller’s classic “The Dark Knight Returns” will appear uncolored in May, and this book is the third “Unwrapped” entry, reprinting Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reboot of Batman from Mr. Capullo’s stark pencils.蝙蝠侠的黑暗本质使得他只能穿黑白装。《蝙蝠侠:黑白》(Batman: Black and White)系列共有四册,弗兰克·米勒(Frank Miller)的经典之作《黑暗骑士归来》(The Dark Knight Returns)的黑白版明年5月份将出版。这本书是《蝙蝠侠现身》系列的第三本,重新激活了凯普罗朴实铅笔画中的蝙蝠侠。His art in the raw is all texture, crosshatch and purposeful smudge, capturing the grit of Gotham City, reveling in the inky folds of Bats’s cape. And Mr. Capullo’s waltz of light and shadow is just right for Batman’s visceral intensity. Drawings like these make the kid in me want to grab a No. 2 pencil and start scrawling.他的艺术天然质朴,质感丰富,用交叉线画出阴影,有意加上污点,反映哥谭市的粗犷,纵情绘出蝙蝠披肩的漆黑褶皱。凯普罗的光影华尔兹恰好能表现出蝙蝠侠发自内心的。这些图画让我童心大发,想抓起2号铅笔,开始涂鸦。HEROES OF THE COMICS#8232;《漫画英雄们》(Heroes of The Comics)By Drew Friedman#8232;德鲁·弗里德曼(Drew Friedman)著。184 pages. Fantagraphics Books. .99.184页。幻图出版社(Fantagraphics Books)。34.99美元。“From as early as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to comic books,” Drew Friedman writes in his introduction. “The plots, the panels, the word balloons.” And, he adds, “even the smell of them. Especially old comic books, worn, yellowed, crackling with age.” And his “Heroes of the Comics” is an illustrated love letter to the men and women who filled his childhood with joy and wonder. The book features Mr. Friedman’s poignant portraits and insightful mini-bios of more than 80 comic book pioneers, including Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Will Elder and John Severin, Basil Wolverton, Ramona Fradon, above, and Steve Ditko. Four-color heroes all.“从我记事起,我就很喜欢漫画书,”德鲁·弗里德曼在前言中写道,“喜欢它们的情节、画面和对话气泡。”他补充说,“甚至包括它们的味道。特别是旧漫画书,破旧发黄,纸张变脆,翻起来劈啪作响。”他的《漫画英雄们》是一封图画情书,献给让他的童年充满欢乐和神奇的男女们。这本书包括弗里德曼对80多位漫画书先驱们的深刻描绘和有洞察力的小传,包括乔·西蒙(Joe Simon)和杰克·科比(Jack kirby)、威尔·埃尔德(Will Elder)和约翰·塞韦林(John Severin)、巴兹尔·沃尔弗顿(Basil Wolverton)、拉蒙纳·弗拉东(Ramona Fradon,上图)和史蒂夫·迪特科(Steve Ditko)。 /201410/339245韩城市人民医院男科大夫 LOS, NIGERIA — People avoid shaking hands here these days. The government is urging us not to. This is a serious matter in a country where a casual “hello” is downright rude and everyday greetings involve elaborate rituals based upon age, rank and even the state of the weather and the day of the week. Until about a month ago, it was by no means unusual for two friends, male as well as female, to remain hand-in-hand long after the protocol of the greeting was complete. Now not so. The Ebola scare has introduced a new awkwardness in social relations.尼日利亚拉各斯——这里的人现在都会避免握手。政府正在呼吁我们不要握手。这是一个很严重的问题,因为在尼日利亚,随口说声“你好”绝对是种粗鲁之举,这里的日常问候是一种复杂的礼仪,根据年龄、等级、乃至天气状况如何和当天是星期几而变化。直到大约一个月前,两个朋友,无论男女,在问候礼仪完成后很久仍然手握着手的情况绝不少见。但现在不同了。埃拉疫情造成的恐慌,已经给社会关系制造了一个新的尴尬。I first heard about the government’s call to avoid shaking hands from a priest at Mass three Sundays ago. It was not long after the Ebola virus had landed at the Lagos airport on July 20 in the person of Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian national and naturalized American citizen who had fled the Liberian capital Monrovia in hope of better treatment in Nigeria. He died five days later, by which time others had been infected, whereupon the Lagos state government, in collaboration with federal authorities, was quick to promulgate the message: Avoid physical contact, wash your hands frequently, and leave it to professionals to handle the dead.我第一次听到政府避免握手的号召,是三周前的周日弥撒上由一位牧师传达的。当时埃拉病毒抵达尼日利亚还没有多久:利比里亚裔美国公民帕特里克·索耶(Patrick Sawyer)感染后,逃离了利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚,希望在尼日利亚获得更好的治疗,他于7月20日抵达拉各斯机场。五天以后,他过世了,但那个时候其他人已经被他感染,于是拉各斯州政府与联邦当局合作,很快就发布了预防埃拉的消息:避免身体接触,经常洗手,亡者留给专业人士来处理。While the country’s myriad radio stations broadcast the warnings, the authorities also asked churches and mosques to sp the word. (Most Nigerians are profoundly religious, and even many nonbelievers attend services, compelled as often as not by neighborly tradition rather than pietistic pressure.)尼日利亚众多电台播放了这些警告,当局还要求教堂和清真寺传达这个消息。(大多数尼日利亚人都笃信宗教,甚至还有很多非信徒参加礼拜,这通常是街坊传统使然,而非虔诚信仰的压力。)Working from the airline passenger list and hospital patient information, the authorities were quickly able to develop a comprehensive list of those who came into contact with Mr. Sawyer, and sent medical workers to locate those who might have been exposed to the virus. Some 200 people were put under observation until the 21-day incubation period had passed.当局根据航空公司的乘客名单和医院的病人信息,很快就列出了一份完整清单,内含所有与索耶接触过的人。而且当局还派出医疗人员,寻找那些可能已经接触到病毒的人。大约有200人接受观察,直到21天的潜伏期完全结束。The authorities wanted to avoid the panic and mayhem that occurred in Liberia, and I have to say (though I usually find very little to praise in any government in Nigeria) that the speed and efficiency with which the Lagos State authorities reacted was exemplary. It seems as if the virus has been contained in this city of 20 million people. Agence France-Presse reported this week that 320 people suspected of exposure to the virus have been certified clear and released, and that another 41 remained under surveillance.埃拉在利比里亚引发了恐慌和混乱,尼日利亚当局希望避免重蹈它的覆辙,我不得不说(虽然我平时很少对尼日利亚的各级政府予以赞扬),拉各斯州当局的反应速度和效率堪称典范。在这个2000万人口的城市,病毒看起来已被控制住。据法新社(Agence France-Presse)报道,本周有320个可能接触过埃拉病毒的人,已被实未受感染,并且解除了隔离,另有41人仍然有待观察。But the situation here and elsewhere is still uncertain. Despite all the precautions, one of the nurses who had treated Mr. Sawyer managed to escape a poorly guarded isolation ward and travel to the southern city of Enugu. Her name was never released, and it is not known why a professional nurse would suddenly take flight. In any case, the Enugu state government was quick to act. All of the 20 or so people she is known to have come into close contact with during her daylong trip from Lagos were located and placed under surveillance. Though the nurse, who apparently did not know she was infected, has since been reported to have died, there have been no reports — so far — that any of the people she came in contact with have been infected.但这里和其他地方的局势依然不明朗。尽管采取了各种预防措施,接触过索耶的一名护士还是逃出了守卫松懈的隔离病房,前往南部城市埃努古。我们一直不知道她的名字,也不知道为什么一个职业护士会突然逃走。但无论如何,埃努古州政府迅速采取行动。这名护士离开拉各斯后,在一整天的行程中曾密切接触过约20人,现在这些人都被找到,并处在监控之下。这名护士似乎不知道自己已经感染病毒,虽然报道称她已经去世,但迄今还没有听说她接触过的任何人感染了埃拉病毒。People in Port Harcourt, the oil capital in the south, have not been so lucky. Another suspected carrier also escaped from a Lagos isolation ward. Unlike the nurse, he allegedly knew he was infected. The doctor he consulted died of Ebola on Aug. 22, according to the World Health Organization. The doctor’s wife, who was flown to Lagos for treatment with her three-month-old baby, is also said to have died, according to local media reports. The infant’s fate is unknown. The authorities say the man who infected them may be tried on manslaughter charges. W.H.O. officials said this week that there were three confirmed cases of Ebola infection in the city, and that some 200 people remain under surveillance there.南部石油之都哈科特港的人们就没有这么幸运了。另一名可能携带埃拉病毒的病人也从拉各斯的隔离病房逃离,与那名护士不同,据说他知道自己感染了病毒。据世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)透露,他咨询过的医生因为感染埃拉病毒于8月22日死亡。当地媒体报道称,这名医生的妻子为了给三个月大的婴儿治病飞到了拉各斯,据称,她已经死亡。这名婴儿的命运目前还不得而知。当局称,导致他们感染病毒的男子可能会遭到审讯,罪名是过失杀人。WHO官员本周表示,该市确认了三例感染埃拉病毒的病例,大约有200人仍然处在监控下。The tendency to panic in the face of a deadly virus with no known cure is of course understandable, especially given the stories that have been coming out of Monrovia and elsewhere in West Africa. Foreigners from suspect countries are regarded warily. Just recently, the Lagos police, acting on a tip from fearful neighbors, raided a hotel and arrested 39 people, 35 of them from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The others were from Senegal, or Sierra Leone, depending upon what newspapers you .当然,面对这种无法治疗的致命病毒,出现恐慌倾向是可以理解的,特别是考虑到蒙罗维亚及西非其他地方传来的报道。来自可能存在风险的国家的外国人受到密切关注。就在最近,拉各斯警方根据担忧的邻居提供的情报,采取行动,突击搜查了一家酒店,逮捕了39人,其中有35人来自刚果民主共和国。剩下的来自塞内加尔或塞拉利昂,各报的报道存在不同。There have also been the inevitable quack cures, as well as traditional herbal remedies from folk doctors. In one bizarre case, claims that drinking and bathing in salt water would prevent infection flooded the Internet. A surprising number of people apparently believed it. Two are reported to have died from drinking salt water, and another 20 have been hospitalized.庸医胡乱治病、民间医生使用传统草药治疗的情况不可避免地出现了。还有个匪夷所思的事情是,喝盐水和用盐水洗澡可以防止感染病毒的说法在网上广为流传。看来相信这种说法的人意想不到地多。据称,有两人因为喝盐水而死亡,还有20人入院就医。Yet it is remarkable how calm most people have remained. Not that they aren’t taking precautions. The other day, for instance, a bank security guard offered me some of the hand disinfectant that most people seem to carry about these days, as did the owner of a local cafe I frequent.但值得注意的是,大多数人能够保持冷静。这并不是说他们不采取预防措施。例如,有一天,一名保安给了我一些手消毒液,一家我经常光顾的当地咖啡馆的老板也给了我一些,目前大多数人似乎都带着这种消毒液。There is little doubt that quick action by the authorities has generated a broad sense of civic responsibility that is rare in Nigeria. Even the federal government, otherwise so mired in corruption that it is helpless in the face of our home-grown Islamist insurgency, appears to have taken an atypically responsible approach. Despite the perennial distrust that most Nigerians have toward any government statement, the fact that the virus has so far been relatively contained has given this nation of skeptics hope that our leaders can govern, once they put their minds to it.毫无疑问,当局的快速行动促使广大民众产生责任感,这在尼日利亚非常罕见。尽管联邦政府陷入腐败泥潭,对国内的伊斯兰主义叛乱束手无策,但这个政府似乎一反常态,承担责任,应对问题。尽管大多数尼日利亚人一直不相信政府的声明,但病毒到目前为止已经相对得到控制的事实,给这个充满疑虑的国家带来希望——如果我们的领导人愿意用心治理,他们就能治理好国家。Nevertheless, fear remains that Ebola may yet spiral out of control. Another death was reported here this week, this one at the Lagos University teaching hospital. It is said, though not confirmed, that the health workers who attended to the victim were not wearing the recommended protective equipment.尽管如此,人们仍然担心埃拉疫情可能会失控。本周这里又出现了一例死亡病例,这次是在拉各斯大学(University of Lagos)的教学医院。据称,照料这名死者的医护人员没有穿戴相关部门推荐的防护装备,但该消息没有得到实。This does not inspire confidence. Though ed Nations officials have praised the way Nigeria has handled the threat so far, the nation’s health minister warns that “a few” more cases are likely. In the meantime, most of us are crossing our fingers, rubbing our hands with disinfectant, and carrying on as best we can. Meanwhile, newspaper cartoonists are having a field day dreaming up alternatives to the handshake.这对信心的建立是不利的。虽然联合国(ed Nations)官员对尼日利亚迄今为止应对威胁的方式提出表扬,但该国卫生部长警告称,可能还会出现“一些”病例。在此期间,我们当中的大多数人都会祈祷,用消毒液搓手,尽可能继续这么做。与此同时,报纸漫画家正忙着构思代替握手的问候方式。 /201409/327452澄城县妇幼保健中医院看泌尿科怎么样

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