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我家(My family) 英语作文范文 -- 1:57:37 来源: 我家(My family) hello, i’m pang bo yu. i have a very happy family.  my mother is a worker. how old is she? guess! she’s thirty-five, she like zebras. on saturdays and sundays, she likes swimming. she doesn’t work on saturdays and sundays.my grandfather and grandmother likes running on saturdays and walking on sundays. they like ducks, but i don’t. i like horses very much. in the evening, we watch tv. some times i listen to music. but my mother, grandfather and grandmother doesn’t, they like ing.  i love my happy family very much. do you like my family?  我的家  你好,我是庞宇我有一个非常快乐的家庭  我的妈妈是一个工人她多少岁了?你猜她三十五岁了她喜欢斑马,在星期六和星期天,她喜欢去游泳她在周六和周日不工作我的祖父和祖母喜欢在周六跑步,在周日散步,他们喜欢鸭子,但我不喜欢我很喜欢马我们在晚上看电视有时候我听音乐但是我妈妈、祖父和祖母不喜欢,他们喜欢阅读  我喜爱我的家,你呢?。

Asking Sick Leave 请病假条 -- :5: 来源: Asking Sick Leave 请病假条Dear Mr Liu,  I'm sorry to tell you that I can't go to school today. I've caught a bad cold because I was caught in the rain yesterday.  This morning I had a headache. After taking my temperature, my mother found that I had a high fever. She took me to see a doctor. The doctor advised me to stay in bed three days.  Now I'm writing to you to ask three days' sick leave. Li Na  亲爱的刘老师:  很抱歉我今天不能上学了我患了重感冒,因为我昨天让雨淋了  今天早上我头疼,妈妈给我量体温后发现我发高烧她带我去了看了医生医生建议我卧床休息三天  我现在向您请三天病假 李娜。

China 中国 -- :1: 来源: China 中国  China is my motherland. It lies in the eat of Asia. Beijing is the capital of China.  China's population is more than 1.3 billion. The population in the east is much bigger than in the west. The weather in China is wetter and warmer in the south and drier and colder in the north.  China has a long history, and there are a lot of places of interest in China, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the West Lake and so on.  In the last twenty years, great changes have taken place in my motherland. I am sure China's tomorrow will be much better. I love China!    中国是我的祖国,它位于亚洲的东部北京是中国的首都  中国有亿多人口,东部的人口比西部的多得多中国的天气情况是:南部潮湿、温暖;北部干旱、寒冷  中国具有悠久的历史,这里有许多名胜,如长城、颐和园、西湖等  近二十年来,我的祖国发生了巨变我相信中国的明天会更美好我爱中国!。

人:好朋友 -01- :38:5 来源: Scene I(Cathy and Susan encounter each other on a street.)Cathy: Hello, Susan. How are you?Susan: I’m not doing well.Cathy: Why not?Susan: I’m too fat. I want to lose some weights.Cathy: Really? But I want to become fat.Susan: Are you crazy? Being fat is a terrible thing. Look at me. My abdomen looks like a swimming belt. It is so ugly.(Cathy touches Susan’s abdomen.)Cathy: But it is tender and makes me feel content.Susan: You’re so kind. Your words make me happy.Cathy: I’m serious, no kidding.Susan: God! (Touches her own ehead and sigh)Why are you not me and I am not you?(Susan seems to intend doing something.)Susan: We don’t like our figures and want to change ourselves, we can work hard together.Cathy: It sounds good. I can help you and you can help me. That’s wonderful. (Saying loudly)Susan: We begin planning right away.Cathy: Uh! Let’s go.Scene II(Firstly Cathy brings Susan to a famous store named Trust me.)Servant: Welcome! Do you want to take part in our class?Cathy: Yes! We will.Servant: Ok!Susan: Why do you take me here?Cathy: I see that “Trust me, you can make it” commercial on TV. It looks great. So I want to trust it and help you become thinner.Susan: Oh…! Why do you also particular in?Cathy: Because we are good friends, we should do it together. (Ha! Ha!)(After several days)Susan: Why? It’s no use to me, but you become much thinner. (Crying)Cathy: I don’t want it, too. (Crying)(The two girls are very angry to look the servant.)Servant: It’s not my fault. (She escapes from the store.)Scene III(Later, Susan takes Cathy to McDonalds.)Cathy: McDonalds?Susan: Fast food has high calories. It is the best food to make you fat.Clerk: May I help you?Susan: I want to order four hamburgers, ten drumsticks, five french fries and two cokes.Clerk: WhatCathy: Sorry, give us a minute. (Talks to the waiter)(Cathy pulls Susan’s arm and moves to the side.)Cathy: I can’t eat all of them.Susan: The food is not just you.Cathy: Don’t you want to be thin?Susan: Yes.Cathy: You can’t eat them, because they will make you fat.Susan: But I can’t oppose the attraction.(Cathy gives Susan a look.)Susan: Let me think.(Suddenly, an angel and an evil appear.)Evil: You can eat it. Anyway, you have time to lose weight.Angel: If you eat them now, you would do the same thing next time. You will not lose any weight.Evil: Listen to me. I’m right.Angel: No, he’s wrong.(Evil begins to fight against the angel.)Susan: Enough! Go away! (Yells to the evil and the angel)Cathy: Are you OK?Susan: Uh! I decide to eat today.Cathy: OK!Susan: I want to order the same food that I ordered bee.Clerk: OK! Please wait a minute.(They sit down and begin to eat.)Cathy: Um…It’s so greasy. Do I have to eat this?Susan: Yes, you must eat it. I can help you. (Susan takes food to stuff Cathy’s mouth.) Poor girl!!!Scene IV(Angel and Evil appear again.)Angel: Are you sure it’s good her?Evil: If you don’t believe me, you could see the result later.Angel: I hope you are right.(Several weeks later, they walk along the street.)Susan: I’m so hungry. I want to eat.Cathy: I’m so full. I want to vomit.(They hug each other and cry loudly.)Cathy: I don’t want to be fat.Susan: I don’t want to be thin. (They say it at the same time.)(Angel takes the evil that is rope appears.)Angel: You use the wrong way to achieve your purposes. You need to ask a professional nutritionist.Cathy and Susan: So…! (They look at each other with some special meaning, and then catch the angel’s leg.)Cathy and Susan: You must know some shortcut to help us.Cathy and Susan: We won’t let you go until you help us.Angel: Oh, god!!(Cathy and Susan chase the angel. The evil stays there.)Evil: What has happened? (Shrug) 英语 话剧 剧本。

留学英语口语:申请停车许可 Alying A Parking Permit-- ::59 SANDY: Can I help you?DEREK: Yes, I need to apply a parking permit.SANDY: Are you a professor?DEREK: What? Are you kidding? I'm only years old!SANDY: Yes, I am kidding.But don't you know only professors and students with disabilitiescan apply parking permits?DEREK: Yes, I know. I have a disability.My hip was broken last year. And I can't walk well.SANDY: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know.DEREK: It's alright. You didn't see me walk to the desk.SANDY: Here is the application m.I also need to see your student ID and your permission letter from the university.DEREK: My permission letter?SANDY: Yes, the letter that certifies you have a disability.And it must certify your disability entitles you to a parking place.DEREK: I was told I should have the letter sent directly to your office.SANDY: Yes. Or you can bring it yourself.DEREK: But I asked them to send it to you directly.SANDY: Let me look in the file then. Maybe we received it.DEREK: My name is Derek Schneider, S - C - H - N - E - I - D - E - R.SANDY: Yes, here it is.Alright. Then I just need your completed application m,and I will be able to process your request.DEREK: Good. I will sit over there and fill out the m.I will give it to you in a few minutes.Oh, by the way, can I apply any parking lot I want?SANDY: The m has a map on the back. You may specify your top four choices.We will give a spot in the lot that has an opening.DEREK: I see. Thank you.SANDY: You're very welcome.珊蒂:我能帮你吗?迪瑞克:是的,我需要申请一张停车许可珊蒂:你是教授吗?迪瑞克:什么?你在开玩笑吗?我才二十二岁珊蒂:对,我是在开玩笑但是难道你不知道只有教授和有残疾的学生才可以申请停车许可吗?迪瑞克:是,我知道我有残疾我的骨盆去年裂开我走得并不好珊蒂:喔,我很抱歉我不知道迪瑞克:没事的你没有看到我走到桌子前珊蒂:这里是申请表我同时需要看你的学生明以及学校的许可信迪瑞克:我的许可信?珊蒂:是的,许可信是明你有残疾而且必须明你的残疾让你有需要使用一个停车位迪瑞克:我被告知我的许可信是直接寄到你们的办公室珊蒂:是的,你也可以自己带来迪瑞克:但是我请他们直接寄到你们这里珊蒂:让我查看一下档案,或许我们已经收到了迪瑞克:我的名字是迪瑞克·施奈德尔:S - C - H - N - E - I - D - E - R珊蒂:是的,在这儿好,我只需要你填好的申请表,我就可以处理你的申请迪瑞克:很好我会坐下来填好表格我会在几分钟内给你喔,顺便问问,我可以申请任何我想要的停车位吗?珊蒂:表格的後面有一张地图你可以指明四个最喜欢的选择我们会把空缺的位子给你迪瑞克:我知道了谢谢你珊蒂:不要客气。

努力工作-- :7:31   Our boss expects us to eat, drink and sleep our job.   我们老板恨不得我们把工作当饭吃,当水喝,当觉睡   这句话很形象,说白了意思就是“我们老板希望我们不吃不喝不睡地工作”家长教育孩子时常说,“你不能把……当饭吃呀”瞧瞧这种语言上惊人的类似吧,英语说,“You can't eat a…”这种地道的英语,在英文语言大师的小说里挺常见的,读书的人则会心一笑,拍手称好。

地道美语:有趣又常用的象声词-- :6:9 在美剧或者电影中,常常会听到其中的角色的对白中会出现一些象声词可能不刻意去想的话也能通过上下文了解它们所要传达的意思或语气但在平时的实用对话中,你会想到用它们嘛?Oops!【解释】表示感叹,通常用在说话人意识到自己犯了错的情况下,有些化解尴尬的语气Oops! I got to call you yesterday.【翻译】哎呀!昨儿忘了给你打电话了【补充】记得小甜甜布兰妮那首歌么?《Oops! I did it againBoo-hoo!【解释】模仿哭声的象声词,带有讽刺的口气Boo-hoo! He'll be in the show.【翻译】要你来猫哭耗子啊!他当然会参加表演啊(选自电影《歌舞青春)【补充】吵架时常用的哦~~Blah blah blah...【解释】常用来表示省略不必多说的部分;或用于模仿讽刺别人的长篇大论My mom said that it would rain and we shouldn't go fishing blah blah blah... You know, as always.【翻译】我妈么,跟平时一样唠叨啊,说什么会下雨啦我们不该出来钓鱼啦啥啥的 Tick Tock...【解释】模仿时钟的滴答声常在警告别人剩余的时间不多了的时候用Life is short.Tick tock, tick tick.【翻译】人生苦短,光阴似箭啊~~~Ewwww...【解释】感叹词,表示恶心Can I, as the only normal person in this room, say, "Ew"? 【翻译】作为这个房间里唯一一个正常人,能否允许我说一句:“恶”?(选自美剧《识骨寻踪)【补充】一般女孩子才会用这个词哦,男生用的话会显得比较娘娘腔Shush!【解释】叫别人安静不要说话I will not be shushed, these might be my last words. 【翻译】我才不要闭嘴呢,说不定这就是我的遗言了(选自英剧《盗侠罗宾汉)【补充】上面例句中可以看出,shush不只是一个让人收声的语气词,它还常常用来表示“叫人安静这个动作”。

Hong Zhanhui 洪战辉 -- :: 来源: Hong Zhanhui 洪战辉  Hong Zhanhui, a Chinese boy of , was born in a poor family. His mother left the family when he was very young. He had to look after his sick father, adopted sister and younger brother. He lived a hard life, but he never gave up his studies and went to college at last. He still worried about his sister, so he took her with him to the university.  Many people wanted to give him some help, but he refused. He found a job to make money his family. He knew he must depend on himself.    岁的中国青年洪战辉出生在一个贫困的家庭当他小的时候,他的妈妈离开了家他不得不照顾生病的父亲、领养的和小弟弟他生活很艰难,可是他从不放弃学业,最终考上了大学他挂念自己的,所以他把她带到了大学里  许多人想要帮助他,可是他拒绝了他找了一个工作赚钱养家他知道必须依靠自己。

停电 Power Cut -- ::39 来源: This morning, when I was watching TV, it suddenly powered off. And I realized it was power cut. It's very hot today, so power cut makes it harder to stand. I couldn't stay at home in such hot day, so I called some freinds to go out. We went to the bookshop to books. It's so cool in it beacause of the air conditioners. It just liked the heaven. We stayed there until 5 o'clock p.m.. Unluckily, when I arrived at home, it was still power cut. My mother prepared dinner early. After we had dinner, we all went out a walk. We went home at nine o'clock, we were happy to see the lights have been bright.今天早上,我正在看电视,突然就没电了于是我意识到是停电了今天很热,停电让人觉得很难受这么热的天我没法待在家里,于是我就打电话给一些朋友叫他们出去我们到书店看书,因为里面有空调所以很凉快,感觉就像人间天堂我们在那待到下午五点不幸的是,当我回到家的时候还是停电的我妈妈早早就准备晚饭了我们吃过晚饭后就出去散了一会步九点钟的时候我们就回家了,看到灯是亮着的我们很高兴。

疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课:不要紧-- :7:36 It doesn’t matter.所谓谁人无错,犯错的时候,应该得饶人处且饶人当别人诚恳地向你道歉时,你也应该善意地响应一句:It doesn’t matter.(没关系,不要紧)或者说:It’s not important. It’s not a big deal. (这个不重要这 没什么大不了)此外,如你见到朋友好像心情不佳,你也不妨问候一下:What’s the matter?(有什么事?)如果不太想回答,可说:It doesn’t matter.(没什么,不要提) 对话 A:Adrian? Sweetheart, I’m sorry I crashed your car last night. B:I know. It doesn’t matter now. A:And I knocked somebody down. His face looked a lot like yours. B:I know. It doesn’t matter now. A:What do you mean it doesn’t matter? Don’t you care me anymore? B:Yes I do, but I have to leave you now. 甲:亚德里恩? 甜心,对不起,我昨晚把你的车子撞坏了 乙:我知道,不要紧 甲:我还撞倒一个人,他很像你 乙:我知道,不要紧 甲:什么不要紧?难道你不关心我吗? 乙:我当然关心你,但是我现在要离开你了 说It doesn’t matter.(不要紧),可以表示客气的 ‘不必介意’,也可以表示冷漠的 ‘这和我无关’,例如:(1) “I’m afraid I’ve messed up the room.” “It doesn’t matter. The room needs cleaning anyway.”( ‘对不起,我把房间弄脏了’ ‘不要紧,房间反正要清洁了’)() “The tax on cigarettes is going to rise.” “It’s doesn’t matter to me. I don’t smoke.”( ‘香烟要加税了’ ‘这对我没有影响我不吸烟’) 要说 ‘这对我没有影响’,英文还有(It) Makes no difference to me. 的说法,随便一点可说:(It) Makes me no difference,例如:Cigarette tax hikes make no difference to me(香烟大幅加税,对我没有影响)英文indifference一字,就是说 ‘漠不关心’,形容词是indifferent,例如:Adrian is totally indifferent to what his girlfriend has done. Adrian shows total indifference to what his girlfriend has done.(亚德里恩对女朋友所做的事,完全漠不关心) 亚德里恩决定和女朋友分手了,所以,无论她做了多么可怕的事,都说:It doesn’t matter now通俗一点,他还可以说:Makes no nevermind to me. 或Makes me no nevermind 美国口语以nevermind作名词,意思是 ‘关怀、注意’或 ‘关怀、注意的事情’这个字须用于否定句,这里不妨再举一例:Pay him no nevermind.(不要理他)。