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Do you have a big first date coming up in the future? If you want to learn the rules of what can and cant be done on a first date, let our expert give you the rundown. Learn everything from how to dress to how to impress your date from this . Make your first impression a lasting one with this expert advice.你有没有一个很重要的约会?如果是第一次约会,你想学什么可以和不可以做的规则吗?让我们的专家给你指点吧。学会如何着装如何打动你的约会对象,使你的第一印象持久。Thanks for watching What To Never Do On A First Date谢谢收看本期“约会忌讳”节目。201208/195723。

Its spring cleaning time! Since the average American spends a third of their time in bed, use these tips to help you spring clean your mattress.现在到了春季大扫除时间了!由于一般美国人三分之一的时间是在床上度过的,遵循以下建议,帮助你清洁床垫。You Will Need你需要Vacuum with attachment有附件的吸尘器Upholstery cleaner室内装潢用清洁剂Mattress protector床垫保护装置Fabric refresher布料清新剂Steps步骤Step 1 Remove bedding1.移走铺盖Remove all bedding and let the mattress air out for a few hours. If possible, haul it outside for the day to get fresh air.将所有铺盖拿走,让床垫在空气中暴露几个小时的时间。如果可能的话,白天把床垫拖到外面接触新鲜空气。Step 2 Vacuum the mattress2.吸尘Vacuum the mattress and box springs with a vacuum attachment.用吸尘器附件打扫空气垫和弹簧床垫。Step 3 Remove stains3.清除污渍Remove any surface stains with upholstery cleaner. Invest in a mattress protector to prevent any future stains.用室内装潢用清洁剂清除任何表面的污渍。可以购买床垫保护装置,防止床垫今后再被弄脏。Never clean a mattress with dry cleaning fluid; the chemicals could damage the mattress.千万不要使用干洗洗涤剂来清洁床垫;其中的化学物质会损坏床垫。Step 4 Flip the mattress4.翻转Flip the mattress over and switch the top to bottom to help it wear evenly. This should be done every six months.将床垫翻过来,上下颠倒,帮助你更彻底地进行清洁工作。可以每六个月进行一次。Step 5 Spritz the mattress5.喷洒清新剂Spritz the mattress and mattress cover with a fabric refresher before you reapply the sheets to give it a fresh smell. Spring is in the air.用布料清新剂喷洒床垫和床套,让其气味清新。然后重新铺好床单。这样,你的床垫中就充满了春天的味道。While the average human sleeps seven to eight hours a day, a giraffe only sleeps for 20 minutes.一般美国人每天的睡眠时间为7到8小时,而长颈鹿每天只睡20分钟。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/231441。

Survive the dangers of meeting your girlfriends friends with VideoJugs relationship guide. We will show you all you need to know to help you get along with your girlfriends friends.根据VideoJug提供的建议,你可以安全度过与女友的朋友会面时可能遇到的险境。我们将会告诉你所有的一切,帮助你与女友的朋友相处。Step 1: The one you fancy1.你感兴趣的人If you are immediately attracted to one of your girlfriends friends, there are a few important points to remember. Dont stare, or if you have to, dont be caught staring with doe-eyed affection or ravenous lust. Dont spend too much time focussing on her, as theres a risk she willa) enjoy this and flirt back, leaving you both in a difficult situation.b) loudly reject you, leaving only you in a difficult situation.如果你立即被你女友的其中一个朋友吸引,你要记住几点。不要凝视,或者如果必须这样的话,不要用迷离的眼神凝视,也不要表现出贪婪的欲望。不要花费太多时间来关注她,因为她有可能a)很享受被欣赏,向你回抛媚眼,这样会让你们两人都陷入非常尴尬的境地。b)大声拒绝你,让你一个人处于尴尬的境地。Step 2: The one who bores the pants off you2.对于你讨厌的人This specimen will probably be welcoming and kind, but it will quickly dawn on you that shes about as interesting as a double glazing salesman. Resist the urge to show your boredom, and banish all thoughts of what youd really like to do or say to her.你的裤子样本或许非常好,非常受欢迎,但是你可能渐渐就会明白,她就像一个售货员那么感兴趣。一定要抵制表现出自己的厌烦的冲动,一定要消除讨论你喜欢的话题,并且直接告诉她的一切想法。Even if shes telling you about her string of doomed relationships, pretend to show an interest, and interject with an occasional question or comment. If you dont do this, this otherwise harmless creature could turn into the one who hates you, and start criticising your every flaw to your girlfriend.即使她向你讲述自己不幸的情史,假装自己感兴趣,并且偶尔插入一个问题或一句。否则,这个原本对你无害的生物会成为“恨你的人”,在你的女友面前抨击你所有的缺点。Step 3: The one who isnt female3.非女性朋友Ah, the male friend. A dangerous creature who may be part of the group because a) he fancies your girlfriend, b) is going out with one of the other girls, or c) hes gay.也就是男性朋友。在你女友的朋友中可能还有这样一种危险的生物,原因有以下几种:a)他喜欢你的女朋友,b)他是另外一个女孩的男朋友,c)他是同性恋。He may want to test you or compete against you for the girls attention. Laugh at his jokes, buy him drinks, let him be the Alpha male. If he offers you any kind of challenge, graciously accept, without being aggressively competitive. Massage his ego by making sure you lose and he wins. In this alien female universe, he may be a much-needed ally.为了吸引女孩们的注意力,他可能会考验你或者与你竞争。对他讲的笑话大声笑出来,为他购买饮料,让他成为男性领导者。如果他提出任何挑战的话,优雅地接受,而不是充满挑衅。确保你输他赢,这样可以满足他的虚荣心。在这个女性世界里,他是你非常需要的盟友。Step 4: The one with all of them4.女友的所有朋友A girlfriends friends are an important part of every girls life. But be grateful, as without them youd have to spend much more time with her talking about hair removal techniques, Victorian literature and celebrity marriages. Always be positive about the relationship and never ever ever ever criticise your girlfriend to her friends.And remember this, if you dont feel confident - you dont need to say anything. Theyll see you as a strong silent type which wont matter as they will no doubt all have lots to say.对每一个女孩来说,朋友都是自己生活中重要的部分。但是一定要心怀感激,因为没有他们的话,你要花费更多时间来讨论她的发型,维多利亚时代的文学作品和明星的婚姻。一定要对你的爱情采取乐观的态度,永远不要在你女友的朋友面前批评她。记住这一点,如果你感到不自信的话,你不必说任何话。他们会把你看作性格沉默的人,这没有关系,因为毫无疑问,他们相互之间都有很多话说。Thanks for watching How To Get Along With Your Girlfriends Friends感谢收看本期“怎样与女友的朋友相处”节目。201209/197978。

In the wake of the war,随着战争而来的there was a great impetus to grow and provide more food.是种植并产出更多食物的巨大动力Hey, little hen, when, when, when小母鸡 你几时Will you lay me an egg for my tea...?下蛋为我换茶吃Industrialisation had transformed our ability to manufacture goods,工业化进程革新了我们的生产力and the same application of technology was now being同时 相同的科技现也应用于applied to food production to feed the masses.食物生产以飨众人By the time Horizon hit the airwaves,到地平线栏目上线时this process was well underway.这一工程已在顺利进行了More and more farmers were experiencing the shock of the new.越来越多的农民体验到了新科技的震撼Over the last decade,在过去十年间scientists and experts from agricultural firms have persuaded来自农业公司的科学家和专家说了more and more farmers to take a more drastic course,越来越多的农民采取更激进的做法to take up whats become known as factory farming.从事工厂化农场经营More and more, chickens are being produced越来越多的鸡被量身定制地培育tailor-made to fit in with the needs of the factory farmer.以满足工厂化农场主的需要One big firm brings out a new model every two or three years.一家大公司每两到三年开发一种新的模式Where can the chicken go from here?这些鸡将何去何从201306/242606。

在迪庆香格里拉境内,长江上游的金沙江面临60年来最大的旱情灾害,许多水域江面水流量大大减小,在平常宽达200~500米的江面,目前的江面宽度还不到100米-50米,当地人称,今年过金沙江不用渡船了,在一些江面开阔的地带可以淌水过江到对面丽江的玉龙县串门。 Drought kills rivers, forestsNearly half of China's drought-plagued farmland is located in Yunnan Province. Rivers there are drying up and forests are dying. The Jinsha River is the westernmost of major headwater streams of China's longest river, the Yangtze. The falling water level exposes the sand. Li Jianping, Yuanmou County Hydrological Station, said, "Last year, the water level was here. Now it's over there, declining 3.8 meters." If drought conditions last another month, the water will fall to a record low. Big ships are also stalled. Qi Lin, Chief, Yuanmou County Transport Bureau, said, "If the water continues to fall, we have to seal off the shipping." Villages in the area have no roads. Their life depends on shipping. Pu Hongfang, Villager, said, "We can't get our agricultural products out. Patients can't see doctors." Water in the province's main rivers and reservoirs is about a third less than before. The worst drought in a century is also killing the trees. Tian Zhide, Chief Xuanwei City Forestry Bureau, said, "Nearly 60 thousand hectares of forest in the city are ruined. If the situation lingers for two months more, 90 thousand hectares will be affected." These drought-resistant shelter forests were meant to protect the environment. But now they can't even protect themselves. 201003/99711。

电子时代的80S,90S或许对情书没有什么概念,可是你是否知道,情书可是表情达意的好手段,在娟娟素纸上倾诉自己的满腔感情,是多么美好的一件事。这里就介绍些写情书的诀窍!How To Write A Love Letter如何写情书 The love letter is a wonderful way to express your feelings to your love and a handy way of avoiding the possibility of drying up while serenading them face to face. Videojug shows you how to open your heart through the power of the pen. Learn how to write a love letter that will impress that person you have always wanted.Step 1: Presentation布局谋篇 The letter should look as beautiful as your feelings - a note scrawled in biro on the back of a beer mat is not going to make your Bella go weak at the knees. Use decent paper in a neutral, soft colour such as cream or white, and write with classy black or brown ink - no blues, greens or reds! This is not a note for the milkman! If you're expressing grown-up feelings, write a grown-up letter. Make sure it's hand-written as well - nothing screams impersonal like typing. And there's little that's romantic about an email or a text..WARNING- if you send a love letter in a manila envelope, expect your relationship to end soonStep 2: Set the mood设置情感基调 If you're attempting to express your pent-up feelings through the medium of literature it is best to get yourself in a romantic mood before you begin. Writing to your sweetheart when busy, tired or drunk will probably not result in the masterpiece you were hoping for, so get yourself in the mood by lighting some candles and playing some soft, romantic music to stimulate the literary lover within.Step 3: Greetings开头 Choose an endearing and personal greeting to head your letter. Don't be formal - a 'dear sir / madam' will probably not set your sweetheart's pulse racing. Embellish upon the theme of your love's first name - for example 'To my beautiful Kate' or 'My dearest Kate'. Or you might nick a e from somewhere: 'my super dainty Kate' for instance, is nabbed from The Taming of The Shrew. There's a whole load of good stuff in the classics, so plagiarize away....Whatever you do, don't spell their name wrong - Shakespeare himself wouldn't be able to salvage that wreckage!Step 4: The Contents内容 Your love is your business, but if you're stuck for ideas the consider these: The main body of the letter could include all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. You could recall how you first met, or explain how you can't bear to be apart. You could list your sweetheart's qualities, or mention special moments the two of you have shared. This is not the place for casual jokes or dirty suggestions - the love letter is about the heart, not the loins.Step 5: Closing结束语End with something upbeat and romantic. 'Yours sincerely' or 'With regards' are not going to get your Love cooking on gas, and even just saying 'Love James' at the end shows a lack of effort. Put your back into it. You need a heartfelt, simple goodbye, for example 'Forever yours' or 'With all my heart'. Or something fancier and all la-di-dah, like 'You're the face that launched a thousand ships.'Don't worry about sounding soppy - you've come too far now to suddenly get concerned about showing your true feelings.Step 6: Sending It寄出 You might decide to include a special extra with the letter. Perfume it so it smells lovely when opened. You could add some dried rose petals, or maybe a sprinkle of those small stars you get from craft shops. Don't put anything too messy in however - a letter obscured by chocolate stains is unlikely to have the kind of impact you were hoping for. You could add a decorative stamp and affix it upside down - a custom that means 'I love you'. Remember, it's the little details that count. Now take a deep breath, make sure you mean what you're about to say, and send the letter to your loved one201109/154450。