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长大不得了 岁女童设计师参展纽约时装周 -- :39: 来源: Like many designers at New York Fashion Week, Mayhem expertly posed photos, showed off her creations and took interviews. Unlike most designers, however, she is only four years old.  和纽约时装周上许多其他的设计师一样,梅赫姆拍着气场十足的照片,展示着自己的创作,接受采访但和大多数设计师不一样的是,她才四岁大  Known on Instagram as sisters_angie to her 00,000-plus followers, this adorable pre-schooler and her mother Angie Keiser, who calls her 'Mayhem' on social media instead of using her real name, have designed dozens of dresses with the clever and creative use of paper.  在图片网站上,她的名字是sisters_angie,坐拥超过0万粉丝,这个可爱的学龄前儿童跟她的妈妈安琪·凯瑟一起用纸质材料设计出了十几套时装,别出心裁、创意十足在社交网络上,为了避免用她的真名,妈妈称她为梅赫姆  She wore one of her own designs to the event - a black and white peplum top with a floral design and a black skirt, all made from paper, of course.  在时装周上,她穿着一套自己设计的衣——一件黑白拼色、小花图案的无袖小褂,加上一条黑色短裙,当然,都是用纸做的  Mayhem's interest in fashion was sparked last year, when she began wrapping herself in scarves and random pieces of fabric to create brand new outfits.  梅赫姆对时尚的爱好是去年才爆发的,从去年起,她开始在自己身上裹满围巾和各种质料的衣料,希望创作出全新的时装  When her mother suggested she start making her own clothes from construction paper, the idea took hold - and they haven't turned back since.  于是她的妈妈建议她开始从图画纸创作自己的衣,自此,这个想法开始生根发芽,从此一发不可收拾  Now she has a huge following on Instagram, where she shares pictures of the recreations she has made of some of her favorite red carpet looks and high-fashion designs.  现在她在图片网站上有一大群粉丝,她会在网上分享她的新作,这些新作都是她对自己最喜欢的走红毯礼和前锐流行设计作品的再创作  Ever the professional, Mayhem sketches her dresses bee bringing them to life - although recently she's been going more high-tech with her visions.  和所有的专业人士一样,梅赫姆在制作衣之前,先画出衣的草图——不过最近以来,她开始用更有技术含量的方法来绘出自己的想法  Considering she was invited to her first Fashion Week bee kindergarten, it's safe to say Mayhem has got the fashion bug - and it's not going away any time soon.  考虑到她在上幼儿园之前就已经收到邀请,参加她人生第一个时装周了,我们可以肯定,梅赫姆将在很长一段时间里热衷于时尚  'There is no shortage of inspiration at this point,' Angie says proudly.  她的母亲安琪骄傲的说:“目前来看,她一点也不缺乏创意”中国坚决抵制七国集团声明,称其罔顾事实 -- 3:37:51 来源: 本周五,七国集团领导人发表声明,要在中国海洋问题上采取强硬的态度对此中国政府发表严正抗议,指出该份声明罔顾了事实和国际正义 China on Friday said it was strongly dissatisfied with a statement by G7 members that agreed on the need to send a strong message on maritime claims.本周五,中国政府表示对G7集团的一项声明非常不满在该份声明中,G7成员同意在海洋事务上采取一个强硬立场"China is strongly dissatisfied with what Japan and the G7 have done," Hua Chunying, spokeswoman China’s Ministry of eign Affairs, told a daily briefing on Friday in Beijing, urging G7 members to avoid irresponsible remarks and instead take actions beneficial to regional peace and stability.本周五北京,中国外交部发言人华春莹在例行新闻发布会上说道:“中国对日本和七国集团的行为感到强烈不满”华春莹敦促七国集团成员避免不负责任的言论,用行动促进该地区的和平与稳定Hua called on G7 members to be objective and fair and abide by their promise of not taking sides on territorial disputes.华春莹呼吁七国集团成员要客观、公正,并且遵守自己在领土争端问题上不偏袒任何一方的诺言"We are concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas, and emphasize the fundamental importance of peaceful management and settlement of disputes," G7 leaders said in their declaration at the close of an annual summit on Friday, AFP reported.据法新社报道,本周五,七国集团领导人在年度峰会闭幕式的声明中说道:“我们对中国东海和南海的情况表示关切,并且强调和平解决争端的根本重要性”The G7, comprised of the US, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Canada, said settlement of disputes should be "peaceful" and "freedom of navigation and overflight" should be respected.七国集团(由美、日、英、法、德、意、加组成)表示解决争端应该用“和平”的方法,并且应该尊重“航海和航空自由”Though no individual countries were mentioned, the declaration appeared to be aimed at China.尽管没有具体点明任何国家,但是很明显这份声明意在针对中国"Compared with the eign ministry’s response to G7 leaders’ declaration in in Germany, its language this time indicates much stronger warning to the bloc after the continuous US provocation in the waters during the period," Liu Feng, an expert in Chinese maritime issues, told the Global Times on Friday.本周五,中国海洋问题专家刘峰(音)告诉《环球时报,说:“和外交部回应年七国集团在德国发表的声明时相比,这次回应的语言表达出对该集团更加强烈的警告味道在此期间,美国还不断地在该水域内对中国进行挑衅”"The remarks of the G7 fall far short of the facts and international justice," Hong Lei, a spokesman China’s eign ministry, was ed by the Xinhua News Agency as saying in June .新华社援引外交部发言人洪磊在年6月的发言,说道:“七国集团的言论罔顾了事实和国际正义”The US military has conducted several "freedom of navigation" operations, in which planes or ships pass within a nautical mile buffer around the Chinese installations in the South China Sea. The latest was a "routine flight" of EP-3 Aries aircraft in international airspace, which was intercepted by two Chinese J- fighters.美国军方已经主导了好几次“自由航行”行动,数架飞机和船只在中国南海军事设施附近闯入了海里缓冲区最近,美军一架EP-3飞机在国际空域执行“例行飞行”任务,两架中国歼-战斗机将其拦截了下来"The strong reaction from China also results from Japan’s deliberate attempt to bring the South China Sea issue to a multilateral platm while China hopes to avoid discussion with countries outside the region," Chen Xiangmiao, a research fellow at the National Institute the South China Sea, told the Global Times on Friday.本周五,中国国家南海研究院研究员陈向苗(音)告诉《环球时报,说:“中国的反应之所以如此激烈,也和日本的行为有关日方蓄意将中国南海事务引向一个多边平台,而中国则希望避免和该地区外的国家讨论(该事件)”"As the G7 host, Japan is hyping up the South China Sea issue and fanning the flame of tensions," Hua said, adding that such action was not beneficial to stability in the South China Sea and does not accord with the G7’s position as a platm managing the developed economies.华春莹表示:“作为七国集团峰会主办国,日本竭力炒作中国南海问题,煽风点火、加剧了紧张局势”华春莹还指出,日方的如此作为并不有利于中国南海的稳定,也不符合七国集团作为一个管理发达经济体平台的地位Japan has tried to pressure China by internationalizing the issue ahead of the ruling made by an international tribunal in The Hague over an arbitration case against China, Chen noted.陈向苗指出,日本曾试图向中国施压,企图在海牙国际法庭发布针对中国仲裁案的结果之前将此问题国际化The G7 leaders also stressed that judicial means "including arbitration" should be utilized, according to AFP.据法新社报道,七国集团领导人还强调”包括仲裁”在内的司法手段应该被利用Experts agreed that China’s fierce response to the declaration also sent a warning to the European countries that maintain close relationship with China in economic and trade cooperation.专家一致认为,中国针对这份声明的强烈回应也是对欧洲国家的一个警告,这些国家在经贸合作上和中国保持着密切的关系为何新妈妈们热衷晒娃? -- :35:6 来源:chinadaily We've all got friends who might overshare a little when it comes to putting their personal lives on Facebook, and the phenomenon can be particularly noticeable with new parents, who sometimes can't seem to stop themselves from posting baby updates, pics, s, and more pics.说到在脸书上晒个人生活,我们也许都有一些分享过度的朋友,对新父母来说这一现象尤为明显,他们有时似乎抑制不住自己发宝宝的新动态、照片、视频,以及更多的照片Now a new study looks at the psychological motivations that can influence some new mothers to post so much on social media, and the findings suggest that they could be oversharing in less-than-healthy ways.现在,一项新研究调查了可能会影响一些新妈妈在社交媒体过度晒娃的心理动机,结果表明过度分享可能并不是健康的方式"If a mother is posting on Facebook to get affirmation that she's doing a good job and doesn't get all the 'likes' and positive comments she expects, that could be a problem. She may end up feeling worse," said psychologist Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan from Ohio State University.“如果一位妈妈在脸书上晒娃是为了得到认可,肯定自己是个好妈妈,但是收到的赞和肯定的与她所期待的有差距,就可能成为问题最后她也许感觉更糟,”俄亥俄州立大学心理学家莎拉?绍珀-莎利文说道Schoppe-Sullivan and her team tracked 7 mothers in Ohio from when they were pregnant through to after their babies were born. The women were asked questions during the third trimester of their pregnancy about how much they believed society expected them to be perfect parent.绍珀-莎利文和她的团队跟踪调查了俄亥俄州的7位母亲,从怀期间一直到孩子出生这些女子在妊娠晚期(后三个月)回答了一些问题,关于她们在多大程度上相信社会对她们成为完美母亲有所期待After the birth, they were tested on how strongly they identified with their role as mothers, rating how much they agreed with statements such as: "I know people make judgments about how good of a partnermother I am based on how well cared my house and family are."生产之后,她们接受了关于母亲身份认同感强度的测试,根据认可程度给一些语句打分,比如“我知道人们会根据我对家庭的照顾情况判断我是不是一个好妻子或好母亲”The participants' use of Facebook was also monitored after the babies were born, including the frequency of activity and how often they uploaded photos of their babies, plus recording the mothers' emotional responses to their Facebook friends' comments and likes (or lack thereof).孩子出生后,妈妈们的脸书使用情况也被追踪了,包括使用频率和上传孩子照片的频率,还有妈妈们对脸书上朋友们的和赞(或没有赞)的情绪反应The researchers found that those women who believed society had greater expectations of them as mothers – and who identified strongly with their motherhood role – were highly sensitive to feedback on their social media posts.研究者发现,那些认为社会对她们有较高期待的和对母亲身份认同感较高的妈妈们对社交媒体的反馈高度敏感"These mothers paid close attention to the comments they got when they posted pictures of their baby," said one of the team, Jill Yavorsky. "They felt validated when they got a lot of likes and comments, but they were also more likely to feel bad and disappointed when the reaction wasn't what they had hoped."“这些母亲们密切关注着晒出孩子照片后收到的,”团队成员之一吉尔?亚沃尔斯基说“当她们收到许多赞和的时候就会感觉受到了肯定,但是如果反响并不像自己希望的那样,她们就更有可能感觉糟糕和失望”Another of the study's findings showed how incredibly pervasive the use of Facebook is when it comes to mothers sharing news and images of their babies. A stunning 98 percent of mothers in the study uploaded photos of their infant to the site, and 80 percent of these mums had replaced their personal profile photo with a picture of their baby.此研究的另外一个结果显示,妈妈们在脸书上晒孩子动态和照片的行为极为普遍研究中多达98%的母亲上传过宝宝的照片,80%的母亲把自己的头像换成了孩子的照片,比例之高令人瞠目"What these mothers are saying is that my child is central to my identity, at least right now," said Schoppe-Sullivan. "That's really telling."“这些母亲所要表达的是,我的孩子是我身份的中心,起码现在是,”绍珀-沙利文说“这真的非常明显”Separate research has suggested the average US parent posts almost 1,000 photos of their child online bee the child turns five years old.另外一项研究曾表明,美国父母在孩子五岁之前平均会在网上晒近00张照片These figures might not shock regular Facebook users who've become used to seeing baby photos and updates populating their newsfeed, but think about it – 1,000 photos. Of course, the researchers from Ohio State acknowledge that their small sample of 7 women from Ohio were mostly highly educated women from dual-career couples, so their results certainly aren't representative of new mothers from other walks of life.这些数字也许并不会让经常使用脸书的用户感到诧异,他们已经习惯了看婴儿照片和布满信息流的新动态,但是你想一想——00张照片啊当然,俄亥俄州的研究员承认7个俄亥俄女性的样本比较小,她们大多数受教育程度比较高,夫妻都有工作,他们的研究结果肯定不能代表其它阶层和地域的新妈妈们But the results could be a timely reminder that while social media can be a valuable way of keeping in touch with friends and family, people should be wary of letting it dictate how they feel about their lives, especially when it comes to something as important as parenting your children.但是,这一研究结果可能及时提醒了人们,虽然社交媒体是联系亲友的宝贵方式,但是要警惕不要让它主宰我们对生活的感受,尤其是养育孩子这么重要的事情"It's great to share stories and pictures of your baby, but relying on Facebook to feel good about your parenting may be risky," said Schoppe-Sullivan.“分享宝宝的故事和照片很好,但是从脸书中寻求育儿的良好感受可能有风险,”绍珀-沙利文说In addition to negatively affecting how new mothers may feel about themselves, uploading images of your children to social media – despite its popularity – is a topic of some controversy.除了对新妈妈的自我感觉有消极影响之外,上传自己孩子的照片到社交媒体尽管很流行,但却是个有点争议的话题Posting images of your children on the internet without their consent might be intended as a good-natured act, but it could also be considered unfair, especially as children grow up.没经过孩子允许就在网上发他们的照片,妈妈们可能会觉得她们的动机是好的,但孩子们可能会认为这不公平,尤其是当他们长大以后In France, authorities have gone as far as to warn parents they could face up to a year in prison and a fine of

约旦-佩特拉古城:在眼皮底下发现巨型纪念碑 -- ::39 来源: 在约旦南部佩特拉古城发现了埋藏在沙丘下在巨型纪念碑 A huge monument has been discovered buried under the sands at the Petra World Heritage site in southern Jordan.在约旦南部佩特拉古城发现了埋藏在沙丘下在巨型纪念碑Archaeologists used satellite images, drone photography and ground surveys to locate the find, according to the study published in the American Schools of Oriental Research.据《美国东方研究学院通报(Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research )报导称,The large platm is about as long as an Olympic swimming pool and twice as wide.其长度与奥运会的游泳池相当,宽度是其两倍Researchers say it is unlike any other structure at the ancient site.研究者称该纪念碑的结构与已发现的任何古代遗迹都不同The study, by Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and Christopher Tuttle, executive director of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, describes the find as "hiding in plain sight".伯明翰亚拉巴马州立大学的Sarah Parcak与美国海外研究中心理事会的执行理事Christopher Tuttle在研究中把这次发现描述为“藏在眼皮地下” Petra dates back to the fourth century , when it was founded by the Nabataean civilization, who inhabited parts of what is now Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.佩特拉古城的历史可以追溯到公元前世纪,由纳巴泰文明建造,其居住地位于现约旦、伊拉克、叙利亚和黎巴嫩的部分地区Surface pottery suggests the platm was built in the mid-second century , when Petra was at its peak.地表发现的陶器表明平台建造于公元前世纪中期,佩特拉古城的鼎盛时期It is thought the structure may have had a ceremonial purpose.从该遗迹构造来看,该纪念碑可能具有仪式性功能The survey also revealed a smaller platm was contained inside the larger one, which was once lined with columns on one side with a vast staircase on the other.调查还表明一个较小的展台被包含在外侧更大的展台中,其中一侧是柱子,另一侧有巨大的楼梯Mr Tuttle told National Geographic that someone in decades of excavation "had to know" the structure was there yet it had not been written up.Mr Tuttle告诉国家地理的记者他相信在对佩特拉古城的两个世纪的研究过程中,一定有人知道这座遗迹的存在,只是没有进行过系统性研究或详细记载"I’ve worked in Petra years, and I knew that something was there, but it’s certainly legitimate to call this a discovery."“我已经在佩特拉古城研究了年,我知道古城中一定存在许多古老的遗迹,但这个遗迹完全称得上是一项发现”Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Petra each year, although numbers have been hit by the conflict against so-called Islamic State.尽管受到对所谓伊斯兰国家的抵触的冲击,每年仍有成千上万的游客前往佩特拉古城The site is best-known the Treasury Building, which is carved from sandstone and featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.神殿,从当地的红砂岩中雕凿出来的标志性建筑广为人知,还出现在了电影夺宝奇兵之圣战骑兵中

个离奇的英语怪词,你造么? -- :: 来源:chinadaily English is a crazy language. 英语里有许多非常好玩的单词它们的词意和表明上看起来的完全没有关系都有哪些个怪词,让我们赶快来瞧一瞧 There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger, neither apple nor pine in pineapple 鸡蛋和茄子没什么血缘关系:苹果和凤梨的长相差距很大 English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France 英式松饼的家乡不是英国;炸土豆条的发源地也不是法国 Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbs, which aren't sweet, are meat 蜜饯 (sweetmeats) 不是肉,是甜的;杂碎 (sweetbs) 是肉,不是甜的 We find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square and aguinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig 流沙其实流得很慢;拳击台是方形的;实验用的小豚鼠的老家不是几内亚,长相和猪属于两种型 If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarianeat? 素食主义者吃蔬菜,人道主义者吃人(human)? How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and wise guy are opposites? 胖瘦截然相反,可后面跟着chance就都变成“机会渺茫”了;聪明人(wise man)改一个词,就沦落为自作聪明的人(wise guy) How can overlook and oversee be opposites, while quite a lot and quite a few are alike? Look和see是近义词,但oversee监视,overlook意思怎么就是忽视呢;A lot和a few是反义词,但与quite连用,怎么都表示很多的意思呢! When the stars are out, they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible 星星出来了,我们能看到它们;灯灭了,我们就什么也看不见了 When you wind up your watch, you start it, but when you wind up an essay, you end it ! 给表上发条,表就开始走了;wind up一篇文章,哈哈,文章到此结束啦英国退欧致使伦敦金融时报指数应声暴跌% -- 19::0 来源: 英国将在下周公投,从而决定不列颠是继续留在欧盟,还是另谋出路本周二,退欧的不确定性使得恐惧在市场蔓延,投资者权衡利弊后选择了撤资,整个欧洲股市一片绿灾,伦敦金融时报指数更是应声暴跌了% The FTSE 0 in London closed down %, or 1 points, at 5,93 - the first time the index has been below the 6,000 mark since February.昨日,伦敦金融时报指数(FTSE 0)收盘于593点,下跌了1点,跌幅达到了%这是自从今年二月份以来,伦敦金融时报指数首次跌破6000点大关The Cac in Paris sank .3%, while Frankfurt shed 1.%.法国巴黎CAC0指数下跌了.3%,德国法兰克福指数缩水了1.%Jitters sent the interest rate on -year bonds issued by the German government negative the first time.紧张的情绪第一次使得德国政府消极派发行的年期债券上调了利率Recent opinion polls have suggested that there may be growing support a Brexit vote in the 3 June referendum.据最近的民调显示,可能将会有越来越多的人在6月3日的公投中,投票持英国退出欧盟"Markets are on the verge of a full-blown panic sell-off due to rising probability of Brexit," said Rabobank analysts.荷兰合作分析师指出:“由于英国退欧的可能性越来越大,目前市场正处于一个全面抛售的恐慌边缘”PVM Oil Associates analyst Tamas Varga said: "Safe havens are back in fashion. The thought process is that if the UK leaves the EU, then the EU might slip back into recession."PVM石油合作组织分析师瓦尔加说道:“现在人们又开始寻求避险港了人们的想法是,一旦英国退出欧盟,欧盟可能会陷入经济衰退”Markets were aly jittery over the health of the global economy and worries over when the US may start raising interest rates.由于对全球经济健康性以及美国加息的担忧,目前全球市场非常紧张A new survey from Bank of America Merrill Lynch showed fund managers were holding more cash than at any time since 01 and have reduced the number of shares they own to four-year lows. "Globally, sentiment remains weak," the survey said.据一份来自美国美林券的调查显示,目前基金经理人所持有的现金要比01年以来的任何时候都要多,他们所持有的股票数量缩减到了年以来的最低点这份调查说道:“整个全球市场的行情都不好”Returns on -year UK government bonds fell by a significant amount - 0. percentage points - to a record low of 1.6%, while -year and 30-year "gilts" also dropped to record lows.英国政府年期债券的收益率下降明显,大约0.个百分点,创纪录地跌破了1.6%而且年期和30年期的“金边债券”的收益率也跌破了历史低点The decline in yields, or returns, government bonds reflects strong demand from investors a safe place to park their money.政府债券收益率的下降意味着投资者对这种更安全的理财方式有很大的需求,他们需要更加妥善的安置他们的财富In the case of Germany, the yield fell as low as minus 0.% - meaning investors were prepared to pay, rather than be paid, to own "Bunds".而在德国,债券收益率只下降了0.个百分点这意味着投资者们愿意为持有“国债”而付款,而不是被付款Luke Hickmore, co-manager of Aberdeen Asset Management’s Strategic Bond Fund, said that Bund yields could fall as low as minus 0.1%: "This is just investors getting, very, very, very nervous about the way this [Brexit] vote is going to go."据安本资产策略债券基金联合经理卢克·海克默表示,国债收益率最低有可能会降低至0.1%:“这一切的起因仅仅是因为投资者们对即将举行的英国退欧公投感到非常、非常、非常的担心”Ulrich Kater, economist at DeKaBank, said the uncertainty about a possible Brexit was driving investors to the safe haven of German bonds. "The drop in yields below the zero mark once again shows the immense challenges currently facing global financial markets," he added.据德卡经济学家乌尔里奇·凯特表示,英国退欧的不确定性驱使投资者们寻求一个安全的避风港,而德国债券成为了他们良好的选择他说道:“债券收益率跌至零线以下意义重大,这意味着目前国际金融市场仍然面临着巨大的挑战”LBBW analyst Werner Bader added: "Fears that Britain will quit the EU has killed off any willingness to take risks."德国巴登·符滕堡分析师沃纳·巴德说道:“由于对英国退欧感到恐惧,没有投资者愿意冒险”The yield on Japan’s -year government bond, which has been in negative territory some time, fell to a new low of minus 0.5%.一直形势不好的日本政府年期债券更加低靡,收益率创下新低,跌到了0.5%Sterling fell 1.1% against the dollar to .1 as opinion polls showed mounting support Brexit ahead of next week’s EU referendum.由于民调显示越来越多的人将在下周的公投中持退出欧盟英镑对美元汇率应声下跌,目前汇率为1英镑兑1.1美元Investors are betting sterling will fall, regardless of the outcome of the 3 June vote, with millions placed in the derivatives market, where traders can speculate in the future price of currencies.无论6月3日的公投结果如何,投资者们都深信英镑将会下跌金融衍生品市场行情火爆,投资者们希望借助英镑预期下跌的行情来大赚一笔James Ruddiman, director at currency broker Audere Solutions, said: "Expect some wild swings in the coming days, with .0 the next level to watch. I would expect greater degree of panic if the ’leave’ margin widens in the coming days."货币经济公司Audere Solutions的董事詹姆斯·拉蒂曼表示:“在未来几天市场将会有较大的波动,英镑-美元汇率可能将会跌至1.0据我估计,在未来几天如果赞成退出欧盟的人越来越多的话,市场将会产生更大的恐慌”Since the start of the year sterling is slightly down against the US dollar from its high of .7.从今年年初开始,英镑兑美元汇率就一直在缓慢下跌,从1.7的高点一路下滑Luke Ellis, president of Man Group, the world’s largest listed hedge fund, told B Radio ’s Today programme that most of the activity was by companies looking to protect themselves against a fall in the pound.英仕曼是全球最大的对冲基金,其总裁卢克·埃利斯对英国广播电台套的“近日”栏目说道,目前市场上的大部分交易都是由公司在进行,他们希望保护自己,以免在英镑贬值的过程中受损Few traders were prepared to call the outcome of the referendum, he added.他补充说道,少有交易者已经准备好应对这场公投的结果了色情还是艺术?云南大理闹市区情侣拍裸照引争议 警方介入调查 -- ::30 来源: 最近,一对年轻情侣在云南大理拍摄的一系列大尺度裸照在网络上广为流传并引起广泛争议针对此事件,大理警方已介入调查 Police in southwestern China are investigating a series of photos of a young couple posing nude in the streets that have gone viral online.最近,一对年轻情侣在云南大理拍摄的一系列大尺度裸照在网络上广为流传并引起广泛争议针对此事件,大理警方已介入调查The photos, taken at night at various locations in Yunnan province’s tourist city of Dali, depict the pair either completely naked or half-dressed, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报报道,这些照片基本都是当事人在夜深人静之时辗转云南省大理街头的各个地点拍摄的图片中两人要么全裸要么半裸,尺度之大令人咋舌Posted on microblogging platm weibo early on Monday morning, the pictures – taken in front of a secondary school, a bar, a youth hotel and at a crossroad – went viral almost immediately.照片的拍摄地包括大理第四中学、一家音乐酒吧门口、春夏秋冬青年旅舍外以及一个十字路段周一早晨,当事人将这些照片通过新浪微发到网上,立即在网络上疯狂流传They were later deleted after strong criticism over their pornographic nature, the newspaper said.据报道,这些照片因涉嫌色情低俗等内容引来了许多网友强烈的抗议与批评,后来主就将这些图片删除了Many internet users said the nude photos brought shame to the city, especially that taken in front of the school.许多网友认为这些全裸的图片给大理这座城市带来了耻辱,尤其是在学校前拍这种照片,实在有伤风化Others, though, saw them merely as personal expressions of art and called greater tolerance from the public.还有一些网友认为这些图片只不过是个人表达和诠释艺术的一种方式,并请求公众给予他们宽容和空间The pictures were taken at night and did not feature any onlookers, suggesting that their photo-taking had not caused any disturbance to others, they said.上述网友认为,这些图片都是当事人在夜深人静的时候拍摄的,当时没有其他人围观,意味着他们的行为并没有对他人造成任何麻烦或困扰The controversy prompted Dali police to open an investigation to trace the source of the photos, the authorities said on weibo on Monday.周一,警方通过官表示,大理市警方已经开始着手调查这些颇具争议照片的真正来源The weibo user who posted the photos has since deleted most of his posts and changed his location from Chengdu, Sichuan province, to Beijing.自该事件发生之后,该主已删除了自己大部分的微内容同时,该主的所在地也进行了更改,由成都更改为了北京

国外超市立牌子禁止敲西瓜 中国网友炸了锅 --3 19:30:9 来源: 一家意大利超市立起牌子上面写着:“尊敬的顾客,请您不要再敲西瓜了,它们是真的不会回应的!” The humble watermelon. The epitome of summer. But how do you know if it’s perfectly ripe? Well, one theory is that if you knock hard on the outside, the sound you hear will help determine if it’s y to eat.普普通通的西瓜,是夏天的标志但是怎样才能知道西瓜是否熟透呢?有一个办法:敲一下西瓜,你能根据声音判断西瓜是否熟了That theory lead to a huge online debate in China about what kind of people engaged in the art of ’watermelon knocking’?这种办法在中国网上引起了热烈的讨论,哪里的人才懂得“敲西瓜”的技巧?The discussion, which thousands of people contributed to on the Chinese micro blogging site Sina Weibo, was kicked off by an obscure event thousands of miles away in Italy.远隔万里的意大利发生了一件令人费解的事件,引起了成千上万中国人在新浪微上的讨论It all began when a Chinese social media user posted the picture below of a sign in an Italian supermarket asking customers not to knock on the watermelons. The sign was stuck in a crate full of watermelons which : "please stop knocking on the watermelons, they will not respond to it!"事情的起因是一位中国网友在网上发了一张照片,一家意大利超市立起牌子,要求顾客不要再敲西瓜了牌子插在装满西瓜的板条箱里,上面写着:“尊敬的顾客,请您不要再敲西瓜了,它们是真的不会回应的!”There is no indication that the supermarket was targeting this message at customers with Chinese heritage. The sign was in Italian not Mandarin. But somehow it was taken as an attack on a practice which some Chinese observers regarded as being unique to their national customs.没有据表明这家超市针对的是中国顾客,牌子上写的是意大利语,不是中文但是,一些中国人莫名其妙地将其视为对中国独一无二的传统风俗的攻击According to What’s On Weibo, the photo was widely shared after Chinese media outlets reported that the notice was aimed directly at Chinese customers. But some social media users were quick to establish that the art of knocking watermelons is not exclusive to China and is in fact universal. The viral photo was originally posted by a user on Weibo who calls himself ’Isolated Guardian’. He is allegedly a Chinese man living in Milan. The photo has since been removed from his page.据What’s On Weibo称,一些中国媒体认为牌子上的警告是针对中国顾客,之后这张照片在网上被频频转发但是一些网友很快表示,并不只是中国人敲西瓜,很多其他国家也使用这个小技巧这张广为传播的照片最初是由一名微账号为“孤岛守护者“的网友发布的据称,他是一位生活在米兰的中国人,已经将照片从微上删除The topic of watermelons is another example of how some people in China are concerned about how they are perceived around the world. Recently, China’s eign ministry denied reports that Chinese food companies were canning human flesh and selling it in Africa as corned beef. The K Zambian tabloid ACHEPA has since issued an apology. Chinese tourists were also under fire from a model in Thailand who accused them of stepping on her feet and pushing their way to the front of the line. She also blamed them dirty airport toilets.一些中国人非常在乎外国人如何看待自己,敲西瓜事件只是其中一个例子最近,中国外交部否认了中国食品公司用人肉制成罐头牛肉并出口到非洲的报道赞比亚当地小报ACHEPA为此表示歉意一位泰国模特批判中国游客踩着她的脚随意插队,并斥责中国游客将机场的厕所弄脏Chinese social media users are keen to address and restore their reputation online. Online users are keen to show they know better, especially on the subject of watermelons.中国网友希望在网上重塑形象,也希望展现出他们懂得更多,尤其是在敲西瓜这件事儿上英国辛德勒:二战中救出700名儿童 获捷克最高荣誉 --31 :00: 来源: Sir Nicholas Winton, a British man who saved 669 children from the Nazis, was awarded the highest civilian honour in the Czech Republic on Tuesday.  尼古拉斯·温顿爵士是一位英国人,他曾从纳粹手里救出669名犹太儿童他在本周二被捷克共和国授予了最高的平民荣誉  Winton, now 1, was presented with the Order of the White Lion by the Czech president in a special ceremony at Prague Castle.  在布拉格城堡的特殊典礼上,1岁高龄的温顿被捷克总统颁发了最高荣誉奖章——白狮勋章  Winton, who has often been nicknamed “the British Schindler”, organised the transportation and settlement of 669 children over nine months bee the second world war broke out in September 1939. Most of those he saved were Jewish children living in then-German-occupied Czechoslovakia whose families were later imprisoned or murdered in concentration camps.  温顿常被人称为“英国辛德勒”在1939年九月爆发的第二次世界大战之前的九个多月里,他为669名犹太儿童安排了运输工具和栖息之所他所救的大部分是犹太人的小孩,他们住在被德军占领的捷克斯洛伐克这些孩子的家人之后都在集中营里被囚禁或被杀害  Winton gave a speech during the ceremony. He said: “I want to thank you all this enormous expression of thanks something which happened to me a heck of a long time ago. I am delighted that so many of the children are still about and are here to thank me.  温顿在典礼上发表了一番演讲他说:“我想感谢你们所有人,感谢那些发生在我身上的陈旧往事我很高兴能有那么多的孩子仍旧好好地来这儿感谢我“  “England was the only country at that time willing to accept unaccompanied minors. I thank the British people making room to accept them, and of course the enormous help given by so many of the Czechs who were at that time doing what they could to fight the Germans and to try to get the children out.”  “英国在那时候是唯一愿意接受孤儿的国家我很感谢英国人民能够腾出地方来接纳他们,当然,被给予如此大的帮助的捷克人民那时也正不断努力抵抗德国人,他们也试着救出他们的孩子们”  In the same ceremony, the Order of the White Lion was also bestowed on Sir Winston Churchill, given in memoriam to his grandson Nicholas Soames. They are the only British citizens to receive the award, after Margaret Thatcher and the Queen. Presenting the award, the Czech President, Milos Zeman said: “It is a great pleasure to confer this award upon two great personalities of the UK. I am only ashamed it has been awarded so late – but better late than never. Congratulations Sir Winton. This is our highest honour; we cannot do one higher.”  在这个典礼上,为了纪念温斯顿·丘吉尔,还将白狮勋章授予了丘吉尔并由他的孙子尼库拉斯·索米斯代领丘吉尔和温顿是继英国前首相撒切尔夫人和英国女王之后唯二位被授予该勋章的英国人捷克总统米洛什·泽曼在颁奖的时候说:“能将这个奖颁给这两位英国伟人是多么荣幸啊我为奖章颁发的如此之晚而感到羞愧——但是亡羊补牢恭喜你,温顿阁下这是我们最高的荣誉,没有比它更高的了  The ceremony was attended by many of the people that Winton saved, as well as schoolchildren from the Basic School of Sir Nicholas Winton, named after him, in Kunzak, Czech Republic.  在典礼上来了许多温顿对他们有过救命之恩的人,还有来自在捷克共和国以尼库拉斯·温顿爵士命名的小学的学生们  Winton and his family were flown out on a special plane courtesy of the Czech government so that he could be taken to receive the award and return back the same day his normal bedtime.  为了让他得到正常休息,温顿和他的家人乘坐捷克政府提供的专机来捷克接受勋章,并在同一天回到英国中外最强毒舌: 该不该买苹果Apple Watch? -- :58: 来源:   中外网友站起来,一起来喷苹果表(Apple Watch)!  槽点一:它特么不防水!  @chris not even water proof. Water resistant won't even stand up to a trip to the shower and holds no guarantees at all. Here we are in and we cant even see a water proof smart watch..........  不防水啊喂!洗澡不能戴啊喂!完全无保障啊喂!我们是在年啊居然没有防水智能表啊卧槽!  PS: Sony has the smart watch 3 which is built with stainless steel and is completely waterproof.  追加:索尼智能表三代不锈钢制,防水无压力  @张帅jeremy 不防水增加了变马赛克机率,洗手粗犷和洗澡不爱摘饰品的盆友切记,古巨基们慎带  小编总结:虽然后来官方追加1米水深30分钟无压力,但是土豪们还是要小心,别泡个澡万没了  槽点二: 18小时电量  @Zantorb 18 hour battery life...? So if you wear it all day then you have to charge it every evening....  18小时电量?所以你戴一整天然后每晚TM还要充电?!  @Dunedin LG watch can last up to 3 days if used as a watch, if used checking messages and a hands free device, and a single day if treated like a new toy.  LG表当普通表用待机3天,如果查收信息做免提设备待机天,当新玩具耍待机1天  @汪云青-1975 电动车不能出城,苹果Watch不能过夜  @木木傑L-ing:-186,一天睡不够6小时都不好意思戴表——bill gates  小编总结:以后上班上学迟到了,你们可以这样解释——对不起,我的苹果表没电了……所以记得,以后要把充电宝绑在身上,随关表随充电  槽点三:万8一只表?!人傻钱多带你装X带你飞  @Cykosis Sorry fools are soon to be parted with their money  傻蛋们,你们马上要和钞票生死别离了!  @John Elliot Smith a 'Karat'? Is that like 'krap'?  小编注解:Karat作为黄金(钻石)的重量单位,krap(正确拼法为crap)意为扯蛋,废物……nice双关,get?  @预售小易:卖肾已经不够用了,这次真的要卖身才行么  @ALi_CC君:以后去饭店吃饭买单,边伸手边跟务员说"你扫我这块表"……  小编总结:以后上馆子就能看到门口招牌写着“扫表享受8折优惠”!快来扫表(biao)啊扫啊扫!所以买完苹果表后我的心情一定是这样的——   名人也来参一脚:   演员安娜·肯德里克:感谢1万美金苹果表成功为我们开启新一代黄金“鉴biao"功能!  最后英语君借用“我们一直追求完美,但是没有什么是十全十美的."送上一首打油诗:  我们只想开发好表 结果研发越来越biao  我们一直追求完美 结果却是越来越水

迪士尼动画电影《海底总动员:多莉去哪儿蝉联票房冠军 --01 :51: 来源: 迪士尼动画电影《海底总动员:多莉去哪儿在周末票房中再次位居榜首,这也是年以来迪士尼第十二次领跑票房 "Finding Dory" adds another No. 1 at the weekend box office Disney, it’s the impressive twelfth winning Disney out of 6 weeks into .迪士尼动画电影《海底总动员:多莉去哪儿在周末票房中再次位居榜首,这也是年以来迪士尼第十二次领跑票房"Finding Dory" easily topped the combined revenue of all four new wide opening films including the debut of "Independence Day: Resurgence" to remain the box office champ at the North American movie theaters this weekend.《多莉去哪儿轻轻松松超过包括《独立日:卷土重来在内新上映的四部影片的总票房收益,在本周北美各大电影院中依然稳坐票房冠军的宝座The Disney animated feature was on track 73. million U.S. dollars in sales this weekend in North America, only a 5.8 percent drop from the film’s record breaking opening weekend, according to box office tracker comScore estimates. This marks the largest second weekend an animated film in America.据票房纪录机构康姆斯科公司统计,本周迪士尼制作的动画电影势头依然强劲,在北美各大电影院的累计收入达到73美元,相比电影首映周末创下的记录只下降了5.8%,同时创造了北美动画电影史上上映第二周的最佳票房纪录Add in the box office receipts from the prior seven days, "Finding Dory" has now grossed over 6 million dollars in North America and nearly 00 million dollars worldwide.如果将首映周的票房收入算在内,《多莉去哪儿目前在北美的票房收入已达.86亿美元,全球票房收入累计可达亿美元Fox’s "Independence Day: Resurgence," which carries a reported budget of 5 million dollars and opened with an estimated 1.6 million dollars.福克斯出品的电影《独立日:卷土重来作为成本1.65亿美元的野心大作,首周票房却预计在0万美元左右First-night moviegoers gave the film a so-so "B" rating on CinemaScore, which indicates the film may have difficulty to grossed over 0 million dollars in North America in future. The film also received a poor 33 percent of recommending rate from critics on RottenTomatoes.首映观众在影视评分中仅仅给予了这部电影B等级(即一般)的评价,这从一定程度上反应了这部电影可能很难在未来北美票房中超过一亿美元的大关同时,该影片在烂番茄影评网上的推荐指数也仅有33%"Independence Day: Resurgence" played to an audience that was 58 percent male vs percent female, with 6 percent of audience over the age of 5.《独立日:卷土重来的观影群体有将近58%是男性,剩余%是女性观众,约有6%的观众年龄在5岁以上"Central Intelligence" is in third place with an estimated sell of 18. million dollars in tickets in its second weekend of showings. It has grossed over 69 million dollars in ten days of releasing.电影《乌龙特工凭借第二个上映周180万美元的票房收入位列第三名,上映十天后的累计票房收入达到6900万Two movies debuted in the fourth and fifth positions, Sony’s shark thriller "The Shallows" at .7 million dollars and STX’s "Free State Of Jones" at 7.8 million dollars.此外,索尼影业出品的恐怖片《绝鲨岛和美国STX出品的《琼斯的自由国度分别凭借70万美元和780万美元的票房位列第四五位Rounding out the most-popular movies this week were "The Conjuring " (7.7 million dollars), "Now You See Me " (5.7 million), "X-Men: Apocalypse" (.5 million), "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadows" (. million) and "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (.1 million).本周最受欢迎的十部电影榜单中,《招魂(票房770万美元),《惊天魔盗团(票房570万美元),《X战警:天启(票房50万美元),《忍者神龟:冲出黑暗(票房0万美元)以及《爱丽丝镜中奇遇记(万美元)等电影也在榜单之列杭州将发公共自行车“外宾租赁卡”:参加G峰会外宾专供 --1 ::5 来源: 在即将举行的G杭州峰会期间,杭州公共自行车将出台或完善更多国际化务提升措施,向外国友人展示杭州公共自行车的独特魅力该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席 Hangzhou, the host city of this year’s G summit, is preparing to offer bilingual bicycle rental services eigners visiting the provincial capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang province.作为今年G峰会的主办城市,中国东部浙江省省会杭州市计划在峰会期间为外宾提供公共自行车双语租赁务The rentals will be facilitated through specially-made bilingual cards, to be delivered to eign guests attending the summit in September. The cards will allow eigners to more easily take advantage of Hangzhou’s bicycle rental system, which reportedly ranked among the world’s top of such systems, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,为了方便租赁务,杭州市特别定制了 “外宾租赁卡”,在9月峰会期间提供给外宾使用这种定制卡能为外宾使用公共自行车租赁务带来便利杭州的公共自行车务位居全球公共自行车务最佳榜单According to the report in thepaper.cn, Hangzhou was rated by the B as one of the world’s eight best cities with bicycle rental services in . In , the city’s bicycle rental service was championed as the world’s best in USA Today.澎湃新闻称,年,杭州被英国广播公司评为8个“全球公共自行车务最佳城市”之一年,杭州在《今日美国评选的全球最好的公共自行车务中高居榜首Some 370 bicycle rental booths around the city will be equipped with bilingual signs and auditory broadcasts. The rental hotline will also provide English service.该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席The city’s bicycle rental service, originally launched in May , offers free use the first hour. Between the first and second hours, the rental fee is 1 yuan per hour, and it increases to yuan the third hour. After that, the fee stays at 3 yuan per hour.杭州的“公共自行车交通务系统”自年5月起运营,租车1小时内免费,1~小时1元,~3小时元,3小时以上,每小时3元As of May, the total number of bicycles available rent topped 8,000, and another ,000 new bicycles will be put into use bee September. Average daily rentals exceeded 3,000 in , thepaper.cn reported.截至今年5月,运营的公共自行车达8.万辆今年9月前,还会有1万辆新自行车投入使用据澎湃新闻报道,去年公共自行车的日均租用人次超过31万G is the most representative grouping of the world’s major economies. China holds the G presidency this year, and 66 G conferences will be held in Chinese cities, with Hangzhou as the primary host, Xinhua News Agency reported.国集团由全球一些重要的经济体组成今年由中国接任主席国,全年将在中国个城市举办66场会议,杭州是主会场,据新华社报道耶路撒冷同性恋骄傲游行袭击者被判终身监禁 --7 19:1:57 来源: 随着时代的进步,社会对同性恋越来越理解和包容,但在宗教文化保守的国家,仍然存在对同性恋的歧视,甚至敌视,在一场狂欢展现自我的大游行上,血案发生,花季少女殒命 A Jerusalem court on Sunday sentenced a radical ultra-rthodox Israeli Jew who fatally stabbed a teenage girl at a gay pride parade last year to life in prison plus 31 years.耶路撒冷法院周日判决了一名极端正统的以色列犹太人无期徒刑外加31年监禁,该犹太人去年刺死了一名参加同性恋骄傲游行的少女Jerusalem’s District Court had aly convicted Yishai Schlissel the murder of -year-old Shira Banki and the attempted murder of seven others.耶路撒冷地区法院宣布耶西·施利赛尔谋杀岁希拉·班克以及其他7人的谋杀未遂罪名成立Schlissel had been freed from prison just weeks bee the July 30 parade, after serving a sentence stabbing several people at the city’s pride parade in .这起游行刺杀案件发生于7月30日,而仅仅在这几周前,施利赛尔才刑满出狱入狱原因是年时,施利赛尔同样在耶路撒冷的同性恋骄傲游行上刺伤数人In their rulings, the judges noted that Schlissel had shown no remorse his actions.法官们表示这样的判决是因为施利赛尔对于自己的行为毫无悔意We have bee us a man who doesn’t see a fellow human bee his eyes. A cruel, dangerous and heartless man, they wrote. "This dangerous man cannot be allowed to walk any longer on the streets of Jerusalem, or anywhere else."“站在我们面前的这个人,没有把其他人当作和自己一样有血有肉的人类他残忍、危险而且冷酷”,法官们写到,“这样危险的一个人不能继续出现在耶路撒冷的街头巷尾,或者其他任何地方”Jerusalem, known its rich religious history and tradition, holds a modest gay pride parade annually in contrast to the large parade in the nearby liberal city of Tel Aviv, which this year drew more than 0,000 people and held a minute of silence to honor Banki.耶路撒冷因其源远流长的宗教历史和传统而闻名于世这里每年都会举办一场适中的同性恋骄傲游行,相对于文化较开明的临近城市特拉维夫,这里的同性恋游行规模相对较小今年多万人参加了游行,并全体默哀一分钟,纪念班克After his release from prison serving out his term the attack, Schlissel had angrily spoken out against the parade.施利赛尔在年的刺伤案刑期满出狱后,曾生气地表示抗议同性恋游行The parade was underway as planned, with party music, Israeli flags and rainbow-clad marchers wending their way through central Jerusalem, when the attacker lunged into the march, stabbing eight people with a long-bladed knife bee being apprehended by police.年的同性恋游行还是计划举行了,伴随着狂欢音乐,游行队伍一边挥舞着以色列国旗,一边擎着着巨型虹旗,蜿蜒地穿过耶路撒冷中部时,施利赛尔冲进了人群中,用一把刀刃很长的匕首刺伤了8人,之后被警方逮捕A majority of Jerusalem’s residents are observant Jews, Muslims or Christians, conservative commies whose members mostly frown on homosexuality. But violent attacks on gay people are rare.耶路撒冷大部分居民是严格遵守教义的犹太人、穆斯林、基督徒或者大多对同性恋持反对态度的保守社团成员然而,对同性恋者的袭击确是不常有的Previous parades in the holy city have drawn opposition and threats.这座圣城之前的几次同性恋游行也曾遭遇反对和威胁

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