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乐宁外教口语天天练No.22Because I'm on a budget,I cook for myselfinstead of eating at restaurants.On a budget 意指trying not to spend a lot of moneyBecause I'm on a budget,I cook for myselfinstead of eating at restaurants.译文:我在节省开,所以自己下厨做饭,不上馆子。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200609/9422长春第二医院评价二道区保胎哪家医院最好的网络社交英语口语 39:他很有诗意SCENE③ C 当天晚上,下课后 柔丝家Rose: His passion for computers is just like my passion for music.柔丝: 他对电脑的热情就跟我对音乐一样。 Sue: Two 1) passionate people... sounds like an interesting piano class...苏: 两个热情的人……这个钢琴课听来真有趣…… Rose: He 2) lights up when he talks about computers. And he's 3) poetic...柔丝: 谈到电脑的时候,他整个人都亮了起来,而且他很有诗意…… Sue: About computers? Is that possible?苏: 对电脑?可能吗? Rose: 4) Amazingly enough... And he sent me music...柔丝: 够惊人吧……他还寄音乐给我…… Sue: Tapes? CDs? What kind of music?苏: 录音带吗?CD吗?哪种音乐? Rose: Music he composed in college. He 5) sent it by e-mail.柔丝: 是他大学时作的曲子,他用电子邮件寄来的。 Sue: Now this is 6) something to write home about!苏: 终于有可以告诉家里的大事发生了!语言详解 A: Sally is always at work. 莎莉总是在工作。 B: That's because she passionately loves what she's doing. 那是因为她对自己做的事充满热爱。 【Amazingly enough. 真是惊人,真了不起(令人不敢相信)】 你可以用这个句子表示惊叹,使用的时机跟It's amazing!一样。 A: Amazingly enough, I passed the test without studying! 有够吓人,我没有念书就通过那个考试了!B: What did you eat for lunch that day? 你那天中午吃了什么这么厉害? A: Is Judd here? 贾德来了吗?B: Yes. Amazingly enough, he got here on time. 来了。真了不起,他准时到了。 1) passionate (a.) 热情的,多情的2) light up 精神百倍3) poetic (a.) 富诗意的4) amazingly (adv.) 惊人地5) send...by... 通过……寄送(某种东西)6) something to write home about 应该写信通知家里的事,比喻重大事件。 /200708/16779This week, I traveled to Chicago to deliver my final farewell address to the nation, following in the tradition of Presidents before me.本周,我去芝加哥向全国人民发表了我的告别演讲,继续着我之前总统们的传统。It was an opportunity to say thank you.这是个说声谢谢你们的机会。Whether weve seen eye-to-eye or rarely agreed at all, my conversations with you, the American people - in living rooms and schools;不管我们观点一致或者几乎没有任何相同的观点,我和你们,美国人民的对话--在客厅里或是在学校里;at farms and on factory floors; at diners and on distant military outposts在田间地头或是在工厂的车间;在路边饭馆或是在遥远的军事哨所All these conversations are what have kept me honest, kept me inspired, and kept me going.所有这些对话,都让我正直,让我受到鼓舞,让我继续前行。Every day, I learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man.每一天,我都能从你们身上学到东西。你们让我成为更好的总统,也让我成为更棒的人。Over the course of these eight years, I have seen the goodness, the resilience, and the hope of the American people.在这八年里,我见到了美国人民的友善,坚韧和期望。Ive seen neighbors looking out for each other as we rescued our economy from the worst crisis of our lifetimes.在我们从生命中最严重的危机中拯救经济时,我见到了彼此照顾的邻里关系。Ive hugged cancer survivors who finally know the security of affordable health care.我曾拥抱癌症的幸存者,他们最终收获了平价医疗保险带来的安全感。Ive seen communities like Joplin rebuild from disaster, and cities like Boston show the world that no terrorist will ever break the American spirit.我曾见到像乔普林这样从灾难中重建的社区,还有像波士顿这样的城市向全世界明着:恐怖分子将永远不会挫败美利坚精神。201701/488772长春妇科医院哪家好

榆树市做无痛人流医院长春哪家医院人流做的好I will not be thinking about a policy I promoted.我不会去回忆我推行过哪些政策.I will not be thinking about the speech I gave.我不会去回忆我进行过什么演讲.I will not be thinking the Nobel prize I received.我不会去回忆我获得过诺贝尔奖.I will be thinking about that walk I took with my daughters.相反 我会回忆同女儿一起散步的时光.Ill be thinking about a lazy afternoon with my wife.我会回忆同妻子共度的慵懒午后.Ill be thinking about sitting around the dinner table and.我会回忆一家人坐在餐桌周围.Seeing them happy and healthy and knowing that they were loved.大家快乐 健康 家中充满了浓浓爱意.And I!ll be thinking about whether I did right by all of them.我会去想 我有没有正确对待家人.So be a good role model, set a good example for that young brother coming up.当一个好的榜样 为我们的后辈树立一个好榜样.If you know somebody whos not on point, go back and bring that brother along.如果你看到某人失足了 回过头拉那位兄弟一把.Those whove been left behind, who havent had the same opportunities we have.那些落后的人 那些没有我们这样机会的人.They need to hear from you.他们需要以你为参照.Youve got to be engaged.你需要做好榜样.On the barbershops, on the basketball court, at church.不管是在理发店 篮球场 还是在教堂.Spend time and energy and presence to give people opportunities and a chance.花时间和精力 为其他人提供机会.Pull them up, expose them, support their dreams.拉他们一把 发现他们 持他们的梦想.Dont put them down.不要打压他们.Weve got to teach them just like what we have to learn.我们应该教他们 我们所学到的这些.What it means to be a man.做一个男人意味着什么.To serve your city like Maynard Jackson.像梅纳德.杰克逊一样务于城市.To shape the culture like spike lee.像斯派克.李一样影响文化.To be like Chester davenport.像切斯特.达文波特.One of the first people to integrate the university of Georgia law school.是佐治亚大学法学院种族隔离后的第一批黑人.When he got there, nobody would sit next to him in class.他到那里时 没人愿意上课坐他旁边.But Chester didnt mind.但切斯特并不介意.201605/443087长春协和医院四维彩超怎么样A family of folks who didnt quit because she saw her dad get up and go to work every day even though he never finished college. 一个不轻易退却的家庭因为她看到她的父亲每天一大早起来去上班尽管他从未念完大学Even though he had crippling MS She saw her mother, even though she never finished college in that school, that urban school. 尽管他患有影响行动的多发性硬化症她看到 尽管她的母亲从未念完大学但在那个学校 那个贫民区的学校Every day making sure Michelle and her brother were getting the education they deserved Michelle saw how her parents never quit. 她每天都确保米歇尔和她的哥哥受到他们应该得到的教育米歇尔看到她的父母从不放弃They never indulged in self-pity no matter how stacked the odds were against them They didnt quit. 他们从不沉溺于自怜不管他们面临多么不利的境况他们从不放弃Those are the folks who inspire me People ask me sometimes who inspires you, Mr. President?. 正是这些人激励着我人们有时问我总统先生 是谁激励着你Those quiet heroes all across this country some of your parents and grandparents who are sitting here no fanfare, no articles written about them. 是这个国家各地那些默默耕耘的英雄今天在座的你们一些人的父母和祖父母他们不张扬 没有文章报道他们They just persevere They just do their jobs They meet their responsibilities.They dont quit. 他们只是坚持不懈他们只是做好本职工作他们履行自己的责任 他们不放弃Im only here because of them They may not have set out to change the world but in small, important ways, they did. 正是因为有他们我才站到这里他们或许并没有从一开始就要改变世界但他们以一点一滴的重要方式 改变了世界They certainly changed mine So whether its starting a business or running for office, or raising an amazing family. 他们无疑改变了我的世界因此 无论是创办一家企业竞选公职 还是抚养一个美好的家庭Remember that making your mark on the world is hard It takes patience. It takes commitment. 请记住 要在这个世界上留下你的影响不是一件轻而易举的事情它需要耐心 它需要投入It comes with plenty of setbacks and it comes with plenty of failures But whenever you feel that creeping cynicism whenever you hear those voices say you cant make a difference. 随之而来的是大量挫折 以及无数次的失败但每当你感觉到那种迎面扑来的冷嘲热讽每当你听到人们说你无法改变现状201610/467405长春医大三院周日上班吗

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