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The U.S. government is telling parents to not rely too heavily on rice cereal as a food staple for babies because it is a leading cause of arsenic exposure for infants. 美国政府告诉父母不要过分依赖米糊作为婴儿的主食,因为这是婴儿砷接触的主要原因。The Food and Drug Administration said in a news release that it is working to reduce the levels of inorganic arsenic in rice cereal for babies because of the concerns. 食品和药品在新闻稿中表示,正在努力降低婴儿米糊中的无机砷含量。FDA officials are requiring rice cereal to contain no more than 100 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic. 美国食品药品官员要求大米谷物中无机砷含量每10亿不超过100个单位。But, the agency also encouraged parents to not feed their kids too much cereal. 但是,该机构还鼓励家长不要给孩子喂过多的谷物。Exposure to inorganic arsenic can lead to developmental issues for children, such as decreased performance on developmental tests. 接触无机砷可导致儿童发育问题,如发育测试性能下降。The FDA says the risk also applies to pregnant women.美国食品药品表示妇也有同样的风险。译文属。201604/435500Hi,everybody,hi.Im so happy,this is our first week of shows.你们好吗 我太开心了 这是节目的第一周And Im happy to be back,doing what I love doing with the people I love doing it to 很高兴能够回来 对我喜欢的人做我喜欢做的事So,thank you for letting me do what I do to you谢谢你们让我继续做我对你们做的事In case you missed our premiere show,I didnt fly my audience to Australia可能你错过了我们的首映秀 我没有把我的观众都送去澳大利亚But,thanks to Ashton Kutcher,we all got to see the land down under但是 得谢谢Ashton Kutcher 我们都见识到了下面的世界People have been asking if Ashton was actually naked,he was wearing a nude color sock有人怀疑Ashton是不是真的全裸了 好吧 其实他穿着一只肤色的袜子Unfortunately it was on his foot.thats where the sock was但不幸的是 他穿在了脚上 是的 袜子在脚上And that was not the only scary thing that happened to me on saturday但这并不是上周六发生的唯一一件吓人的事Listen to this,Im not kidding around,I got struck by lightning听我说 我可没开玩笑 我被雷击中了Well I didnt,but my house did.But still scary确切的说不是我 是我的房子 但是仍然很吓人吧I dont know if you live here in Los Angeles,any of you,but theres a warning,I was watching TV我不知道你们当中有没有人住在洛杉矶 当时有警报 我正在看电视and I heard the beeps.At first I thought wow Judge Judith swears a lot because然后就听到了哔哔声 刚开始我还在想 朱迪法官可真爱飚脏话And then it turns out the beeps were those emergency alerts后来才发现哔哔声原来是紧急警报and warning that thunderstorms were in Los Angeles and Ive only seen the emergency alert in Los Angeles only once before暴风雨要来了 在洛杉矶我只见过一次紧急警报And it was a serious emergency,It was Jamba Juice who was out of wheatgrass那可是非常严重的紧急情况 是他们在用小麦草做然巴果汁时发出的声音 /201610/471150

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of world history knows about the horrors that came out of the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe.Some six million of Europes Jews – 63% of Europes Jewish population at the time – killed in the Holocaust.Barbara Stark-Nemons debut novel, Even in Darkness, is the true story of her great-aunt Klare Kohler and her experiences living through the Holocaust.Kohler was the only one of her siblings to remain in Germany after the fall of the Nazi regime.Stark-Nemon worked with deaf and language-disabled children for 30 years in Ann Arbor as a speech and language pathologist before deciding to write her first novel.She says that she first considered writing a biography or a memoir, but felt that neither of those would have had the desired effect.;Im a er and a fiction writer, and I love a novels ability to transport us,; she says. ;I wanted the er to be in the story. And for those reasons I decided to write it as a novel.;201506/382777

Britain英国NIMBYism and the election邻避主义与选举The anti-tarmac vote柏油碎石路反对者投票The Conservatives are getting squeezed over big building projects保守党在大型建筑工程上束手无策ON first glance, the constituency of Brentford amp; Isleworth, in west London, looks like a typical Conservative Party heartland. It is full of boutique shops and cafés. The back streets are lined with pretty Victorian terraced houses.乍一看,位于西伦敦的布伦特福德和艾尔沃思选区像是典型的保守党中心地带。这里的精品店和咖啡店星罗密布。后街是一排排漂亮的维多利亚连栋房屋。Yet Mary Macleod, the Conservative incumbent, has a fight on her hands to hold the seat. This is partly down to demographics. Along with plenty of middle-class residents the seat is dotted with council estates, and is also home to large Pakistani and Indian populations who have tended to vote for the Labour Party. But one of the biggest problems for Ms Macleod is not on the ground but in the air.然而保守党人玛丽·麦克劳德要想赢得这个地区的选票还得苦战一番。这部分与人口统计有关。连同大量的中产阶级居民,该中心地带散布着地方所属地产,同时也是倾向于为工党投票的巴基斯坦人、印度人的家乡。但麦克劳德面临的最大问题不在地面上而是在空中。Each day dozens of aeroplanes fly over the constituency, which is near Heathrow airport. And depending on the outcome of the Airports Commission, which was set up by the coalition government to look into airport expansion, and which will report after the election, even more could criss-cross over the area.该选区位于希思罗机场附近,每一天都有几十架飞机掠过其上空。联合政府设立了机场委员会来调查机场扩张情况,具体情况将在选举后进行报告,根据其结果,也许会有更多的飞机在这片区域上空穿梭。Ms Macleod first won the seat in 2010 with a majority of 1,958 by campaigning heavily against airport expansion. And although Heathrow is not the only issue worrying local voters, winning the seat could still hinge on how effectively the Conservative incumbent can distinguish herself from Ruth Cadbury, the Labour candidate, who is also against a bigger airport. Ms Macleods plight points to a larger problem for the Conservatives. Too often for comfort, well-meaning plans to improve the countrys roads, airports and railways clash with the NIMBYish instincts of their core supporters.2010年,麦克劳德以强烈反对机场扩建开展竞选活动,以1958的多数票赢得了席位。尽管希思罗机场不是当地选民唯一担忧的事,但麦克劳德的当选仍取决于这位保守党人在与同样反对建设大机场的工党候选人露丝·凯德波里相比时,能多有效地提高自己的辨识度。麦克劳德的困境指出了工党存在的一个更大问题。通常为了提高舒适度、意图良好的升级城市道路、机场和铁路等计划会触动邻避主义核心持者的敏感神经。The countrys infrastructure is creaking. Sir Howard Davies, who heads the Airport Commission, estimates that Heathrow is full to capacity while Gatwick, the other option for airport expansion, will be full by 2020. According to the World Economic Forum British roads rank a lowly 30th in the world for quality, just above Chile and Sri Lanka. David Cameron, the prime minister, acknowledges the problem. The Conservative Party manifesto, launched on April 14th, commits to previous plans to splash out 15 billion ( billion) on the road network and 38 billion on the railways over the next parliament. Mr Cameron also reiterated support for HS2, a shiny new 42 billion high-speed railway from London to Manchester.英国的基础设施正在咯吱作响。领导机场委员会的霍华德·戴维斯阁下预计希思罗容量已达到饱和,而机场扩建的另一选址盖特威克将在2020年达到饱和。根据世界经济论坛数据显示,英国道路质量在世界排名低至30名,仅略高于智利和斯里兰卡。大卫·卡梅伦首相意识到了这个问题。于4月14号发表的保守党宣言承诺要坚持原有计划,花费150亿英镑(220亿美元)在道路网建设上,下一届议会将花费380亿在铁路建设上。卡梅伦也重申了对HS2(花费420亿英镑新建的从伦敦到曼彻斯特的高铁)的持。Yet in doing so, Mr Cameron has infuriated many natural Conservative voters. HS2, which runs through a series of safe blue seats in Buckinghamshire, is particularly divisive. The railway is a “headache” on the doorstep, admits one Conservative MP seeking re-election, as he is often limited in how vocally he can oppose it. To add to Tory woes, the UK Independence Party, which scooped up six council seats in 2013 along the route, is making hay on the issue. It claims to be the “only” party against the “construction disruption” HS2 will bring (although the Green Party also opposes it).然而这样做,卡梅伦激怒了很多保守派选民。HS2虽在白金汉宫里赢得了一众议员的持,但特别有争议性。一保守党人承认,该铁路确实是家门口的“麻烦”,他正在试图重新当选,因为他能发出的反对之声是有限的。新晋的托利党敌人、2013年在沿线捞得了6个议会席位的英国独立党正借此事获取私利。它声称是“唯一”反对HS2带来的“建筑破坏”的政党(尽管绿党同样也反对HS2)。NIMBYs pose difficulties for any government, but particularly for Mr Camerons, which has often trumpeted the notion that it is investing in Britains infrastructure to levels not seen since the Victorian era. If economic growth is to be sustainable, then more infrastructure will be needed to support it. But if Heathrow is given the go-ahead for expansion, for instance, it will be “campaign, campaign and campaign again,” warns Barbara Reid, a local resident and former Conservative councillor. Getting Britain moving will require a big push from the next government—especially if the Tories win.邻避主义者给任何政府都带来了麻烦,但对卡梅伦政府来说尤其如此,它经常吹嘘在为英国基础建设投资上,其规模之大自维多利亚时代以来都十分罕见。如果经济增长稳定的话,就需要更多的基础设施来持。当地居民且曾为保守党议员的芭芭拉·瑞德警告,如果希思罗的扩建得到许可,它将演化成“竞选,竞选,再竞选”。要让英国继续前进需要下一届政府大力推一把——特别是托利党当选的话。译者:王颖 校对:石海霞译文属译生译世 /201504/372077

Recognising Palestine认可巴勒斯坦A state of things to come纷争来袭Britain votes to recognise a Palestinian state英国投票承认巴勒斯坦国What would Arthur Balfour say?阿瑟·贝尔福将会说什么?IN HIS declaration of 1917 giving Britains backing for the creation of a Jewish homeland, Arthur Balfour, the then foreign secretary, undertook to uphold the civil and religious rights of the native population of Palestine. A century later after less than total success, Britains Parliament added national rights as well. On October 13th it voted by 274 votes to 12 to recognise a Palestinian state.1917年,当时的外交大臣阿瑟·贝尔福发表了宣言,代表英国持巴勒斯坦地区人民的公民权利与宗教权利。一个世纪后,此举虽未完全成功,但在此基础上也持巴勒斯坦作为一个国家的权利也被纳入英国议会当中。10月13日,英国议会以274票对12票的投票结果,承认巴勒斯坦国。On the face of it, the backbench vote will have little impact. It is not binding, sets no deadline for recognition and will not change government policy, says David Cameron, the Conservative prime minister. Over half of MPs abstained.在投票结果面前,后座议员的票数几乎没什么影响。此结果不具有约束力,不设期限的认可,也不会改变政府的政策,保守党首相卡梅伦如是说。而超过半数的国会议员都投了弃权票。But as a barometer of European sentiment, the vote is telling. Since last summers Gaza war and recent appropriations of Palestinian land, even Israels allies have found its actions hard to stomach. “If it is losing people like me, it is going to be losing a lot of people,” said Richard Ottaway, the pro-Israel chairman of Parliaments foreign affairs committee.但是,作为欧洲态度的晴雨表,投票结果是最说明问题的。去年夏天的加沙战争和最近对巴勒斯坦土地的拨款,这些甚至让以色列的盟友们都觉得这些举动无法容忍。“如果连我这样的人都不能容忍,那么此举还会失去更多的民心。”议会外交事务委员会主席、亲以色列的理查德·奥特维如是说。To downplay the significance of the vote, Mr Cameron abstained. Yet this might also reflect growing ambivalence towards Israel, some claimed. After siding with Israel early in the Gaza war, Mr Cameron denounced Israels post-war landgrab as “utterly deplorable”.为了淡化投票的重要性,卡梅伦投了弃权票。当然,这也可能是反映了卡梅伦对以色列日益增长的矛盾心理------在加沙战争早期,英国与以色列同仇敌忾,而在此之后卡梅伦指责以色列战后侵占土地,并称其是“完全可悲”。That growing concern has had little discernible impact on relations. Bilateral trade has risen 28% year-on-year. And Israel can be thick-skinned about how the world views it. “Theres a bit of a tendency to write off Europeans as Nazi-hugging anti-semites,” says a Western diplomat in Tel Aviv. But the vote may encourage others in Europe to do more than just urge the parties to end Israels occupations by negotiation, as they have for 23 years. Earlier this month, Swedens new prime minister, Stefan Lofven, said his country, too, would recognise a Palestinian state. And when the issue of Palestinian UN membership next comes to the Security Council, as it may soon, the parliamentary vote might make it a bit harder for Britain to oppose it.日益增长的关注度对英以双方的关系影响并不明显。英以双边贸易额相比去年同期上涨28%。并且对于世界如何看待自己的问题上,以色列完全就是死猪不怕开水烫。“目前欧洲人有紧拥纳粹反犹主义的倾向,而这将毁掉欧洲人,”特拉维夫的一位西方外交官说道。但是投票或许会鼓励欧洲的其他各方做出更多表示,而不是像之前的23年那样仅仅谈判敦促以色列结束对有关地区的占领。本月早些时候,瑞典新首相斯特凡·洛文夫表示,瑞典也将承认巴勒斯坦国。当巴勒斯坦加入联合国并进入安全理事会的时候,对于英国来说,再想投反对票就不是一件容易事儿了。翻译 周晓婷 校对 王颖 译文属译生译世 /201410/338098

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