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Friendship 美式友谊Steve and Yaser first met in their chemistry class at an American university. Yaser was an inter-national student from Jordan. He was excited to get to know an American. He wanted to learn more about American culture. Yaser hoped that he and Steve would become good friends. 史帝夫和亚瑟最初是在一所美国大学的化学课里认识的。亚瑟是从约旦来的国际学生。他很兴奋能够认识美国人,他要更多学习美国文化;亚瑟希望他和史帝夫会成为好朋友。At first, Steve seemed very friendly. He always greeted Yaser warmly before class. Sometimes he offered to study with Yaser. He even invited Yaser to eat lunch with him. But after the semester was over, Steve seemed more distant. The two former classmates didn't see each other very much at school. One day Yaser decided to call Steve. Steve didn't seem very interested in talking to him. Yaser was hurt by Steve's change of attitude. "Steve said we were friends," Yaser complained. "And I thought friends were friends forever."刚开始史帝夫似乎非常友善,上课前他总是热情地和亚瑟打招呼,有时他和亚瑟一起读书;他甚至邀请亚瑟一起共进午餐。但是学期结束后,史帝夫似乎较冷淡了,这两个以前的同学在学校不常碰面了。有一天,亚瑟决定打电话给史帝夫,史帝夫似乎没有兴趣和他讲话,对于史帝夫态度的改变,亚瑟感到受伤害。「史帝夫曾说我们是朋友,」亚瑟抱怨,「而且我认为一朝是朋友就永远是朋友。」Yaser is a little confused. He is an outsider to American culture. He doesn't understand the way Americans view friendship. Americans use the word friend in a very general way. They may call both casual acquaintances and close companions "friends." Americans have school friends, work friends, sports friends and neighborhood friends. These friendships are based on common interests. When the shared activity ends, the friendship may fade. Now Steve and Yaser are no longer classmates. Their friendship has changed.亚瑟有点困惑了,对于美国文化,他是个局外人(外行)。他不了解美国人对友谊的看法。美国人把「朋友」这个字用得非常广泛,一般的泛泛之交和亲密伙伴都算是朋友。美国人的朋友包含有学校的朋友、工作的朋友、运动的朋友或是街坊邻居。这些友谊都是建立在共同的兴趣上,当共同从事的活动结束时,友谊也可能跟着消失了。现在,史帝夫和亚瑟不再是同学,他们的「友谊」也就改变了In some cultures friendship means a strong life-long bond between two people. In these cultures friendships develop slowly, since they are built to last. American society is one of rapid change. Studies show that one out of five American families moves every year. American friendships develop quickly, and they may change just as quickly.在一些文化里,友谊意即两人之间一种强烈的,一世之久的情感。在这些文化里,友谊发展得慢,因为要持久。但美国是个急速变迁的社会,有些研究发现每年每五个美国家庭之中,就有一个家庭搬家。美国人的友谊建立得快,但也可能改变得快。People from the ed States may at first seem friendly. Americans often chat easily with strangers. They exchange information about their families, hobbies and work. They may smile warmly and say, "Have a nice day" or "See you later." Schoolmates may say, "Let's get together sometime." But American friendliness is not always an offer of true friendship. 从美国来的人可能刚开始看起来很亲切。美国人常能很容易地和陌生人聊天,他们交换关于自己的家庭、兴趣和工作的个人资料,他们可能热情地微笑说「祝你有愉快的一天」或是「待会儿见」,而同学也许会说「我们找一天聚聚」,但是美国人的友善并不意谓真正的友谊。After an experience like Yaser's, outsiders may consider Americans to be fickle. Learning how Americans view friendship can help non-Americans avoid misunderstandings. It can also help them make friends the American way.经过像亚瑟的经验之后,局外人也许会视美国人为善变的。了解美国人如何看待友谊,能够帮助非美国人士避免误会,也能帮助他们以美国人的方式交朋友。Here are a few tips on making friends with Americans:以下是一些和美国人交朋友的秘诀:1. Visit places Americans enjoy: parties, churches, Western restaurants, parks, sports clubs.到一些美国人喜欢去的地方:宴会、教会、西餐厅、公园和健身房。2. Be willing to take the first step. Don't wait for them to approach you. Americans in Beijin may not know you speak English. They may be embarrassed if they can't speak your language.乐意跨出第一步,不要等他们来接近你。在北京的美国人不知道你会不会讲英语。如果他们不会讲你的语言,他们可能觉得不好意思。 3. Use small talk to open the conversation. Ask them where they're from, why they came to Beijing, etc. Remember: Be careful to avoid personal questions about age, salary, marital status and appearance. 以闲聊来展开话题,问他们来自哪里,为什么到北京等等。切记:小心避免非常私人的问题,例如年龄、薪水、婚姻状况和长相。4. Show an interest in their culture, their country or their job. (Americans like to talk about themselves!)对他们的文化、国家或者工作表示兴趣。(美国人喜欢谈论自己)。5. Invite them to join you for dinner or just for coffee or tea. Try to set a specific time. Americans sometimes make general invitations like "Let's get together sometime. " Often this is just a way to be friendly. It is not always a real invitation.邀请他们和你一起吃饭或喝茶。要讲定时间,否则,美国人有时会用一些一般性的邀请,像「找个时间聚聚吧!」,但这只是表示友善的方法而非真正的邀请。6. Don't expect too much at first. Maybe they're just being friendly. But maybe they do want to be your good friends. It will take time to tell.不要一开始就对你们的友谊期待太多,也许他们只是表示友善,但也可能他们真的要做你的好朋友,这需要时间明。7.People like Yaser shouldn't give up trying to make American friends. Americans do value strong, life-long friendships, even with non-Americans. When making friends, it helps to have a good dose of cultural understanding.像亚瑟一样的人不应放弃交朋友,美国人还是看重强烈,一生之久的友谊,即使是和非美国人士。交朋友时,对于文化有某种程度的了解将会有所帮助。 /200804/34324Inventors have created an electronic bike which is not only as light as as two newborn babies but folds up and fits in a backpack.发明者发明的这款电子自行车不仅只有两个新生婴儿那么重,而且可折叠并放在背包里。The Smacircle can reach speeds of 12.5mph (20km/h) and is controlled with a smartphone app.这款叫做Smacircle的自行车时速可达20公里,可用手机APP进行控制。The eBike folds up into a backpack in less than ten seconds, by which time it#39;s no taller than 19 inches (49cm).在十秒内就可以折叠成背包,折叠后高度不超过49厘米。The bike weighs a little over 15lbs (7kg) and can accommodate riders of various sizes.车重7公斤多一点,可适应不同体重的乘客。The first models have been made and tested, and its makers are seeking further investment with an upcoming Indiegogo campaign to bring it to the mainstream market.首批模型已经被制造和测试,其制造者将在众筹平台Indiegogo上寻求投资以将这款车推向主流市场。Chinese designers believe it might change the way people commute to work.中国设计者相信这款车将改变人们的通勤方式。CEO Gavin Yang, from Shenzhen in China, said: #39;Smacircle is a unique innovative design created to fill in the gap in short commute personal transportation.来自中国深圳的CEO Gavin Yang说:“#39;Smacircle以独特的创新设计来填补个人短途通勤领域的空白。”#39;Our team has spent countless hours on research and development, and are committed to bring the people the best possible solution for short commutes#39;, he said.“我们团队在研发上花了无数个小时,决心要给短途通勤带来最好的解决方案。”As it has not yet hit the market, there is no price available.由于还没推向市场,所以价格不明。#39;We have spent almost two years developing this Smacircle eBike and now we have made the concept a reality#39;, said Mr Yang.“我们花了将近两年时间来研发这款车,终于实现了这个概念,”王先生说。 /201705/508445The government hack of an iPhone used by a San Bernardino killer serves as a reminder that phones and other electronic devices aren#39;t impenetrable vaults.政府雇佣黑客来破解圣贝纳迪诺案件杀手的iPhone数据的案例提醒我们,手机和其他电子设备并不是牢不可破的金库。Your phone stores more than just selfies. Your email account on the phone, for instance, is a gateway to resetting banking and other sensitive passwords.你的手机中不仅有自拍,还有很多其他关键的信息。比如黑客可以通过你手机上的电子邮箱账户,重置你的账户密码和其他敏感密码。1.Lock Your Phone With A Passcode1.使用锁屏密码Failing to do so is like leaving your front door unlocked. Using six digits makes a passcode 100 times harder to guess. And if you want to make it even harder, you can add letters and other characters to further increase the number of possible combinations.手机不设密码,就像敞开家中大门一样。六位密码要比四位密码难猜100倍。如果想让密码更难猜,可以添加字母或其他字符,这会进一步增加可能的密码组合的数量。These are options on both iPhones and Android. The iPhone#39;s self-destruct feature is something you must turn on in the settings, under Touch ID And Passcode.iPhone和安卓手机都有这些选项。iPhone的数据自动销毁功能,可以在设置里面的Touch ID And Passcode选项下操作。Both systems will also introduce waiting periods after several wrong guesses to make it tough to try all combos.密码输错几次后,iPhone和安卓系统都会进入停用模式,所以很难再继续试密码。2.Use Encryption2.使用加密功能Much to the FBI#39;s displeasure, iPhones running at least iOS 8 offer full-disk encryption by default.更让联邦调查局头疼的是,iPhone从iOS8系统版本开始,默认为全磁盘提供加密功能。With Android, however, you typically have to turn that on in the settings.对于安卓系统,你需要在设置中开启加密功能。Google#39;s policy requires many phones with the latest version of Android, including its own Nexus phones. But, according to Google, only 2.3 percent of active Android devices currently are running that version.谷歌的政策则是要求所有的手机,包括谷歌自己的Nexus手机,都要安装最新的安卓系统。但是据谷歌的数据统计显示,目前只有2.3%活跃的安卓用户在使用该版本。3.Set Up Device Finders3.设置手机查找功能The app comes with iPhones, but you need to set it up before you lose your phone. Look for the Find iPhone app in the Extras folder.虽然这项应用程序是iPhone自带的,但是你要在手机丢失前设置好。打开Extras文件夹,即可找到Find iPhone应用。There isn#39;t anything comparable built into Android phones, but Google#39;s Android Device Manager app, along with a handful of others made by third parties, can be downloaded for free from the Google Play app store.虽然安卓系统目前没有类似功能,但是谷歌的“安卓设备管理器”应用和第三方出品的一些其他软件也能发挥一定作用。这些应用可以在谷歌官方电子市场中免费下载。4.Back Up Your Phone4.备份手机数据If you do have to remotely wipe the phone#39;s data, it#39;s comforting to know that you won#39;t lose all your photos and other important data.如果你不得不消除手机数据,那么备份的好处会令你欣慰,因为你不会丢失所有的照片和其他重要的数据。As mentioned before, apps such as Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager will allow you to do this, provided you set them up ahead of time.如上所述,在事先备份的前提下,你可以通过“查找我的iPhone”和“安卓设备管理器”等应用恢复备份数据。5.Keep Your Software Up To Date5.更新软件Software updates often contain fixes to known flaws that might give hackers a way into your device.软件更新是为了修复旧版本中的缺陷和漏洞,将黑客入侵手机设备的可能性降到最低。On iPhones, Apple prompts you to get the update. Alternatively, you can go to Settings, General and Software Update to check which version you are running.iPhone会自动提醒你更新系统。或者,你也可以通过“设置”-“通用”-“软件更新”来查看自己正在使用的版本。It#39;s more complicated with Android because updates need to go through various phone manufacturers and wireless carriers first. But do install updates when asked.安卓系统的更新情况更为复杂,因为更新数据需要通过多家手机制造商和无线运营商完成。但是请在系统要求时更新软件。 /201612/482739

Milwaukee is named 'Drunkest City'   Milwaukee has been ranked by Forbes.com as "America's Drunkest City" on a list of 35 major metropolitan areas ranked for their drinking habits. Several drunk people.   Forbes said last Tuesday it used numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rank cities in five areas: state laws, number of drinkers, number of heavy drinkers, number of binge drinkers and alcoholism. Minneapolis-St. Paul was ranked second overall; followed by Columbus, Ohio; Boston; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Cleveland; Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia and Providence, R.I., in a tie for ninth.   Rick DeMeyer, 28, said last Wednesday as he was celebrating his birthday at G-Daddy B he could understand Milwaukee's ranking.   "I have had people stay with me from London and Chicago, and they can't get over how much we drink," he said. "I guess we do."   But officials at Visit Milwaukee contend that the city has come a long way in ridding itself of its beer-guzzling image.   Milwaukeeans have plenty of other ways to entertain themselves without drinking alcohol, said Dave Fantle, a spokesman for the group. He noted a new convention center and baseball park had been built and the Milwaukee Art Museum expanded in recent years.   "We've gone from Brew City to new city," he said.   (Agencies)  近日,福布斯网站对美国35个主要城市的“酒瘾”进行了排名,结果,密尔沃基当选为“美国头号酒鬼城市”。   上周二,据福布斯介绍,他们请美国疾病控制和防治中心的成员根据五个方面对35个城市进行了排名,这五项内容包括:所在州的法律、饮酒人数、酗酒者人数、严重酗酒者人数及酒精中毒人数。   明尼阿波利斯-圣保罗双城区排名第二,其后依次是俄亥俄州的哥伦布市、波士顿、德克萨斯州的奥斯汀、芝加哥、克利夫兰、匹兹堡,罗得岛州的费城和普罗旺斯并列第九。   上周三,在G-Daddy B酒吧庆祝28岁生日的里克·德梅尔说,他可以理解密尔沃基为什么名列第一。   他说:“跟我在一起的伦敦人和芝加哥人都喝不过我们。我觉得密尔沃基人确实很能喝。”   而密尔沃基旅游局的官员称,为了摆脱密尔沃基的“酒鬼”形象,他们已经做了很大的努力。   旅游局发言人戴维·范特说,除了喝酒外,密尔沃基人还有很多其他的方式。他说,近几年来,密尔沃基市新建了一个会议中心和一个棒球公园,还扩建了密尔沃基艺术物馆。   他说:“密尔沃基已经由一个‘酿酒城市’转型为新城市。”  Vocabulary:   drinking habit: 酒瘾  binge drinker : 酗酒者 /200803/28888

A growing number of young city dwellers are choosing to getmarried soon after they graduate from college, despite not being financially independent.Last year, for example, Shanghai's Xuhui District Civil Affairs Bureau saw 1,221 college graduates aged 22 to 24 tie the knot, up 50 percent on the previous year.Of those, there were more newly graduated brides than there were grooms, Xinhua said.But without financialsecurity, married life is no bed of roses, experts have said.One young Beijing couple, for example, Liu Hao and Wang Ni, rely heavily on financial support from their parents, as their monthly outgoingssurpass their income.In addition, Liu's mother sometimes has to call to wake them for work, and she makes regular weekend visits to take care of their cooking, washing, cleaning and even pays their bills."Most of the young people who get married soon after graduating from college are from relatively well-off families, and they long for a stable and comfortable life."However, they still have a lot to learn from society before they are y for marriage.Sun Baohong, an expert with the Institute of Adolescents under the Shanghai Academy of Social SciencesZhang Da, 24, who got married last summer just after graduating from a college in Tianjin"I got married so early simply because my parents had aly prepared an apartment for me."But I still pretended to be single at work, as colleagues my age are all single and it is a bit weird for them to know I am married. Also, I am afraid they would leave me out of social activities if they saw me as a family man."I don't think I am yet y to accept my new identity as a married man."Zhu Ke, 23, who got married at the end of last year after graduating from a college in Shanghai"I felt great pressure to find a good job after graduation so I chose to marry a man who loves me and is willing to shoulder my burden."But it's still a bit weird when my former classmates talk about their new single lives at our get-togethers while I am worrying about things like how to pay for the house, when to visit his parents and even when to have a baby."The intimacy between me and my friends is vanishing, and I feel I am missing out on a period of time that should be the happiest for a girl my age.""Getting married soon after graduation can result in both psychological and economic problems. A young couple have no idea of what difficulties may confront them in their work, their family life and even from society. Their impulsive decision to marry might well undermine the marriage in the long run.Wu Zebin, a master's degree holder in sociology with Peking University /200803/32751

The spinach outbreaks in 2006 has revealed one shocking question - how can E. coli and other harmful bacteria survive the power washings used to clean vegetables and fruits?The answer? Disease-causing microbes can make their way inside the leaves of lettuce, spinach and other vegetables and fruit, where surface treatment can not reach. In addition, microbes can form biofilms on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables.A new study shows that irradiation kills microbes inside fruits and vegetables that otherwise would not be removed with washing alone or using chemical sanitizers.According to the LA Times, no health problems are associated with eating irradiated food. But irradiated food can not be certified organic and certain groups are concerned about radioactive wastes from the treatment.The Food and Drug Administration is still reviewing this food treatment. So in the meantime, what can we do to make sure our family is eating clean fruits and vegetables? The University of Maine lists the best way to keep raw fruits and vegetables safe, and tested commercial wash treatments such as Fit and ozone systems. You might be surprised what their results showed. 2006年,在美国,因菠菜而暴发的大肠杆菌疫情让世人震惊并困惑:为什么大肠杆菌以及一些其他有害细菌竟不能被那些强力蔬果洗涤剂所清除??!那些细菌之所以难以清除,一方面是由于那些易引起疾病的细菌通常都匿藏和附着在莴苣、菠菜等蔬菜水果的叶片内部,然而这些又是一般的表面清洗所不能够到达的地方;另一方面,是因为细菌会在蔬果表面形成生物膜。一项新的研究表明,辐射能够杀死蔬果里的用一般清洗和消毒杀菌剂都无法清除和消灭的细菌。据美国洛杉矶时报所称,食用经辐射处理的食物时可以完全放心,丝毫不用担心会有细菌引发疾病。但是经辐射处理的食物就不可能是有机物了,此外,一些机构对辐射处理过程中会产生放射性废物这一情况表示十分担忧。目前,美国食品和药物还正在进一步审查和研究这种处理食物的方式。我们究竟该怎么做才能确保我们家人吃到的蔬菜水果是真正干净的呢?日前,美国缅因州州立大学列出了一些用以确保蔬菜水果可安全食用的比较好的方法,并且他们还测试了我们市面上常见的一些蔬果洗涤剂,譬如Fit和ozone系列洗涤剂。不妨去看一下测试结果,测试结果可能会让你大吃一惊哦! /200805/37747

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  • 地铁时代常青城暂无房源可售(图)
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