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How To Make Chinese PancakesChinese Pancakes recipe. This is a popular side dish at most Chinese restaurants. Allow us to show you how to make authentic tasting, wafer-thin Chinese Pancakes.Step 1: You will need(材料) s:300 g flour1 tbsp sugar240 ml boiling water6 tbsp sesame oilsome flour for dusting1 wooden spoon1 rolling pin1 tea towel1 fork1 frying pan1 tray1 knife1 brush1 7cm biscuit butterServes:4 to 6Preparation Time:5 minutesCooking Time:50 minutesStep 2: Begin the dough(和面)Put the flour and the sugar into a bowl. Combine them together with your wooden spoon then add the boiling water. Mix together, until it forms a sticky dough. Next, generously sprinkle the dough with some flour. Then dust the work surface and spoon the dough into the flour. Begin to gently fold the dough. Then knead it for a few minutes. Don't be afraid to add more flour to the dough, if necessary, as it might still be too sticky. Continue to knead until the dough takes on a smooth, non sticky, elastic consistency. Finally, cover it with a clean tea towel and set it aside for 30 minutes, to rest.Step 3: Roll the dough(揉面)Uncover the dough and cut it in half. Rub the rolling pin with flour and roll one half into a thin sheet of about 1/2 cm in thickness. Repeat exactly the same process with the other piece.Step 4: Cut the pancakes(切块)Take one sheet and cut it into circles using the biscuit cutter. Take off the excess pastry but do not discard. You can roll it again later. Now brush each circle with a little bit of oil. Place one disk on top of the other, with their oiled sides together, to create a pair and repeat exactly the same process with the other half of the dough. Cover with a towel to retain the moisture.Step 5: Roll the pancakes(擀煎饼)Re- flour the working surface. Take each pair and using your rolling pin, roll them out to make them paper thin. Repeat until all of the pairs are rolled flat. Then cover again to retain the moisture.Step 6: Fry the pancakes(烙煎饼)Place the frying pan onto a medium-high heat and allow it to get very hot. Do not add any oil. When the pan is hot enough, add a pancake. Let it cook for about 1.5 minutes, until it begins to look char-grilled and slightly inflated. Then turn it over and cook other side. Remove it from the pan and separate it into two pancakes. This way of cooking, gives one slightly charred side, and a moist side. It also gives the pancakes more flavour and the dough is more elastic. Repeat with the rest of the pancakes. Once removed, keep them covered with a tea towel so they do not dry out.Step 7: Serve or store(享用或储藏)Your authentic Chinese pancakes are now y. They can be eaten immediately with dishes like Crispy Aromatic Peking Duck, which can be found on our website, or they can be frozen. To reheat them, just steam them a bit!Also known as:(How Do I Make Chinese Pancakes)(How To Prepare Chinese Pancakes)(A Recipe For Chinese Pancakes)(Making Pancakes The Chinese Way)Thanks for watching How To Make Chinese Pancakes For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Chinese. Article/201105/135512Automotive vehicles have emerged as a major source of China#39;s air pollution, according to a report released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) last Saturday.环境保护部上周六发布的报告称,机动车已成为我国空气污染的重要来源。China had 295 million automotive vehicles on its roads as of the end of last year, emitting pollutants weighing about 44.73 million tons, down 1.3% year-on-year, the report showed.该报告显示,截至去年年底,我国上路机动车达2.95亿辆,排放污染物4473万吨,同比减少1.3%。Analysis of air pollutants of 15 major Chinese cities showed that local mobile emitters, a category that includes vehicles, contributed to about 13.5% to 41% of total fine particle concentration, according to Liu Bingjiang, a senior official with MEP.环保部高级官员刘炳江称,针对国内15个大城市空气污染物进行的分析显示,包括机动车在内的本地移动排放源对细颗粒物总浓度的贡献范围约为13.5%至41%。The MEP will enhance supervision on the production, use and elimination of automotive vehicles to reduce air pollution, Liu added.刘炳江还表示,环保部将加强对机动车生产、使用、淘汰的监管,以减轻空气污染。 /201706/514013The greatest seasonal change on our planet is now under way.地球上最壮阔的季节转换正在上演Antarctica is still locked in ice,南极洲依旧是冰天雪地and surrounded by a frozen ocean.周围是冻结的海洋Nonetheless, there are signs of spring.然而 春天已经露出萌芽Adelie penguins are arriving. Just the males.阿德利企鹅来了 当然只有雄性They#39;ve spent five months at sea,它们在海上生活了五个月where it#39;s warmer than it is on land,那里比地面温暖and now they#39;re in a hurry,现在它们匆忙赶来for spring will be short.因为春天十分短暂They have travelled 6,000 miles across the ocean自从去年离开后since leaving their colony last year它们已跨洋旅行了6000英里and now, they#39;re returning to breed.现在回到这里 繁衍生息They cannot lay their eggs on ice for they would freeze.它们不能在冰上产蛋 那样蛋会冻住So they have to come here,所以来到这里where there is bare rock.这里有光洁的石头Over the coming months,在接下来的几个月里the few parts of Antarctica that are ice-free南极洲为数不多的无冰区will be the stage on which five million Adelies将会成为五百万阿德利企鹅will build their nests.筑巢的营地To construct one, they need pebbles.它们需要用卵石来筑巢And without a good-looking nest,如果筑的巢不够美观a male will be unable to attract a female,雄企鹅就无法在雌企鹅最终到来时when they at last arrive.吸引她们的注意An impressive property demonstrates your worth as a mate.别致的巢穴是可靠伴侣的象征It takes stones of all shapes and sizes to build a decent nest像样的巢需要各种形状和大小的石头and finding ones that are just right is not easy.而合适的石头非常难找So, some penguins turn to a life of crime.所以一些企鹅走上不法之路 /201301/221496整个埃及的抗议者们走上街头,愤怒抗议选举结果。Protesters have taken to the streets across Egypt, in anger at the election results. Most are wary of both candidates.Not willing to see the nightmare repeat itself. For many Egyptians, Ahmed Shafiq#39;s advance to the second round of voting provoked strong emotion. To them, the last prime minister under ousted President Hosni Mubarak is representative of the government they fought to overthrow.But they also don#39;t support Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi.A protester Mohamed Ahmed says, ;We came down to the streets today to protest against the results of the elections. We will not approve if one of the military comes to power again. Also we are against the Brotherhood, we don#39;t agree with either candidate.;Protesters in Alexandria marched towards Shafiq#39;s local campaign office, chanting slogans.Another protester Khaled Adil says, ;Justice is independent. We can#39;t say anything else about justice and we see integrity in the parliamentary elections. But the only thing that we need is a law approved by parliament banning former high-level old regime officials. I don’t want a remnant of the former regime to rule me.;Protesters also took to the streets of Cairo soon after the election commission announced the results. Several hundred protesters gathered in Tahrir Square, the birthplace of last year#39;s unrest.Protesters there also chanted against both Morsi and Shafiq, saying they will never allow Egypt to be ruled by one party again.The runoff is a polarising contest.It mirrors the conflict between Mubarak, himself a career air force officer like Shafiq, and the Islamists he jailed and tortured throughout his years in power. Article/201205/184468

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