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上犹医院治疗不孕不育好吗崇义妇幼保健院预约Apple#39;s recent obsession with gold-colored versions of its products is indeed a response to preferences in China。苹果公司近来对金色产品的偏好实则是受中国的影响。Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg Businessweek that the company takes Chinese tastes into consideration when releasing new iPhones, iPads and MacBook。苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克在接受《彭商业周刊》采访时说道,苹果公司在发布新的手机、平板、笔记本电脑时会把中国人的品味纳入考量。Of course, Apple has to consider Asian color palette preferences. In April, greater China — which includes China, Taiwan and Hong Kong — surpassed Europe to become Apple#39;s second-largest market after the U.S。当然,苹果也会考虑亚洲其他国家和地区的颜色偏好。今年四月,大中华地区——包括中国大陆,台湾和香港等地区——超越欧洲成为苹果在全球的第二大市场,仅次于美国。In October, Cook said the company planned to more than double the number of Apple stores in greater China from 15 to 40 within the next two years。今年10月,库克称公司计划于未来两年内将在中国开设的苹果店从15家增至40家。As Mashable#39;s Adario Strange explained in detail, gold, black and silver are colors associated with luxury in Asia. In fact, it#39;s probably true to say that gold is the universal color for luxury。正如美国科技媒体Mashable特约撰稿人阿德里奥·斯川吉所言,金色,黑色和银色在亚洲被视为奢华的代表。不过事实上,我们也可以说金色是奢华的普遍象征。Apple first tested the waters with the gold iPhone 5S in 2013. It then released a gold iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, followed by a gold iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, and most recently, the gold MacBook。苹果初次试水是于2013年推出了金色版的iPhone 5S。之后相继推出了金色版的iPhone 6 ,6 Plus, iPad Air 2 和iPad mini 3。最新推出的还有金色版的MacBook。While those products are merely gold-colored (aluminum anodized to look gold), Apple also sells 18-karat gold Apple Watches in the Edition collection. Those have also proven to be a huge hit with customers, especially in China. Almost immediately after Apple#39;s 18-karat gold Apple Watch Editions were available for preorder, they sold out in China。虽然以上这些产品只是金色(铝合金),苹果还出售收藏版18克拉的苹果金色智能手表。这一款手表拥有相当大的客户群,尤其是在中国。这一款8克拉的苹果金色智能手表刚一开始接受预订,在中国马上售空。The next iPhone is rumored to come in rose gold. Apple currently sells an 18-karat rose gold Apple Watch starting at ,000.传闻下一部苹果手机将会是玫瑰金。目前苹果销售的18克拉玫瑰金智能手表定价为1万美金。 /201507/384742南康区医院彩超检查好吗

赣州仁济孕育医院男科大夫安远县妇幼保健院有失败的案例吗In the past, companies sought to please old customers and entice new ones by offering small holiday gifts. They gave away refrigerator magnets, calendars, and Christmas ornaments emblazoned with the company logo.过去,公司会在节日提供一些小礼品来取悦老顾客,招徕新顾客。他们会送出带有公司标志的冰箱贴、日历、以及圣诞装饰等。But in today’s geo-encoded, app-enabled world, sophisticated companies are trying something new to build trust and relationships with customers. We call them ‘benevolent apps.’ Unlike some apps that are designed to generate sales and promote special deals, benevolent apps are created to offer useful information or otherwise help with decision-making. The idea is not simply to sell products or services, but instead to build trust and relationships that eventually will lead to economic success.但如今,那些成熟老道的公司正尝试用一些新手段赢得消费者的信赖,并与他们建立情感联系。我们把它们称作“亲善应用”。与那些用来提升销量和推销打折商品的应用不同,亲善应用旨在提供实用或其他能帮助用户决策的信息。这样做并不是为了促进产品或务销售这么简单,而是为了建立信赖和联系,从而最终获得经济上的成功。One good example comes from Sea Tow Service International, a company located in Southold, New York. Sea Tow offers emergency towing and rescue services for boaters in the ed States, the Caribbean and Europe. The free Sea Tow app supports boaters’ navigation needs by offering information about local tide tables, detailed marine weather forecasts, GPS coordinates and bearing and speed.Sea Tow Service International就是一个很好的例子,这家位于纽约州绍斯霍尔德的公司,为美国、加勒比海和欧洲的船员提供紧急拖曳和救援务。他们的免费应用Sea Tow会提供当地潮汐表、详细的海洋天气预报、GPS坐标、航行方位和速度等船员定位所需的信息。A traditional marketer might argue that to the extent that Sea Tow furnishes information that can reduce accidents (thereby reducing Sea Tow calls), it is undercutting its own business. A boater, however, might be favorably disposed toward calling Sea Tow instead of its competitor, Tow Boat US, if faced with an emergency.传统的营销人员也许会认为,从某种意义上说Sea Tow提供的信息会减少事故(因此也就减少了Sea Tow收到的呼救数),这会妨碍公司本身的业务。然而,感受到这份友善的船员当面临紧急状况时,可能就会倾向于呼叫Sea Tow,而不是它的竞争对手Tow Boat US。To further study this concept, we worked with two companies—Liberty Mutual and Suruga Bank—to create two benevolent apps and then test the results.为了进一步研究这个概念,我们与利宝互助保险集团和骏河两家公司合作,创建了两个亲善应用并测试它们的效果。The Liberty Mutual app was aimed at people who were in the process of moving. The app included a digital “safe,” where they could record with text and photos their valuable-items and an inventory tool where they could record the contents of their boxes.这款利宝互助应用面向正在搬家的人群。该应用拥有一个数字“保险箱”,可以让用户用文字和照片记录自己的贵重物品;还有一个清单工具,可供用户记录箱子中的物品。Although Liberty Mutual offers auto, homeowners and personal property insurance, it does not offer moving insurance. So why did the company find the idea of creating an app to help people move appealing? Their goal was to build trust through benevolence and to improve brand image, consideration and purchase intent. On the final screen of the app, users could contact Liberty Mutual for more information on the products they offer including home, life and accident insurance. So although the app was benevolent, it had a mechanism for capturing goodwill by linking users to the company’s agents.尽管利宝互助提供汽车、房屋和个人财产保险,却并不提供搬迁保险。那么为何公司会有兴趣做一款帮人搬迁的应用呢?它的目标是通过这款亲善应用建立信赖,提高品牌形象、关注度,增强顾客的购买意愿。在应用的最后一个页面,用户可以联系利宝互助,获得更多关于该公司产品的信息,包括家庭保险、人寿保险和意外保险。所以尽管它属于亲善应用,却能建立用户和公司员工的联系,从而提高公司的商誉。The app was tested in 2010 in a comprehensive market research study of 750 consumers. Overall, respondents viewed the Liberty Mutual moving app as meaningful, believable and relevant. The favorable user experience led to positive attitude changes toward Liberty Mutual, which considers responsibility and trust to be among its key brand attributes. The company saw a significant increase in its trust rating, believability and confidence attributes.2010年,该应用经过了面向750名顾客的综合市场调研。总体来说,调查对象认为利宝互助的搬迁应用很有意义、很可靠,与他们的生活密切相关。这种良好的用户体验使得人们对该公司的态度有了正向的转变,他们觉得负责和值得信赖是该公司的品牌特质。利宝互助在信用评分、可信度和品牌信心上都有了显著提升。The second app we created was for Suruga Bank, a bank based in Shizuoka, Japan. Called, Dream Mover, it helped Japanese consumers choose new homes to purchase or rent and assisted them in understanding the financial implications of different decisions. Based on the user’s location and budget criteria, the app presented a set of home choices with details such as size, layout and proximity to public transportation. In addition to helping users screen potential places to live, the app acted as a budget-planning advisor, providing information on personal loans and mortgages as well as providing targeted advice.我们的第二个应用是为位于日本静冈市的骏河(Suruga Bank)创建的。这个应用名为Dream Mover,可以帮助日本顾客选择要购买或租赁的新房,并帮助他们弄清不同情况下涉及的财务问题。该应用能根据用户的地址和预算要求,显示一系列备选房屋,并给出大小、布局、是否便于搭乘公共交通工具等细节。此外,为了帮助用户筛选可能的居住地,Dream Mover还扮演了预算规划顾问的角色,为用户提供个人贷款和抵押信息以及其他具有针对性的建议。To assess the impact of Dream Mover, we surveyed 1,500 randomly selected respondents and found that among those who used the app, there was a measured increase in awareness, trust and positive consideration of Suruga Bank. Specifically, the bank’s ratings were significantly improved for characteristics such as being “open, honest and transparent” and offering “believable advice or information and a brand you can trust.”为了解Dream Mover的影响力,我们随机选择了1,500名受访者,发现那些用过这款应用的人对骏河的关注度、信赖度和正面印象都有提升。尤其要指出的是,骏河在“坦率、诚实和透明”等公司特色和提供“可靠的建议或信息,是一个你可以信赖的品牌”等选项的评分都有了显著提高。Our two studies show that benevolent mobile apps can positively impact a company’s brand perception, consideration and preference and therefore improve the bottom line. People using the Liberty Mutual app became significantly more inclined to prefer Liberty Mutual and switch to it for insurance versus competitors. Additionally, the brand attributes related to trust increased. In the Suruga Bank study, consideration of Suruga also rose significantly. As with the Liberty Mutual study, brand attributes related to trust rose significantly.我们的两项研究明,亲善应用可以加强人们对公司品牌的认知、关注和偏好,并由此提升公司营收。使用利宝互助应用的用户明显对利宝互助更有好感,更倾向于在保险务中选择它而不是其他竞争者。此外,用户对品牌的信赖感也有所增强。在骏河的案例中,用户对该公司的关注度同样有显著提升。而与利宝互助的案例一样,用户对骏河的信赖感也增强了。These are powerful forces that can lead to increased revenue from consumers who perceive that the brand has their interests in mind.这些亲善应用可以让顾客认为该品牌关心他们感兴趣的东西,并因此成为促进营收增长的强大力量。(财富中文网) /201412/350920Alibaba has launched technology designed to fight fakes, as it looks to battle mounting pressure over the prevalence of counterfeit goods on its websites.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)推出了旨在打击假货的技术。目前该公司正因旗下网站上假货泛滥而受到越来越大的压力。The Chinese ecommerce group unveiled new, hard-to-copy symbols that are similar to QR codes — the square, crossword puzzle-like bar codes that can be scanned and by a smartphone camera — will become part of product labels to ensure authenticity if Alibaba’s online sellers request them.这家中国电商集团推出了类似二维码(构成一个正方形的条码,能够被智能手机扫描和读取)的新符号,如果阿里巴巴的线上卖家提出要求的话,这种难以被复制的符号将成为商品标签的一部分,以确保商品为正品。The announcement was designed to woo luxury brands to Alibaba’s marketplaces — L’Oréal and Ferrero Rocher, the chocolatier, aly use the technology — and comes as the world’s second-largest internet company by market capitalisation is bedevilled by accusations that merchants on its platforms peddle fake goods.这一宣布是为了说奢侈品牌加入阿里巴巴的线上市场——欧莱雅(L’Oréal)和巧克力生产商费列罗(Ferrero Rocher)已经在使用这一技术,而眼下这家世界第二大互联网企业(以市值计)正因其平台上的商家被指售卖假货面临麻烦。The latest setback came in the form of a lawsuit filed in a New York court by Kering, the Paris-based group whose luxury brands include Gucci and Balenciaga, alleging the Hangzhou-based company was complicit in the sale of counterfeit goods on its sites. Alibaba said it would fight the suit, which it called “baseless” and “wasteful litigation”.最新的一起挫折是,总部位于巴黎、旗下拥有古驰(Gucci)和巴黎世家(Balenciaga)等奢侈品牌的开云集团(Kering)在纽约起诉阿里巴巴,声称这家总部位于杭州的企业共谋参与了其网站上的假货销售。阿里巴巴称指控“并无任何依据”,“是无用的”,表示将抗辩。As concern over fakes has mounted in recent months, Alibaba’s share price has dropped a third from a mid-November high of 9 to on May 5, its lowest point since its record-breaking New York listing in September last year.近月来针对假货的担忧日益增加,阿里巴巴的股价从去年11月中旬每股119美元的最高点,跌至5月5日的79美元,创下去年9月募资规模创纪录的首次公开发行(IPO)以来的最低纪录。Alibaba’s appointment of a new chief executive on May 7 has driven a partial recovery in the share price.5月7日,阿里巴巴任命了新的首席执行官,此举推动股价收复部分失地。In January, criticism by a Chinese regulator that counterfeit goods were ubiquitous on Alibaba’s marketplace sites spooked investors and contributed to a share sell-off that month.今年1月,中国监管机构批评阿里巴巴的电商网站上充斥着假货,这惊吓了投资者,在一定程度上导致阿里巴巴股票当月遭到抛售。Worries over fake goods also cost Alibaba business opportunities. This month, global beauty retailer Sephora, part of French luxury goods group LVMH, chose Alibaba’s rival JD.com to host its first online store in China, citing in part concerns over fighting fakes.针对假货的担忧也让阿里巴巴损失了一些商业机会。本月,法国奢侈品企业路威酩轩集团(LVMH)旗下的国际美妆零售商丝芙兰(Sephora)选择在阿里巴巴的对手京东商城(JD.com)上开设首家在华线上商店,称此举在一定程度上是出于打击假货的考虑。Global luxury brands such as these are the target of Alibaba’s new “Blue Stars” platform, aimed at helping merchants with marketing, tracing sales, and fighting counterfeit, and which will include the QR-type code technology developed by Visualead, an Israeli start-up.此类国际奢侈品牌正是阿里巴巴“Blue Stars”新平台瞄准的目标。该平台旨在帮助商家进行市场营销、追踪销售、以及打击假货,以色列初创企业视觉码(Visualead)开发的二维码技术将被应用于这个平台。Alibaba took a m-m stake in the company in January. The technology is currently given away to sellers for free, say both companies.阿里巴巴1月斥资500万至1000万美元入股视觉码。两家公司均表示,该技术眼下免费向卖家提供。 /201505/376123信丰县人民医院地址南康市第一人民医院不孕不育多少钱

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