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郴州哪家医院治疗慢性前列腺增生好北湖区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱The Amazing Migraine CureMigraines are an absolute nightmare.The pain is excruciating...and it's often accompanied by nausea,vomiting,and extreme sensitivity to light.But now there's a cure migraines --an herb that not only relieves migraine pain,but decreases the frequency of attacks.The herb is called feverfew,and it works by preventing the constriction of blood vessels to the brain.How well does it work?In clinical studies,people who took feverfew had less pain...less nausea...less vomiting...and decreased sensitivity to light.Plus,they had a reduction in both the duration and frequency of migraine attacks.Important:Do NOT use any feverfew product made with dried feverfew.It won' t help your migraines,and may actually make them worse.Instead,buy feverfew tincture...or use capsules that contain freeze-dried feverfew leaves.The recommended daily dosage is drops of the tincture or three 300 mg capsules per day. 1郴州男性科医院 英语中怎么问问题 -- :5: 来源: 这是什么味儿? What that smell? *完全不清楚时 What that smell? (这是什么味儿?) Oh, no! Something burning. (噢,不好!是什么糊了吧) I wonder what that smell is? I wonder where that smell is coming from? 什么声音? What that noise? What that noise? (什么声音?) It my alarm clock. (是我的闹钟的声音) 这是排什么的队? What is this line ? What is this line ? (这是排什么的队?) I have no idea. (我也不知道) Why are people lined up? (人们为什么排队?) 打什么鬼主意呢?(你忙什么呢?) What are you up to? *up to “就某事有……企图”、“打……的坏主意”、“从事……” What are you up to tonight? (你今天晚上忙什么?) Why should I tell you? (我干吗非得告诉你不可?) What going on? (是什么呀?) 我可以问一个问题吗? May I ask you a question? May I ask you a question? (我可以问一个问题吗?) Sure, what is it? (当然,什么问题?) “drowsy”是什么意思? What does “drowsy” mean? What does “drowsy” mean? (“drowsy”是什么意思?) It means “sleepy.” (“drowsy”表示“犯困”) 这是什么? What this? What this? (这是什么?) It a foldable bed. (这是折叠床) 那是什么? What that? 这是谁的? Who does this belong to? Whose is this? To whom does this belong? 哪一个? Which one? That my car. (那是我的车) Which one? (哪辆?) 这叫什么? What it called? What it called? (这叫什么?) It called tempura. (这叫“天麸罗”) What do you call it? 这是什么礼物? What did you get me? *这种说法不只限于送礼物时还有“你给我买什么了?”、“你给我带什么来了?”等的语感 What did you get me? (是什么礼物?) I got you a doll. (我给你买了一个娃娃) 去哪儿呀? Where are you headed? *比较随便的口语说法 Where are you headed? (去哪儿?) Home. (回家) Where are you going? Where are you off to? 比如说? example? instance? 隔多长时间? How often? *“隔几分钟来一趟车”或者“隔多长时间打一次网球”等用于询问时间的间隔时 How often should I take this medicine? (这药一天吃几次?) Five times a day. (一天5次) How frequently? U.S.A.是什么的缩写? What does USA stand ? What does USA stand ? (U.S.A.是什么的缩写?) It stands the ed States of America. (它是ed States of America的缩写) 多长? How long? *询问距离、尺寸时间的长短,听到这样的提问,对方以具体数字回答 How long have you dated her? (你和她交往了多长时间?) About four years. (大概年吧) How long is her hair? (她的头发有多长?) Very long. (很长)*不能用具体数字回答时,也可以用类似very long这样的话来回答 多早? How early? How early should we leave? (咱们多早出发合适?) Let leave at 7∶30 am. (早晨7∶30吧)*用How表示问“多……”的说法还有以下几种 How short? (多短?) How fast? (多快?) How far? (多远?) How quickly? (多快的速度?) How slowly? ([速度、动作]多慢?) How soon? ([时间期间]多快?) How late? ([时间时刻]多晚?) How much? ([不可数]多少?) How many? ([可数]多少?) How biglarge? (多大?) How smalllittle? (多小?) 暑假什么时候开始? When does summer break start? When does summer break start? (暑假什么时候开始?) On July 5th. (7月5号) 开学典礼是哪天? When was the opening ceremony? When was the opening ceremony? (开学典礼是哪天?) January 8th. (1月8日) 你知道这个生词的意思吗? Do you know the meaning of this word? 这个词怎么发音? How do you pronounce this word? How do you pronounce this word? (这个词怎么发音?) Climb. The “b” is silent. A和B之间有什么区别? What the difference between A and B? What the difference between A and B? (A和B之间有什么区别?) Theyre about the same. (它们几乎相同 日常英语 英语口语Bingo这个词在口语中的五大用法 -- :5:39 来源: 在日常口语中,bingo经常会用到,但通常指的并不是宾果游戏如果不了解bingo的用法,很容易闹出笑话掌握了下面将要介绍的bingo的5种用法,你的口语会变得更加地道1. Bingo这个词可以用来表示:猜中了,答对了在口语中,bingo表示猜中了的情形最为常见,甚至在中文电视节目中也有用到在吴宗宪主持的电视节目《我猜我猜我猜猜猜中,如果嘉宾猜中了,主持人就会大声说“宾果”来表示猜对了为了帮助读者活用这个词,请看下面的情景对话A:Let me try to guess your age. Are you 36? 我来猜猜你的年龄,你是36岁吗?B:Bingo! 猜对了!A:What's your exciting news? Did you find a new job? 你有什么振奋人心的消息?你是不是找到新工作了?B:Bingo! 猜中了!电影对白也是我们学习地道英语的绝佳素材,在电影《黑客帝国中,主人公尼欧(Neo)去见先知(Oracle),下面是他们的对白片段:Oracle: I know you're Neo. Be right with you. 我知道你是尼欧,我马上就好Neo: You're the Oracle? 你就是先知?Oracle: Bingo. Not quite what you were expecting, right? 猜对了,和你想象中的不太一样,是吧?. 如果终于做成了某事,也可以说bingo,用来表达内心的喜悦假如你被一道数学题难住了,突然之间有了思路,然后解答了难题,这时就可以说:I finally worked it out, Bingo! 我终于解出来了,太棒了!3. 当你突然想到某个点子或者解决问题的方法,你也可以说bingo例句:Bingo! We'll climb through the back window. 有了!我们可以从后窗爬过去. 当你发现或者找到了什么的时候,也可以说bingo假如你朋友的戒指找不到了,你帮她一起找,突然间,这枚戒指出现在你的眼前,这时你就可以说:Bingo! I found what you were looking . 啊,我找到你在找的东西了5. Bingo还可以表示动作的迅速,突然最近两年,魔术师刘谦因为上了春晚而家喻户晓,下面这句话就是在描述他变魔术的动作:He waved his hand, and, bingo, the card reappeared. 他挥了一下手,转眼之间,牌又出现了 用法 五大 口语 这个郴州前列腺炎要用多少钱

郴州治疗睾丸炎男科医院哪里最好郴州那里做包皮手术好 我知道我这样做很不理智, 但我还是直奔县城, 在那里买了一本皮面袖珍词典和一金笔我向父亲的遗体告别时把词典和笔放在父亲的那双大手里, 那双手曾经是那样温暖, 那双手曾经让他生活得很美满, 但却从来没有学会写字My Father’s Hands His hands were rough and exceedingly1) strong. He could gently prune) a fruit tree or firmly ease a stubborn horse into a harness. What I remember most is the special warmth from those hands as he would take me by the shoulder and point out the glittering swoop of a blue hawk, or a rabbit asleep in its lair. They were good hands that served him well and failed him in only one thing. They never learned to write. My father was illiterate. The number of illiterates3) in our country has steadily declined, but if there were only one I would be saddened), remembering my father and the pain he endured because his hands never learned to write. He started school in the first grade, where the remedy a wrong answer was ten rule r strokes across a stretched palm. some reason, shapes, figures and letters just did not fall into the rig ht pattern inside his six-year-old mind. His father took him out of school after several months and set him to a man’s job on the farm. Years later, his wife, with her fourth-grade education, would try to teach him to . And still later I would grasp his big fist between my small hands and awkwardly help him to trace the letters of his name. He submitted5) to the ordeal a short time, but soon grew restless and would declare that he had had enough. One night, when he thought no one saw, he slipped away with my second grade er and labored over the words until they became too difficult. He pressed his ehead into the pages and wept. Thereafter, no amount of persuading could bring him to sit with pen and paper. He did still like to listen to my mother, and then to me, to him. He especially enjoyed listening to us to him from the Bible. My father was ced to let the bank take possession of most of the acreage6) of his farmland one year when a crop failure meant he couldn’t make the mortgage7) payment. He was able to keep one acre of the farmland where the small farm house was located. From the farm to road building and later to factory work, his hands served him well. His mind was keen, and his will to work was unsurpassed. His enthusiasm and efficiency brought an offer to become a line boss--until he was handed the qualification test. Years later, when Mother died, I tried to get him to come and live with my family, but he insisted on staying in the small house with the garden plot and a few farm animals close by. His health began to fail, and he was in and out of the hospital with two mild heart attacks. Old Doc Green saw him weekly and gave him medication, including nitroglycerin8) tablets to put under h is tongue should he feel an attack coming on. My last fond memory of Dad was watching as he walked across the brow of a hillside meadow with those big warm hands resting on the shoulders of my two children. He stopped to point out a pond where he and I had fished years bee. The night, my family an d I flew back to our own home. Three weeks later Dad was dead because of a heart attack. I returned to my father’s home the funeral. Doc Green told me how sorry he was. In fact, he was bothered a bit, because he had just written Dad a new prescription, and the druggist9) had filled it. Yet the bottle of pills had not been found on Dad’s person. Doc Green felt that a pill might have kept him alive long enough to summon help. I went out to Dad’s garden plot where a neighbor had found him. In grief, I stooped to t race my fingers in the earth where he had reached the end of his life. My hand came to rest on a half-buried brick, which I aimlessly lifted. I noticed underneath it the twisted and battered, yet unbroken, container that had been beaten into the soft earth. As I held the container of pills, the scene of Dad struggling to remove the cap and in desperation trying to break it with the brick flashed painfully bee my eyes. With deep anguish I knew why those big hands had lost in their struggle with death. there, imprinted on the cap, were the words:“Child-proof cap--Push down and twist to unlock. ”The druggist later confirmed that he had just started using the new safety caps. I knew it was not a rational act, but I went right downtown and bought a leather-bound pocket dictionary and a gold pen set. I bade Dad good-bye by placing them in those big hands, once so warm, which had lived so well, but had never learned to write. □by Calvin R. Worthington 18郴州治疗慢性前列腺囊肿需要多少钱

郴州汝城县治疗男性不育哪家医院最好工作环境中人际关系常用英语口语 -- :18:3 来源: 我和他很合得来I get along well with him. *get along (well) with...“和……合得来”、“和睦相处”What's John like? (约翰是个什么样的人?)I get along well with him. (我和他很合得来)I get on well with him. *英式英语我跟她合不来I don't get along well with her.I don't get on well with her. *英式英语我很尊敬他I respect him.I highly respect him. *强调说法I look up to him.我瞧不起他I despise him.I look down on him.我想和大家和睦相处I want to get along with everyone.I hope I will get along with everyone. (我希望能和大家和睦相处)你跟她合得来吗?Are you getting along with her? *get along“合得来”、“和睦相处”她根本不搭理我She ignored me. *ignore“不放在眼里”、“不理”、“假装看不见”What did she do? (她怎么了?)She ignored me. (她不搭理我)She gave me the cold shoulder.She didn't pay any attention to me (at all).我不知道他在想什么I don't know what he's really thinking.I'm not sure what he is thinking about.I don't really know what is on his mind.我没有理由让人嫉妒I have no reason to be envied. *envy“羡慕他人或物”,“嫉妒”There is no reason to be jealous of me.There is no reason to envy me.我讨厌爱拍马屁的人I don't like brownnosers. *brownnoser俚语,“讨好别人的人”、“阿谀逢迎的人”They're helping our boss again. (他们又去帮上司的忙了)I don't like brownnosers. (我可讨厌拍马屁的人了)I don't like flatterers. (我不喜欢爱说恭维话的人)I don't like ass-kissers. *俚语,不太文雅的说法,使用时要注意场合我是个不顾家的人I'm neglecting my family. *这是种相当严厉的说法neglect 表示“对……玩忽职守”、“不尽义务”I put my work bee my family. (我是工作第一,家庭第二)*比较温和的说法I should treat my family better. (我该重视我的家庭)你站在哪一方?Which side are you? *side“(竞争、谈判等的)一方,自己人”Which side are you on?Who are you rooting ?Which side do you support? (你持哪一方?)我是站在你这边的I'm on your side. *on one's side“站在……一方”Whose side are you on? (你是站在哪一边的?)I'm on your side. (我是站在你这边的)I will support you. (我持你)I agree with you. (我同意你的意见)他对我很不客气的He's very hard on me. *be动词 hard on...“蛮横,野蛮”Do you like your boss? (你喜欢你的上司吗?)No, he's very hard on me. (不,他对我很严厉)He treats me unkindly. (他对我一点儿都不友好)He's mean to me. (他对我很刻薄)He's very strict. (他很严厉)他总把我当作眼中钉He always treats me like an enemy. *enemy“仇人,敌人”He was rude to say that. (他这样对你说话也太无礼了)He always treats me like an enemy. (他总把我当作眼中钉)He acts like I'm an enemy.He treats me as if I'm his enemy.他对我很蛮横He treated me badly.I was badly treated by him.I received bad treatment from him.He treated me unkindly. (他对我很粗暴)我欠他的情I'm obligated to him. *obligate“让某人负有法律或道义上的义务”I'm under obligation to him.I owe him. * owe“欠……的情”I have an obligation to him.I'm deeply indebted to him. (我非常感激他)I've received kindness from him. (他对我很好)I owe him a lot everything he has done me. (我非常感谢他为我所做的一切)我们很熟,互相直呼其名We're on a first name basis. *表示“之间关系好,很亲密”We're on first name terms. 日常英语 英语口语 【勿讲中式英语】:“给他当二把手”英语怎么说? -01-7 19::3 来源: 翻译:给他当二把手我看也值得他太能干了 【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style -- I feel it worth being a second hand to him. He is so capable.American Style -- I feel it worth playing second fiddle to him. He is so capable.点评:英语的 second hand 作名词指“中间人”、“旧货”或“助手工人”,而汉语的“二把手”是“副手”,即“第二负责人”的意思,所以二者不是一回事play second fiddle 则源于管弦乐队中第一提琴手(first violin)不在的时候由第二提琴手负责,并被人们引申为“当主要领导人的副手”,也就是我们所说的“当第二把手”由此,不难猜出“当一把手”译成英语应该是 paly first fiddle了 英语 怎么 nbsp second湖南郴州治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好郴州市第一人民医院南院治疗早泄多少钱



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