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Craters here sctreches as far as the eye can see.这里的环形山远非眼睛所能看得到的。Although no human has ever set foot on Mercury, we have pretty good idea of what you will see.虽然没有人曾经登上过水星,我们对你看到的有不错的想法。If youre walking on the surface of Mercury,you will look a lot like a moon,I will see.如果你走在水星表面上,你就会看上去很像在月亮上面,我会知道的。When you step onto the Mercury, you step into the world with no real atmosphere, with the sky is the black its night and blaze in sunshine.当你走在水星表面,你进入这个世界,没有真正的气氛,而天空是黑的夜晚,阳光里充满了火焰。And where drive is all through track at least three billion year old battle field.地面好像30亿年前的战场一样。Big craters, small craters, craters are everywhere, so thats your first impression looking at.大陨石坑,小陨石坑,陨石坑到处都有,所以,这就是你一眼望去的第一印象。Like the moon,Mercury took most of the battery early on,a silent witness to dawn of the time, each been undisturbed by single drop of rain or breath of wind ever sense.像月亮,水星好像早先用光了所有能量一样, 见沉默的黎明,不曾被一滴雨或者一阵风打扰。For the most part,the surface of Mercury has been frozen in time for period of years.you may say thats boring, but thats necessarily to good thing, because this planet is such as Mercury as a moon perserve accurately for whats going on during this critical early period of our information, we can basically start it at there, because theres land on the surface.最重要的是,水星表面已被冻结在时间中多年。你可能会说,那是很烦人的,但那一定是件好事情,因为这颗行星是以我们的信息在这个关键的早期作为持之以恒星球,我们基本上就可以在那里开始,因为表面上有陆地。Every stone of crater in this portmark world have potential to gaze back four and half billion years.每一颗陨石坑的火山口都可以追溯到几百万年前的历史。But counting these craters is just first challenge when we come to review the planet like Mercury.但这些陨石坑只是当我们来研究像水星这样的行星的第一个挑战。Its always lower in horizon so its hard to get point telescope from Mercury, its hard to get in orbit around Mercury, because so close the sun.它总是在水平线很低,所以很难从望远镜中看到水星;也很难进入绕水星的轨道,因为它又如此接近太阳。For that reason, Mercury remains one of most under explored planets in our solar system.出于这个原因,水星仍然是太阳系大多数行星中未被探索的行星之一。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172695河南省激光祛胎记多少钱Business.商业。Recruitment.人才招聘。Work and play.工作兼。The gamification of hiring.招聘游戏化。THE rules of Happy Hour are deceptively simple. You are a bartender. Your challenge is to tell what sort of drink each of a swelling mob of customers wants by the expressions on their faces. Then you must make and serve each drink and wash each used glass, all within a short period of time. Play this game well and you might win a tantalising prize: a job in the real world.游戏Happy Hour的规则看起来十分简单。你是一位酒保,你的挑战是察言观色,一群趾高气扬的黑帮客户进入酒吧,你需要根据他们的面部表情判断每个人要喝何种酒,然后斟酒擦酒杯。所有这一切都需要在短时间内完成,如果玩这个游戏表现出色的话,你诱人的奖励是在真实世界获得工作。Happy Hour, which will be unveiled to the public on May 28th, is one of several games developed by Knack, a start-up founded by Guy Halfteck, an Israeli entrepreneur. The games include a version of Happy Hour in which sushi replaces booze, Words of Wisdom (a word game) and Balloon Brigade (which involves putting out fires with balloons and water). They are designed to test cognitive skills that employers might want, drawing on some of the latest scientific research. These range from pattern recognition to emotional intelligence, risk appetite and adaptability to changing situations.由一位以色列企业家Guy halfteck新创始的公司Knack开发的众多视频游戏中的一款Happy Hour预计在5月28日发布。这一系列的游戏包含一个用寿司替代美酒的Happy Hour版本游戏,Words of Wisdom(一种文字游戏)和气球大队游戏(用气球和水去灭火)。这些游戏都是借助一些最新的科学研究,测试雇主可能比较注重的认知能力,如模式识别、情商、风险承受度和对变化环境的适应性。A pilot now under way with students at Yale combines the results of games with academic grades. As little as ten minutes of play can yield enough data to predict performance, says Mr Halfteck.这款游戏现在正在耶鲁大学的学生中进行试点,将其游戏的结果与学业成绩结合在一起。Mr Halfteck声称,只要玩十分钟就有足够的数据来预测个人的表现。Knack combines three fashionable trends: gaming, the use of massive amounts of data and the application of behavioural insights from science. According to Chris Chabris of the Centre for Collective Intelligence at MIT, a member of the Knack team, games have huge advantages over traditional recruitment tools, such as personality tests, which can easily be outwitted by an astute candidate. Many more things can be tested quickly and performance cant be faked on Knacks games, he says. The two biggest challenges, according to Mr Chabris, are ensuring the games are fun to play and convincing recruiters, who typically make no attempt to measure cognitive skills, to pay attention to these new data.Knack将三种Fashion的潮流结合在一起:游戏,大量数据处理以及科学角度的行为预测。麻省理工学院综合智能中心的Chris Chabri是Knack团队成员之一,他认为:游戏相比传统的招聘工具有非常大的优点,比如传统的个性测试,很容易被聪明的应聘者蒙混过关,而通过Knack游戏,很多方面能够快速的测定而且不可能作假。Chris Chabri表示最大的两个挑战来自于确定游戏足够好玩,并且能够说那些往往不对认知技能进行测试的招聘者把注意力放在这些数据上。Some firms seem to see the potential. The GameChanger unit of Shell, which seeks out new disruptive technologies for the oil giant, is about to test if Knack can help it identify innovators. Bain amp; Company, a consultancy, is to run a pilot: it will start by getting current staff to play the games, to see which skills make for a successful consultant. (The ability to charge a lot for stating the obvious is presumably not one of them.) ;If someone can materially improve our ability to select the best talent, that is worth a lot to us,; says Mark Howorth, a recruiter at Bain. And if not, at least the process will be fun.一些公司似乎看到了潜力。壳牌公司中为石油巨头寻找突破性新技术的GameChanger部门即将测试Knack是否能帮助它去发现创新者。贝恩咨询公司在这方面将启动一次试点:它将让现有职员参与去玩些游戏以帮助决定哪些技能是有助于去做一个成功的咨询者。(收取高昂的费用却说些显而易见的东西,这种能力大概不是其中一个);如果有人能显著提高我们挑选最好人才的能力,那么这对于我们是非常有价值的。;贝恩公司的招聘者Mark Howorth如是说。当然,如果不能,起码这玩意儿有点意思。 /201209/202432郑州市中医院去痘印多少钱Business商业American business美国公司Hard times, lean firms艰难时局磨练高效能企业How much longer can America keep increasing productivity?美国的生产率增长还能持续多久?EVERYONE complains that corporate America is reluctant to hire additional workers.企业不愿再增加雇佣量在美国引起民怨沸腾。Far less attention has been paid to the flip side of the jobless recovery: the remarkable improvement in American productivity.但很少有人关注减少失业率的有效途径:显著提升美国的劳动生产率水平。How long can this continue? ;I see no limit,; says William Hickey, the boss of Sealed Air, a packaging-maker.这种提升能持续多久?包装材料制造商宝廷的老总William Hickey 说:;依我看来可无限期提升。;Is he right to be so optimistic?他的这种乐观估计是对还是错?American firms were slow to react to the downturn at the beginning of the century, and paid the price.新世纪之初,美国企业在应对经济衰退时反应迟钝,并为此付出了代价。They learned their lesson. When the economy slumped in 2008, they were much quicker to adjust.它们吸取了教训,更快地适应了2008年的经济大萧条,且劳动生产率也没有如往常随经济衰退而下降。There was little of the fall in labour productivity that normally accompanies a recession, and this was not just a one-off ;batting average; effect (in which average productivity rises because the worst performers are fired).这不只是一次性实现的;棒球击球率;效应(即平均分因得分最低的选手被淘汰而提升)。专家们认为这是一种依靠压榨产业工人在短时期内维持的经济增长模式。Rather, it was a productivity boost that has continued in defiance of expert predictions that workers can only be squeezed so hard for a short while.然而恰恰相反,这种增长是靠全力提升劳动生产率实现的。After falling in the first half of the year, American labour productivity (output per hour) was 2.3% higher in the third quarter of 2011 than in the same period a year earlier. This was the fastest quarterly rise in 18 months.经历了上半年的下降后,2011年第三季度美国的劳动生产率(每小时产量)同比增长了2.3%,这是18个月内最快的季度性增长。Manufacturing productivity in that quarter rose by 2.9% compared with a year earlier.该季度制造业生产率同比增长了2.9%。Americas productivity growth has been more robust than most other rich countries—a feat many ascribe to its flexible labour market and a culture of enterprise.美国的生产率比绝大多数发达国家增长得更为强劲——许多人将这一成就归功于美国灵活的劳动力市场机制和特有的企业文化。Yet some analysts expect productivity growth to stall soon.但有些分析师认为生产率不久将停止增长。Hard-pressed workers are feeling grouchy: workforce surveys report record levels of job dissatisfaction.重重压力令产业工人们牢骚不断:劳动力调查显示出对工作表示不满的人数创了纪录。Many firms have been ;starving the organisation to see how it can do with a lower cost structure,; says Carsten Stendevad of Citigroup, a bank.Citigroup的Carsten Stendevad说,很多公司正;忍饥挨饿;,以 ;测试自身在低成本状态下的生存能力;。Unless the economy picks up, he predicts that productivity growth will slow in 2012. (He admits, however, that he wrongly predicted the same thing would happen in 2011.)他预计,只要经济形势没有好转,2012年生产率增长就会放缓(但他也承认自己曾错误地对2011年的情况做过同样的判断)。Two things could keep productivity rising.有两个因素能使生产率持续增长。First, workers are terrified of losing their jobs.其一,工人们害怕失业,这使得鼓励他们加班或干其它的活变得更加容易。This makes it easier to persuade them to put in extra hours or shoulder new tasks. Even in unionised firms, there have been reports of greater flexibility.据媒体报道,即使企业里有工会,维权活动仍更具弹性。Workers have been staying on the job longer rather than ;featherbedding; their hours by, for example, queuing up early to clock off as soon as the shift ends.工人们将更多的时间用于工作,而不是一到换班时间便早早排队下班等;浪费行为;。Second, tough times are forcing firms to strain every brain cell to become more efficient.其二,困难的时局正促使企业为提高效率而绷紧每一根神经。Sealed Air, for example, has made numerous incremental tweaks, such as upgrading a machine that makes absorbent pads for supermarket meat trays so that its output increased from 400 units per hour three years ago to 550—with the same number of workers.以希悦尔包装公司为例,该公司逐步做出了大量技术改进,如通过升级一款生产超市装肉托盘用吸水纸的机器,在工人数量相同的条件下,产量由三年前的每小时500件提升到550件。The willingness of firms to invest in such enhancements has varied enormously. Some would rather hoard cash or buy back their own shares than spend it on more efficient machinery or information technology.企业对这类技术改进的投资意愿各不相同(大相径庭)。有的企业宁愿积蓄资金或购买自己的股票也不愿投资于产能提升和信息技术领域。Yet there are signs that leading industrial firms are starting to increase their capital spending, says Jeff Sprague of Vertical Research Partners, a research outfit.而研究组织;纵向研究伙伴;的Jeff Sprague认为,主要工业企业已有增加投资的迹象,并尤其指出,企业正投资于;消除瓶颈;。In particular, he has noticed firms investing in ;debottlenecking; which, as its name suggests, means removing hold-ups in production processes, sometimes with an additional production line.这一概念名称意味着清除生产过程中的障碍,有时还要为此增加生产线。There are hefty gains to be made from using more automation, says Mr Hickey, adding that although he worries about diminishing returns, ;we havent hit the wall yet.;Hickey说,更广泛地使用自动化技术可获得更大规模的收益,并坦言自己虽然担心收益止升回落,;但我们还没有触及增幅上限。;Service businesses, too, are wringing efficiency improvements from new technology.务业也正通过运用新技术努力提升效率。Hertz allows customers to rent cars at automated kiosks, just as airlines have for some time allowed passengers to check in without talking to anyone.Hertz汽车租赁公司如今可使顾客通过自动化租车亭实现汽车租赁,就像航空公司曾使旅客不用与任何人交谈便可办理登机手续一样。Fast-food firms, such as McDonalds and Starbucks, are continuously innovating with their products and service.快餐企业如麦当劳、星巴克等正坚持产品和务创新。In short, the recession has forced American firms to become more muscular.总之,此轮经济衰退迫使美国企业变得更加强健。This should help them thrive when the good times return. It should also give them an edge over foreign rivals.这将有助于它们在经济复苏后蓬勃发展,并提高对外国竞争对手的优势。But all such advantages are temporary.但这所有的优点都是暂时的。As Mr Hickey points out, a factory that Sealed Air opened in Mexico was expected to be far less productive than one in America, but within four years had caught up.Hickey指出,宝廷在墨西哥的一家工厂的产能曾被认为会远远落后于其在美国的一家工厂,但四年之内,前者便追平了后者。 /201211/210201郑州市第一人民医院去除狐臭多少钱

郑州市中心医院激光去红血丝价钱费用河南省郑州华山医院玻尿酸多少钱Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:Daniel, the guy Ive been seeing for two years, is a married man. I didnt know it until wed been seeing each other for eight months. Weve been living together ever since. I love him with all my heart, but Im getting sick and tired of being the ;other woman.;我认识丹尼尔这个男人已经两年了,但他是一个有妇之夫。我是在我们交往八个月之后才知道这个的。我们一直生活在一起。我全心全意地爱着他,但现在我厌倦了做一个“第三者”。Daniel is still supporting his wife, a meth addict, because hes worried she will end up on the street. Other than her phone calls and harassment, we are basically happy, but I want more from him. I want to be his wife. I want to have a future with him, but hes not moving toward divorce. He says its because his wife has property that belongs to him.丹尼尔仍然持他的妻子——一个吸毒成瘾者——因为他担心她会倒毙街头。除了他妻子的电话和骚扰令人讨厌之外,我们在一起还是很快乐的,但这些已不能满足我了。我想成为他的妻子。我希望能和他有个未来,但是他却不想离婚。他说,离婚会让他的妻子分走他的财产。Daniel tells me hed be lost without me, but I cant deal with much more of this. Any advice? - In Love and Hurting丹尼尔告诉我,他不能没有我,但我实在不能这样下去了。你能给我一些建议吗?——处于爱和痛中的人Dear In Love:亲爱的“爱和痛中的人”:Daniel should not leave things in limbo. He needs to talk to a lawyer about a legal separation so he can continue to provide for his wife while working out the details of a divorce. If he is unwilling to proceed, it means he either values this disputed property more than his relationship with you, or he has no intention of changing his marital status, in which case, please get out of this mess while you can.丹尼尔不能对此事无动于衷。他需要找律师咨询一下,他可以继续保障他妻子的生活,然后想一想离婚的细节问题。如果他不愿意这样做,这意味着他重视有争议的财产更甚于重视你们的关系,或者他根本没有打算改变他目前的婚姻状况。在这种情况下,如果可以的话,你要甩掉这个烂摊子。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/177955For six months, Yellowstone endures an unrelenting winter.在6个月中, 黄石忍受着一个冷酷的冬天。An ice world of hunters and hunted, but now footsteps on the slops of a mountain herald a changing of a season.那时是在一个猎人和猎物的冰雪世界,但现在山边的脚印预示着季节的变化。The sun regains its strength, water flows again.太阳重振旗鼓,河水再次流淌。The race begins to recover winters losses to play, learn and .正在上演的是冬天对于游玩,了解及阅读的损失而恢复的比赛,But the summer ahead would be fleeting and far from easy in this unpredictable wilderness.但今夏将是短暂的,在这个不可预知的荒野远非易事。Its April. The land lies exhausted by winter.现在正处于4月。土地因为冬天已经精疲力竭。Everything is waiting for the return of the sun’s warmth.万物都在等待着返回太阳的温暖怀抱。注:听力文本来源于普特201207/189606郑州/上街区开眼角多少钱郑州市中医院祛疤多少钱

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