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景德镇第一人民医院修眉手术多少钱景德镇活细胞丰胸价格南昌中医院激光祛痣多少钱 As we continue indulging ourselves in the US’ summer television season, it’s easy to get that the most important season in the TV industry is nearly upon us.当我们还沉溺在美剧夏季档的追剧中时,电视剧界的黄金季已经到来!Like the start of a new school year, fall marks the start of a whole new year TV shows. In the following months, broadcast networks in the US will offer a slew of new shows about the usual tough lady lawyers, quirky cop duos and tortured superheroes.秋天不仅标志着新学年的开始,也拉开了新一年剧集的序幕自这个月起,美国广播公司将向大家奉献出《傲骨贤妻,《传奇卧底,《神盾局特工等一大批热播红剧的新番Here, we list a few of the most anticipated new series this fall. Decide yourself and plan your viewing accordingly.下面是我们为您提供的秋季即将上映的热播剧追剧指南,请根据个人喜好,制定你的观影计划吧! 3380Research is now suggesting something dog-lovers have long suspected - man best friend can tell the difference between our happy and angry faces.“奴”们一直怀疑对汪星人——人类最好的朋友——能够分辨我们快乐和生气的表情,日前一项研究认同了这一点Scientists at the Messerli Research Institute Clever Dog Lab in Vienna trained dogs to associate pictures of happy or angry faces with a reward.维也纳梅瑟利研究所“聪明”实验室(Messerli Research Institute Clever Dog Lab)的科学家们,训练将笑脸或怒容的图片与奖励联系在一起In a subsequent test, the scientists showed the dogs images of human faces they had not seen in their training.在接下来的测试中,科学家们给展示了一组它们在训练中从未见过的人脸图像This suggested that dogs could spot the difference between the expressions.测试表明可以分辨出表情的不同;The main focus [of our research] is the big question of communication,; lead researcher Prof Ludwig Huber said.“(我们研究的)重点在于“交流”这个重大问题,”研究小组负责人路德维格·胡贝尔(Ludwig Huber)教授说;How is it that dogs are so adapted to humans, and what happened during the process of domestication?;“是如何适应与人类亲密相处的?在驯养过程中发生了什么?”The scientists repeatedly showed dogs half pictures - either the lower mouth region or the upper eye area - of happy or angry human faces.科学家反复向只展示半张人类的笑脸或怒容图片——要么是只有嘴的下半部分,要么是只有眼睛的上半部分Half the dogs received a treat when they touched an angry face with their nose. The other half were rewarded touching happy faces.其中一半的用鼻子触碰生气表情的图片时,就会得到奖励另一半则在触碰笑脸时获得奖励Just over half the dogs learned the task well enough to be tested, and there were then a number of different tests to find out if they could tell the difference solely on the basis of facial expression.仅有超过一半的较好地理解了这一任务,从而有能力接受测试随后研究人员又进行了系列不同的测试,来明它们是否能够仅靠面部表情分辨出其中的不同;[In one test condition], we showed them new faces - faces theyve never seen bee,; Prof Huber told B News.“(在其中一项测试条件下),我们给展示新面孔,它们之前从未见过这些人脸,”胡贝尔教授接受英国广播公司采访时说;In another, we showed them different parts of the faces.;“另一项测试中,我们给它们看面部的不同部分”Showing dogs the opposite half of the face to the half they had learned to recognise in their training, showed they could ;transfer their knowledge; of human facial expressions.研究人员给们展示它们在训练中所辨认的半张面部图片的另一半,结果表明它们对人类面部表情的知识可以“活学活用”;So, example, in the training, they see the mouth region of the happy face,; said Prof Huber, ;and they associate that with what the eyes would look like.;“比如,举个例子,在训练中,它们看到了笑脸的嘴部区域,”胡贝尔教授说,“然后它们能将其与看上去对应的眼睛联系起来”This study, published in the journal Current Biology, is part of a larger project studying how humans and their canine companions interact.这项研究发表在《当代生物(Current Biology)杂志上,是一项关于人类与如何互动的大型研究课题的一部分Dr Kun Guo, a psychologist and expert in human-animal interaction from the University of Lincoln, said: ;Showing dogs only half of the face and then the other half separately means they cant rely on the shape of the eyes or the mouth - they must have some sort of template in their mind.林肯大学(University of Lincoln)心理学家及人与动物相互关系专家昆·郭(Kun Guo)士表示:“先让看半张脸部图片,然后再看另半张,这就意味着它们不能依靠眼睛或嘴巴的形状来辨别表情——它们的脑海中一定有某种样板”;So it looks like they can really discriminate between happy and angry.;“如此看来,确实能区分人是高兴还是生气”But, he added, this did not show that dogs understood the meaning of those emotional expressions.但是,他补充说,这并不能够说明懂得那些情绪表情的含义Prof Huber agreed but added that the dogs that had had to touch the angry face to be rewarded, in the training, had taken three times as long to learn the task.胡贝尔教授赞成这一点但又补充说,那些在训练中需触碰生气表情来获得奖励的要经过三次尝试才能成功完成任务;It seems as if they dont like to touch an angry face,; he said.“看起来就像是它们不喜欢触碰带着怒容的脸一样,”他说;So here we have some suggestive evidence that they interpret those pictures, and maybe they really understand an angry face to be something they dont like.;“所以我们这里有一些提示性的据显示它们能解读这些图片,或许它们确实懂得一张生气的脸是它们不喜欢的事物” 3685南昌中心医院韩式三点多少钱

南昌同济整形美容医院塑鼻尖怎么样Celebrity Latin tattoos may be fuelling a revival of the ancient language in schools, it emerged today  明星们的拉丁语纹身引发了一阵学习拉丁语的热潮  Pupils are increasingly demanding to study the subject, according to an exam board, as tattooed celebrities such as David Beckham and Angelina Jolie enhance Latin's profile  小贝和安吉丽娜身上的纹身都是用拉丁语写的,由此很多学生表示要学习这门语言  But examiners urged pupils not to emulate model Danielle Lloyd, whose Latin tattoo is riddled with errors  考试机构表示,大家的态度是值得鼓励的,但是不要乱学,就像模特Danielle Lloyd,她身上的拉丁纹身有很多语法错误  While Beckham and Jolie's Latin inscriptions are grammatically correct, Lloyd's is meaningless, they said  小贝和安吉丽娜在这方面就做得很好,语法都是正确的  Her tattoo, 'Quis attero mihi tantum planto mihi validus', which is etched on to her shoulder, is intended to translate as 'To diminish me will only make me stronger'  Danielle Lloyd纹在身上的那句:Quis attero mihi tantum planto mihi validus,据说意思是:打压我只会让我更强大南昌市东湖区西湖区治疗蒙古斑价格 南昌大学医院隆胸多少钱

南昌手术去除眉间纹Among Jay-Z’s thesaurus of boasts in his rap songs is a rich index of sports comparisons. He is the “Mike Jordan of rap” with a “serve like Sampras”. He can “shoot faster than Kobe” (that’s basketball ace Kobe Bryant) as well as “bob and weave, move my feet from side to side” like Muhammad Ali. He has “more belts than [Michael] Phelps” – title belts, that is, though presumably not from the butterfly stroke. “I never learnt to swim,” the rapper revealed in his 1999 gangster anthem “So Ghetto”.Jay-Z的说唱歌曲是一部“吹牛宝典”,涉及体育的比喻多种多样他是“说唱界的迈克尔#86;乔丹(Michael Jordan)”,他“发球像桑普拉斯(Sampras)”他“投篮比科比还猛”——说的是篮球明星科比#86;布莱恩特(Kobe Bryant),他像穆罕默德#86;阿里(Muhammad Ali)一样“左挡右闪,脚步腾挪”他的“绶带比(迈克尔)菲尔普斯(Michael Phelps)还多”——这里是说冠军绶带,不过恐怕不是蝶泳冠军Jay-Z在1999年的匪帮歌曲《So Ghetto中唱道:“我从没学过游泳”Compulsively entrepreneurial, Jay-Z has transmed his love of sport into a business. This week his entertainment company Roc Nation revealed that it was branching into sports management. Its first client is New York Yankees baseball star Robinson Canó, whose contract is up renewal at the end of this season.创业成瘾的Jay-Z将对体育的热爱投入到经商当中月初,他的公司Roc Nation宣布将涉足体育管理领域第一位客户是纽约洋基队(New York Yankees)棒球明星罗宾逊#86;卡诺(Robinson Canó),后者目前的合同将在本赛季末到期Jay-Z, who grew up playing Little League baseball in Brooklyn, is a huge Yankees fan. But the venture is based on profit not sentiment. It will be Roc Nation Sports’ job to negotiate a whopping new deal Canó. A -year, m contract signed in by Albert Pujols, a rival star, is the benchmark.Jay-Z少年时期在纽约布鲁克林区打过少年棒球联盟(Little League baseball),他是洋基队的铁杆球迷但做生意看重的不是感情,而是盈利Roc Nation Sports将负责为卡诺谈判一纸待遇丰厚的新约另一位棒球明星阿尔伯特#86;普霍尔斯(Albert Pujols)年签下的年.5亿美元合同可作为参考Such are the sort of sums the rapper deals in nowadays (“I’m all about the dollar bills that I make,” he once rapped). When he set up Roc Nation with the concert promoter Live Nation in he got 有钱和没钱,除了用rich和poor表达之外,还有什么新潮时尚的说法吗?有钱 I'm loaded.Loaded: Slang Having a great deal of money. 非常的有钱它即可以表示某人很富有,也可以用来表示某人现在手里很有钱ExampleA: I think football players get paid far too much money.B: I know. Can you imagine being loaded like that? Having expensive cars and lots of houses--it must be incredible.A: I can't afd to go out tonight. I've spent all my money.B: Don't worry. I'm loaded right now. I'll treat you to a night out.除了用loaded表示有钱,minted和rolling也有这方面的含义I'm minted.Mint有造币厂的意思( A place where the coins of a country are manufactured by authority of the government.),造币厂里有多少钱就不用说了,所以mint的形容词有abundant amount of money的意思I'm rolling in it.Rolling 就是打滚的意思,钱多得可以在里面打滚,真是够有钱的没钱 I'm really skint.Skint: Slang without money, esp. only temporarily由上面的解释可以看出,If someone is skint, they have very little money虽然skint可以表示poor的意思,但却不能完全替代poor因为skint is usually used when someone has run outof money temporarily,它常指某人由于最近手头比较紧,钱花完了,但是很快就又会有钱了he will have some money again quite soon,所以Skint 表示一个人短时期,暂时没有钱比如月光族们在花完了这个月工资,等待下个月工资的时候,就可以说自己skintExamplesA: Do you want to come to the cinema on Friday night?B: I can't, I'm really skint this month.A: My girlfriend likes to shop a lot.B: Oh really, does she have expensive taste?A: Yes. I'm usually skint after we go out shopping together.当然了,有钱和没钱都是相对而言的哪天I can't afd to buy lunch. I'm too skint. 的时候,真希望听到你说I'll buy you lunch. I'm loaded.呢 839m, including a $m-per-album deal himself. That too has entered his armoury of boasts. “I ran through that buck-50 Live Nation fronted me,” he bragged in a rap track last year. Translation: he spent it all.当今说唱歌手的合同价值大约也在这个数目(他曾唱道:“赚美钞就是我的全部”)年Jay-Z与演唱会经纪公司Live Nation联合成立Roc Nation时,他进账1.5亿美元,其中包括一份每张专辑00万美元的合同这也成为他“吹嘘”的资本他在去年的一说唱歌曲中唱道:“我挥霍掉Live Nation付给我的50美元大钞”言下之意是:他把这笔钱花光了Wild feats of profligacy are a crucial hip-hop pastime, one that Jay-Z perms with élan: he and his wife, the singer Beyoncé, reportedly lavished <牛人_句子>,000 on their daughter Blue Ivy’s recent first birthday party. But appearances are deceptive. Accumulating money fascinates the self-described “black Warren Buffett” far more than spending it.恣意挥霍是嘻哈人士重要的消遣方式,Jay-Z更是发挥得淋漓尽致:据报道,他与同样身为歌手的妻子碧昂斯(Beyoncé)为女儿布鲁#86;艾薇(Blue Ivy)的一岁生日豪掷万美元但表象是有欺骗性的对于自诩为“黑人巴菲特”(black Warren Buffett)的Jay-Z来说,赚钱远比花钱有趣The rapper, real name Shawn Carter, is the archetypal American rags-to-riches story. His unremorseful passage from Brooklyn crack cocaine dealer to corporate mogul might lack the pious trajectory of Andrew Carnegie’s escape from a dismal Scottish upbringing or Sam Walton’s journey from Dust Bowl poverty to Walmart plenty. But the affinity remains. That’s why he named his first record label Roc-A-Fella, after the great New York industrialist – and son of a lowly travelling salesman – John D. Rockefeller.真名肖恩#86;卡特(Shawn Carter)的Jay-Z是美国人白手起家取得成功的典型他从布鲁克林的霹雳可卡因贩子一路成长为企业大亨,比起安德鲁#86;卡耐基(Andrew Carnegie)走出苏格兰的艰苦童年、后来功成名就的故事,或者山姆#86;沃尔顿(Sam Walton)出身美国沙尘暴时期(Dust Bowl)的贫寒家庭、但最后缔造沃尔玛(Walmart)的历程,Jay-Z的这段人生轨迹缺少一种神奇色但他们的经历仍有相似之处,也正,他将自己首家唱片公司命名为Roc-A-Fella,这个名字源于纽约伟大的工业家、一位卑微的旅行推销员之子——约翰#86;D#86;洛克菲勒(John D. Rockefeller)One of his most ed aphorisms is: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” But what sort of business is Jay-Z Inc?他流传最广的一句话是:“我不是生意人,我本身就是门生意”那么,“Jay-Z公司”经营哪门生意?The rapper sees himself as an insurgent, the black rebel capitalist “getting money up under you” – “you” being the white establishment. Key to his self-conception is the notion of the “hustler”. With a long tradition in African-American street lore, the hustler is the black urban equivalent of the cowboy, a solitary adventurer living by his wits in an OK Corral of NYPD squad cars, boom-bam beats, housing projects and gun-slinging rivals.Jay-Z自视为反叛者,一位“在你们底下赚钱”的叛逆黑人资本家——“你们”指的是传统白人阶层他的自我认知以“贩子”(hustler)为核心(hustler具体是指卖力地、往往用欺骗手段兜售商品的人——译注)贩子在非裔美国人的街头文化中有着悠久的历史,是城市黑人版的美国牛仔,是独自闯荡的冒险家,依靠自己的智慧,在这个由纽约警车、说唱音乐、保障住房和持竞争对手组成的OK围栏(OK Corral,一场西部著名战的发生地)一样的环境中生存In his memoir Decoded he describes the hustler’s dream as “independence, wealth, and success outside of the mainstream’s rules”. A lot of vanity lies in his self-depiction as the hustler supreme, the smooth talker who hustled his way into Manhattan boardrooms. Friendship with Barack Obama hardly constitutes living “outside of the mainstream’s rules” either. But there is a degree of truth in the self-portrait.在自传《解码(Decoded)中,Jay-Z将贩子的梦想描述为“游离于主流规则之外的独立、财富、成功”他自许为能说会道、一路兜售到曼哈顿公司董事会议室的贩子高手,但这多半是虚荣使然同样,与巴拉克#86;奥巴马(Barack Obama)的友谊也很难作为“游离于主流规则之外”的印但他的自述仍有一定的真实性The best hustlers (like the best sports players) rely on smoke-and-mirrors – gulling victims, outwitting opponents, staying one step ahead of the rest. As Jay-Z says in Decoded, “every hustler knows the value of a feint”. The same goes in rap. “So many people,” he writes, “can’t see that every great rapper is not just a documentarian, but a trickster.”最优秀的贩子(就像最优秀的运动员一样)靠的是“忽悠”——欺骗受害者、智斗对手、永远比别人更先一步正如Jay-Z在《解码中所说,“每个贩子都深知装模作样的重要性”说唱也是一样他写道:“很多人不知道的是,每位优秀的说唱歌手不仅是记录者,还是魔术师”His music career is full of feints, such as his periodic claims to be retiring from the studio. Hits such as ’s “Empire State of Mind”, a modern standard, disguise the fact that his recent solo albums have been ordinary. Charisma and “uncontrollable hustler’s ambition”, in his words, ensure a golden glow of success suffuses all Jay-Z touches.他的音乐生涯中就充满这种声东击西的把戏,比如他时常声称准备退出乐坛现代说唱音乐典范《Empire State of Mind(年)等作品掩盖了他近来个人专辑水准平平的事实个人魅力和“贩子难以抑制的野心”(Jay-Z的原话),令经他之手的事物统统罩上成功的光环But look beyond the feints and tricks, and the Midas touch flickers. His three-year spell in the mid-00s as president of Def Jam Recordings was mixed, with the emergence of two superstars in Rihanna and Kanye West, but also a number of flops. In , the $m sale of the clothing range he co-founded, Rocawear, propelled him up pop’s rich lists, which advertise him as being worth up to 0m. However, Rocawear, with which Jay-Z continues to be involved, has not thrived. Last year it laid off half its employees.但抛开虚招和花样不看,Jay-Z“点石成金”的本事有时候似乎不灵了年前后,他在街头教父唱片公司(Def Jam Recordings)担任了3年的总裁,业绩喜忧参半——公司发掘出了蕾哈娜(Rihanna)和坎耶#86;维斯特(Kanye West)等超级巨星,但也不乏失败的例子他与别人合伙成立的装品牌Rocawear在年创下.亿美元的销售额,使他以超过5亿美元的身家跻身流行歌手富豪榜然而,仍然有Jay-Z参与的Rocawear却没能再接再厉去年,它裁掉了一半员工His vaunted co-ownership of the basketball team the Brooklyn Nets turns out to comprise an initial stake of m, a tiny fraction of the team’s worth. His publicised investment in the Barclays Centre, a new arena venue where the Nets play, amounts to about 0. per cent of the bn building. The real money comes from Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, who paid <牛人_句子>m the Nets and has a 5 per cent stake in the new arena.Jay-Z夸耀自己是布鲁克林篮网队(Brooklyn Nets)的共同所有人,但人们后来发现他的首次入股只有0万美元,仅占球队身价的极小一部分他公开宣称自己参与投资篮网队新主场巴克莱中心(Barclays Centre),但他的投资仅占这座价值亿美元球馆的0.%左右真正投入重金的是俄罗斯寡头米哈伊尔#86;普罗霍罗夫(Mikhail Prokhorov),他掏出亿美元注资篮网队,新球场也有他5%的股份Jay-Z’s habit of teaming up with bigger partners extends to the new sports management agency, which has been med with management behemoth Creative Artists Agency. Jay-Z’s participation has caused a blaze of publicity, but it is unclear precisely how much involvement he will have. More tricks, more feints?Jay-Z习惯与实力更强的伙伴合作,他新成立的体育管理经纪公司也不例外——它是Jay-Z与业内巨头创新艺人经纪公司(Creative Artists Agency,CAA)联合成立的Jay-Z的参与引发了一阵轰动,但他的参与程度仍是个谜或许这又是他的花样和虚招?The rapper has his critics. Chuck D, leader of Public Enemy, from an earlier, more radical generation of New York rappers, implied to the Financial Times last year that Jay-Z may be little more than a frontman. “I would say there are people behind him who have invested in him heavily,” the veteran firebrand said.Jay-Z不乏批评者Public Enemy组合的队长Chuck D属于思想更为激进的上一代纽约说唱歌手,他去年曾对英国《金融时报暗示,Jay-Z不过是个台前人物“我敢说幕后有人给他投了很多钱,”这位性情好斗的说唱老将表示But Jay-Z should be seen as part of a subterranean but vigorous tradition of black capitalism; the efts of individuals, in the face of entrenched hostility, to advance Booker T. Washington’s belief that: “At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics, even at the bottom of religion, there must be, our race, economic independence.”但Jay-Z仍应被视为“黑人资本主义”传统的代表,这一传统尽管处于地下,却充满生命力;在他的身上,我们看到了个人在根深蒂固的敌意面前如何践行着布克#86;T#86;华盛顿(Booker T. Washington)的信念:“在教育的底层,在政治的底层,甚至是在宗教的底层,我们的种族必须获得经济独立”Or, as Jay-Z raps: “Hustle hard in any hustle that you pitch.”或者,正如Jay-Z所唱的那样:“不管卖什么东西,都要努力地赚钱” 36785 <牛人_句子>吉安吉州区青原区吉安县井冈山市去眼袋手术多少钱南昌有整形三甲医院



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