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The ed States military says it has conducted a major air and ground operation with Afghan forces in southern Afghanistan together, killing ;numerous; al-Qaida militants.美国军方说,他们与阿富汗政府军在阿富汗南部发动大规模空中和地面攻势,消灭了大量基地组织激进分子。Based on months of intelligence gathering and planning, the operation was launched on October 7 in Shorabak district of Kandahar province and was concluded Sunday, a U.S. military statement said on Tuesday.美军星期二发表声明说,根据几个月来收集的情报和策划,攻击行动10日星期三在坎大哈省的沙拉巴克地区开始,星期天结束。It says that more than 200 American and Afghan forces took part in the offensive that involved 63 U.S. precision airstrikes while Afghan forces engaged in several battles on the ground against al-Qaida networks at two related sites.声明说,00多名美国和阿富汗军人参加了这次行动。美军进行了63次精确空袭行动, 阿富汗军队对基地组织的两个据点发动地面攻势,与基地组织交火;This is one of the largest joint ground-assault operations we have ever conducted in Afghanistan,; the statement ed Brigadier General Wilson Shoffner, a U.S. military spokesman in Afghanistan.美军声明援引驻阿富汗美军发言人肖夫纳将军的话说:“这是美军在阿富汗发动的最大规模联合攻势之一。”Shoffner said the al-Qaida sanctuary was struck in the center of the Talibans historic heartland, demonstrating ;the growing capability of the Afghan security forces.;他还说,攻击基地组织长期以来藏身的塔利班心脏地带,表明阿富汗安全部队的能力不断增长;The first site, a well-established training camp, spanned approximately one square mile. The second site covered nearly 30 square miles [77 sq km],; Shoffner added.肖夫纳将军说,攻击的两个据点,一个是基地组织训练营地,面积不到三平方公里;另外一个地点将0平方公里。The spokesman said the joint offensive seized a large amount of data and weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenade systems with associated hardware and warheads. The digital media equipment collected from the site showed it was also a large media cell of the terrorist network.他还说,联合行动缴获了大量数据和武器,包括防空炮和火箭筒等。缴获的数字媒体设备显示,基地恐怖组织有一个庞大的媒体网络。来 /201510/404407The Vatican arrested a Spanish priest and a laywoman suspected of stealing confidential documents and leaking them to the media, the Holy See acknowledged Monday.罗马教廷星期一承认,梵蒂冈逮捕了一名西班牙神父和一名女信徒,他们涉嫌窃取机密材料并透露给媒体。The two, who served on a special commission established by Pope Francis to study economic reform of the Vatican, were arrested and interrogated over the weekend, according to a statement.根据一份声明,这两个人在教宗方济各为研究梵蒂冈经济改革而设立的一个特别委员会工作。他们在本周末被逮捕并受到审讯。Francesca Chaouqui, the laywoman, was released Monday after she agreed to cooperate with the probe. The status of Spanish priest Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda was unclear.女信徒弗朗西斯卡·沙努基星期一在同意配合调查后获释。但是,西班牙神父鲁西奥·安格尔·瓦列霍·巴尔达的情况尚不明了。French news agency AFP noted the incident is the Vaticans second leak scandal in three years. The butler to Pope Benedict XVI, Paolo Gabriele, was convicted in 2012 of stealing the now-emeritus pontiffs private papers and leaking them to a journalist.法新社指出,这一事件是梵蒂冈三年来第二起外泄丑闻。现已退休的教宗本笃十六世的侍从加布里埃012年因窃取教宗私人文件并将其泄露给一名记者而被判罪。Reuters reported books by two Italian authors, containing new evidence on past Vatican scandals, are scheduled for release this week.据路透社报道,计划于本周出版的两名意大利作家的书籍包含了梵蒂冈以往丑闻的新据。来 /201511/407449

I couldn’t ignore the email inviting me to meet the person “with the worst job in global politics He wasn’t a world leader or a central bank governor. His name is Mohammed Mahdi al-Bayati and he’s the minister for human rights in Iraq. What could be more challenging than that?我无法忽视那封邀请我与一位从事“全球政界最差工作”的人会面的电子邮件。他不是哪国的领导人或央行行长。他的名字是穆罕默德#8226;马赫#8226;巴亚Mohammed Mahdi al-Bayati),他是伊拉克的人权部长。还有哪个工作能比这个更有挑战性呢?He has to deal on a daily basis with horrific abuses against his people, ranging from killings to beheadings, from enslavement to torture. The government he works for can’t rely on a properly trained army, military capabilities or good neighbours. And while the minister’s experience in the field may be first hand he was in opposition to a politial opponent of Saddam Hussein and many members of his family had been arrested and tortured his staff and the security forces fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis ) need training in human rights, and he was in London to ask for help.巴亚提的日常工作就是处理他的人民所受到的种种可怕虐待,范围从屠杀到斩首,从奴役到酷刑。他所务的政府既缺乏受过适当训练的军队,也没有能依赖的军事能力或不错的邻囀?巴亚提曾反对过萨达#8226;侯赛Saddam Hussein)的一个政敌,他的多名家人遭到过逮捕和虐待,因此他在人权领域拥有第一手经验,但他的工作人员和安全部队需要接受人权培训来抵抗“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS),于是他来到伦敦寻求帮助。I meet him at a Park Lane hotel and he tells me about the atrocities committed by the jihadis of Isis: the swathes of villages devastated, the churches destroyed, and the more than 3,000 women prisoners from the Yazidi sect taken hostage. “Some of the women were sold for cash, some are being bought by people who give them back to their families, some were made slaves to Isis leaders.”我在公园径的一家酒店里见到了他,他告诉我ISIS的圣战者犯下的暴行:大片村庄陷入混乱,清真寺被毁,雅兹Yazidi)教派的三千多名妇女被劫持为人质。“有些妇女被卖掉,有些人买下她们后将她们送还给她们的家人,有些妇女沦为ISIS头目的奴隶。”The discussion takes an even more worrying turn, however, when we talk about why his country is facing this predicament. He absolves the former government of abuses against Iraq’s Sunni minority, which is widely acknowledged to be one of the factors that allowed Isis to thrive, and also dismisses the number of human rights violations committed by Shia militias as “tiny I leave the hotel thinking that he will still have the most awful job in the world a year from now.然而当我们谈到为什么他的国家会面临这种困境时,谈话转向了更令人担忧的方向。他开脱了前任政府对伊拉克逊尼派少数群体的暴行,而这恰是人们广泛认为令ISIS发展壮大的因素之一,他还将什叶派民兵侵犯人权行为的数量斥为“微不足道”。我离开酒店的时候想,一年后他的工作仍将是全世界最可怕的。I’ve been consulting colleagues in the past week about other examples of thankless political jobs. Here’s the list, including a few that are politically relevant, even if not strictly political.前段时间我一直在与同事们讨论,还有哪些吃力不讨好的政治工作。以下是我们讨论出来的清单,其中有几个工作即使不是严格意义上的政治工作,但也与政治有关. Walter Gwenigale, Liberia’s health minister, ousted last month, probably to his relief. His country has had the highest death toll from Ebola and he’s been the target of mounting criticism.1. 利比里亚卫生部部长沃尔特#8226;格韦尼盖Walter Gwenigale),虽然上月被罢免,但可能是他的解脱。他的国家的埃Ebola)患者死亡人数是最多的,令他成为众矢之的. Ron Patrick, head of recruitment for the US Central Intelligence Agency. This was never an easy job but the scale of torture revealed in last week’s Senate report now makes it much harder. Imagine the grilling he will be receiving from applicants.2. 美国中情局(CIA)招聘部门主管罗恩#8226;帕特里克(Ron Patrick)。这本就不是一份容易的工作,但前不久参议院报告所公布的虐囚规模令这份工作更加艰难。可想而知,他将受到求职者怎样的盘问. Lord Hill, Britain’s EU commissioner for financial services. He has to protect the City of London and promote eurozone integration when the UK is increasingly unpopular in Brussels, and might even be plotting its EU exit.3.英国的欧EU)金融务专员希尔勋爵(Lord Hill)。英国在布鲁塞尔越来越不受待见,且甚至可能在策划退出欧盟,他却依旧得保护伦敦金融城和促进欧元区一体化. Jonathan Blackman, Argentina’s lawyer in the long-running saga with hedge funds. The partner at Cleary Gottlieb Steen amp; Hamilton has fought Argentina’s corner as it defaulted on debt to holdout creditors and has had to contend with occasional surprises from his own client.4.长期与对冲基金抗争的阿根廷律师乔纳森#8226;布莱克曼(Jonathan Blackman)。在阿根廷对“钉子户”债权人违约时,这位佳利律师事务所(Cleary Gottlieb Steen amp; Hamilton)的合伙人一直维护阿根廷的利益,偶尔他还得面对来自他自己客户的“惊喜”. Kim Jong Un’s hair stylist, a job done at great personal risk. The razor sides and high-top style became an export sensation this year after (unconfirmed) reports that North Korean men were ordered to adopt it.5. 金正Kim Jong Un)的发型师,这是一份需要冒着极大个人危险的工作。有报道称(未经实)朝鲜男人被命令剪成金正恩头后,这种将两侧头发剃短、头顶梳高的发型造成了出口轰动. Ashraf Ghani, president of Afghanistan. He spent weeks quarreling with a rival over the dubious results of the June presidential election and it took John Kerry, US secretary of state, to broker a deal that secured him the top job. He may soon regret his victory.6.阿富汗总统阿什拉夫#8226;加尼(Ashraf Ghani)。他与一位竞争对手就6月总统大选的可疑结果争吵了好几个星期,还是在美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)的促成下达成一项协议才得以保住他的最高职位。他可能很快会后悔自己的胜利. John Kerry, US secretary of state. Hugely powerful job but relentlessly frustrating, particularly over the past year, in which Mr Kerry’s months-long pursuit of Middle East peace collapsed, as did his peace plans for Syria. Not to mention that the biggest global diplomatic crisis, over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, is at a dead end while Iraq has imploded.7.美国国务卿约#8226;克里。这份工作拥有巨大的权力,但总是令人受挫,特别是在过去的一年,克里对中东和平长达数月的追求宣告失败,而他对叙利亚的和平计划也是如此。更不用提全球最大的外交危机——俄罗斯对乌克兰的干预——陷入僵局,还有伊拉克局面失控. Staffan de Mistura, the UN special envoy for Syria. His “peace facilitationjob, to which he was appointed in July, is likely to prove as unachievable as the efforts of his predecessors, Kofi Annan and Lakhdar Brahimi.8. 联合UN)秘书长叙利亚事务特使斯塔#8226;德米斯图Staffan de Mistura)。今月他被委以“促进和平”的重任,他很可能无法完成这一任务,就像他的前任科#8226;安南(Kofi Annan)和拉赫达#8226;卜拉希米(Lakhdar Brahimi)一样. Mystery French scooter driver. Again, not a political appointment but Fran#231;ois Hollande’s security guard was a key man in the president’s alleged nocturnal visits to his lover, an actor. The job involved long hours, furtive driving and the arms of the leader of France around his waist.9. 神秘的法国托车司机。这同样不是政治工作,但在弗朗索#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)夜会他所谓的情人——一位演员时,这位总统的保镖扮演了关键角色。该工作需要长时间守候、鬼鬼祟祟的驾驶,腰间还要环绕着法国领导人的胳膊。来 /201501/351619

Cruise ship victims mourned为沉船遇难者哀悼Sunday marks 7 days since the Eastern Star went down, and according to Chinese tradition, this is a key date on which to mourn the dead. Officials and rescuers stood in mourning and faced a battered cruise ship in the Yangtze River on Sunday as surrounding boats sounded their horns.7日是;东方之星;号客轮长江翻沉事件遇难人员的;头七;祭奠日,沉船打捞现场举行了哀悼遇难者活动,政府官员和救援人员面向遇难船舶肃立默哀,附近船舶鸣笛默哀。The death toll from the disaster reached 432 on Sunday, with 10 still missing.截至7日,客轮翻沉事件遇难人数升至432人,失踪10人。Many TV stations in China, including CCTV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV and Hunan TV, have canceled entertainment shows to mourn victims of the disaster.为悼念遇难者,央视、东方卫视、江苏卫视和湖南卫视等多家电视台暂停播出多档综艺节目。来 /201506/379318

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