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上饶韩美整形美容医院治疗青春痘多少钱上饶婺源县做脱毛手术多少钱Two in five North Koreans are undernourished and more than 70% of the population relies on food aid, the ed Nations says.联合国日前表示,朝鲜每五个人当中就有两个营养不良,而全国人口有70%须依赖粮食救援。In a new report, it said most North Koreans also lacked access to basic healthcare or sanitation.一份最新报告指出,大多数朝鲜人也缺少基本的医疗和卫生设斀?Diarrhoea and pneumonia are the two main causes of death for children under five, the report said.该报告称,该国五岁以下儿童夭折的两大主要死因是腹泻和肺炎。Humanitarian needs had been exacerbated by ;recurrent natural hazards;, such as frequent floods and drought.此外,像频繁的洪水或者干旱等反复出现的自然灾害也加剧了人道主义援助的急剧需求;Amidst political tensions, an estimated 18 million people across DPRK continue to suffer from food insecurity and undernutrition, as well as a lack of access to basic services,; the UN report said.联合国的报告指出:“在紧张的政治气氛下,整个朝鲜人民民主共和国约有1800万人持续受到粮食没有保障的困扰,此外还有基础务设施的匮乏。;Furthermore, 10.5 million people, or 41% of the total population, are undernourished.;“另外,050万人营养不良,约占总人口的41%。”Isolated North Korea, which has a population of about 25 million, has faced significant food shortages for years. Hundreds of thousands are believed to have died during a widesp famine in the 1990s.政治孤立的朝鲜总人口约2500万人口,长年面临严重的粮食短缺0世纪90年代一场蔓延全国的饥荒,据称造成了数十万人的死亡。The UN report said the situation had improved since then, ;in part as a result of humanitarian assistance;.联合国报告称,部分出于人道主义援助,自那以后状况有所改善。However, two-thirds of North Koreans still depend on food being distributed by the state. The rations of items such as cereals and potatoes had been reduced from 380g per person per day to just 300g for several months last year.不过,朝鲜有三分之二的人仍然依靠国家配额制的粮食生活。在去年有几个月,像谷物和土豆之类的食物的分配定量,一度从每人每日380克下降至300克。来 /201703/501208上饶市中医院去眼袋多少钱 1.Laptop/Desktop 笔记本电脑/台式机 A:Would you like to have a laptop or a desktop?B:Laptop would be better. I can work at home that way.A:你想要笔记本电脑还是台式机?B:笔记本电脑好一些,那样我在家里也可以工作。 2. Microsoft Project 微软项目管理A: Do you know how to use Microsoft Project?B: I know a little bit. What do you want to do?A:你知道怎样使用微软项目管理吗?B:我知道一点儿,你想要做什么?3.Network card 网卡A: The network card is not working.B: I will replace one for you.A:这个网卡不好用。B:我会给你换一个。4.Slow speed 慢速度A: The speed of my computer is so slow. Do you know what's wrong?B: You have too many applications open.A:我电脑的速度太慢了,你知道是怎么回事吗?B:你打开的应用软件太多了。5.Toolbar 工具栏A: How do you get the toolbar for Picture?B: It's in View, Toolbars.A:你怎么找到图片工具栏的?B:在“工具栏”中的“视图”里。 /200808/45593What qualifications do you have that relate to the position?你拥有哪些与这个职位相关的资质?I have 14 years of experience as financial officer of a large multinational,including a track record of contributing to bottom-line results by reducing costs and implementing effective financial conditions.我在一家大型跨国公司担任了14年的财务主管,我的业绩记录包括降低成本和实施有效的财务管理政策,为公司的收益贡献良多。我在合同和付条件的谈判方面也颇有成效。I also have extensive experience in creating and implementing effective financial,budgeting and accounting systems.另外,我也拥有许多设计和执行有效的财务,预算和会计系统的经验。I have demonstrated strong leadership and managerial skills.我有较强的领导能力和管理能力。In my last job,I supervised a treasury staff of seven and an additional 62 handling risk management and workers compensation claims.在上一份工作中,我手下有7位财务人员和62位处理风险管理和劳工赔偿要求的人员。I truly believe,form all youve told me,that my experience and skills are ideal for this position.听了您的说明,我深信,我的经验和技术非常适合这个职位。I believe Im the right person.我坚信自己能胜任。 /201311/265333上饶第一人民医院纹眉毛多少钱

上饶洗纹身贵吗上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院激光去红血丝多少钱 We were closely followed by WW. WW 公司紧随我们之后。We were closely followed by WW.WW公司紧随我们之后。So how do we widen this gap?那么我们该怎样才能拉大这个差距呢?Our company is well ahead of its rivals. 我们公司远远超过了公司的主要竞争对手。Our company is well ahead of its rivals.我们公司远远超过了公司的主要竞争对手。We cannot treat them lightly.我们不可以掉以轻心啊。The company poached the contract from their main rivals. 这家公司窃取了其主要竞争对手的合同。Our competitors want to play hardball.我们的主要竞争对手要动真格的了。The strategy is now allowing the company to lap its chief rivals. 该策略令公司得以领先于公司的主要竞争对手。 /201508/393053上饶韩美医院隆胸多少钱

上饶绣眉哪里好 to overturn a decision 推翻决定英文释义To change an important decision, often by deciding in the opposite direction. (NOTE: often used in regard to legal matters)例句The companys new president decided to overturn a decision by his predecessor that was unpopular with employees.公司新总裁决心推翻前任制定的不受员工欢迎的决定。 /201304/234989广丰区去眼袋多少钱铅山县人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱



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