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汉中做包茎延长术那家医院好陕西省汉中治疗早泄哪家医院最好A giant panda slated to be the star of the first-ever live broadcast of the birth of panda cubs has lost the role -- after it was discovered the bear is not pregnant after all, Chinese state media reported.一只大熊猫按计划本能成为第一个被直播生产幼崽的明星熊猫,但没能成功。因为人们发现这只熊猫根本没有怀。Not only was it a phantom pregnancy, but zookeepers suspect the panda, Ai Hin, may have been faking it to improve her quality of life, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding told Xinhua on Monday.据官方的新华社8月25日报道,成都大熊猫繁育研究基地表示,这不仅仅是假想怀,动物园管理员怀疑大熊猫“爱浜”为了改善自己的生活质量而伪装自己怀了。今年7月,6岁的“爱浜”表现出了一系列怀的症状:食欲变化、活动减少,且激素升高。But after almost two months, she began acting normally again, zookeepers said.但两个月之后,它就表现得很正常了,动物园管理员说。Experts say pandas sometimes carry on the behaviors associated with early pregnancy after noticing that they get preferential treatment, the news agency reported.专家称,大熊猫有时注意到表现出早期怀症状就能得到更好的待遇时,它们就会装作怀了,新华社报道。;After showing prenatal signs, the #39;mothers-to-be#39; are moved into single rooms with air conditioning and around-the-clock care,; Wu Kongju, an expert at the Chengdu base, is ed as saying.新华社引用成都大熊猫基地专家吴孔菊(音)的话说,“一旦显示出产前的症状,将要做母亲的大熊猫就会被移到有空调的单间里,并享受24小时悉心照顾。”;They also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life.;“这些怀的大熊猫能获得更多的点心、水果和竹子。一些聪明的熊猫利用这一点来改善自己的生活质量。”The birth of Ai Hin#39;s supposed cub and its progress in its early days, from its first cries to acquiring its distinctive black-and-white fur, were due to be broadcast online to panda lovers in China and worldwide.如果“爱浜”生出了幼崽,幼崽的早期生活,从第一声啼哭到长出典型的黑白色皮毛,都本应该在网上向中国和全世界的喜欢熊猫的人直播。Giant pandas are notoriously reluctant to breed in captivity and pseudo-pregnancies are common.众所周知,大熊猫不愿意在封闭的环境中产崽。所以伪装怀的情况很普遍。The female is fertile for no more than three days a year, and the time span for a pregnancy is from 80 to 200 days, according to the Chengdu base. Scientists will closely monitor behavioral and physiological signs, but it#39;s often a guessing game.根据成都大熊猫基地的说法,雌性大熊猫一年排卵时间不超过3天,而怀的时间跨度则从80天到200天都有。科学家们紧密的关注着大熊猫的行为和生理特征,但很多时候还是碰运气。Even if a pregnancy proves genuine, baby pandas have very low survival rates. According to the Chengdu base, only a third to a half of pandas born in Chinese captivity manage to survive past infancy.即使一只熊猫真的怀了,熊猫幼崽的存活率也非常低。据成都大熊猫基地统计,在中国大熊猫基地出生的大熊猫只有三分之一到一半度过了幼年期。There was good news last month, though, when a panda gave birth to a healthy set of triplets in China#39;s Chimelong Safari Park in the southern city of Guangzhou. The cubs are thought to be the only living panda triplets in the world.不过上个月有好消息,在周国南部城市广州长隆野生动物园,一只大熊猫生出了健康的三胞胎。它们被认为是世界上唯一活着的熊猫三胞胎。Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland thinks its panda, Tian Tian, could be the next to produce a cub, based on the latest scientific tests, but there are no guarantees.根据最近的科学检测,苏格兰爱丁堡动物园认为园中的熊猫天天可能是下一个要产崽的熊猫,但并不一定。;It is very likely that we will not know 100% if Tian Tian is pregnant until she gives birth,; Iain Valentine, director of giant pandas for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said earlier this month.苏格兰皇家动物学会的大熊猫专家伊恩·瓦伦汀(Iain Valentine)在本月初表示:“不到天天生崽之时,我们不能百分之百确定它怀了。”As few as 1,600 giant pandas survive in the mountain forests of central China, according to the Smithsonian Institution#39;s National Zoo in Washington. More than 300 pandas live in zoos and breeding centers around the world, most of them in China.据在华盛顿的史密森学会的国家动物园统计,在中国中部的山林里,只有1600只大熊猫存活。全世界共有300多只大熊猫生活在动物园和大熊猫繁育中心里,大部分在中国。 /201409/325345汉中最好的包皮手术医院 In the 1939 film classic The Women, much is made of the alluring quality of a specific color of nail polish: “Jungle Red.” It turns out that the characters’ faith in the product was not misplaced.在1939年的经典影片《女人们》中,主角们常常说到一种特殊的指甲油颜色——“丛林红”特别具有诱惑力。科学明,这些电影角色对这种指甲油色号的笃信并非没有根据。New research suggests the color red on a woman does indeed signal sexual availability—not only to men, but also to other women.现在科学研究指出,女性身上红色的装饰确实会向他人发送诱惑的信号——不仅向男性,也会向其他女性发送这种信号。As we have noted previously, studies have found that men tend to view women in red as more sexually attractive. But, ladies, if you were thinking wearing that color would send a subliminal signal only males would pick up on, you’re out of luck.我们已经知道,研究发现,男性往往认为穿红衣的女性更具有吸引力。但是姑娘们,如果你以为穿红衣只会对男性发送微妙的信号,那你就错了。“Our results suggest that women perceive and behave toward other women in red as if these other women are actively advertising” their openness to the possibility of a sexual encounter, writes a research team led by University of Rochester psychologist Adam Pazda.罗彻斯特大学的心理学家亚当·帕扎达所带领的研究团队指出,“我们的研究成果表明,当某些女性穿着红衣的时候,其他女性就会认为她们正在积极地招蜂引蝶,她们对这些红衣女士的态度和交流方式都会有所不同。”Pazda and his colleagues describe a experiment conducted on two different continents that provide evidence that wearing red sets off certain alarm bells. In the first, 196 women recruited online viewed a photo of “a moderately attractive women in her late 20s.”帕扎达的团队在两块不同的大陆上进行了三项实验,这些实验的结果实,穿红衣的女性会发出警示信号。在第一项实验中,科学家们请196名参与实验的女性观看一张“具有现代美的二十八九岁的女性”照片。Half saw an image of her wearing a white dress; the rest viewed an otherwise identical image of her in a red dress. Afterwards, all responded on a sliding scale to a series of statements such as “This person is sexy.”一半的实验参与者看到的照片上姑娘穿着白衣;另一半的实验参与者看到的照片上姑娘穿着红衣。实验结果是,所有的参与者都认为“这个人很性感”,但是性感的程度却有明显的高低之分。As expected, the woman was seen as more sexy if she was wearing red. This held true whether or not the study participants were in a committed relationship.如科学家们所料想的,穿红衣的姑娘被认为更加性感。无论实验参与者是否单身,他们的观点都是这样的。The researchers caution that, needless to say, “not all women displaying red are actively advertising sexual availability.” For those who are not, it’s valuable to understand the ways their wardrobe choices are being interpreted—both by men, and by their female acquaintances.研究者们提醒道,“并不是所有女性在穿红衣的时候都在故意显露性感。”——这一点毋庸置疑。对那些无意穿红色衣的姑娘们,你们有必要知道:你衣着的颜色不仅会向男性、也会向女性同胞们发送某种信息。 /201407/311662汉中佛坪县治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

汉中哪家男科医院治疗软下疳好Every day, hundreds of thousands of us pop into coffee shops. While we sip our cappuccinos, we may connect our smartphones to the cafes’ Wi-Fi network, and catch up with friends via services such as Facebook.每天都有好几十万人光顾咖啡馆。我们一边啜饮着卡布奇诺,一边用手机上着免费Wifi,刷着Facebook等社交网围观朋友近况。As well as socialising, we may use the time and free access to a wireless connection to get on top of our finances. That #163;75 you owe the plumber can be paid instantly by accessing your bank’s website or app. Transferring money from your savings account to your current account is nothing more than a few taps on your screen.除了社交,我们也会利用这空闲时间和免费网络处理一下财务问题。比如说,你能登录网上或者应用来还欠水管工的75英镑,而且马上就能到账。只需要在手机屏上轻敲几下,你就可以把储蓄账户的钱转到消费账户,就是这么简单。But what coffee drinkers do not suspect is that lurking among their fellow latte lovers are bank robbers.但是慢悠悠喝着咖啡的人们从没想到,盗贼会潜伏在他们周围那些爱喝拿铁的顾客里。Unbeknown to you, this modern form of bank robber is silently harvesting all your private data. The only sign of his thievery is perhaps a little smile as your bank log-in details appear on his screen, y for him to copy and paste before plundering your account within seconds of you finishing your coffee.你不知道的是,这种新型网银盗贼悄悄地收集着你的私人数据。盗窃发生的迹象几乎是无痕的,你的网银登录信息出现在他屏幕上之后、他微微一笑,然后就可以复制粘贴你的账号密码,不等你喝完咖啡就刷光你的卡。In short, you’ve just been mugged — but you’ll only realise when you later go to a cash machine to withdraw some money, and discover that every penny in your account has been cleared out. During an anxious phone call to the bank, you’ll learn that an online thief has hacked into your account and stolen all your money.简单来说,你刚刚被盗了——但是只有你去取款机取钱、发现卡里一分钱都没有了的时候,才会发现自己被盗。等到你焦急地给打电话时,你就会明白是一个网络小偷黑了你的网银,偷光了你的钱。One route is through your phone’s wireless ‘Bluetooth’ function, which, when switched on, allows it to ‘talk’ to other enabled devices nearby. This means that a hacker sitting near you can use his Bluetooth-enabled laptop to connect to your device without your knowledge. This process is sometimes called ‘bluejacking’ or, more properly, ‘bluesnarfing’ (from the slang word ‘snarf’ which means to eat, drink or devour).网银失窃有时是通过蓝牙功能,打开蓝牙、周围也开着蓝牙功能的手机就能接收到你的信息。也就是说,一个坐在你旁边的黑客可以用他开着蓝牙的电脑来连接你的手机,而你对此一无所知。这种方式有时被叫做“蓝牙盗窃”,或者更多被叫做“蓝牙吞噬”。(所谓吞噬,就是说对方吃掉了你的信息,有时还有钱)The more common method is for crooks to use your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. They rely on the fact that most of us are blase about the security of the networks we connect to.更常见的盗窃手段是利用你手机的Wifi连接,他们就是欺负我们一般人对于Wifi的安全性毫不关心。For example, when you are in a coffee shop, your smartphone will present you with a list of available Wi-Fi networks that you can use to connect your phone to the internet. The majority of these networks are run by legitimate companies, but sometimes they are actually created by a criminal sitting nearby with little more than a laptop.比如说,你在咖啡馆的时候,手机能搜到一大堆Wifi,链接这些Wifi就能够手机上网了。这些Wifi中大多数都是合法的,但是也有的就是你旁边的黑客仅用一台手提电脑创建的网络。These networks are often given innocent-sounding names, such as ‘Free Public Wi-Fi’, that gull smartphone users into logging in. On the surface, everything seems normal, and you will be able to connect just as you would with a legitimate Wi-Fi service.这些Wifi一般都有个纯洁无辜的名字,比如“免费公共无线”,好骗你们上钩。表面看来一切正常,能上网能下载,和你连接合法Wifi一样。However, because you have connected to a network controlled by a thief, he can monitor everything you do, enabling him to vacuum up passwords and login details for your bank account. In fact, the process is so simple that the thieves can steal thousands of pounds in just a few hours while sitting in their local Starbucks.不过,因为你连了一个由盗贼控制的Wifi,你干嘛他都看得见,所以他就能读取到你的网银密码和登录信息。事实上,这个过程不过是举手之劳,所以小偷们只需要在附近的星巴克坐上几个小时,就能偷到好几千英镑。 /201405/302458汉中割包皮手术 汉中佳和美男科医院号码

宁强县中医院男科挂号Eyes bulging at the steaming plate before her, Lee Soo-#173;kyung eagerly wolfs down a mouthful of rice, unperturbed by the film camera hovering a chopstick’s length from her face. But the constant interruptions by Park Joon-wha give the actress, her pretty features offset by a frumpy collared shirt, little chance to enjoy the meal.李秀景(Lee Soo-#173;kyung,见右图)的姣好面容似乎与领子邋遢的衬衫不相称。此刻,她瞪着眼前热气腾腾的盘子,狼吞虎咽地吃下一大口米饭,对距离自己的脸仅一根筷子开外的摄像机并不在乎。但朴俊华(Park Joon-wha)不停地打断她,她根本就吃不好饭。“Eat as much as you can!” cries the director of the forthcoming soap opera Let’s Eat, scrutinising her from behind two screens and his thick black-rimmed glasses. “If it’s hot then show it – let’s see you gulping! And bring her some more green vegetables to make it more colourful!”戴黑色宽边眼镜的导演一边通过两块视频屏幕观察她的表演,一边大喊:“尽量吃,能吃多少就吃多少!要是感觉饭菜热,你得让人看到你在大快朵颐!来,再给她加点儿绿色蔬菜,让色更鲜艳。”剧组正在制作即将播出的肥皂剧《一起吃饭吧》(Let’s Eat)。As crew members top up her plate once more, Ms Lee discreetly spits a half-chewed morsel into a bucket by her side.剧组人员再次加满菜盘之际,李秀景悄悄地把一小口嚼了一半的饭菜吐进身边的桶里。Making South Korean television drama is hard work, and not always glamorous. Yet the results are consumed avidly by viewers from the Mongolian steppes to the congested streets of Jakarta.拍韩国电视剧是件苦差,也并不总是光鲜的。不过,从蒙古大草原到雅加达拥挤的街道,观众们都非常热衷看韩剧。South Korea’s TV drama exports grew from m in 2001 to 5m in 2011 – the most recent official figure available – and industry executives say there is still room for expansion in Asia and beyond.2001年韩剧出口额为800万美元,2011年(可获得最新官方数据的年份)上升至1.55亿美元。行业高管表示,韩剧在亚洲及其他地区仍有扩张空间。Despite the impressive growth, the soap-opera makers are in no danger of overtaking the multibillion-dollar sales of the country’s electronics groups such as Samsung, or shipbuilders. But their rise reflects the growing cultural allure of one of Asia’s richest nations – as well as its fiercely competitive business culture.尽管增长惊人,但电视剧制作公司与该国三星(Samsung)等电子产品集团或造船企业在销售额上仍不可同日而语。但是,该行业的崛起反映了亚洲最富裕国家之一不断增强的文化魅力——也反映了韩国竞争激烈的商业文化。The lonely death this summer of the celebrated director Kim Jong-hak, in the bathroom of a rented apartment, was a reminder of the high stakes at the top of the country’s TV business. Mr Kim had invested millions of dollars in Faith – a 24-part drama about a plastic surgeon who travels back in time – only to find himself facing a commercial flop and an angry cast pursuing him for unpaid wages.今夏,韩国知名导演金钟学(Kim Jong-hak)在一处出租公寓的浴室里孤独地死去,向世人提醒该国电视业高层的风险有多么高。金钟学曾向24集的《信义》(Faith)投入数百万美元,最终遭遇商业失败,而愤怒的剧组人员向他追讨被拖欠的薪酬。该剧讲述的是一位整形外科医生穿越时空回到过去的故事。His suicide prompted soul-searching in an industry that has seen its budgets balloon in recent years. “When I started in this industry 20 years ago it would cost about Won50m (,000) to make a single 70-minute episode,” says Kim Young-seop, a content executive at SBS, one of South Korea’s three terrestrial broadcasters. “Now it’s more like Won450m.”受金钟学自杀的触动,近年来预算快速上涨的电视行业开始了反省。韩国三大电视台之一SBS的内容总监Kim Young-seop说:“20年前我进入这个行业时,拍一集70分钟的电视剧成本大约是5000万韩元(合4.7万美元),如今成本已接近4.5亿韩元了。”SBS and its rivals, KBS and M, have begun to commission most of their TV dramas from independent production companies. The two parties typically split filming and salary costs but the broadcaster usually takes all the domestic advertising revenue. To make a profit, the independent producers must rely on export sales, sponsorship and product placement.SBS及其对手KBS和M都已开始委托独立制片公司制作大多数电视剧。一般情况下,双方分担摄制与工资成本,但电视台通常独占全部国内广告收入。为实现盈利,独立制片公司必须依靠出口销售、赞助和植入式广告。Critics say this system unfairly skews financial risk towards the independent producers. But the ruthless competition between them has helped drive a dynamic industry with broadening international appeal.批评者表示,这一制度不公平地让独立制片公司承担了大部分的财务风险。但是,这些制片公司之间的无情竞争提高了该行业的活力,在国际上产生了越来越大的吸引力。Japan has been by far the biggest foreign market ever since the success in 2003 of Winter Sonata, a mixture of slushy romance and high drama that won a huge following among middle-aged women (see box). Executives see limited room for further growth there, however. The novelty has worn off among the Japanese, with sentiment towards South Korea also darkened by a growing diplomatic dispute over the nations’ past colonial relationship.日本一直是自2003年《冬季恋歌》(Winter Sonata)大获成功以来韩剧最大的海外市场。那是一部多愁善感、情节曲折的爱情片,受到了中年女性的热烈追捧。然而,行业高管们认为日本市场的未来增长空间受限。一方面,日本人对韩剧的新鲜感已逐渐消退,另一方面,历史上两国之间殖民关系引起的外交纠纷日益加深,也使日本人对韩国的印象变差。So the industry is looking further afield. Broadcasters in Iran, Iraq and the ed Arab Emirates have given primetime slots to conservative South Korean medieval dramas. “In those countries they don’t want to see women in short skirts,” explains Jo Han-sang, an overseas distribution executive at KBS.于是,韩国电视业开始把目光投向更远方。伊朗、伊拉克和阿联酋的多家电视台已安排在黄金时段播放保守的韩国古装连续剧。KBS负责海外发行的高管Jo Han-sang解释道:“在那些国家,人们不想看到女人穿短裙。”Nearly a dozen of KBS’s dramas are currently showing on Romanian national TV, Mr Jo says, while Turkish producers have been buying the rights to remake some shows.他说,KBS出品的10多部电视剧目前在罗马尼亚全国电视台播放,土耳其一些制片公司也一直在购买版权,对部分剧目进行改编。The industry’s export success echoes that of Mexican soap operas, or telenovelas – and SBS is targeting their Latin American heartland through a distribution deal.韩国电视业的出口佳绩与墨西哥肥皂剧(被称为telenovelas的浪漫电视肥皂剧)相仿。SBS正通过一份发行协议,把目光投向拉美腹地市场。But for now, the real money is to be made in Asia, be it from the established markets of Japan and Taiwan or the fast-growing demand in countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. “US shows have specific genres – cop shows or medical shows – but we have universal stories,” says Park Man-young, a KBS producer.但目前而言,韩剧还是要靠亚洲来赚取大部分利润——无论是成熟的日本或台湾市场,还是需求快速增长的越南和柬埔寨等国家。KBS制片人Park Man-young说:“美剧有些固定的类型——警察剧或医疗剧——但韩剧的情节很齐全。”“All of a sudden everything is about Korea,” says Leung Yuk-ming, a cultural studies professor at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University. But while TV may have started the “Korean Wave”, she adds, the centre of attention is now K-pop – the immaculately groomed, minutely choreographed bands that have an ever tighter grip on Asia’s teen market.香港岭南大学(Lingnan University)文化研究系助理教授梁旭明(Leung Yuk-ming)说:“突然间,韩国文化铺天盖地来了。”不过,她补充道,尽管韩剧也许开启了“韩流”,但现在最吸引观众的是K-pop(韩国流行音乐)——打扮得干干净净、舞蹈动作精心编排的乐队,在亚洲青少年当中越来越有市场。TV companies have sought to cash in by hiring the singers to appear in their shows. “We do like to cast an ‘idol’ who appeals to the international market,” says Suh Jang-ho, a content executive at the entertainment group CJ Eamp;M, which used the pop star Yoon Doo-joon in Let’s Eat.电视公司已寻求利用这一趋势,他们雇佣歌手拍电视节目。集团CJ Eamp;M内容总监Suh Jang-ho说:“我们的确希望请一位在国际市场有吸引力的‘偶像’主演。”该集团聘请了流行歌星尹斗俊(Yoon Doo-joon)加盟《一起吃饭吧》。The likes of Mr Yoon do not come cheap. The going rate for an internationally popular star is now Won100m per episode, executives say. Cuts have to be made to accommodate the big names, notes Yoon Tae-jin, a professor at Seoul’s Yonsei University. “Suddenly the lead parts have no parents any more.”尹斗俊等明星的身价不菲。高管们表示,目前国际级明星每集电视剧的片酬是1亿韩元。首尔延世大学(Yonsei University)教授Yoon Tae-jin指出,为了延揽大明星加盟,不得不在其他方面削减。“主角们突然间都没有父母了。”However, the country’s idiosyncratic “live shoot” system means even the superstars are not given an easy ride. Producers typically shoot only the first few episodes of a drama before it goes to air, and they continue filming as the run proceeds.然而,韩国另类的“随拍随播”制度意味着,就连超级明星的日子也不太好过。一部电视剧开播之前,制片公司通常只拍好了开头几集,然后边拍摄、边播放。This enables screenwriters to develop the plot according to the audience reaction, which is tracked on social media and discussion boards on shows’ fan pages. An unpopular character might be killed off, for example.这一制度使编剧能根据观众反应(从社交媒体和剧目粉丝网页追踪)来设计剧情。比如,某个不受欢迎的角色可能被砍掉。Yet the system often results in cast and crew working through the night as they battle to complete filming each episode before it airs.但这一制度往往意味着,由于每一集都要赶在开播之前制作好,演员和剧组人员往往要彻夜赶工。“Let’s say the episode is being aired at 10pm – the filming might finish at 7pm on the same day,” says Park Tae-young, an executive producer at Samwha Networks, one of the biggest independent TV companies. “If the tape is delivered to the broadcaster late, then you just have a blank screen for one or two minutes. That happens from time to time.”韩国最大的独立电视公司之一Samhwa Networks的执行制片人Park Tae-young说:“比如说,这一集将在晚10点播放,拍摄工作可能在下午7点才完成。如果录像带不能及时送到电视台,电视屏幕上就要出现一两分钟的空白。这种情况时有发生。”However much the budgets grow and the stars complain, producers show no sign of abandoning the gung-ho approach that characterised the growth of other South Korean export industries decades earlier. “If we filmed it before airing, everything would take longer,” says Mr Park at KBS. “Actually, it’s a crazy practice. But we’ve been doing this for years.”无论预算增幅多大,明星如何抱怨,但制片人并未流露出放弃这种紧张制作模式的迹象。几十年前,韩国其他出口行业在起飞阶段也出现过这种模式。KBS的Park Man-young说:“如果我们要求在开播之前制作完毕,那么一切都要花更长时间。没错,这种模式很疯狂,但我们多年来一直是这么做的。” /201312/268305 汉中正规医院男科哪家最好汉中去哪里 阳痿早泄治疗好



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