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Vogue杂志百年 首次找了个百岁老太当模特(视频) -- :9:30 来源:chinadaily You hear it said often — that true beauty is ageless — but you don't see much evidence of the idea in popular culture, where the beauty ideal skews to the young, and the even younger.你一定经常听说,真正的美丽永不会变老,但是流行文化很少能印这个观点,在流行文化中,美丽的理想型没有最年轻,只有更年轻While Vogue magazine has its annual age issue, which highlights accomplished (usually gorgeous) women of various ages, that's only once a year. And if you count the images, including advertising, there are precious few with anyone over 50 in them. But British Vogue's 0th anniversary, the magazine features Bo Gilbert, a model who is as old as it is.尽管《Vogue杂志每年都有年龄特辑,刊登各个年龄段的完美(通常是性感)女人,但一年只有一次并且,如果你数一数图片,算上广告,里面的模特很少有超过50岁的但是在英国《Vogue杂志的百年特辑中,和它同岁的波bull;吉尔伯特成为了主角 It's not surprising that this campaign comes from the UK, where ordinary looks, less makeup and older visages are more common on television and films made there. The campaign is made by Harvey Nicks, a well-known British luxury department store.英国电视剧和电影中的人物普遍有些长相平平、不怎么浓妆艳抹、容貌显老,这样的百年庆来自英国,一点也不新奇此次活动由英国知名奢侈品百货公司哈维bull;尼克斯举办Gilbert lives in an assisted-living facility in England, and her shoot she wore bespoke Valentino glasses, a blouse by Victoria Beckham and The Row pants over a Dris Van Noten coat, with shoes by Celine and a necklace by Lanvin.吉尔伯特住在英国一家养老机构,为了进行此次拍摄,她戴上了专门定制的瓦伦蒂诺眼镜、维多利亚bull;贝克汉姆的上衣、The Row的裤子、德赖斯bull;范诺顿外套、思琳的鞋和浪凡的项链The is really sweet, with fashion recollections by Gilbert. Of course she mentions hats and how fun they were to wear, as well as the first time she saw a woman in a pantsuit, which she said "really caught my eye." She says she has always dressed nicely, even if she wasn't going out that day and nobody would see her.视频拍得非常温馨,吉尔伯特回忆起有关时尚的那些往事当然她提到了帽子,并讲戴上它们是多么有趣,还有她第一次看到一个穿裤装的女人的场景,她说那“真是吸引了我的眼球”她说她总是穿着得体,即便某一天她不出门也没人会看到她Over the past few years, as women have gained more power in both media and Hollywood, beauty standards are very, very slowly changing. We're now seeing some of our favorite actresses keep making movies into their 0s and 50s, even if there aren't that many roles them; it's just another sign that there is still a long way to go. The attention that elderly fashion icons like Iris Apfel (I highly recommend her documentary, "Iris," on Netflix), and the women of the Advanced Style blog (here's another model who is 0), proves there's interest in the fashion commy — and outside it — something beyond the next bright young thing.过去几年,尽管女人在媒体和好莱坞电影业的权力越来越大,但美丽的标准变化得非常、非常缓慢现在我们看到一些我们非常喜欢的女演员四五十岁还在演电影,尽管适合她们的角色并不多;这恰恰再次说明还有很长的路要走我们对老年时尚偶像的关注,比如艾瑞斯bull;阿普菲尔(我强烈推荐奈飞公司出品的纪录片《艾瑞斯),和“前卫风格”客的那些女人(其中有个模特也0岁了),表明,无论是时尚圈内还是时尚圈外,人们都不只关注光鲜靓丽的年轻外表"I do things that I think a lot of people wouldn't do at my age," says Gilbert, in the above.在上面的视频中,吉尔伯特说:“我想我做的事很多同龄人都不会做”That's definitely interesting, and inspiring, as we all grow older.那当然非常有趣,也很鼓舞人心,因为我们都会变老Vocabulary:skew: 歪斜visage: 容貌bespoke: 定做的recollection: 回忆英文来源:mnn译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮

科学家发明“死神计算机” The supercomputer that can predict when you'll DIE --19 :50: 来源: 科学家发明“死神计算机”The supercomputer that can predict when you'll DIEBoston researchers have developed a supercomputer they claim can predict with 96% probability if a patient is about to die.波士顿的研究人员发明了一种超级计算机,据说能预测病人是不是快要死亡,准确性高达96%The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has linked monitors on its patients to the system, which is said to be better at spotting illnesses than human doctors.贝斯以色列女执事医疗中心将病人身上的监测器与该系统相连,据说这样可以比医生更准确地发现病情It is loaded with inmation about more than 50,000 people from the past 30 years, drawing on this data to make speedy diagnoses.该系统中拥有近30年来超5万位患者的信息,并利用这些资料做出快速的诊断This speedy disease recognition could allow a quick cure, potentially saving lives as well as predicting patients" imminent demise.这种快速的疾病诊断方法既可以预测病人是否即将死亡,也可以使患者尽早接受治疗,从而可能挽救患者的生命'The big picture is that we're trying to harness the power of big data,' said Dr Steve Horng, who is leading the project.“重点是,我们正在尽可能地利用大数据的力量”该项目的负责人史蒂芬?黄士说'If you come in, we can take everything we know about you, both in your current visit and previous visits.“如果你来看病,我们可以向你展示我们所知道的所有关于你的情况,包括你现在和之前看医生的记录”'We can compare that to other patients with similar conditions, and predict diagnoses you might have in the future.'“我们可以将你的情况和其他症状相似的患者进行对比,预测出你将来可能患的疾病”It collects data on patients every three minutes, measuring everything from oxygen levels to blood pressure.该系统每三分钟就收集一次患者的信息,测量氧气含量、血压等各项指标The groundbreaking research is the first time the 'big data' principles have been applied in this way.这一突破性的研究是大数据理论首次以这种方式运用到该领域Dr Steve Horng told the B: 'We can predict with 96% confidence when patients [are facing a high] probability of dying,'史蒂芬?黄士告诉英国广播公司说:“我们可以判断出患者很可能即将死亡的时间,准确率高达96%”'If the computer says you're going to die, you probably will die in the next 30 days.'“如果计算机表示,你即将死亡,那么你很可能活不过一个月了”Vocabularydemise: 死亡big picture: 重点;(事情的)主要部分harness: 利用英文来源:每日邮报译者:张晴审校编辑:丹妮

Adele歌手生涯未受到英国脱欧影响:在美国开演唱会 -- :57: 来源: 英国脱欧成功并未影响阿黛尔的职业生涯,美国人欢迎阿黛尔来美国开演唱会 British singer Adele opens a series of shows in the ed States this week in the small city of Saint Paul, Minnesota.本周,英国歌手Adele在美国明尼苏达州小城圣保罗进行了一些列表演Three hundred thousand people live in Saint Paul.But it is part of a larger metropolitan area that is home to more than 3 million people.It is on the east side of the Mississippi River, across from Minneapolis.The two are often called the “Twin Cities.”圣保罗有30万居民但它也是拥有300万居民大城市的一部分圣保罗位于密西西比河东侧,与明尼阿波利斯市相望这两座城市通常被称作是“双子城”The city of Saint Paul has recognized the importance of Adele’s visit.It took this chance to make fun of the competitiveness between the two cities.圣保罗已经意识到Adele到来的重要性把握住此次机会拿两城之间的竞争来取乐The Saint Paul Visitors and Convention Bureau produced a marketing using Adele’s song “Hello,” but with different lyrics.The singers in the urge people to visit the “east side” of the river.They describe all the fun things that people can do there.圣保罗旅游局用Adele的歌曲《你好(Hello)制作了营销视频,但用了不同的歌词视频中的演唱者鼓励人们到密西西比河东岸参观他们描述了人们在那里能做的所有趣事The tickets the concert and the rest of Adele’s tour, however, sold out last December.Adele will play again in Saint Paul July 6.Then she leaves Minnesota three permances in the big city of Chicago, Illinois.去年月份,演唱会及Adele接下来行程的门票已经卖光7月6日,Adele会再次在圣保罗进行演出之后,将离开明尼苏达州,前往伊利诺斯州的大城市芝加哥进行三次演出Adele’s most recent album “5” was released in November of last year. It spent weeks at the top of Billboard magazine’s list of best-selling albums.Now, Billboard reports the album is climbing the charts again after its June release on streaming services.Industry experts expect the album to sell as many as 37,000 digital copies by June 30. That would put it back in the top .去年月份,Adele发布了最新专辑《5连续周,一直位于《公告牌杂志最畅销专辑之列《公告牌杂志表示,6月号在流媒体上发布该专辑之后,该专辑在排行榜上又开始攀升行业专家希望到6月30号,能够卖出37,000份电子版专辑这将使专辑重回前十的位置Several of the album’s songs, including “When We Were Young,” were released as singles on streaming services earlier this year.今年,流媒体上发布了该专辑收录的几首单曲,其中包括《当我们年轻时(When We Were Young)Adele is an expert “breakup” songwriter.She told the New York Times newspaper that she knows she has written a good song when it makes her cry.But other people’s songs make her cry, too. In a People magazine interview, Adele told about the songs of heartbreak that move her.Adele是有关“感情破裂”的出色歌曲作家她接受《纽约时报采访时表示,若歌曲能引人落泪,便一定是好的歌曲但其他人的歌曲也能够让她落泪在接受《人物杂志采访时,Adele谈到了那些让她动容的悲伤歌曲One is, “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” from Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 hit album “Luck of the Draw.”Raitt sings: I can’t make you love me if you don’t you can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.其中一首是Bonnie Raitt 1991年主打专辑《抽签运(Luck of the Draw)中的《我不能让你爱上我(I Can’t Make You Love Me)Raitt唱道:“如果你不爱我,我便不能让你爱上我你不能勉强内心感受到它不喜欢的东西”Adele will perm in more than U.S. cities during her tour in the country.She spends the most time in Los Angeles and New York.Her last appearance will be in Houston, Texas in November.Adele此次来美国还将在其他个城市中进行表演在洛杉矶和纽约待的时间最长此次演唱会最后一次表演将于月份在德克萨斯州的休斯顿闪亮登场

关灯看手机易患眼盲症 -- ::3 来源:chinadaily 你经历过“智能手机眼盲症”吗? 半夜睡不着的时候,很多人都会拿起手机,刷微或者看朋友圈屋子里整体是一个黑暗的环境,如果看手机的时候侧躺着,主要用一只眼睛看手机,那么等你翻身平躺,把两只眼睛都睁开的时候,你会感觉到刚才看手机的那只眼睛什么都看不见 Smartphone blindness happens when people lie on their side at night, with one eye against the pillow and the other staring at the smartphone screen. While one eye adjusts to the dark, the other eye gets used to the bright light of the high-resolution screen. But when they roll over and open both their eyes, the eye which has been staring at the screen cannot cope with the darkness of the room. Subsequently, with both eyes uncovered in the dark, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be “blind”. 人们晚上侧躺着看手机,一只眼靠着枕头,另一只眼盯着手机屏幕的时候会出现“智能手机眼盲症”一只眼(靠着枕头的那只)适应了黑暗的环境,而另一只眼(看手机的那只)则适应了高分辨率屏幕发出的亮光当你翻身把两只眼睛都完全睁开的时候,之前盯着手机屏幕的那只眼睛无法适应房间内黑暗的环境结果,两只眼同时在黑暗环境中的时候,适应了光亮的那只就会出现“眼盲”的情况 It usually takes several moments the eyes to adjust, leading people to believe they are suffering from a severe problem. 通常,这种情况需要一段时间让眼睛来慢慢适应,有些人就会以为自己得了什么重病 A similar condition known as digital eye strain may also appear after long hours of staring at computer screen or smartphone screen. The sympotoms may include eye dryness, blurry vision and persistent headache. 另外一种相似的症状叫“数码眼疲劳”,多半出现在长时间盯着电脑或手机屏幕之后,主要的症状有,眼干、视野模糊,以及长时间头疼 缓解眼疲劳小贴士: 1. Blink more often. 多眨眼 Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. 看电脑的时候眨眼很重要,眨眼能够滋润眼睛,防止眼干和不适 . Adjust your computer display settings. 调整电脑显示设置 Brightness. Adjust the brightness of the display so it's approximately the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation. 亮度将电脑显示的亮度调整到接近周围环境亮度的水平 Text size and contrast. Adjust the text size and contrast comt, especially when ing or composing long documents. 字体大小和对比度将字体大小和对比度调整到让眼睛舒适的水平,尤其在需要长时间阅读或处理文件的时候 3. Take frequent breaks. 多休息 To reduce your risk computer vision syndrome and neck, back and shoulder pain, take frequent breaks during your computer work day. 为了缓解电脑视力症状以及颈、背、肩痛,在电脑前工作时要多停下来休息

降雨不断,多地现“看海”景观 -- 1:57:56 来源: 近期,城市涝情连连不断今年汛期以来,已有北京、上海、成都、武汉、南京等众多城市因暴雨内涝出现“看海”景观Many part of China have seen heavy rains in the past couple of weeks. Tourists take shelter after a sudden downpour in Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, July 30, . [PhotoCFP]请看相关报道:In recent years, many Chinese cities, including metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, have frequently been flooded during the summer rains partly because of their poor drainage systems. Heavy rain means streets and commies are awash, with people joking the residents get to enjoy "sea views".近年来,我国很多城市,包括北京、上海这样的大城市,在夏季降雨期间频繁出现内涝,部分原因是城市排水系统落后强降雨导致街道和居民区被淹,人们戏称可以“看海”Sea view通常用来描述某个地方的景致,表示在该地可以看到海景,比如 hotel room with sea views(海景酒店房)不过,我们这里说的“看海”可不是那么美好的,所以我们加了引号“sea views”,指的是强降雨(heavy rainfall)期间,城市因排水系统(drainage system)落后,导致街道出现内涝(streets are awashflooded),人们在自家门口就能看到整个街区变成一片汪洋,随时都能“看海”从气象上来说,小时降水量(precipitation)为50毫米或以上的雨称为“暴雨”(rainstorm downpour torrential rain)其他常见的表示雨水的词汇还有:drizzle(毛毛雨)、shower(阵雨)、thundershower(雷阵雨)等7月日,李克强总理在国务院常务会议上说,“目前中国正处在城镇化快速发展时期,但我们的地下管廊建设(the construction of underground storm drains in urban areas)严重滞后加快这方面的建设,很有必要!”李克强指出,建设地下综合管廊(the construction of comprehensive drainage systems),既是拉动有效投资的着力点,又可以增加公共产品供给,提高城市安全水平和城镇化发展质量,打造经济发展新动力

of dispute settlement9. 基于对国际实践的深刻认识和中国自身丰富的国家实践,中国坚信,要解决任何国家间争议,无论选择哪种机制和方式,都不能违背主权国家的意志,应以国家同意为基础9. Based on an in-depth understanding of international practice and its own rich practice, China firmly believes that no matter what mechanism or means is chosen settling disputes between any countries, the consent of states concerned should be the basis of that choice, and the will of sovereign states should not be violated.0. 在领土和海洋划界问题上,中国不接受任何强加于中国的争端解决方案,不接受任何诉诸第三方的争端解决方式年8月5日,中国根据《公约第98条的规定向联合国秘书长提交声明,称“关于《公约第二百九十八条第1款(a)、(b)、(c)项所述的任何争端,中华人民共和国政府不接受《公约第十五部分第二节规定的任何程序”,明确将涉及海洋划界、历史性海湾或所有权、军事和执法活动,以及联合国安全理事会执行《宪章所赋予的职务等争端排除在《公约强制争端解决程序之外0. On issues concerning territory and maritime delimitation, China does not accept any means of dispute settlement imposed on it, nor does it accept any recourse to third-party settlement. On 5 August , China deposited, pursuant to 98 of UNCLOS, with the Secretary-General of the ed Nations a declaration, stating that, “The Government of the People’s Republic of China does not accept any of the procedures provided in Section of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a), (b) and (c) of 98 of the Convention”. This explicitly excludes from UNCLOS compulsory dispute settlement procedures disputes concerning maritime delimitation, historic bays or titles, military and law encement activities, and disputes in respect of which the Security Council of the ed Nations is exercising the functions assigned to it by the Charter of the ed Nations.1. 中华人民共和国成立以来,已与个陆地邻国中的个国家,本着平等协商、相互谅解的精神,通过双边谈判,签订了边界条约,划定和勘定的边界约占中国陆地边界长度的90%中国与越南已通过谈判划定了两国在北部湾的领海、专属经济区和大陆架界限中国对通过谈判解决争议的诚意和不懈努力是有目共睹的不言而喻,谈判是国家意志的直接体现谈判当事方直接参与形成最终结果实践表明,谈判取得的成果更容易获得当事国人民的理解和持,能够得到有效实施,并具有持久生命力只有当事方通过平等谈判达成协议,有关争议才能获得根本长久解决,有关协议才能得到全面有效贯彻实施1. Since its founding, the People’s Republic of China has signed boundary treaties with of its land neighbors through bilateral negotiations and consultations in a spirit of equality and mutual understanding, and about 90% of China’s land boundaries have been delimited and demarcated. China and Vietnam have delimited through negotiations the boundary between their territorial seas, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves in the Beibu Bay. China’s sincerity in settling disputes through negotiation and its unremitting efts made in this respect are known to all. It is self-evident that negotiation directly reflects the will of states. The parties directly participate in the mulation of the result. Practice demonstrates that a negotiated outcome will better gain the understanding and support of the people of countries concerned, will be effectively implemented and will be durable. Only when an agreement is reached by parties concerned through negotiation on an equal footing can a dispute be settled once and all, and this will ensure the full and effective implementation of the agreement.(四)关于在南海管控分歧和开展海上务实合作iv. On managing differences and engaging in practical maritime cooperation in the South China Sea. 根据国际法和国际实践,在海洋争议最终解决前,当事国应保持克制,尽一切努力作出实际性的临时安排,包括建立和完善争议管控规则和机制,开展各领域合作,推动“搁置争议,共同开发”,维护南海地区的和平稳定,为最终解决争议创造条件有关合作和共同开发不妨害最后界限的划定. In keeping with international law and practice, pending final settlement of maritime disputes, the states concerned should exercise restraint and make every eft to enter into provisional arrangements of a practical nature, including establishing and improving dispute management rules and mechanisms, engaging in cooperation in various sectors, and promoting joint development while shelving differences, so as to uphold peace and stability in the South China Sea region and create conditions the final settlement of disputes. Relevant cooperation and joint development are without prejudice to the final delimitation.3. 中国积极推动与有关国家建立双边海上磋商机制,探讨在渔业、油气等领域的共同开发,倡议有关各国积极探讨根据《公约有关规定,建立南海沿岸国合作机制3. China works actively to promote the establishment of bilateral maritime consultation mechanisms with relevant states, explores joint development in areas such as fishery, oil and gas, and champions the active exploration by relevant countries in establishing a cooperation mechanism among the South China Sea coastal states in accordance with relevant provisions of UNCLOS.1. 中国始终致力于与东盟国家一道全面有效落实《宣言,积极推动海上务实合作,已取得了包括建立“中国-东盟国家海上联合搜救热线平台”、“中国-东盟国家应对海上紧急事态外交高官热线平台”以及“中国-东盟国家海上联合搜救沙盘推演”等“早期收获”成果1. China is always dedicated to working with ASEAN Member States to fully and effectively implement the DOC and actively promote practical maritime cooperation. Together the Parties have aly achieved “Early Harvest Measures”, including the “Hotline Platm on Search and Rescue among China and ASEAN Member States”, the “Senior Officials’ Hotline Platm in Response to Maritime Emergencies among Ministries of eign Affairs of China and ASEAN Member States”, as well as the “Table-top Exercise of Search and Rescue among China and ASEAN Member States”.5. 中国始终坚持倡导各方在全面有效落实《宣言框架下,积极推进“南海行为准则”磋商,争取在协商一致基础上早日达成“准则”为在“准则”最终达成前妥善管控海上风险,中国提议探讨制定“海上风险管控预防性措施”,并获得东盟国家一致认同5. China consistently maintains that the Parties should push ward consultations on a “Code of Conduct” (COC) under the framework of full and effective implementation of the DOC, with a view to achieving an early conclusion on the basis of consensus. In order to properly manage risks at sea, pending the final conclusion of a COC, China proposed the adoption of “Preventive Measures to Manage Risks at Sea”. This proposal has been unanimously accepted by all ASEAN Member States.(五)关于南海航行自由和安全v. On freedom and safety of navigation in the South China Sea6. 中国一贯致力于维护各国根据国际法所享有的航行和飞越自由,维护海上通道的安全6. China is committed to upholding the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all states under international law, and ensuring the safety of sea lanes of communication.7. 南海拥有众多重要的航行通道,有关航道也是中国对外贸易和能源进口的主要通道之一,保障南海航行和飞越自由,维护南海海上通道的安全对中国十分重要长期以来,中国致力于和东盟国家共同保障南海航道的畅通和安全,并作出重大贡献各国在南海依据国际法享有的航行和飞越自由不存在任何问题7. The South China Sea is home to a number of important sea lanes, which are among the main navigation routes China’s eign trade and energy import. Ensuring freedom of navigation and overflight and safety of sea lanes in the South China Sea is crucial to China. Over the years, China has worked with ASEAN Member States to ensure unimpeded access to and safety of the sea lanes in the South China Sea and made important contribution to this collective endeavor. The freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all states in the South China Sea under international law has never been a problem.8. 中国积极提供国际公共产品,通过各项能力建设,努力向国际社会提供包括导航助航、搜寻救助、海况和气象预报等方面的务,以保障和促进南海海上航行通道的安全8. China has actively provided international public goods and made every eft to provide services, such as navigation and navigational aids, search and rescue, as well as sea conditions and meteorological ecast, through capacity building in various areas, so as to uphold and promote the safety of sea lanes in the South China Sea.9. 中国主张,有关各方在南海行使航行和飞越自由时,应充分尊重沿岸国的主权和安全利益,并遵守沿岸国照《公约规定和其他国际法规则制定的法律和规章9. China maintains that, when exercising freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, relevant parties shall fully respect the sovereignty and security interests of coastal states and abide by the laws and regulations enacted by coastal states in accordance with UNCLOS and other rules of international law.(六)关于共同维护南海和平稳定vi. On jointly upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea0. 中国主张,南海和平稳定应由中国和东盟国家共同维护0. China maintains that peace and stability in the South China Sea should be jointly upheld by China and ASEAN Member States.1. 中国坚持走和平发展道路,坚持防御性的国防政策,坚持互信、互利、平等、协作的新安全观,坚持与邻为善、以邻为伴的周边外交方针和睦邻、安邻、富邻的周边外交政策,践行亲、诚、惠、容周边外交理念中国是维护南海和平稳定、推动南海合作和发展的坚定力量中国致力于深化周边睦邻友好,积极推动与周边国家以及东盟等地区组织的务实合作,实现互利共赢1. China pursues peaceful development and adheres to a defense policy that is defensive in nature. China champions a new security vision featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, and pursues a eign policy of building friendship and partnership with its neighbors and of fostering an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood based on the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness. China is a staunch ce upholding peace and stability and advancing cooperation and development in the South China Sea. China is committed to strengthening good-neighborliness and promoting practical cooperation with its neighbors and regional organizations including ASEAN to deliver mutual benefit.. 南海既是沟通中国与周边国家的桥梁,也是中国与周边国家和平、友好、合作和发展的纽带南海和平稳定与地区国家的安全、发展和繁荣息息相关,与地区各国人民的福祉息息相关实现南海地区的和平稳定和繁荣发展是中国和东盟国家的共同愿望和共同责任,符合各国的共同利益. The South China Sea is a bridge of communication and a bond of peace, friendship, cooperation and development between China and its neighbors. Peace and stability in the South China Sea is vital to the security, development and prosperity of the countries and the well-being of the people in the region. To realize peace, stability, prosperity and development in the South China Sea region is the shared aspiration and responsibility of China and ASEAN Member States, and serves the common interests of all countries.3. 中国愿继续为此作出不懈努力3. China will continue to make unremitting efts to achieve this goal.(来源:新华社#0; 编辑:Julie)

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