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China again rejects Trumps suggestion to negotiate Taiwan中国再次拒绝川普协商台湾问题的示意BEIJING (AP) Chinas foreign ministry on Sunday again rejected President-elect Donald Trumps suggestion that he might use American policy on Taiwan as a bargaining chip between the two sides.北京(美联社)——中国外交部周日再次拒绝了川普的示意,即他可能用美国的对台政策来作为中美两国的谈判筹码。Spokesman Lu Kang said Sunday that the ;one China; policy is ;non-negotiable.; Since recognizing Beijing in 1979, Washington has maintained only unofficial ties with Taiwan, the self-governing island that Beijing considers its territory a status quo that Trump has repeatedly threatened to upend since winning the November election.发言人陆康周日称一个中国政策是不可协商的。自1979年承认北京以来,华盛顿只和台湾维持非官方的关系,北京认为这个自治的岛屿属于自己——自当选以来川普就一直声称要推翻这个现状。来 /201701/488622。

  • China will offer its first regular civilian cruises to the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea by 2020, state media said, a move likely to irk other claimants to the disputed waters.官方媒体日前报道,中国将020年前提供定期民用游轮通航至中国南海的南沙群岛。而此举很可能激化与其他国家在争议海域的矛盾。Chinas activities in the contested area, such as building artificial islands, airfields and other military facilities, have fueled tension in Southeast Asia, although it says most of the construction is for civilian purposes.尽管中国称在南海大部分建设是出于民用目的,但其在争议海域修建人工岛屿、机场和其他军用设施等活动行为激化了东南亚的紧张局势。The island province of Hainan will operate regular trips to the Spratlys, which China calls the Nansha Islands, in response to increasing demand, the official China Daily newspaper said, citing provincial authorities. The trips will begin before 2020, the paper said.《中国日报》引用海南省官方的通报称,针对海南岛日益增加的需求,将开启定期海上航班到南沙群岛。文章指出,这一航线将在2020年前开通。Asked if the cruises might exacerbate tension, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said she did not know any details, but it was normal for Hainan to develop its tourism industry in Chinese territory.外交部发言人华春莹被问到游轮旅游可能加剧紧张形势时表示,她不知道任何细节,但海南省在中国境内发展旅游业很正常;Theres no need to to much into it,; she told a daily news briefing.她接受《每日新闻简报》采访时表示:“没有必要想太多。”China claims 90 percent of the potentially energy-rich South China Sea. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam lay claim to parts of the sea, through which ships carrying about trillion of trade pass every year.中国声称0%的储量丰富的潜在能源位于中国南海。文莱、马来西亚、菲律宾和越南都宣称其拥有部分海域。在这里往来船只每年能带来万亿美元的贸易收入。The Chinese Government has said it wants to build Maldives-style resorts around the South China Sea. It is unclear if foreigners would be allowed to visit. Only Chinese nationals have so far been permitted to take the island tours.中国政府已经表示,希望在中国南海建设马尔代夫风格的度假地。目前只有中国人允许前往岛屿旅游,尚不清楚外国人是否允许观光。来 /201607/452240。
  • Britain is to start building a wall in the northern French port of Calais to stop migrants jumping on trucks, under a deal agreed earlier this year, the interior ministry said Wednesday.英国内政部上周三表示,根据今年早前达成的协议,英国将在法国北部港口城市加莱修建一道墙,阻止难民跳上卡车非法入境。The four-metre high, one-kilometre long barrier will be built on a port approach road starting this month and should be completed by the end of this year, officials said.官方表示,本月将在一条通往港口的路上修建这道高4米、长1千米的墙,预计于年末完工。The wall, which will be funded by the British government under an agreement struck at a summit in March, will complement a security fence aly put up around the port and entrance to the Channel Tunnel.依据三月一次峰会上签署的协议,这道墙将由英国政府出资修建,对港口和英吉利海峡隧道入口附近已有的安全围栏起辅助作用;We are going to start building this big new wall very soon. Weve done the fence, now we are doing a wall,; junior minister Robert Goodwill told a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.主管移民事务的大臣罗伯特#8226;古德维尔上周二对国会委员会说:“我们将很快开始修建这道新的高墙。我们已经有了围栏,现在要建的是护墙。”Richard Burnett, chief executive of Britains Road Haulage Association also told the B the plan was a ;poor use of taxpayers money;.英国公路运输协会会长理查#8226;伯内特也向B表示,修墙计划是在“乱花纳税人的钱”。He said funding for a wall ;would be much better spent on increasing security along the approach roads;.他说修墙的资金“要是用于加强道路沿线的安保会更好”。The wall, which is expected to cost 2.7 million euros (.0 million), will be the latest barrier to go up around Europe as the continent struggles with its biggest migrant influx in decades.这道高墙预计花费270万欧元(300万美金)。欧洲正在数十年来最大的难民潮中苦苦挣扎,“加莱长城”将会是其最新建立的屏障。Hungary has built a reinforced fence on its frontier with Serbia and Austria has announced plans for a massive new fence along its border with Hungary in a bid to shut down the Balkan migrant route.匈牙利已经在与塞尔维亚的边境上建起了一道加固围墙,奥地利也宣布,计划在与匈牙利的边境一线大规模修建新围墙,阻断难民的巴尔干路线。Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump has said he plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico funded by the Mexican government if he is elected.美国共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗普曾表示,如果赢得大选,他要在美墨边境建一道墙且该墙由墨西哥政府出资。Many commentators on Twitter drew comparisons with Trumps proposal, with @fleetstreetfox saying: ;And now were the ed Kingdom of Trump;.推特上许多者将英国的修墙计划和特朗普的提议作比较。网友fleetstreetfox说:“现在我们是特朗普版联合王国。”The wall in Calais was agreed following tens of thousands of attempted Channel crossings last year by migrants sneaking onto lorries boarding ferries and the Eurotunnel.去年,难民曾无数次偷藏在搭乘渡轮和欧洲隧道列车的卡车里,试图跨越英吉利海峡进入英囀?因此,加莱的修墙计划才得以通过。Angry French truckers and farmers blocked the main routes in and out of Calais on Monday to call for the closure of the sprawling ;Jungle; migrant camp.上周一,愤怒的法国卡车司机和农民封锁了往返加莱的主干道,要求关闭不断扩张的难民营“丛林”。The Jungle, a squalid camp of tents and makeshift shelters, is home to some 7,000 migrants but charities say the number might be as high as 10,000 after an influx this summer.脏乱的“丛林”营地里有约7000难民。他们住在帐篷和临时收容所里。但慈善机构称,今夏的难民潮以后,人数可能达万人。Migrants from the camp sometimes use tree branches to create roadblocks to slow trucks heading for Britain, their destination of choice.营地里的难民有时会用树枝制造路障,迫使开往英国的卡车减速。英国是他们理想的目的地。When the trucks slow down, migrants try to clamber into the trailers to stow away aboard.当车速放缓,难民们会试图爬进车里,借此偷渡。Drivers say migrants and people trafficking gangs have attacked their vehicles with metal bars.司机们称难民和偷渡团伙用金属杆袭击过他们的车。The drivers say despite the deployment of 2,100 officers around the port, the police are overstretched and unable to secure the roads.司机表示,尽管港口周围调度了2100名警官,但警方还是不堪重负,难以保道路安全。French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve promised during a visit to the Jungle last week to close the camp down ;as quickly as possible; but said it would be done in stages. |法国内政部长伯纳#8226;卡泽纳夫上周考察“丛林”时承诺会“尽快”关闭这处难民营,但表示该工作将分阶段完成。来 /201609/466015。
  • The Russian Ministry of Defence has released a of its latest fighter jet in an effort to drive foreign export sales.为了推动外贸出口,俄罗斯国防部发布了一段关于其最新战机的视频。The Kremlin wants foreign governments to buy its latest Sukhoi-35s jet instead of a western aircraft.克里姆林宫希望外国政府购买其最新的35s战机,而非其他西方的飞机。As part of the sales drive the Russian Air Force released footage of a test pilot taking its Sukhoi Su-35s for a spin.作为推销活动的一部分,俄罗斯空军发布了试飞员驾驶苏霍伊生产的35s兜风的片段。The super sonic jet is being sold as a multi-purpose single-seat fighter with both speed and agility.这种超音速战机,正在被作为一种拥有良好速度和机动性的多用途单座战斗机销售。Unlike the F-22 and F-35 the Su-35s is not a stealth fighter and relies far more on dog fighting skills like older aircraft such as the F-16.与F-22和F-35不同,苏-35s不是一款隐性战斗机,而其更多依赖于类似F-16等老式飞机的斗能力。来 /201702/493092。
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