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Not rocket science?不是什么深奥的技术?It’s not rocket science.不是Now...when you were first coming in contact with these computers and inventing them before the HP1900, 最早接触HP1900时you do talk about writing programs. 你谈到自己编程的事What sort of programs? 都是些什么样的程序?What do people actually do with these things?用途是什么?See what we did with them, well, I would give you a simple example … 举个简单的例子when we were designing our blue-box we used… 我们设计“蓝盒子”时we wrote a lot of custom programs to help us design it. 写了很多程序you know to do a lot of the dog work for us in terms of calculating, master frequencies with sub devisor to get the other frequencies and things like that…用来处理繁琐的计算工作,计算主频、分频之类的东西we use computer quite a bit to calculate how much error we would get in the frequencies, and how much can be tolerated.还计算不同频率的差错率和容错性 so we use them in the work, but much more importantly, it does nothing to do with using them for anything practical…编程可以帮助我们完成工作,它没有明确的实用性have to do with using them to be a mirror of your thought process, to actually learn how to think.重要的是我们把它看作思考的镜子,学习如何思考I think the greatest value of learning how to think.... 我认为学习思考最大的价值在于... I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, 我觉得所有美国人都应该学习编程,学习一门编程语言because it teaches you how to think, it’s like going to law school, 学习编程教你如何思考,就像学法律一样I don’t think anybody should be a lawyer, but I think going to law school may actually be useful coz it teaches you how to think in a certain way. 学法律的人未必都成为律师,但法律教你一种思考方式In the same way the computer programming teaches you in a slightly different way how to think... 同样编程会教你另一种思考方式And so … I view computer science as a liberal art. It should be something everybody takes in a year in their life, one of the courses they take is, you know learning how to program.所以我把计算机科学看成基础教育,是每个人都应该花一年时间学习的课程 /201306/244164。

How To Matchmake. Learn how to get your miserable single friend off your hands with our guide to matchmaking. Watch this short tutorial and get your friend hooked up with a stunner!怎样做红娘。根据我们的指引,学习如何让你痛苦的单身朋友找到心仪的另一半。观看这段短片,你可以尽快收到朋友与绝色佳人结婚的好消息。Step 1: Sow the seed1.播下种子If you are trying to get 2 of your friends together, develop the idea that theyd be great together without explicitly explaining you want to match-make them. Let them believe its their idea.如果你想把两个朋友撮合起来,有他们在一起很般配这个想法就可以了,但是不要明确地向他们说明想要做媒。让他们相信这是他们的想法。Remember to focus on their positive traits such as his sensitivity and love of animals, and her style and sophistication.This may involve missing out certain details, or embellishing the truth slightly.记住,集中在他们比较积极的品性,例如他的敏感和对动物的热爱,她的时尚和成熟。这可以包括忽略某些细节,或者稍微夸大一些事实。Step 2: Arrange a meeting2.安排会面Once youve established how fantastic each of your friends would be for each other, arrange a spontaneous, informal get together where they can meet in a relaxed environment. Dont work them up into a frenzy of anticipation, and turn it into a big night. Avoid lines such as I think youll be really good together, so try not to be too weird.一旦你确认两人在一起非常合适,随机安排一次非正式的会面,两人可以在轻松的环境中结识。不要让他们陷入紧张的期待,弄得郑重其事。不要说这样的话“我认为你们两个在一起非常合适”,努力做到不要太怪异。If one of your friends doesnt seem interested in the potential match, but youre still convinced theyd make the perfect couple, you may have to be more devious. Persuade them to come out for a quick drink and... ooh look, what a surprise! Well as youre there, it would be rude not to join them.如果其中一个朋友看上去对两人的结合不太感兴趣,但是你仍然认为他们是佳偶天成,那你必须更加不着痕迹一点。说他们一起外出喝杯饮料。哦,有点出乎意料。但是如果不加入他们,看上去比较鲁莽。To make sure they dont suspect anything, make sure the introduction itself is natural, breezy, and casual.确保他们没有任何怀疑,确保他们的结识是自然,轻松,随意的。Step 3: Make them look good3.敦促朋友好好表现Your role is to make your friend look witty, interesting and intelligent. Let them be themselves, but just a little bit better. Laugh at that joke youve heard several times before. Remember to bring up her triumph as Miss East Anglia 2003 and how caring he is to his elderly relative. Mention her young journalism award, and the time he saved a child from a burning building. And her grade 5 piano, and his skill at thumb war. And her Baga swimming award for 50 metres, and his full clean driving licence.你的作用是让你的朋友看上去更加诙谐,有趣和聪明。让他们保持本真,但是做得更好一点。即使你已经多次听到这个笑话,也要笑。记住,一定要提到她曾经获得过某一届选秀节目的冠军,而他对年长的亲戚有多么关照。提到她在报章杂志的获奖,他曾经从熊熊大火中拯救一个儿童。她的钢琴达到五级水平,他玩拇指游戏非常在行。她在50米游泳比赛中获奖,他的驾驶记录良好。Step 4: Bring them closer4.拉近他们的距离Find a place to sit down, to bring the potential Romeo and Juliet, the potential Scarlet and Rhett, the potential Batman and Robin closer together. Bring them physically nearer to each other with some gentle encouragement or by severely limiting their options... But dont go too far. If theyre not talking to each other, make sure they have to. As the evening progresses, and everyone is feeling more relaxed, you could try to use a photo opportunity to encourage a bit more closeness.找个地方坐下来,把潜在的罗密欧和朱丽叶,斯佳丽和瑞德,蝙蝠侠和罗宾拉得更近一点。通过温和的鼓励或者严肃地禁止他们的选择来拉近他们的空间距离。但是不要太过分了。如果他们相互之间不说话,确保他们要进行沟通。随着晚上的时光逐渐过去,每个人都觉得更加轻松,你可以尝试通过照张合影来鼓励他们更亲密一点。Step 5: Know when to leave5.知道何时离开If one of your friends still isnt convinced about the match, dont abandon them to an evening of misery. Offer them an escape route.如果其中一方仍然对他们的结合没有信心,不要让他们整晚都限在痛苦中。为他们提供逃跑路线。If things look like they are going to plan, have the chat with both of them to find out exactly what their true feelings are. Dont get too excited if it seems like everythings fitting into place… theres still time for it to go horribly wrong. But if it doesnt look like its doing so, retreat gracefully and watch the fruits of your labours flourish.如果形势如你所愿,分别单独与他们聊一下,了解他们的真实想法。如果一切都步入正轨,不要太激动……随时都有可能发生变故。但是如果一切顺利,你应该优雅地退出,等待你的劳动果实成熟。Thanks for watching How To Matchmake.感谢收看“怎样撮合朋友”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/249069。

Middle East denuclearization conducive to world peace中东地区无核化有利于世界和平China is willing to coordinate and cooperate with Iran on key issues in the Middle East region.中国愿意在中东地区关键问题上协调及配合伊朗。This is according to Chinas Middle East Special Envoy Wu Sike, whos on a visit to Iran.正在访问伊朗的中方中东问题特使吴思科这样说道。In a press conference in Tehran, Wu said China is playing an active and constructive role in pushing forward a proper settlement to Irans nuclear issue, which is conducive to Irans development and China-Iran cooperation.在德黑兰的一次新闻发布会上,吴表示在推动伊朗核问题的妥善解决问题上,中国正发挥着积极和建设性作用,这有利于伊朗的发展和中伊间的合作。He also said the denuclearization of the Middle East is in accordance with the interest of all countries in the region, and conducive to world peace and development.他还表示中东地区无核化符合所有国家的利益,也有利于世界的和平与发展。201407/311736。

Philippine Airlines European comeback PALs president, Ramon Ang, tells CNN the carrier will soon offer direct flights from Manila to six European cities.Now it will be easier for European travelers to get to the islands after Philippine Airlines resumes direct flights to London after more than 15 years. The first flight from Manila to London landed on Monday after the carrier was removed from a European Union blacklist last year. The airline says flights between Manila and other European destinations are also in the work. Joining me now live from London is Philippine airlines president and chief operating officer, Roman Ann, thank you so much for being with us today, sir, fantastic to see you, congratulations, but 15 years is a long time, what are you doing to win back customers?We’re providing the best service, the cheapest service, from London to Manila with non-stop just one take-off and landing, best fare, lowest fare compared to any other airline, best service with our Pilipino hospitality, and best food, and best --- from London to Manila in about 12 hours and connectivity on board, you can use your own cellphone, and access to internet Wi-Fi throughout the flight. And our Philippine Airline extensive route network. We can connect you to any part of Asia, America, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Tell me, who are your target customers, who are you going after? Is it Filipinos who are living abroad, are you trying to attract tourists, is it the business traveler, who do you have your sights set on?I think we are targeting tourists, but not only the tourists, but also the businessmen from Europe and Asia. And I think Philippian Airline can provide these travelers with the best value. We offer lowest fare compared to any other one or two stops airline travelling between Europe or Asia, or Philippines. Well, I can tell you competition is always a good thing for consumers for travelers. You’re gonna have your work cut out, but we wish you the best of luck. Thank you.Thank you, thank you for being with us. /201311/264230。

Hair in a tangle? Follow these steps to choose the perfect brush or comb.头发乱糟糟?遵循以下步骤,选择最完美的发刷和梳子。You Will Need你需要Your hair type你的头发类型Your styling needs发型需求Steps步骤Step 1 Determine your hair type1.确定头发类型Determine your hair type, which can range from fine hair that is straight and silky, to coarse hair that is curly or wiry. Most hair falls between these two extremes.确定你的头发类型,可以是垂坠丝滑的细致的头发,也可以是卷曲坚硬的粗糙头发。大部分人的头发质地介于这两者之间。When determining your hair type, base it on your hairs natural tendencies, not your preferred style.确定头发类型的时候,取决于头发本身的质地,而不是你喜欢的发型。Step 2 Assess your hairstyling needs2.评估发型需求Assess your hairstyling needs. If you blow-dry, curl, or straighten your hair, youll need a special brush.评估发型需求。如果要吹干,卷发,或拉直头发,你需要一把特别的发刷。Step 3 Choose a basic brush3.选择基本的发刷Choose a brush. Use a padded paddle brush for medium to long hair, but if you have very short hair, you may not need a brush.选择一把发刷。中等到偏长的头发可以使用猪鬃发刷。但是如果头发非常短,可能不需要发刷。Step 4 Choose a comb4.选择梳子Choose a comb. A pick or wide-toothed comb works well to detangle coarse hair. Those with short, fine hair can use a finer-toothed comb.选择梳子。鹤嘴或宽齿梳子用于打理粗糙的头发效果不错。比较短,比较精细的头发可以用细齿梳子。Detangle coarse hair and separate curls with your fingers.打理粗糙的头发,分离卷发都可以用手指。Step 5 Choose a styling brush5.选择定型发刷Choose a styling brush. For quick blow-drying, use a vented brush. To create body and waves or smooth frizziness, use a rounded brush with nylon or natural bristles.选择定型发刷。如果是快速吹干,可以选择通风型的刷子。要打理发型和波浪或梳理毛糙,使用尼龙毛或天然刷毛的圆形刷。Step 6 Look for quality6.查看质量Look for quality. Brushes should have comfortable, ergonomic handles, and nylon bristles should have molded, round tips. Plastic combs should be free of seams that can snag hair.看一下质量。发刷的把柄应该舒,符合手的结构,尼龙毛的顶端应该柔和光滑。塑料梳子应该没有妨碍头发的缝隙。Did you know? The first vented, synthetic-bristled hairbrush was patented by American Lydia Newman in 1898.你知道吗?第一把合成刷毛的发刷在1898年被美国人Lydia Newman注册专利。视频听力节目由。201309/255550。

He knows were here. Were here on his terms.他知道我们在这里 在他的领地里If he decided to bat us all into the next world...如果他决定把我们攻击出去he would do.他会那样做的Director Kate Broome checks with Tonga导演凯特·布鲁姆跟唐加确认that its safe for the crew to get closer.摄影组可以安全靠近Normally, we have to stay in the Land Rovers,通常 我们需要留在陆虎越野车内Kaseyo says its safe to go in.卡希奥说可以靠近This is such an extraordinary opportunity,这真是一个难得的机会to be this close to能这么近距离接触black rhino.黑犀牛The trial goes well with Elvis跟艾维斯的接触很成功and the stage is set for future filming.为未来的拍摄工作奠定了基础Several weeks later, the team are back几个星期后 摄制组又返回了and this time Ive joined them.此次我也加入了But Elviss mood has changed.但艾维斯的性情变了He seems more wilful.他似乎更任性了Now, Ive stood by many wild animals in my time,我曾接触过很许多野生动物but Im not as fast on my pins as I used to be.但我现在老了 没以前跑得那么快了We dont want to test Elviss patience,我们不想考验艾维斯的耐心so we get on with filming.所以我们就继续拍摄了A horn that is worth its weight in gold.犀牛角的价值堪比同等重量的黄金201408/324324。

Enter the Dragon was Hollywoods first dipping its toe into the water of the martial art genre.《龙争虎斗》是好莱坞首次涉足功夫题材的电影Bruce Lee is explosive in a way that no one had seen before.李小龙展现了前所未有的爆发力The opening scene, Bruce Lee basically put the mixed martial arts in his film.在电影的第一个场景中,李小龙在电影中加入了综合格斗的元素。Fighting in the kenpo gloves.The mixed martial arts gloves with the open fingers.带着拳击手套在打,露指混合武术手套。And he used arm bars.Theres not a lot of charisma in a straight arm bar.He was the man.他采用伸直手臂固定法,伸直手臂固定本身并没有多大的魅力,魅力是他这个人带来的。When he stomps out Bob Wall and kills him...You see a lot of complex emotions all going on at once.当他跺了鲍勃·沃尔并结果了他,各种复杂的情绪瞬间涌上心头。I havent seen any actor in an action film match all those levels and nuances in the middle of a fight scene.我从来没在动作片中见过一个演员可以精确把握各个水平和之间的细微差异The mirror scene was just, you know, when hes walking around and hes cut up and all of a sudden he hears his master in his head saying if you destroy the image...在镜子那场戏中,当他在踱步,身上还带着伤,突然他听见了脑中的一个声音说,如果你毁掉眼前的画面...Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.you defeat the enemy he was just... had a tension that to me resonates because its cutting through all illusions.毁掉眼前的画面,你就能粉碎敌人,你就能打败敌人,他很有张力,我对此产生了共鸣,因为这除去了所有的幻觉。This is the moment that he was waiting for.This was Bruce Lees film in Hollywood.这一刻他等了很久,这是李小龙在好莱坞的电影。201312/270015。

Nonetheless, their output dominates the planet.尽管如此他们的粮食产出还是配着地球。In the ed States, only three million farmers are left.美国只剩下三百万农民。They produce enough grain to feed two billion people.他们出产的谷物可以养活二十亿人口。But most of that grain is not used to feed people.但大部分谷物并非用作食粮。Here, and in all other industrialized nations,its transformed into livestock feed or biofuels.就像其他工业国,谷物用来喂牲口或作生化燃料。The pocket of sunshines energy...chased away the specter of drought that stalked farmland.这束阳光的能量赶走了令土地干旱的幽灵。No spring escapes the demands of agriculture,which accounts for 70% of humanitys water consumption.所有泉水都用于农业,它占人类水消耗量的70%。In nature, everything is linked.大自然的一切都互相连系。The expansion of cultivated land and single-crop farming...耕地的拓张和单一品种的种植。encouraged the development of parasites.增加了害虫的肆虐。Pesticides, another gift of the petrochemical revolution,exterminated them.石油化工革命带来的杀虫剂把它们杀光。Bad harvests and famine became a distant memory.农作欠收和饥荒成为邀远回忆。The biggest headache now...was what to do with the surpluses engendered by modern agriculture.眼前最头痛是如何处理现代农业带来的残留。But toxic pesticides seeped into the air,soil, plants, animals, rivers and oceans.有毒的杀虫剂渗进空气,泥土、动植物、河流和海洋。They penetrated the heart of cells...similar to the mother cell that is shared by all forms of life.它们入侵一切生命赖以生存的细胞核心。Are they harmful to the humans that they released from hunger?它们对免于饥饿的人类有害吗?These farmers, in their yellow protective suits,probably have a good idea.这些穿着黄色保护衣物的农夫可能有更好的主意。The new agriculture abolished the dependence on soils and seasons.新兴农业免除了对土壤和季节的依赖。Fertilizers produced unprecedented results...肥料令小片土地。on plots of land thus far ignored.出产前所未见的丰富收成。Crops adapted to soils and climates gave way to the most productive varieties and the easiest to transport.适应了土地和气候的谷物被产量高和易于运输的品种所取代。And so, in the last century,three-quarters of the varieties developed by farmers over thousands of years...于是在上一世纪农民在过去数千年培育的。Have been wiped out.四分之三的品种绝种。As far as the eye can see, fertilizer below, plastic on top.极目所见,下施肥料,上覆塑料。201410/333358。


Every day we throw away millions of electronic devices, because they get old and become worn-out. But usually its only one of the components that causes the problem. The rest of the device works fine but is needlessly thrown away, simply because electronic devices are not designed to last. This makes electronic waste one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, and our phone is one of the biggest causes.每天我们丢掉数百万件电子设备,因为它们过时且变得破旧不堪。但通常其中只有一个造成问题的零件。装置的其余部份运作正常,但是被不必要地丢弃掉,仅仅因为电子设备并非设计要持久耐用。这让电子废物成了世界上最快速成长的废物流之一,我们的电话是其中最大的起因之一。So this is a new kind of phone. Its made of blocks, detachable blocks. Theyre all connected to the base, and the base connects everything together. Electrical signals are transferred through the pins, and two small screws lock everything in place.所以这是一种新型手机。是用积木做的,可拆卸的积木。它们全都接到基底上,基底将一切连结在一起。电子讯号透过插脚传送,两个小螺丝将一切锁在定位。So if, for instance, your phone is getting a little slow, you can just upgrade the block that affects the speed. Or if something breaks, you can easily replace it with a new one, or update it with the latest version.所以如果,举例来说,你的手机变得有点慢,你可以只升级影响速度的那块积木。或如果某个东西坏掉,你可以轻松地用一块新的取代它,或是使将它更新到最新版本。Another great thing about this is you can customize your phone. Lets say this is your phone, and you do everything in the cloud. Why not replace your storage block for a bigger battery block? If youre like this guy and love to take pictures, why not upgrade your camera? Or if you dont care about any of this stuff, you can keep it simple, and get a bigger speaker. You can choose the blocks you want, support the brands you like, or even develop your own blocks.另一件关于这个很棒的事情是:你可以个人化你的手机。比如说这是你的手机,你在云端处理一切。为什么不把你的记忆体积木换成更大块的电池积木呢?如果你像这个人,喜欢照相,为什么不升级你的相机呢?或如果你不在意任何这些东西,你可以让它保持简单,并加上一个更大的扩音器。你可以选择你想要的积木,持你喜欢的品牌,或甚至研发你自己的积木。Phonebloks is built on an open platform by companies working together to create the best phone in the world. To set out this platform, we need to get the right companies and the right people involved. They will only get started if there is a lot of interest in the phone worth keeping.积木手机是建立在一个开放的平台上,由数个公司合作创造出世界上最好的手机 。要开始这个平台,我们需要让对的公司和对的人参与。如果对于这值得保存的手机有非常多的关注,他们才会开始。So this is the plan: To show them theres an interest for this phone, we need your voice. You can donate your social reach on the website. We gather as much people as possible. On the 29th of October we send out the blast, all at the same time, sping all your voices to show the world theres a need for a phone worth keeping. The more people involved, the bigger the impact.所以计划是:要让他们知道有对于这手机的兴趣关注,我们需要你的声音。你可以捐出你在网站上的社交联系。我们尽可能地召集越多人。在十月二十九日我们送出这阵旋风,全部一起,散布你们所有声音来让世界知道对于一值得保存的手机有所需求。越多人参与,影响就越大。Please visit phonebloks.com to raise your voice and sp the word.请到 phonebloks.com来提出你的声音,并散播消息。Phonebloks, a phone worth keeping.Phonebloks,一值得保存的手机。201411/343562。