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Among the slew of end-of-decade and end-of-year wrap-up lists, there were several tallies of the most popular names of recent years (as well as predictions for name-trends of the future。) But If you are pondering giving your baby a distinctive name - like, say, Garland or Malcolm - you might want to think again。随着2009年的结束,以及21世纪第一个十年落幕,众多年度及十年盘点纷纷出炉,其中包括几项对近年来最热门名字的统计(以及对未来哪些名字会受到青睐的预测)。不过,如果你正考虑给自己的孩子取个特立独行的名字,比如贾兰德或马尔科姆,那我劝你三思而后行。Not only do kids with unusual names tend to rise to the top of big companies less often than others, but they also are more likely to wind up in jail。名字特别的孩子不仅更难进入大公司的高层,而且蹲监狱的几率会大一些。Names like Michael, David, John, James, Richard, Paul, Edward and Robert are significantly more common among Fortune 1000 CEOs, compared with that same age group in the population as a whole, USA Today reported recently. (Not enough women appear among corporate leaders to assess the relative clout of female names。)根据《今日美国》报近日公布的一项调查结果,在《财富》1000强企业的首席执行官中,名字为迈克尔、戴维、约翰、詹姆斯、理查德、保罗、爱德华和罗伯特的人所占的比例远远高于同一年龄组的总人口中叫这些名字的人所占比例。(由于女性企业家数量过少,关于女性名字的相关调查没有进行。)Separately, a scholarly study reported earlier this year showed that juveniles in jail, on probation or otherwise in trouble with the law had an above-average likelihood of having unpopular names - such as Walter, Ernest, Ivan, Kareem, Malcolm, Preston or Garland. The study compared juvenile delinquents#39; names with those of the population as a whole in a large, populous state. Researchers found youth with common names, such as Michael, Matthew, Christopher, David, Ryan or Brian, were less likely to get in trouble. The research, conducted at Shippensburg University, appeared in Social Science Quarterly。此外,2010年初的一份学术研究报告显示,入狱、缓刑和违法的青少年拥有特别名字的几率超出平均水平,如沃特、厄内斯特、伊万、凯林姆、马尔科姆、布莱斯顿或贾兰德等。研究人员将少年犯的名字与一个人口众多的美国大州的青少年名字进行对比,发现拥有普通名字的年轻人,如迈克尔、马修、克里斯托弗、戴维、瑞恩或布莱恩等,犯事的可能性更低。这项研究是由宾州西盆斯贝格大学做出的,报告刊登在《社会科学季刊》上。Of course, many people with unusual names - Barack, for example, or Oprah - have done fine. A child#39;s name alone doesn#39;t shape his or her life. The Shippensburg study found unusual names were linked with other factors that make life harder for kids, such as a weaker family structure, poverty or low education. Kids with popular names tended to live among higher-income, better-educated populations. For example, the name Allison is usually selected by mothers with 17 or more years of schooling, and bypassed by mothers without a high school diploma。当然,也有许多独特的名字,如贝拉克和欧普拉,没有出现这种问题。孩子的命运不可能光凭名字就能决定。西盆斯贝格大学的研究发现,与众不同的名字跟其他一些因素存在关联性,这些因素会让孩子的日子不好过,如家庭关系紧张、贫穷或受教育程度低等。拥有热门名字的孩子往往生活在收入较高、教育水平较高的圈子当中。举例而言,为孩子选择艾利森这个名字的母亲通常受过17年或以上的正规教育,而没有读过高中的母亲往往跳过这个名字。Other research has suggested, however, that uncommon names can have a direct impact on kids, embarrassing them in their formative years, the USA Today story says. While parents might want their children to feel special or unique, it may be better to give children names that encourage them to be team players and put ego aside。不过,《今日美国》的报道说,其他一些研究显示,特立独行的名字会给孩子带来直接影响,让他们在性格形成过程中因为自己的名字而感到尴尬。虽然父母的本意可能是让孩子感到特殊和与众不同,但如果不那么在意个性,给孩子起个普通名字以鼓励他们融入集体,效果可能会更好。Also, adults may treat kids with unusual names differently in handing out opportunities; one widely reported experiment found that among 5,000 resumes sent to prospective employers, job applicants with names that suggested an African-American background were less likely to receive interview callbacks。此外,成年人在提供各种机会时,可能会另眼看待名字特别的孩子。一项被媒体广为报导的试验发现,在用人企业收到的5,000份简历中,名字像黑人的应聘者得到面试通知的几率更低。Jugglers have had animated discussions in the past about baby names. How important do you think a name, especially an unusual one, is in setting someone#39;s course in life? Did you think about the social or career effects of the names you chose for your children?以往,已有不少人围绕着该给孩子起什么名字的话题展开过热烈讨论。你觉得名字,尤其是特别的名字,对于一个人的人生会产生多大的影响?你在给孩子起名时,有没有考虑过名字会给孩子今后的人际关系或职业生涯带来什么样的影响? /201304/234744

Make time for youFirst things first -- if you’re going to take some time to show yourself some appreciation, you need to make time for it. Just like you might schedule brunch with your BFFs or a trip to the gym, schedule date night with yourself.为自己腾出时间首先,如果你要花一些时间来犒劳自己,你需要为此腾出时间。就像你可能要与你最好的朋友一起吃早午餐或去健身房,安排一个与自己的约会之夜。Pamper yourselfWho doesn’t love to be pampered? Whether you book a monthly spa treatment, weekly soak in a hot tub after a particularly stressful day, make a point to pamper yourself on the regular. Not only will you give yourself something to look forward to, you’ll be minimizing stress and showing yourself some love! Even curling up with a glass of wine and a good book with your phone turned off and laptop hidden away can be a form of pampering. Just do whatever makes you feel good.宠爱自己谁不喜欢被宠爱?无论你每月预定一个温泉治疗、每周在特别紧张的一天后泡个热水澡,日常生活中重视宠爱自己。不仅你会给自己一些期待,而且会给自己减压且给自己一些爱!甚至把你的手机关掉笔记本藏起来,捧一杯葡萄酒和一本好书蜷缩着也可以是一种纵容。就做那些让你感觉良好的事情。Take yourself outThere’s no rule that states you need a date to go to dinner, a movie or an art gallery. If there’s something you want to do or somewhere you want to go, we suggest doing it solo. Take yourself out -- be it to a wine bar you love, a restaurant you’ve been itching to go to or a movie you really want to see. Doing this will build confidence and allow you to feel more independent and at ease with yourself.带自己出去没有规定申明说你需要一个伴侣才能去晚餐、看电影或艺术画廊。如果有什么事你想做或什么地方你想去,我们建议单独行动。带自己出去,在一个你喜欢的酒吧,你一直都很渴望去的餐馆,你真的很想看的一部电影里实现它。这样做将建立自信,并让你感觉到更独立和自在。Try something newIt’s easy to try new things with a friend or partner, but solo adventures can be a little trickier. We’re not suggesting a jump out of a plane or a ride on the tallest, scariest roller coaster (unless you want to). We’re talking about trying something you’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s learning a new language, taking up a new sport or enrolling in a continuing education class. Doing something new is a great way to empower yourself and have fun on your own.尝试新事物很容易和朋友或者伴侣去尝试新事物,但独自冒险可能有点棘手。我们不是在建议你跳出飞机或乘坐最高的可怕的过山车(除非你想)。我们谈论的是尝试一些你一直想做的事,不管是学习一种新语言,还是接受一项新运动或参加继续教育班。尝试新事物是让自己变强大和自身获得乐趣的好方法。 /201304/236929

本季配饰劲刮“大胆”季候风!Be bold: accessorise the seasonBig and bold-key words for this summer's accessories. Victoria Beckham might have her fashion faults, but when it comes to accessorizing she gets the message: big, bold, and more, more, more is her mantra.So Posh's bling is the real thing? Real or not, it makes no difference as long as your bracelets and bangles and shoes and specs are larger and brighter than ever.The season is aboutdressing up, being cool and always keeping one beat ahead, and that's just the accessories.As Coco Chanel once said, "fashion is not only a matter of clothing".Key looks this season are:Sunglasses: sporty, with wrap-around shapes and big logos.Jewellery: cuff bracelets and slave bangles in metallics and bright plastic. Chains with coloured gemstones..Footwear: boots with everything. Shoes with toe peepers and platform soles. Metallic fabrics and leathers (silver and gold). Ballet flats in brights and animal prints.Bags: still big. The past summer in Europe was the season of the big white handbag. The jury is out whether the style will catch on here. In the meantime, any bag made from snake, or shiny silver, gold or copper fabric has "the look".(Agencies) 维多利亚·贝克汉姆的时尚选择可能有失误的时候,不过她对于配饰的把握一向正确。她的理念是:越大越好,越大胆越好。辣戴的名牌首饰是真品吗?无论真假,只要你的手镯、脚链、鞋和眼镜都够大、够亮就行。这一季的潮流是“盛装”、要够酷,而且要永远比别人先一拍,那就得在配饰上下下功夫。就像可可·香奈尔曾经说过,“时尚并不仅仅是穿衣”。这一季的主打时尚元素有:太阳镜。运动型的、带有大标志的宽包边墨镜。珠宝首饰。金属或亮塑料手镯和脚链,链子上要镶有色宝石。鞋。百搭靴子、露趾鞋和平底鞋是本季的流行样式。金属面料及金银色的漆皮是本季的流行面料。漆皮及带有动物图案的平底芭蕾舞鞋也是本季的一大潮流。包。还是要“大”。去年夏天,“白色大手袋风”席卷整个欧洲。目前还难以确定这一风格是否还将继续流行,但蛇皮包、闪亮银和金色或铜色面料的包仍然是这一季最抢眼的元素。 /200803/30019

Music 美国人的音乐爱好James Fenimore Cooper, an early American writer, once said, "The Americans are almost ignorant of the art of music." If that was once true, you would never know it today. Most Americans--even those without a musical bone in their bodies--have a favorite style of music. Many people enjoy classical and folk music from around the world. But other popular music styles in America were "made in the U.S.A." 一位美国早期的作家柯柏(James Fenimore Cooper)曾说:「美国人对音乐艺术几乎可以说是相当的无知。」如果这话曾经是事实,今日你绝不会这么认为了。大部份的美国人,甚至包括那些没有音乐细胞的人,都有自己喜爱的音乐型态。许多人喜欢世界各国的古典音乐和民俗音乐,然而美国其它的流行音乐则是「在美国制造」的。 Country and western music lies close to the heart of many Americans. This style originated among country folks in the southern and western ed States. Country music tells down-to-earth stories about love and life's hardships. Guitars, banjos and violins--also known as fiddles--give country music its characteristic sound. The home of country music is Nashville, Tennessee--Music City U.S.A. Country music even has its own theme park called "Opryland" where you can enjoy music shows and fun rides. "The Grand Ole Opry," the oldest radio show in the ed States, broadcasts country music live from Opryland every weekend. 乡村和西部音乐深得很多美国人的人心,这种型态的音乐起源于美国南部和西部的乡村小民们。乡村音乐传述着真实不加渲染的爱情故事和生活中的艰难。吉他、五弦琴和小提琴(violin又名fiddle)可弹奏出乡村音乐的特殊音色。乡村音乐的发源地是田纳西州的纳许维尔市--美国的音乐城市。而乡村音乐甚至还有它自己的主题乐园--Opryland呢!在那儿你可以享受音乐表演以及好玩的游乐设施。美国最老牌的广播节目「The Grand Ole Opry」每个周末都实况播放Opryland的音乐。 Jazz music, developed by African-Americans in the late 1800s, allows performers to freely express their emotions and musical skill. Instead of just playing the melody, jazz musicians improvise different tunes using the same chords. The peak of jazz music came in the 1920s, known as "The Jazz Era." This period produced musicians like Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington. These musicians later created the "big band" sounds of the 1930s. Different styles of jazz developed in different cities, such as New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Kansas City. Composer George Gershwin brought jazz into the world of classical music with pieces like "Rhapsody in Blue." 爵士乐是十九世纪末期由非裔的美国人发展出来的。它让表演者自由地表现他们的情感和音乐技巧。不仅演奏旋律,爵士音乐大师用同样的和弦即兴演奏出不同的曲调。爵士乐的高峰期出现于二○年代,该时期被称为「爵士年代」。这个时期创造出来的乐手有阿姆斯特朗(Louise Armstrong),古德曼(Benny goodman)和埃林顿(Duke Ellington)。这些乐手稍后都创造了三○年代的「大乐团」之音。在不同的城市也育出不同的爵士风格,像是纽奥尔良、芝加哥、纽约和坎萨斯市。作曲家盖希文(George Gershwin)更以像「蓝色狂想曲」这样的作品,将爵士乐带入古典音乐的世界里。 The 1950s saw the development of an explosive new music style: rock 'n' roll. Performers like Elvis Presley and songs like Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" made rock music widely popular. This powerful music style addresses issues like love, sex, drugs, politics and death. Often it rebels against the accepted values of society. Rock concerts, featuring loud music and sometimes weird stage acts, have become a major part of American youth culture. Music s on television have sp the message of rock to the far corners of the globe. 五○年代见了一种爆炸性新乐风的开展:摇滚乐。像猫王这样的歌手以及像哈利(Bill Haley)的Rock Around the Clock这样的歌,使摇滚音乐普遍地受到欢迎。这种具震撼力的音乐型态探讨了爱情、性、吸毒、政治及死亡等的主题。它常常叛离社会所接受的价值标准。标榜大声的音乐、甚至怪异的舞台表演的摇滚音乐会,已成为美国年轻人文化主要的一部份。而MTV已将这股摇滚的风潮传到世界最远的角落了。 And the beat goes on. Pop music represents popular styles--like the music of Karen Carpenter--that have wide appeal. "Golden oldies" from the past bring back pleasant memories for many. Rap music, which burst onto the music scene in the 1970s, is actually more like a rhyming chant. Rappers give a strong--sometimes vulgar--message about life in the streets. 音乐的节奏继续延伸下去。通俗乐代表了受大众喜爱的音乐风格,像木匠兄的音乐即吸引广大的群众。这些过去岁月中的遗留下来的「黄金老歌」,为许多人带来愉快的回忆。饶舌音乐在七○年代快速跃上音乐的舞台,它事实上很像是具节奏性的唱话。饶舌歌手传达出强烈、有时是低俗的街头生活信息。Americans have always been a religious people, and music has long been a part of their religious experience, as well. From colonial days, hymns and praise songs have enhanced worship. Negro spirituals, such as "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," reflect hope in God in the midst of suffering. Today's Christian styles fit all musical tastes--from country to jazz to pop to rock to rap. 美国人一向是相当宗教性的民族,而音乐长期以来也是他们宗教经验中的一部份。自殖民时期开始,诗歌和赞美诗都提升了敬拜的层次。像「无人知道我的困难」这样的黑人灵歌,反映出苦难中对上帝的盼望。今天的基督教音乐包含了各式的乐风--从乡村、到爵士、到通俗、到摇滚、再到饶舌歌。 In America, music is a shared experience. People grow up with piano lessons, chorus classes and marching band practices. They can talk about their tastes in music when there isn't anything else to talk about. If James Fenimore Cooper were here today, he would surely have to change his tune. 在美国,音乐是一种大家共有的经验。人们在钢琴课、合唱课程和参与游行乐队的演练经验中成长。当无话可谈的时候,他们就可以谈谈自己对音乐的喜好。如果今天柯柏还在世的话,他就得改变他的论调了。 /200804/33376

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