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南平市第一医院治疗封闭抗体好不好费用多少福建检查不育哪个医院最好Skinny jeans are awesome. They#39;re the ultimate pants for fashion lovers.紧身牛仔裤真是棒极了,是时尚潮人们的基本必备。They suit all body types because they flatter even the most flawed bottom-half. That#39;s because they can elongate and slim the leg, and make one#39;s butt look like an apple.它适合所有身材,即便是下半身体型最糟糕的人,穿上紧身牛仔裤也能收获满意的效果。这是因为紧身牛仔能令腿部变得更纤长,使臀部看起来像个苹果。They#39;re also very adaptable, providing a neutral base upon which people can build an outfit. They tuck into boots easily, and look equally good with heels.此外,紧身牛仔裤还十分百搭,可以用其打底搭配出整体效果。它们可以轻易地塞进靴子里,配高跟鞋也很美。However, recently there#39;s a public crossfire in the US about whether it#39;s a good idea to wear these sorts of jeans, or if its better we discard pants that are just too tight.然而,近日,美国上下掀起一场关于紧身牛仔的激烈论战,人们质疑穿着这种紧身裤是否明智,是否该摒弃这种过紧的裤子。There are plenty of horror stories associated with skinny jeans. They range from falling over and not being able to get up again because of how tight the jeans are, to experiencing numbness in the thighs.关于紧身牛仔裤骇人听闻的报道层出不穷。有人因为紧身牛仔裤太紧以致于摔倒后站不起来,有人的穿上紧身牛仔裤后大腿麻痹失去知觉。A latest Wall Street Journal article goes further, pointing out some scary health risks of our favorite skinny jeans.《华尔街日报》近日的一篇文章更进一步指出,我们最爱的牛仔裤可能为健康带来可怕的威胁。The article listed several symptoms of ;skinny jean syndrome; including lower back pain, and in cases where the waistband is extremely tight, digestive issues and blood clots.这篇文章中列举出一些;紧身牛仔综合征;的症状,包括腰痛症状,以及一些由于(牛仔裤)腰部过紧而导致的消化系统问题及血液凝块现象。Friction caused by overly tight pants may lead to bladder infections.过于紧身的牛仔裤所产生的擦可能导致膀胱感染的发生。Plus, it causes nerve compression. A very tight pant leg can pinch a sensitive nerve in your upper thigh. And it stirs terrible burning and pain.另外,紧身牛仔还会压迫神经。非常紧身的裤子会挤压到你大腿上部的敏感神经,产生剧烈的灼烧感和疼痛感。Finally, a strange kind of disfigurement can occur when too-tight jeans force fatty tissue into areas above the knee. This causes horizontal lesions to appear around the thighs. They#39;ll end up looking like thigh donuts that are ugly.最后,过于紧身的牛仔裤会将脂肪组织推到膝盖以上部位,从而产生一种奇怪的畸形。这会在大腿周围产生一系列横向的皮肤损伤,最终会使大腿看起来像是丑陋的甜甜圈。Would you like to become a fashion victim? Or will you opt to upsize your skinny pants a bit?你是想沦为时尚的牺牲品,还是选择把紧身牛仔裤的尺寸放宽一点?Killer heels and belts高跟鞋和腰带也暗藏杀机Tight jeans aren#39;t the only fashion item on trial. The Wall Street Journal identified other trendy closet items with a dark side.紧身牛仔裤并非唯一接受人们审判的时尚单品。《华尔街日报》同时也指出了其他一些暗藏弊端的时尚衣橱单品。High heels: result in nerve and bone damage, and ankle sprains.高跟鞋:;恨天高;会导致神经、骨骼受伤,脚踝扭伤。Earrings: produce itchy red rashes and promote infection.耳环:引发发痒红疹,并引起感染。Tight belts: reduce oxygen intake, leading to light-headedness.紧身腰带:减少摄氧量,引起轻微头痛。Shirt collars and neckties: can cut off circulation to the brain, producing headaches, blurry vision and ringing ears, if you wear them too tight.衬衫衣领和领带:如果你系得太紧,可能会切断通往大脑的血液循环,产生头痛,视线模糊及耳鸣等症状。 /201203/175624南平看弱精哪家医院最好 The month of your birth influences your chances of becoming a professional sportsperson, according to Australian academics in a new study.  澳大利亚的一项最新学术研究表明,一个人出生的月份会影响其成为职业运动员的几率。  Dr Adrian Barnett, from Queensland University of Technology's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, studied the seasonal patterns of population health, and found by analysing the birthdays of professional Australian Football League players, that a disproportionate number were born in the early months of the year.  昆士兰科技大学健康和生物医学创新研究所的艾德里安 巴奈特士对人口健康的季节性模式进行了研究,并通过对澳大利亚足球联盟的职业球员的生日进行分析后发现,该职业联盟中相当大一部分人出生于年初。 /201002/96783According to a handful of studies, a name not only reveals clues about a person#39;s class, education and ethic origin, it can also influence the bearer of the moniker and the choices they make in life.一系列研究显示,名字不但能透露一个人所处的阶层、教育背景和种族出身,还能对一个人的人生以及在人生中所做的选择产生影响。Scientists have even drawn conclusions to suggest that people are often drawn to things and people that sound like their own names.科学家甚至得出结论称,人们经常被与自己名字发音相近的事物和人吸引。These experts claim that ;implicit egotism; is the reason that someone called Dennis might become a dentist or even that a child whose name begins with a B or C may fare worse in school examinations.这些专家称,名叫邓尼斯的人可能成为一个牙医(英文与之发音相近),甚至名字以B或C开头的孩子可能在学校测验中表现更差,这些都是由;内隐自我主义;导致的。That a person#39;s name may be bound to his or her destiny is far from a new phenomenon. The Ancient Romans promoted the concept ;nomenest omen;, meaning ;name is destiny.;如果说一个人的名字可能和自己的命运相连,这根本不是什么新现象。古罗马人崇尚nomenest omen的观念,意思是;名字就是命运;。Studies have indeed shown that those with more conservative, ;Caucasian; names are more successful when submitting resumes for employment.确实有研究显示,那些名字更保守、听起来更像白种人名字的人在提交求职简历时成功率更高。And a recent poll conducted in Australia revealed that people respond more warmly to colleagues and politicians with names they can easily pronounce.近日一项在澳大利亚开展的民意调查揭示,人们对名字好发音的同事和政界人士反应更热情。Yet parents nowadays are putting that much more effort into giving their offspring original names that are largely unfamiliar.然而现在的父母们却花费那么多心力来给自己的孩子取一个别出心裁的名字,而大多数这样的名字都让人感到陌生。Though historically names have been passed down through families of gleaned from the Bible, in recent days the tendency has been to think outside the box and consider movies, songs and stories for inspiration.尽管过去人的名字都是从圣经中采集到的,在家庭中世代相传,但近来人们取名倾向于打破传统思维,从电影、歌曲和故事中找寻灵感。When Britney Spears rose to fame the slightly altered Brittaney became wildly popular among new parents and recently, thanks to the Twilight series, Isabella has made a comeback.在布兰妮bull;斯皮尔斯成名之时,由她的名字稍作修改而成的布里昙妮受到了新父母的疯狂追捧,而近来由于《暮光之城》系列电影的走红,伊萨贝拉又成了受欢迎的名字。One study found that 30 percent of African American girls born in California during the 1990s were given unique names that they shared with not a single person born in the same year in the same state.一项研究发现,20世纪90年代在加州出生的非裔美国女孩,有30%被冠以独特的名字,这些人的名字有别于同年在加州出生的其他任何人。Dr Martin Ford of George Mason University, however, believes a name does not stand for much.然而,乔治梅森大学的马丁bull;福德士认为名字并没有那么大的象征意义。He explained to The Week: ;Names only have a significant influence when that is the only thing you know about the person. Add a picture, and the impact of the name recedes. Add information about personality, motivation, and ability, and the impact of the name shrinks to minimal significance.;他向《本周》杂志解释说:;只有在你除了人名外对那个人一无所知的情况下,名字才会产生重大的影响力。多一张照片,名字的影响力就会减弱。再多一些个性、动机、能力等方面的信息,名字的影响力就会缩减到最小。; /201203/174244福州检查输卵管造影那里比较好

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福州复扎手术医院排名The tradition of an Olympic Trucebegan in ancient times to allow safe passage for athletes travelling to the Games. This resulted in an environment where the true spirit of the Olympic Games was on display: peaceful competition among nations, feats of individual excellence.奥林匹克休战传统始自远古时代,意在让运动员安全前往奥运会。这创造了显示出奥运会真正精神的环境:国与国之间和平竞争,个人的卓越表现。Today, sports and events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games break down barriers by bringing together people from all around the world and all walks of life. The participants may carry the flags of many nations, but they come together under the shared banner of equality and fair play, understanding and mutual respect.今天,体育赛事,如奥运会和残奥会,打破障碍,让世界各地和各行各业的人们聚会一堂。参赛者举着许多国家的国旗,但他们走到一起,高举平等和公平竞争、理解和相互尊重的大旗。We give meaning to these values through the Olympic Truce, the call for warring parties everywhere to lay down their weapons during the Games. These pauses in fighting save lives. They help humanitarian workers reach people in need. And they open diplomaticspace to negotiate lasting solutions.通过奥林匹克休战,我们赋予这些价值以意义,呼吁各地交战各方在奥运会期间放下武器。战事暂停,能拯救生命,也有助于让人道主义工作人员帮助有需求的人,并为开展谈判,找到持久解决办法打开外交空间。The Olympic Truce - and more broadly the Olympic ideal - carries a powerful message: that people and nations can set aside their differences and live and work together in harmony. And if they can do it for one day, or for one event, they can do it forever. This is the dream on which the ed Nations is built, and the goal of our daily work.奥林匹克休战——以及更大的奥林匹克理想——有其强大的含义:各族人民和各个国家能抛开彼此分歧,和睦相处。如果一天可以做到,为一件赛事可以做到,那就能永远做到。这是联合国赖以建立的梦想,是我们日常工作的目标。I call on all those engaged in hostilities to respect the Truce - which has been endorsedby all 193 UN Member States. This is an uphillbattle - but we must persist in proclaiming the Truce and do our utmost to win adherence to it. For these next few weeks, may the torch of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London serve as a beacon of peace around the world.我呼吁所有从事敌对行动者尊重休战——休战得到联合国所有193个会员国的赞同。这是一场艰苦的战斗——但我们必须鼎力宣布休战,竭尽所能,争取遵守休战。未来几周内,愿伦敦奥运会和残奥会的火炬,成为世界各地和平的明灯。 /201208/193448 At a dinner party a shy young man had been trying to think of something nice to say to his hostess.At last he saw his chance when she turned to him and remarked, ;What a small appetite you have tonight, Mr. Jones.;;To sit next to you,; he replied gallantly, ;would cause any man to lose his appetite.;在一次晚餐聚会上,一位腼腆的年轻人一直在冥思苦想对女主人说一些好听的话。机会终于来了,女主人转向他说:;琼斯先生,您今晚的饭量太小了。;;坐在您身边,;他殷勤的说道,;任何男人都会失去胃口的。; /201203/175982福州马尾区人流价格龙岩人工受精正规医院



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