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If you spent the night around the campfire or with a friend who likes to smoke, your clothes might smell like an ashtray. You can save yourself a load of laundry or a trip to the dry cleaners by removing the odors the easy and natural way. Follow these easy steps and find out how to remove smoke odors with vinegar.如果你在篝火旁度过一晚,或者和喜欢抽烟的朋友在一起,你的衣闻上去就好像烟灰缸。以自然简单的方式清除衣上的异味,你可以不用耗费大量时间来洗衣,也不用大老远拿去干洗。遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样用醋除去衣上的香烟味。Step 1: You will need1.你需要White Distilled Vinegar,Hanger,Bathroom蒸馏过的白醋,衣架,浴室Step 2: Hang It Up2.悬挂Put your clothing on a hanger and hang it on the shower curtain rod in your bathroom. Close your drain and turn on the hot water as hot as it will go and let it fill your bathtub.把衣用衣架挂在浴室的挂帘杆上。关闭排水管,打开热水,温度尽可能的高,让热水装满浴缸。Step 3: Just Add Vinegar3.加醋Pour four cups of white distilled vinegar into your bathtub. The vinegar vapors will penetrate the smoke smells on your clothing and remove the odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh.向浴缸中倒入四杯蒸馏过的白醋。加入白醋的水蒸汽会渗透衣上的香烟味,消除异味,让你的衣气味清新。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Smoke Odors In Clothes.感谢收看“怎样清除衣上的香烟味”视频节目。201211/210469

Learn how to make your body resistant to germs and disease so you can live a longer, healthier life.学习怎样让身体更好地抵抗细菌和疾病,这样你就可以过上更加长寿,更加健康的生活。You Will Need你需要Daily moderate exercise每天适度的运动Something to laugh about让你开怀大笑的事情Optimism乐观的态度Lots of friends许多朋友A healthy diet健康的饮食Seven to nine hours of sleep per night每晚7到9小时的睡眠A bridge group (optional)桥牌小组(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Get moving1.运动Get moving: Just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise will do. You can even split it into three 10-minute bursts of activity.多多运动:每天只要进行30分钟的适度运动就可以了。甚至可以分割成三次短暂的运动,每次10分钟。Step 2 Laugh it off2.开怀大笑Find something to laugh about every day – even force it if you have to. Real or fake, laughter strengthens your immune system by increasing good-for-you hormones and reducing stress ones; lowering your blood pressure; and slowing your resting heart rate.每天找一点可以让自己笑的事情——如果必要的话强迫自己笑。无论是真的还是假的,大笑都可以增加有益荷尔蒙,减少压力荷尔蒙,从而增强免疫系统,还可以减缓心率。Step 3 Look at the bright side3.多看看光明的一面Train yourself to look at the bright side. Optimistic people were two and a half times less likely to develop cancer of any kind than their pessimistic peers, according to one study.训练自己多看看事物光明的一面。根据一项调查,乐观的人比悲观的人患各种癌症的可能性低2.5倍。Step 4 Make time for friends4.多交朋友Make time for the friends you have and cultivate new ones. A study found that seniors with a lot of pals were 22 percent less likely than their less social counterparts to die during the decade when they participated in the study.留点时间和朋友相聚,并结交新的朋友。一项研究发现,在接受调查的十年时间里,有许多朋友的老年人死亡的可能性比社交活动较少的老年人低22%。Start a bridge group. Research shows that bridge boosts the bodys defense against infections and illness.组建一个桥牌小组。研究表明,桥牌可以增强身体对感染和疾病的抵抗力。Step 5 Eat well5.饮食健康Eat a healthy diet: at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day focusing on the antioxidant powerhouses; complex carbs, fatty fish, and a few cups of green tea at least two times a week; a daily handful of nuts; no more than one glass of alcohol per day; and a limited amount of meat and sweets.保健康的饮食:每天至少五份富含抗氧化剂的蔬菜和水果;复杂的碳水化合物,脂肪含量高的鱼类,喝几杯绿茶,每周至少两次;每天吃一把坚果;每天饮酒不要超过一杯;限制肉类和甜食。Eat more mushrooms during cold and flu season: Research shows that when a virus is present, mushrooms may rally the immune system to fight them.寒冷和流感季节多吃蘑菇:研究表明,病毒肆虐的时候,蘑菇可以促使免疫系统予以抵抗。Step 6 Catch your zzzzzs6.睡眠充足Get at least seven hours of sleep every night, more if you can.每晚至少7小时的睡眠时间,如果有条件的话,可以多睡一会儿。The first scientists to prove that the body defends itself against disease through the immune system shared the Nobel Prize in 1908.1908年,明身体可以通过免疫系统抵抗疾病的首批科学家分享了诺贝尔奖。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/232014


  How can I improve my ability to remember complex or foreign names?怎样提高记忆复杂的或者外国人的名字的能力呢?To remember a complex, foreign name, if you hear the name, youre meeting Mr. Giftakis for the first time, what you have to do, it comes across very fast, you have to think very fast, and say, what does it sound like, break it apart Gift-Tack- and a Kiss. And I see Mr. Giftakis holding a huge gift with a big tack in it and hes throwing a kiss. Giftakis. Youre taking the abstractness out of the name, putting it together into an image. If its Mr. Markowitz, hes holding a big pen, a marking pen and hes marking a witch, mark a witch – get the picture? Abstract to concrete to meaningful. If its unknown, you make it known. You lock those two together, but you might have to have two or three syllables to put it all together. A little practice, youre gonna get perfect.为了记住复杂的或者外国人的名字,如果你听到了这个名字,你第一次遇见Giftakis先生,你应该怎么做呢?如果对方介绍自己时说的很快,你也要思考的很快,比如说,这个名字听上去是什么样的,然后分解成Gift-Tack-和Kiss。Giftakis先生拿着一份大大的礼物,上面有一个大的平头针,正在抛飞吻。Giftakis。将这个抽象的名字分解开,组成一幅图像。如果是Markowitz先生,他拿着一大钢笔,一记号笔,正在给一个巫婆做记号——能够想象这幅图画吗?从抽象到具体到有意思。如果这个名字是未知的,你可以让它变成已知的。把两个常见的比较短的单词组合起来。但是你可能需要两三个音节来把整个名字组合起来。这是很简单的方法,你会很轻松地记住复杂的名字。Thanks for watching How To Improve Your Ability To Remember Complex Or Foreign Names.感谢收看“怎样记住复杂的名字”视频节目。 /201210/202570。


  Look at how lovely these things are.看看这些东西是多么可爱I mean, even when theyre off我是说即使不使用它们theyre beautiful to hold.拿在手里都觉得漂亮In their design,Jobs went for simplicity above all else.在他们的设计中 乔布斯把简洁作为首要理念If he had a mantra it could have just been ;Simple.;如果他有格言的话 很可能就是;简洁;Simple.简洁It seems like his unspoken rule was one button or less,似乎一个按键或无按键是他不言而喻的理念even going all the way back to the first mouse on the first Mac.即使追溯到第一台Mac的第一只鼠标One button.只有一个按键And the most iconic of them all is probably the one button right here.而最具代表性的大概便是这个按键And that device, big screen,little button, nothing else,这种设备 大屏幕 少按键 没有多余的东西blew up, yet, another entire industry,强烈冲击了另一个巨大产业maybe even more than the iPod affected the music business.或许比iPod对音乐的影响更甚Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along每过一段时间 就会出现一个革命性产品that changes everything.它将改变了一切On January 9th, 2007,the bomb dropped.在2007年1月9日 华章奏响The iPhone came on the marketplace it totally blew the market away.iPhone横空出世 席卷了整个市场You could do anything you wanted on it.在iPhone上 你可以随心所欲Steve Jobs introduces what many consider to be his most revolutionary product.史蒂夫·乔布斯推出了一款公认最具革命性的乔氏产品An iPod, a phone,and an internet communicate.iPod 电话 网络连接功能This is one device!集大成的产品And we are calling it, iPhone.我们将其命名为 iPhoneThe revolution really began with the iPhone.变革始于iPhoneIt took this idea that had been in the air,它把人们的奇思异想i.e. someday youll have your computer in your pocket比如 有一天能把电脑装进口袋里and turned it into a reality.将其变为现实What we want to do is make a leap-frog product我们想要生产一种跨时代的产品thats way smarter than any mobile device has ever been and super easy to use.它要比现有的任何手机都更加智能 更加简单易用It was so powerful.它功能如此强大It had more computer power than all of NASA in 1969 when they put two men on the moon!1969年NASA的计算机足以把人类送上月球 却也比不过iPhoneImagine, having the entire computer power of NASA right in your hand.试想 将NASA全部的运算能力握在手中 那是怎样的感觉 /201305/241417@GBch)5Nn-spsi_LZkYXvToday in History: Monday, August 20, 2012历史上的今天:2012年8月20日uR1JUOwzR6On Aug. 20, 1998 Retaliating for deadly embassy bombings in East Africa, the ed States launched cruise missile strikes against al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan and what was described as a chemical plant in Sudan.1998年8月20日m,7OIAn3!K-T,)fPV。为报复东非大使馆致命的爆炸惨案,美国发射巡航导弹打击阿富汗基地组织训练营以及据称是苏丹的一化工厂,ZX+You[QI%8MPE0ER(。(xTPJ!NU8l6O~TmVBENPns5~ePSMM2YrAz1833 Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the ed States, was born in North Bend, Ohio.1833年,美国第23届美国总统本杰明·哈里森在俄亥俄州北本德出生9R%9!cxk]3k。g)UZL~zT;8*wgw#y+vUN-_)SOcJn-j;jhi4!|bt1914 German forces occupied Brussels, Belgium, during World War I.1914年,在第一次世界大战德国占领比利时布鲁塞尔*[19n0WLYy3lTPh。miFKiLK+0RJg,YX@QbLE[w*e;bJ0*ME]v91918 Britain opened an offensive on the Western front during World War I.1918年,第一次世界大战英国向西线发起进攻*%LWlHgBAcY8sc5Q。U%vWABlkm135Z%mcKqkPgxl;AOD1940 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid tribute to the Royal Air Force, saying, ;Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.;1940年,英国首相邱吉尔表彰英国皇家空军称“在人类战争史上,从来也没有一次像这样,以如此少的兵力,取得如此大的成功,保护如此多的众生nB0fFr)PR34MQKG4il。”rp_ht9-1rz3~[nnS,K|#!.OeST+_QfqhlG1953 The Soviet Union publicly acknowledged it had tested a hydrogen bomb.1953年,苏联公开承认已经测试了一枚氢弹3dVr]Of,B+cn。MhdF4K@]s!0CJ]o%ZcXS1955 Hundreds of people were killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco and Algeria.1955年,在洛哥和阿尔及利亚的反法暴乱中数百人遇害mFoWWJv)!E-Jj;quW。x8CMtxl4pwRrG-CeZ.nlRo5VzNoi0%-zmGU1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a nearly billion anti-poverty measure.1964年,林登·约翰逊总统签署了近10亿美元的反贫困措施n8-bkDkW9+;C3BJ。lJ+Nec~-h0o7o.)YrCW*!MnG(l)Z*bY1968, the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the ;Prague Spring; liberalization drive of Alexander Dubceks regime.1968年,苏联和其它华沙条约国入侵捷克斯洛伐克镇压了亚历山大·杜布切克政权的“布拉格之春”自由化改革;Q%22u,Gb-cM)1-*s。EkK]t6PzD_IlExfg5^@Y%(igAER)Do1Zn1977 The ed States launched Voyager 2, an unmanned spacecraft carrying a 12-inch copper phonograph record containing greetings in dozens of languages, samples of music and sounds of nature.1977年,美国发射旅行者2号,这是一艘携带12英寸铜留声机搭载着很多语言问候,音乐样本以及自然声音的无人驾驶宇宙飞船emFJNLJKk~Yc)B3h。wv9(vtS[!0DosMLcfg71992 The Republican National Convention in Houston nominated President George H.W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle for a second term.1992年,休斯顿共和党全国代表大会提名总统乔治·布什和副总统丹奎尔连任Jki)s.G*Yd48-+ueN。@)j|2@AP[lRI7_Zw;1k5Y|wG,2006 Former Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal, who took the iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising picture during World War II, died at age 94.2006年,二战期间携带过标志性硫磺岛升旗图片的前美联社摄影师乔·罗森塔尔去世,终年94岁]FJ1SV|n30tHv*。E](QoH+5W9NoWJk[ej9lnCX4W Voting in Afghanistans presidential election was marred by rampant ballot-box stuffing. (Hamid Karzai was declared the winner in November.)年,阿富汗总统选举投票受到猖獗投票箱填料的损坏9NKFaV_drNd%0qs(。(哈米德·卡尔扎伊在11月被宣布获胜#chR+HL4Kj_f。)(Hc+z!~xv-TfbqImsLk_A31CKiNxT)Wc The only man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 returned home to Libya after his release from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds.年,泛美航空103航班爆炸案唯一被定罪者受到同情,从苏格兰监狱释放回到利比亚eWQ)NoUlmO。pK,QiEbWx(-KyDhF2nIXtiTS)n0WO2hxKF_h)ss /201208/195855

  美国古生物学家在阿根廷发现了距今2.3亿年前的恐龙化石,它们属于一种名为Eodromaeus的新恐龙,这种恐龙外形与始盗龙相似,身长只有约4英尺,颈骨还有气囊,这给兽脚类恐龙最终进化为鸟类增添了更多据。A new species of dinosaurs has been discovered in Argentina. This finding also proves another revelation, because the fossils are believed to be the earliest link to modern-day birds.Named Bicentenaria Argentina, the species measures between 2.5 and 3 meters long, and is slim and agile. The shape of its sharp curved teeth and long claws suggest Bicentenaria hunted other smaller dinosaurs. Scientists say the carnivorous dinosaur represents a new line leading to the evolution of modern day birds.It may even have been partially or completely covered in feathers itself. The 130 bones were discovered in Rio Negro in Argentinas Patagonia region and are thought to be approximately 90 million years old. Paleontologists believe that Bicentenaria lived during the Cretaceous period when the earth was dominated by large dinosaurs.201207/189188



  Depending on your juggling skills, it can be a dream come true or your worst nightmare.You Will NeedAccess to women Organizational skills And a silver tongue Membership in an online dating service (optional) Step 1: Date online(网上约会)Consider joining a popular online dating service. It’s the easiest way to meet thousands of available women.Step 2: Weed out prospects(不要选择感情过于认真的人)Unless you’re a sadist, weed out the ones who make it clear they’re looking for a serious relationship.Step 3: Avoid friends(不要选择朋友)Scrupulously avoid dating women who might know each other. Otherwise, expect a posse of angry women on your doorstep—with knives.Keep things separate—don’t bring different dates to the same restaurants and clubs. That’s just asking for trouble.Step 4: Appear busy(表现很忙的样子)Make it clear from the beginning that your free time is limited. Make vague references to 60-hour workweeks and frequent business trips so they won’t know the real reason—you need to make time for the other gals.Step 5: Be organized(有规划)Keeping track of multiple dates and multiple women can be confusing—be vigilant about staying organized, or you could easily betray yourself.If you have two dates in the same night, allow yourself some time in between to check for telltale signs: lipstick, stray hairs, women’s perfume.Step 6: Act like a sailor(不停地变化自己的约会地点)Make like a sailor and have women in different ports of call. If you travel a lot for work or often vacation in the same place, you’ll always have a date when you’re in town.Program your dates’ names into your phone using male codenames—Sam for Samantha, Jack for Jill— so that the one you’re with isn’t suspicious when you’re receiving calls and texts.Step 7: Don't fake it(不要撒谎)Don’t pretend to feel what you’re not feeling. You might not advertise the fact that she’s not the only one, but don’t lie and tell her that she is.Step 8: Be safe(做好保密工作)Practice safe sex, for obvious reasons. And if you know—or strongly suspect—that a date wouldn’t sleep with you if she knew you had multiple partners, don’t exploit her trust. Even if you never gave her a reason to trust you in the first place.There are an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 polygamous marriages in the U.S.201002/97325

  This is the exact moment that I started creating something called Tinkering School. 就是在那个时候我开办了一个叫做修补学校的项目。 Tinkering School is a place where kids can pick up sticks andhammers and other dangerous objects, and be trusted. Trusted not to hurt themselves, and trusted not to hurt others. Tinkering School doesn't follow a set curriculum. And there are no tests. We're not trying to teach anybody any specific thing.修补学校里,孩子们可以拿起木棍和锤子以及一些其他危险的物品,并且给予信任。相信他们不会让自己受伤,相信他们不会让他人受伤。修补学校没有固定的课程。也没有测试。我们不去尝试教任何人任何具体的事情。 When the kids arrive, they're confronted with lots of stuff, wood and nails and rope and wheels, and lots of tools, real tools. It's a six-day immersive experience for the kids. And within that context, we can offer the kids time. Something that seems in short supply in their over-scheduled lives. Our goal is to ensure that they leave with a better sense of how to make things than when they arrived, and the deep internal realization that you can figure things out by fooling around.当儿童来这的时候他们将会接触到很多东西,木头,铁钉,绳索及轮胎, 以及很多很多工具,真正的工具。这六天对儿童来说是一个身临其境的体验。 并在这方面,我们可以提供时间给孩子。 这些似乎就是他们所缺少的在日程过满的生活中。我们的目的是确保在他们离开的时候能更好的理解怎么去建造东西比他们来之前更好的理解,以及一个扎根于内心的领悟那就是你瞎忙也可以搞明白一件事情。 Nothing ever turns out as planned ... ever.And the kids soon learn that all projects go awry -- (Laughter) and become at ease with the idea that every step in a project is a step closer to sweet success, or gleeful calamity. We start from doodles and sketches. And sometimes we make real plans. And sometimes we just start building. Building is at the heart of the experience. Hands on, deeply immersed and fully committed to the problem at hand. Robin and I, acting as collaborators, keep the landscape of the projects tilted towards completion. Success is in the doing. And failures are celebrated and analyzed. Problems become puzzles and obstacles disappear.从没有任何事情是按照计划运行的,从来没有。然后孩子们马上就发现所有的项目都出了差错但同时也造就了一个轻松的想法,那就是在项目中的每一个过程都让你向甜蜜的成功靠拢,或者是一个欣喜的灾难。我们从涂鸦和草图开始。有时候我们也做一些真正的计划。有时候我们直接从建造开始。建造是体验的核心。动起手来,把自己深深的浸入和全力的投入到你手头的问题里。罗宾和我,就像合作伙伴,保持着这些项目向完成的方向进军。 功就在过程中。我们庆祝和分析失败。问题变成一个个迷题紧接着障碍消除了。When faced with particularly difficult setbacks or complexities, a really interesting behavior emerges: decoration. Decoration of the unfinished project is a kind of conceptual incubation. From these interludes come deep insights and amazing new approaches to solving the problems that had them frustrated just moments before.当我们遇到特定的困难的时候比如说挫折或复杂时,一个十分有趣的行为就显现出来了: 装饰。装饰那些未完成的作品是一种概念般的孵化。从这些间隙中产生了更深的见解以及解决问题的新奇尝试这些问题在此之前还让人沮丧。All materials are available for use. Even those mundane, hateful, plastic grocery bags can become a bridge stronger than anyone imagined. And the things that they build amaze even themselves.我们可以运用所有的材料。甚至是那些平凡,可恨的塑料购物袋也可以变为一个桥梁而且任何人都没想到可以如此坚固。有时候我们对我们自己所建造的东西感到惊讶。 Video: Three, two, one, go!影片中: 三,二,一,发射!Gever Tulley: A rollercoaster built by seven-year-olds.基弗尔·杜雷: 一个7岁小孩造的过山车。 Video: Yay! (Applause)影片中: 耶! Gever Tulley: Thank you. It's been a great pleasure. (Applause)基弗尔·杜雷:谢谢你们。这是我的荣幸。 201003/99281

  Today in History: Sunday, January 27, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月27日,星期天On Jan. 27, 1945, Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland.1945年1月27日,苏联军队在波兰解放了奥斯威辛和比克瑙纳粹集中营。1756 Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.1756年,作曲家沃尔夫冈·阿马德乌斯·莫扎特在奥地利萨尔斯堡出生。1832 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote ;Alices Adventures in Wonderland; under the pen name Lewis Carroll, was born in Cheshire, England.1832年,《爱丽丝梦游仙境》的作者Charles Lutwidge Dodgson(笔名叫路易斯·卡罗尔)在英格兰柴郡出生。1880 Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric incandescent lamp.1880年,托马斯·爱迪生获白炽灯专利。1885 Broadway composer Jerome Kern was born in New York City.1885年,百老汇作曲家杰罗姆·柯恩在纽约市出生。1944 The Soviet Union announced the end of the deadly German siege of Leningrad, which had lasted for more than two years.1944年,苏联宣布致命的德国列宁格勒围城战结束,这场战争已经持续了两年多。1951 The era of atomic testing in the Nevada desert began.1951年,原子武器试验时代在内华达州的沙漠拉开帷幕。1967 Astronauts Virgil I. ;Gus; Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee died in a flash fire during a test aboard their Apollo 1 spacecraft at Cape Kennedy, Fla.1967年,在佛罗里达州肯尼迪角,宇航员Virgil I. ;Gus; Grissom, Edward H. White 和Roger B. Chaffee在阿波罗一号宇宙飞船闪火检测中遇难。 1967 More than 60 nations signed a treaty banning the orbiting of nuclear weapons.1967年,60多个国家签署了一项禁止核武器绕轨道运行的条约。1973 The Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris.1973年,越南和平协议在巴黎签订。1998 First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, appearing on Ns ;Today; show, said that allegations against her husband were the work of a ;vast right-wing conspiracy.;1998年,第一夫人希拉里·罗德姆·克林顿出现在N的《今日》节目,指控她丈夫的工作是“巨大的右翼阴谋”。2010 Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad tablet computer during a presentation in San Francisco.2010年,苹果CEO史蒂夫·乔布斯在旧金山产品展中推出iPad平板电脑。2010 J.D. Salinger, the reclusive author of ;The Catcher in the Rye,; died in Cornish, N.H. at age 91.2010年,《麦田守望者》的作者—隐居作家塞林格在新罕布什尔州康沃尔去世,享年91岁。 /201301/222701

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