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日常聊天口语对话篇:()圣诞烦恼Christmas Stre-- ::57 Marty:: Are you all y Christmas?Jack: Are you kidding? I haven't even started. I've done zero shopping.Marty: Well, you'd better getting going, Christmas is only a week away..Jack: I have to tell you that I'm one of those people who really gets stressed out by the Christmas rush. Marty: Oh, I'm not. I love the holidays. I love the crowds, the shopping, the lights, the music, the food, the parties, all the presents..Jack: That's just the beginning. My wife always spends too much money on Christmas. The average Christmas expense U.S. families is about 0. But somehow we always spend about twice that much. It takes me till April to pay off all our Christmas bills.Marty: Now now, let's not be an Ebeneezer Scrooge (吝啬鬼)about it, Jack. Think about your kids. Didn't you use to love Christmas when you were a kid?Jack: I guess so. I don't remember.Marty: I know you did. You've actually gotten your childhood memories. You were the most excited kid in the whole class. I remember . you know Jack, maybe Christmas is kids, but you can still enjoy it through the eyes of your children.Jack: Well, kids enjoy it because they don't have to do all the shopping and pay all the bills.Marty: Maybe that's true. But you now as well as I do, that Christmas is more than tinsel and trees. Christmas is about what's in your heart and how you can make others happy.Jack: You're right, Marty. You're absolutely right. I'm going to try harder to be nice people and to try to keep the true spirit of Christmas in my heart..Marty: I'm glad to hear that Jack. By the way, do you have your tree up? Jack: Oh, I hate all the needles that get all over your living room floor. I mean, we're going to get a tree today.Marty: Have you taken your kids to go see Santa Claus yet?Jack: If I see anther Santa Claus, I'm gonna scream.Marty: You're hopeless, JackAesop and the Traveller 伊索与旅行者 -- :6: 来源: Aesop and the Traveller 伊索与旅行者  One day, a traveller on the road asked Aesop,"Kind man, could you please tell me how long it will take me to get to town?"  "Go," Aesop answered.  "I know I must go," said the traveller, "but I want to know how soon I can get there."  "Go," Aesop shouted at him.  The traveller was very angry."This man must be mad," he thought, and walked on.  Suddenly he heard Aesop shouting,"You will get there in two hours."  The traveller turned back and asked,"Why didn't you tell me that bee?"  Aesop answered with a smile, "Because I didn't know how fast you could walk!"  一天,有一个旅行者在路上问伊索,“好心人,您能告诉我多长时间我能到达城里吗?”  “走,”伊索回答  “我知道我必须走,”旅行者说,“可是我想知道多长时间后我能到达城里”  “走,”伊索朝他喊到  旅行者很恼火,“这个人准是疯了,”他想,又继续赶路了  突然他听到伊索在叫喊,“你两小时能到达城里”  旅行者转过身来,问道:“为什么刚才你不告诉我呢?”  伊索笑着回答,“因为我不知道你走得有多快啊!”日常聊天口语对话篇:(3)Techno-chat-- ::57 Dave: So how did you meet Linda?Phil: I met her through a computer bulletin board (电脑告示板).Dave: Oh really? What bulletin board?Phil: It was one I used down at the local coffee house called the San Francisco Net. It's been around since about 1991. Dave: I've heard about that., but I've never tried it.Phil: You ought to. One dollar buys you minutes of computer time. A "Chat session" links you with cappuccino sippers (喝加牛奶的咖啡的人)in other cafes and at home computers on the network.Dave: I have no desire to talk on a network with a bunch of strangers.Phil: That's the whole point. All your inhibitions (顾虑;约束)disappear because you can't see the other person. This network allows you to talk to people whom you normally wouldn't talk to.Dave: I just want a private conversation with one other person. Phil: You can do that. A private session lets two talk alone. This techno-chat program lets you talk with about anything with everyone, without prejudice because you can't see them.Dave: Well, maybe I'll tag along (跟着某人学样;紧跟在某人的后面)and watch how you talk.Phil: That's fine with me. but we'll have to get there early, because after 8 p. m. there's always a long waiting line.Dave: It's that popular?Phil: Welcome to the 90s!Dave: Okay, okay. We're there tonight. So what does it cost?Phil: One dollar buys minutes of computer time. This talk ain't cheap.Dave: I don't know. I'll feel funny talking through a computer. Phil: Remember, that's how I met Linda. I guarantee you can talk to girls who would never talk to you if they saw your face.Dave: What's that supposed to mean?Phil: Look in the mirror, man. (老兄,照照镜子去吧)How to Use a Dictionary? 怎样使用辞典? --6 :9:7 来源: How to Use a Dictionary? 怎样使用辞典?    We all know that a dictionary is very userful to our study. But do you know how to use it?  We should choose a good English-Chinese dictionary. It tells us the meaning of the English words in Chinese. When you meet a new word, don't use the dictionary at once. Try your best to think about what it means bee you look it up in the dictionary. If you can't guess the meaning, look it up in the dictionary.  我们都知道词典对我们的学习很有用,可是你知道如何使用词典吗?  我们应该选择一本好的英汉词典,它能用中文告诉我们英语词汇的意思当你遇到一个生词时,不要立刻就查字典在查字典之前尽量猜想一下这个词是什么意思如果是在猜不出,再查阅词典My New Flat 我的新宅 -- ::3 来源: My New Flat 我的新宅  My family moved into a new flat last winter. We are very happy to live here.  Our new flat is in a high building near Beidajie Street. We can take a lift to go up and down. There are four rooms in our flat, and mine is big and bright. I often study at the desk in the evening, my father is busy with his writing in the study, and my mother watches TV in the sitting room. When I feel tired, I like to stand by the window and enjoy the night sights outside.  去年冬天,我家搬进了一套新房住在这里我们很开心  我们的新家在北大街附近的一座高楼里我们可以乘电梯上下楼家里有四个房间,我的房间又大又亮堂晚上我在书桌旁学习,爸爸在书房忙于写作,而我妈妈在客厅看电视当我疲倦了,我喜欢站在窗户旁边欣赏外面的夜景

 我想飞 --01 ::35 来源: 我想飞  l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at how big the pacific ocean is. l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at how many rivers in the world.  l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at where the great wall is. l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at what is on the moon. l want to fly...

My hoies --3 ::6 来源: My hobbiesi have many hobbies. now let me tell you about my hobbies. i like running. i often run with my friends every weekend. usually we run in the park. do some sports are healthy us. i like ing books,too. i have many books. usually i english dictionanies, sometimes i magazines about plant. some books are useful us. what's your hobby? can you tell me?

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