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2019年07月24日 01:32:44 | 作者:普及优惠 | 来源:新华社
Donald Trump’s attempt to reboot his campaign appeared to be stalling yesterday as polls showed the gap with Hillary Clinton widening and as a fresh controversy on the campaign trail provoked alarm among Republican leaders.随着民调显示唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)与希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)之间的持率差距扩大,以及竞选拉票过程中的新争议引发共和党(Republican)领导人震惊,特朗普重振竞选势头的企图昨日似乎一筹莫展。Mrs Clinton’s lead is 7.7 points, according to a compilation of national polling by RealClearPolitics, reversing the polling advantage Mr Trump had as recently as late July. One survey by Ipsos/Reuters survey showed 19 per cent of Republicans wanted him to quit the campaign. Another revealed the property baron to be falling badly behind in Pennsylvania.根据RealClearPolitics网站对全国民调的统计结果,希拉里的持率领先7.7点,逆转了特朗普7月下旬还具有的民调优势。一项由益普索(Ipsos)和路透(Reuters)开展的调查显示,19%的共和党人希望特朗普退出竞选。另一项调查显示,这位地产富豪在宾夕法尼亚州的持率大大落后。Alarm was heightened on Tuesday night after Mr Trump made comments that prompted accusations of inciting violence against his opponent.周二晚上,人们的震惊进一步加剧,原因是特朗普发表的言论,引发了有关他煽动针对对手的暴力活动的指控。Speaking in Wilmington, North Carolina, Mr Trump suggested that supporters of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, might be able to stop Mrs Clinton from appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court.在北卡罗莱纳州的威明顿市发表讲话时,特朗普曾暗示宪法第二修正案(Second Amendment)的持者(即持权的持者),也许能够阻止希拉里将自由派法官任命为美国最高法院(Supreme Court)法官。“Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment,” he told the crowd. “If she gets to pick her judges, [there is] nothing you can do folks. Although [for] the Second Amendment people maybe there is. I don’t know. But I tell you what, that will be a horrible day if Hillary gets to put her judges [in].”他向人群表示:“希拉里想要废除——实质上废除——第二修正案。如果由她来任命法官,伙计们,你们就什么都做不了了。尽管对持第二修正案的人来说,也许还能做点什么。我不知道。但我可以告诉你们,如果希拉里有机会任命她的法官,那将是可怕的一天。”The comments distracted from Mr Trump’s attempt on Monday to regain the initiative by unveiling a more substantive economic platform, and drew criticism from both sides of the aisle.周一,特朗普曾试图通过公布更具实质性的经济竞选纲领重获主动,但上述言论起到了转移人们注意力的反作用,并招致了两党人士的批评。Michael Hayden, a head of the CIA under George W Bush and Barack Obama, told CNN: “If someone else had said that outside the hall, he’d be in the back of the police wagon now with Secret Service questioning him.”曾在乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)和巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)任内执掌中央情报局(CIA)的迈克尔#8226;海登(Michael Hayden)向美国有线新闻网(CNN)表示:“如果是其他人在会场外这么说,他现在会在警车后座,接受特勤局(Secret Service)的盘问。”The Secret Service tweeted that it was “aware” of Mr Trump’s remarks.美国特勤局在Twitter网站上发消息称,已“注意到”特朗普的言论。 /201608/460139A scheme to steal 1 million yuan (3,000) and give to needy children did not go as planned for one man in the city of Chongqing.日前,重庆市一名男子计划盗窃100万元人民币(约合15万3千美元)并捐献给贫困儿童,但是最终并未如愿以偿。The 30-something suspect, surnamed Luo, and his 44-year-old accomplice were detained at Luo#39;s rented home in connection with a Jiangbei district burglary.该嫌疑犯年龄大约30岁,姓罗,与一名44岁的同伙因为在江北区实施盗窃而被拘留在自己的的出租屋中。There arresting officers found evidence of a Robin Hood-esque plan to donate to a school in a poverty-stricken area, newspaper Chongqing Times reported.据《重庆时报》报道,在这间出租屋里,负责抓捕的人员找到了有关这一罗宾汉式的计划的一些据。两位疑犯正计划资助贫困地区的一所学校。The elderly victim, surnamed Li, reported her jewelry and cash missing, which she valued at 10,000 yuan, police said.警方表示,近日一名李姓老年失主声称,自己价值10000元左右的珠宝和现金丢失了。Surveillance from the community placed Luo and his accomplice at the scene, while more footage aided police in tracking Luo to his home. Both men claimed innocence until police showed them the recording.不过失主所在居民区的监控录像实时监控了罗某及其同伙的行踪,并且这些录像最终帮助警方追到了罗某的家中。二人在警方拿出监控录像前,均拒不承认自己的罪行。However, what surprised police most was Luo#39;s motive for the theft.但是,令警方最为惊讶地是罗某的盗窃动机。A posted list, entitled ;Plan to earn 1 million in 2015,; was found taped up on the wall of Luo#39;s rented home, photographs published by the newspaper show. ;Earn 2,800 yuan a day, and 84,000 yuan a month. Only spend 30-50 yuan a day,; the posted plan. It was punctuated with the motivational line, ;This is my goal - fight for it!;报纸上公布的一张照片显示,在罗某的出租屋墙上,贴着一张名为“2015年赚到100万”的清单。这张清单上写着“每天赚2800元,每个月赚84000元。每日开30到50元。”此外,还有一句励志语:“为这个目标奋斗吧青年!”Among his intentions to buy a house and car for his brother, Luo#39;s plan also included a large donation to a Project Hope school, police said.根据警方表示,罗某的目标除了给自己的弟弟买一套房子和一辆车以外,还包括一项希望工程学校的大型捐助计划。Luo and his accomplice await charges.目前罗某及其同伙正在等待审判结果。 /201605/446258

The Palace Museum in Beijing is considering having all its visitors book online instead of buying tickets at the gates.北京故宫物院正在考虑用网上购票系统取代传统景点窗口购票的方式Shan Jixiang, chief curator, mentioned the plan when reviewing administrative experience gained during the National Day holiday.故宫物院院长单霁翔,通过总结和回顾国庆假期的管理经验中,提出了这个计划设想Administrators set the cap of daily visitors at 80,000 during the week-long holiday starting from October 1. Shan said most had booked their trips online in advance, which encourages digital ticketing in future.从10月1日开始的黄金周假期,故宫管理方面规定,每天游览的访问人数上限为8万人。单霁翔表示,多数游客提前预定了他们的行程,这给未来的电子票务时代带来了促进作用However, the idea has failed to win unanimous support. A Miss Gao, in her 20s, welcomes the effort- and time-saving measure, though some others say the plan lacks consideration for those not tech-savvy enough or without access to computers.20岁的高女士表示,她乐于接受这项节省时间的措施。然而,这个提议未能赢得所有人一致的持。一些游客就表示,这项措施并没有考虑到那些对高科技不太了解、或者是无法使用电脑的人们的需求和感受。Liu Simin, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Tourism Association, says the plan could boost digital tourism, though it#39;s still too early to cut offline ticketing services.北京旅游学会副秘书长刘思敏对此表示,这个想法虽然可以加速数码旅游时代的到来,但对于取消线下售票来说还是为时过早。 /201510/404053

Chinese leaders in Beijing are taking big steps to tackle climate change and pollution, and some of China#39;s cities are acting too.在北京的中国领导人正在采取重大措施应对气候的变化和污染,而一些中国城市也在开展行动。Asia#39;s first ;vertical forest;, which helps reduce air pollution and save energy, will be built in Nanjing, Jiangsu, next year.江苏南京明年将建成亚洲首座“垂直森林”,垂直森林有助于减少空气污染、节约能源。The project, the world#39;s third, will consist of two tower blocks in Jiangbei New District whose facades will be covered with 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs.这是世界第三个垂直森林项目,选址江北新区,由两座塔式大楼组成,1100棵树和2500株垂坠植物及灌木将覆盖楼体表面。Those plants will produce about 60 kg of oxygen a day and absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide a year, according to Nanjing Yangzi State-Owned Investment Group, an investor in the project.据项目投资商南京扬子国资投资集团介绍,这些植物每天可释放约60千克的氧气,每年可吸收25吨的二氧化碳。According to the website of Italian architect Stefano Boeri, the designer of the vertical forest, other Chinese cities have also shown interest in the idea. The world#39;s first vertical forest was built in Milan, Italy, in 2014.垂直森林的设计师、意大利建筑师斯蒂法诺·埃里的网站称,其他中国城市也对这一理念感兴趣。世界首座垂直森林在2014年建于意大利米兰。The green residential towers aid in the absorption of CO2 and dust particles and produce oxygen. Other Chinese megacities, like Chongqing and Shanghai, are reportedly planning to build similar green structures.该绿色塔式大楼有助于吸收二氧化碳和尘埃颗粒,并产生氧气。据报道,中国的其他大城市,如重庆和上海,也正计划建造类似的绿色建筑。 /201702/493016

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