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金华中心医院在那里金华整形医院预约义乌人民医院周末有上班吗 Certain gestures that are innocent in the ed States mean something completely different (and offensive) overseas. Avoid these 10 hand signals when you’re traveling abroad!在美国无害的某些手势在国外表达的意思是完全不同的(甚至是有攻击性的)。当你在国外旅行时,别做这10个手势!Turns out making a circle with your index finger and thumb is not OK in certain countries. In France, for example, it means “zero” or “worthless.” In Venezuela, Turkey, and Brazil, it’s a vulgar slang that will offend pretty much anyone you flash it at. Avoid Using In: Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, and France.在某些国家用食指和拇指绕成一个圈是不好的。例如,在法国,这表示“零”或者“毫无价值”。在委内瑞拉,土耳其和巴西,这是一个粗俗俚语,几乎会得罪所有你对他做这个手势的人。在土耳其、巴西、委内瑞拉、和法国请避免使用。Trying to order two beers from the bartender or wish someone peace in the ed Kingdom,Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand? Make sure that when you have your index and middle fingers pointed up in the V shape, your palm is facing outward. Otherwise, you’re giving the equivalent of the middle finger. Avoid Using In: ed Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.想向酒保处点两杯啤酒或在英国、爱尔兰、澳大利亚或新西兰希望有人得到安宁?确保你用你的食指和中指摆出V型,并且手掌向外。否则,就相当于竖中指。在英国、澳大利亚、爱尔兰和新西兰避免使用这一手势。Want someone to come over to you? Definitely don’t use your curled index finger to summon them in the Philippines—that’s reserved for calling dogs and is considered very rude. And in Singapore and Japan, that motion signifies death, so unless you are the icy hand of death yourself, don’t employ it. Avoid Using In: The Philippines, Singapore, and Japan.想叫某人来你这儿? 在菲律宾绝对不要用你的食指指召他们,那是叫的,并且被认为是非常粗鲁的。而在新加坡和日本,这个手势意味着死亡,所以除非你用自己死亡的冰冷的手,否则不要用它。在菲律宾、新加坡和日本请避免使用。Sorry, southpaws. You’ll need to become ambidextrous—or just accept the fact that you’ll probably spill food all over yourself while eating with your right hand—while in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa. In these countries, the left hand is traditionally seen as unclean, because it is associated with cleaning yourself after using the bathroom.Avoid Using In: The Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa.对不起啦,左撇子们。当你在中东、印度、斯里兰卡和非洲时,你需要变得灵巧一些,或者就接受这个事实,当你用右手吃饭时你可能会将食物洒了一身。在这些国家,左手传统上被视为不洁的,因为它与上厕所后清洗自己相关联。在中东、印度、斯里兰卡和非洲请避免使用。Don’t use the palm-out, fingers-up “stop” sign in Greece, or you may not be able to stop someone from punching you in the face. This gesture is an insult to Greeks—a stigma that apparently dates back to Byzantine times, when shackled criminals were paraded through the streets and gawkers were allowed to smear charcoal or excrement in their faces using their open palms.Avoid Using In: Greece.不要用手心向外,五指张开。在希腊这是“停止”的标志,或者表示您可能无法阻止有人打你的脸。这个手势对希腊人是一种侮辱——显然这是要追溯到拜占庭时期的一种耻辱,当被禁锢的罪犯游街示众时,看客被允许用他们张开的手掌在罪犯脸上涂抹木炭或粪便。在希腊请避免使用。Crossing your index and middle fingers won’t bring you good luck in Vietnam. There, crossed fingers symbolize a part of the female anatomy and can be considered very rude when flashed at another person.Avoid Using In: Vietnam.在越南,交叠你的食指和中指不会给你带来好运。在那里,手指却交叉着象征女性的一部分,对另一个人做这个动作可以认为是非常粗鲁的。在越南时请避免使用。Rocking out at a metal show or tossing up hook ‘em horns (with your hand in a fist and index and pinky finger extended) is a bad idea inItaly, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Colombia. In these countries, the University of Texas’ signature hand gesture can be used to indicate that someone’s wife has been unfaithful.Avoid Using In: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Colombia.在意大利、西班牙、葡萄牙、巴西和哥伦比亚,在重金属音乐会上摇摆做出这个手势(握起拳头并伸出食指和小指)真是个不好的想法。在这些国家,德克萨斯大学标志手势可以用来表示某人的妻子对他不忠。在意大利、西班牙、葡萄牙、巴西和哥伦比亚请避免使用。Don’t hail a cab or wave someone over to you with your palm facing up in South Korea. That’s how Koreans summon their dogs. The proper way to wave is to move your hand up and down vertically with your palm facing down.Avoid Using In: South Korea.在韩国,在叫出租车和向人挥手时别把掌心对着他人。这是韩国人叫他们的时的动作。打招呼的正确方法是将你的手掌心朝下地上下垂直挥动。在韩国时请避免使用。The head is the most sacred part of the body inThailand. In the Buddhist faith, it’s where the spirit lives. Thus, touching someone else’s head or hair is a definite faux pas—so think twice before you ruffle a kid’s hair or pat someone for a job well done.Avoid Using In: Thailand.在泰国头部是人体最神圣的部分。在佛教信仰中,这是精神所在之处。因此,抚摸别人的头或头发显然是一个失礼行为。所以在你抚摸一个孩子的头发或轻拍某人的头表示对他工作的赞赏前请三思。在泰国请避免使用。The thumbs-up signals approval in the U.S. and on Facebook, but in Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Italy, and Greece, it means “up yours.” So next time you’re trying to hitchhike in, say, Tuscany, you should reconsider before sticking out your thumb.Avoid Using In: Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Italy, and Greece.在美国和在Facebook上竖起大拇指表示认同或者“赞”,但在阿富汗、伊朗、意大利的部分地区、希腊,这意味着“滚开”。所以如果下次你想搭便车,比如说,在托斯卡纳,伸出你的拇指之前你应该重新考虑下。在阿富汗、伊朗、意大利部分地区以及希腊请避免使用。 /201405/294364金华有没有无痛洗眉毛的地方

武义县民族医院修眉多少钱浦江县中医院治疗腋臭多少钱 Writer Ann Morgan set herself a challenge – to a book from every country in the world in one year. She describes the experience and what she learned.作家安·根决定给自己一个挑战——在一年时间里从世界所有国家的文学作品中各选一本书来阅读。 她讲述了自己的经历及体会。I used to think of myself as a fairly cosmopolitan sort of person, but my bookshelves told a different story. Apart from a few Indian novels and the odd Australian and South African book, my literature collection consisted of British and American titles. Worse still, I hardly ever tackled anything in translation. My ing was confined to stories by English-speaking authors.我曾认为自己是一个“海纳百川”的人,但我书架里的书却清楚地表明这并非事实。 除了一些印度小说以及澳大利亚和南非的古怪离奇的书以外,我的藏书主要是英国及美国文学。更糟糕的是,我从没有接触过任何小说译本。我读的书大多由以英语为母语的作家写就。So, at the start of 2012, I set myself the challenge of trying to a book from every country (well, all 195 UN-recognised states plus former UN member Taiwan) in a year to find out what I was missing.于是,2012年伊始,我决定给自己一个挑战---在一年内读玩196本分别来自世界每一个国家和地区的书(这里是指联合国承认的195个国家以及一个前联合国成员台湾),看看我在以往的阅读中错过了什么。With no idea how to go about this beyond a sneaking suspicion that I was unlikely to find publications from nearly 200 nations on the shelves of my local bookshop, I decided to ask the planet’s ers for help. I created a blog called A Year of Reading the World and put out an appeal for suggestions of titles that I could in English.开始时我感到无从下手,因为我暗暗怀疑是否能在当地书店里找到来自将近200多个国家的书,于是决定向世界各地的读者寻求帮助。我开了一个名叫“一年读世界”的客,请大家向我推荐一些我可以用英语阅读的文章。The response was amazing. Before I knew it, people all over the planet were getting in touch with ideas and offers of help. Some posted me books from their home countries. Others did hours of research on my behalf. In addition, several writers, like Turkmenistan’s Ak Welsapar and Panama’s Juan David Morgan, sent me unpublished translations of their novels, giving me a rare opportunity to works otherwise unavailable to the 62% of Brits who only speak English. Even with such an extraordinary team of bibliophiles behind me, however, sourcing books was no easy task. For a start, with translations making up only around 4.5 per cent of literary works published in the UK and Ireland, getting English versions of stories was tricky.我的要求得到了意想不到的反响。很快地,来自世界不同地区的人都在试图给我建议、提供帮助。有的人直接在帖子里附上来自他们的国家的书,有的人花费了几小时的时间来帮我做调查。除此之外,一些作家更是给我发送了他们未出版的小说译本,比如土库曼斯坦的阿克?韦尔斯帕和巴拿马的胡安?大卫?根。这给我了一个难得的机会,因为这些书对于占总人口62%的只会说英语的英国人来说本是读不到的。即便有爱书人组成一特别的队伍持我,寻找书源也绝不是一件简单的事。在英国和爱尔兰,出版的文学作品中只有4.5%的是译本,寻找一些故事的英文版是件棘手的事。Small states较小的国家和地区This was particularly true for francophone and lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) African countries. There’s precious little on offer for states such as the Comoros, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique – I had to rely on unpublished manuscripts for several of these. And when it came to the tiny island nation of Sao Tome amp; Principe, I would have been stuck without a team of volunteers in Europe and the US who translated a book of short stories by Santomean writer Olinda Beja just so that I could have something to .尤其是对于使用法语以及葡语的非洲国家来说,只有找到很少、很宝贵的一部分书能够被找到,比如科罗、马达加斯加、几内亚-比绍以及莫桑比克。对其中的一些国家,我不得不依赖于尚未出版的手稿。而对于圣多美及普林西比民主共和国这个小小的岛国,我有幸得到了一来自欧美的志愿者团队帮助才有书可读,他们翻译了圣多美和普林西比作家奥林达?倍加短片小说。没有他们,我的读书计划难以进行下去。Then there were places where stories are rarely written down. If you’re after a good yarn in the Marshall Islands, for example, you’re more likely to go and ask the local iroij’s (chief’s) permission to hear one of the local storytellers than you are to pick up a book. Similarly, in Niger, legends have traditionally been the preserve of griots (expert narrators-cum-musicians trained in the nation’s lore from around the age of seven). Written versions of their fascinating performances are few and far between – and can only ever capture a small part of the experience of listening for yourself.一些地区很少用文字记录他们的故事。比如在马绍尔群岛,当你在想要听一个好故事的时候,你可能会去请求埃罗(首领)准许,然后去听一个当地说书人讲故事,而不是拿起一本书来阅读。类似地,在尼日尔,传说通常都专属于格里奥(专门的故事叙述者及音乐家,7岁开始接受本国神话传说方面的训练)。他们精表演的书面版本少之又少,并且即便你亲耳聆听,也只能捕获到少许。If that wasn’t enough, politics threw me the odd curveball too. The foundation of South Sudan on 9 July 2011 – although a joyful event for its citizens, who had lived through decades of civil war to get there – posed something of a challenge. Lacking roads, hospitals, schools or basic infrastructure, the six-month-old country seemed unlikely to have published any books since its creation. If it hadn’t been for a local contact putting me in touch with writer Julia Duany, who penned me a bespoke short story, I might have had to catch a plane to Juba and try to get someone to tell me a tale face to face.如果这还不够,政治因素更是给我出了个大难题。2011年7月9日南苏丹的建立,对于经历了数十年内战的国民来说可能是一件值的欢庆的事,某种意义上说却给我带来了一个挑战。没有公路、医院、学校或其它基础设施,这个六个月大的国家自建立以来便没有出版过任何的书。如果不是一个当地人帮助我联系上了作家茱莉亚?端妮,请她为我写下一个故事,我可能不得不飞到朱巴去找人面对面给我讲述一个故事。All in all, tracking down stories like these took as much time as the ing and blogging. It was a tall order to fit it all in around work and many were the nights when I sat bleary-eyed into the small hours to make sure I stuck to my target of ing one book every 1.87 days.总而言之,如此追索这些故事可能花费了和我看书、写客差不多的时间。有时候很难找时间来完成所有的任务。有多少个夜晚我都是睡眼朦胧地看到凌晨,以确保达到平均每1.87天一本书的目标。Head space头脑空间But the effort was worth it. As I made my way through the planet’s literary landscapes, extraordinary things started to happen. Far from simply armchair travelling, I found I was inhabiting the mental space of the storytellers. In the company of Bhutanese writer Kunzang Choden, I wasn’t simply visiting exotic temples, but seeing them as a local Buddhist would. Transported by the imagination of Galsan Tschinag, I wandered through the preoccupations of a shepherd boy in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains. With Nu Nu Yi as my guide, I experienced a religious festival in Myanmar from a transgender medium’s perspective.然而所有的努力都是值得的。当我走过世界文学不同的地理风貌,不同寻常的事发生了。和那些坐在扶手椅上的旅行不同,我发现自己入住了故事讲述者们的心理世界。 在不丹作家昆赞?秋殿的陪伴下,我不仅仅是简单地参观了别具异域风情的寺庙,而是以一个当地佛教徒的身份进行了拜访。乘着格尔森?契那歌德想像的翅膀,我游走在蒙古阿尔泰山牧童的思想里。以努努依为向导,我从一个变性人的视角体验了缅甸的宗教盛典。In the hands of gifted writers, I discovered, bookpacking offered something a physical traveller could hope to experience only rarely: it took me inside the thoughts of individuals living far away and showed me the world through their eyes. More powerful than a thousand news reports, these stories not only opened my mind to the nuts and bolts of life in other places, but opened my heart to the way people there might feel.在这些天才作家掌握中,我发现,书带给了我一种外出旅行少有的经历:它把我带入了那些远方人们的思想当中,并且给我展示他们的双眼所观察到的世界。比成千上万新闻报道更有感染力的是,这些故事不仅让我看到了其它地区生活的点点滴滴,也让我与当地人感同身受。And that in turn changed my thinking. Through ing the stories shared with me by bookish strangers around the globe, I realised I was not an isolated person, but part of a network that stretched all over the planet.而这反过来改变了我原有的想法。通过读那些世界各地爱书人给我分享的书籍,我意识到我并不是一个孤立的人,而是属于一个覆盖全球的网络的一部分。One by one, the country names on the list that had begun as an intellectual exercise at the start of the year transformed into vital, vibrant places filled with laughter, love, anger, hope and fear. Lands that had once seemed exotic and remote became close and familiar to me – places I could identify with. At its best, I learned, fiction makes the world real.渐渐地,年初被当成智力训练而列下的国名,变成一个个充满欢笑、爱、愤怒、希望和恐惧的地方,活灵活现、意义非凡。曾经被我认为奇异和遥远的地方变得接近和熟悉---成了一个个我能清晰辨别的地方。最难能可贵的是,我学到:小说让世界变得真实。 /201404/289849浙江金华市激光去痘印多少钱

金华市第一人民医院美容整形科 BORDEAUX, MAY 2003 - The name appears on millions of bottles of wine, one would almost forget it is also the name of a town in France. The place is crowded with cathedrals, statues and other monuments that remind you of its great history and cultural importance. The city became rich some centuries ago thanks to the two rivers #39;Garonne#39; and #39;Gironde#39;, as overseas ships from many continents used the port for trading. Nowadays the port has lost its importance, but the name of Bordeaux did not lost its prestige, thanks to the sweet gold... wine !波尔多,2003年5月—一个在酒瓶上出现了百万次的名字,人们几乎快忘了它还是法国一个小镇的名字。这个地方到处都是教堂,雕塑和其它让你忆起这个城市的伟大历史和文化重要性的遗迹。在几个世纪前,由于加隆河和纪龙德河流经这里,所以来自各个大陆的商船都把这里作为交易的港口,因此波尔多变得富裕了起来。现在港口已经失去了它的重要性,但是波尔多的声誉却一点也没掉价,正是由于那甘甜的琼浆—金黄色的葡萄酒!A visit to the vineyards is a pleasure in many ways. The landscapes are just fantastic - this countryside is ideal for abicycle trip - it is great way to explore the little villages, meet the locals, experience the #39;couleur locale#39;...参观葡萄园在很多方面都是一种乐趣。风景真的是太迷人了—这里的郊野特别是自行车旅行的理想之地—那正是一种探索小村落,偶遇当地人,经历地方色的绝佳方式。The landscapes are dotted with castles (chateaux) , which makes the experience sometimes like being in a fairy tale. A lot of these #39;chateaux#39; can be visited, often a guided tour with explanation about the wine making process and wine tasting is offered - this is really the good life ! A little word of warning however : it can become hot , very hot, and when with a bicycle, one better not exagerate wine tasting along the way...地平线上各式各样的城堡耸立着,那样仿佛好像就是置身于神话的世界当中。当中很多的城堡是可以参观的,通常会有导游解释葡萄酒的制作工序,并且可以提供品尝—那真是一种多么美妙的生活啊!但是,一个小小的警告:葡萄酒可能会变得很烈,非常烈,所以当你骑着自行车旅行时,最好别沿途夸大你的酒量……But don#39;t worry , the good life can be continued when one comes back in the evening and can enjoy the richness of the French cuisine. Oysters, #39;Foie gras#39;, different #39;Patés#39;, of course with the appropriate choice of Bordeaux wine...it is difficult to make a choice from the here and did I mention the deserts yet ? Many nice restaurants, often at great locations with a nice atmosphere. And dfter dinner a nice stroll in town, watch the sun set, and then a nightcap in the hotel - good life can be simple !但是也不必太担心,当夕阳西下踏上归途时,美好的生活仍然可以继续,你可以享受到丰富的法国菜,牡蛎,鹅肝,和其它各式各样的东西,当然,适度的波尔多葡萄酒更是一个不错的选择…要从这些菜单中做出选择那真是一件为难的事情,对了,我有提及甜点吗?有许多优雅的旅馆,通常坐落在很好的位置并且氛围都不错。晚饭过后,在小镇的路上缓缓而行,静观夕阳西下,然后在睡前于旅馆里喝上一杯—简单的生活也是一种幸福!Bordeaux, a place to remember and return to !波尔多,一个令人怀念和想重返的地方! /201408/320742浙江省义乌市第二人民医院激光点痣多少钱金华市中心医院怎么样?



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