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It is a safe haven inside Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School弗洛伦斯·格里菲斯·乔伊娜小学是一个安全的避风港,where students like Kayla Driakare get to do what children like to do best.在那里,包括凯拉在内的学生们都能做孩子们最喜欢的事情。;Singing and dancing and having foreign friends,; outside these walls, its a different world.“唱歌跳舞,认识外国朋友”。一墙之隔,外面则是另一个世界。;High crime, high poverty, very multi-generational families in public housing, theres gun violence.“犯罪率高,极度贫困,几代人挤在公租房里”。还有暴力问题。You know, the thing is all associated with poverty – that really traumatize students,你知道,这一切都与贫困有关 — 这真的使学生受到了创伤,and so many of our students come to school with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.;所以我们很多来上学的学生表现出创伤后应激障碍的症状。”Principal Akida Kissane Long says the symptoms of trauma were evident.校长基桑表示,这些孩子遭受创伤的症状很明显。;Willful disobedience, primarily fighting (and) destruction of school property,; leading to high suspension rates.“故意不从,主要表现在打架、破坏学校财产”,因此学生停课率极高。The school is among the lowest five percent in California, qualifying for the Turnaround Arts program.该校是加利福尼亚州学生成绩最差的的百分之五的学校之一,因而符合“艺术转型倡议”的条件。It provides arts education resources for schools and special training for teachers该倡议通过为学校提供艺术教育资源,为教师提供特殊培训,with the goal of incorporating the arts into the entire school curriculum.从而将艺术融入整个学校课程。;The children were so excited and have been so excited because its not just about:“孩子们非常兴奋,一直很兴奋,因为不仅仅是:Go to the board. Do the problem. Turn the page. Read the book.走到黑板前面、解答问题、翻页、读书。Its about acting and impersonating artists and historic figures, and acting out the water cycle而是关于通过表演模仿艺术家和历史人物,把水循环用身体表演出来,and becoming a butterfly that goes from caterpillar through the cocoon to an expansive beautiful winged insect.;想象自己是一只蝴蝶,体验毛毛虫经过茧最后变成一只有美丽翅膀的蝴蝶的全过程。”On Thursdays, teachers who specialize in music and art give lessons.每逢周四,音乐艺术专业的老师们给学生们授课。;Art is funny, you get to draw what you draw and you get to draw something that you really like.;“艺术很有趣,你可以画出你想画的东西,画出你真正喜欢的东西。”The results are evident just one year into a 3-year program.这个计划为期三年,第一年就成效显著。;Weve probably suspended one kid this year, thats amazing.“我们今年可能给了一个孩子停课处分。这是相当大的进步。Parents are getting phone calls to come to family portraiture night and come to family arts night,我们给家长们打电话,邀请他们来参加家庭肖像夜、家庭艺术之夜,and its not just the naughty calls home.而不只是孩子在校淘气惹事而向家长反映。Its for them to come and learn more about what their children are learning, so our parent engagement goes up.;对于家长来说,他们可以更多地了解自己孩子学习的东西。所以我们的家长参与度在提升。”And its not just here, 68 U.S. schools participate in Turnaround Arts.不仅如此。美国共有68所学校加入了“艺术转型倡议”。A recent study shows fewer disciplinary actions increased attendance and improved academic achievement.最近的一项研究表明,减少惩罚措施有助于增加出勤率和提高学生的学业成绩。At a time when the arts have been deemphasized in favour of math and science in U.S. education,美国教育一直格外重视数学、科学教育,忽略艺术教育,Turnaround Arts is making a case for a more holistic educational approach.但“艺术转型”正在为提倡更为全面的教育方式而努力。;Art speaks to everyone, arts isnt a set aside, it is part of the... what makes the curriculum rich and exciting and motivating.;“艺术在于同每一个人的交流互动。艺术不应被搁置一旁。它是课程的一部分,能使课程丰富,使孩子们感到振奋和鼓舞。”Long says with motivation comes learning across-subjects.龙校长表示,与动力相伴而生的是进行跨科目学习。And she wants to turn Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary into a performing arts magnet school她想将弗洛伦斯·格里菲斯·乔伊娜小学变成一所极具吸引力的表演艺术学校,to keep funding flowing and continue to integrate the arts into the school.以保持资金的流动性,并继续将艺术融入学校教育。Elizabeth Lee, VOA News, Los Angeles.VOA新闻,伊丽莎白·李于洛杉矶为您播报。201706/512707

SolarCity presents How oil power gets to youSolarCity巨献:石油能源到你家First a bunch of green organisms absorb the suns energy最早有一群古老的有机体吸收了太阳的能量just a few short hundreds of millions of years later people pressured them into oil受压短短几亿年后变成了石油next the old time ship get into the ground and shipped thousands of miles to refinery接着从地下被钻出之后,运了好几英里到达炼油厂where the oil freshly distilled in practicum to become gasoline经过蒸馏之后变成汽油and diesel sweating garlic sauce for 90 minutes, just kidding接着当做酱汁来淋煮章鱼九十分钟,我开玩笑的。from there the gasoline was pumped in massive trucks,接着这些汽油被很大的需要汽油的汽车which is even more gasoline to drive the other gasoline thousands of miles载到好几英里远之外,so the guy can pumped it back into the ground再放回地下保存just in time another guy to pump it out of the ground into his car接着又从地底下取出来,加到汽车里面and this is how solar power gets to you.而太阳能的来源就是这么简单SolarCity, power forever!SolarCity,永生能源!201701/486776

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/449131

And we now know that this data has been seized by governments我们现在知道这些数据as part of their internet surveillance operations.作为网络监控行动的一部分由政府掌控The NSA was like,国家安全局就好像在说;Oh, thats an awesome way to track people.;用这个方法追踪人真是太好了;;Lets scoop up that information too.;;我们来把这些信息也一网拿下;So we have seen that因此我们可以看到the governments find all this data irresistible.政府觉得这些数据太诱人了But is this simply a matter of principle?但这仅仅是原则问题吗Is losing privacy ultimately the price we pay宁静的街道和免于恐怖袭击的终极代价for peaceful streets and freedom from terror attacks?难道就是失去隐私吗This man thinks we should look deeper.这个人认为我们应该更深入地看问题Bruce Schneier is a leading internet security expert.布鲁斯·施奈尔是一个顶级互联网安全专家He was part of the team他曾经是which first analysed the Snowden documents.最初分析斯诺登泄密文件小组的成员They dont just want your search data他们不仅想要你的搜索数据信息or your e-mail. They want everything.或电子邮件 他们什么都想要重点解释:1.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.scoop up 用铲子取例句:The lizards tongue shot out and scooped up the fly.蜥蜴的舌头突然伸出来把苍蝇卷入口中。3.a matter of 关于 ... 的问题例句:They did it as a matter of routine.他们那样做只是例行公事。201612/484597

But this was now the age of the World Wide Web.但现在是万维网的时代The Navy wanted to develop海军研究实验室想发明anonymous communications for this new era.适用于这个新时代的匿名通讯系统So Syverson and his colleagues set to work on building a system因此赛福森和他的同事致力于建立一个系统that could be used by operatives across the world.供在世界各地的特工人员使用You have enough of a network with enough distribution你有足够大的网络 足够广的分布that its going to be very hard for an adversary to be对于对手来说 想要关注所有的信息来源in all the places and to see all the traffic wherever it is.关注所有的通讯 会非常难Syversons system was called the Tor network.赛福森的系统叫做洋葱网络Tor stands for ;The onion router;.洋葱是洋葱路由器的缩写It works like this.它的工作原理就像洋葱一样A user wants to visit a website用户想要浏览网页but doesnt want to reveal that IP address,但不想泄露互联网协议地址the mark that identifies their computer.这个地址能让他人识别他的计算机As they send the request, three layers of encryption在他发送指令的同时 三层加密are placed around it like the layers of an onion.像洋葱一样将其包裹起来重点解释:1.work on 忙于例句:This medicine will work on the affected part.这种药能对患部起作用。2.hard for 为...努力例句:You must study hard for the benefit of your own.为了你自己的利益你必须努力学习。3.enough of 对 ... 厌烦的例句:Ive had just about enough of that.这个我真受够了。201701/489910

But over the ages, Pangea broke up into two giant land masses, one in the north and one in the south.随着时代的变迁,盘古大陆分裂为两块巨大的陆地板块,一块向北漂移,一块向南漂移Probably around 100 million years ago, South America became separated.大约是在1亿年前,南美洲分离为一个独立的大陆And then the faunas, the dinosaurs, the mammals,接着许多动物群落:恐龙、哺乳动物the rest of the fauna and flora started to evolve in separate ways, in different ways, in different forms.大部分动物群落和植物群落都开始沿着不同的方向,按照不同的方式独自进化After the continent split, different dinosaurs evolved on each continent.陆地板块分离之后,各种恐龙都在自己的大陆上进化While, throughout the northern continents, the giant long-necks died out,当北方大陆上所有巨型蜥脚类恐龙正逐渐灭亡时down south, something extraordinary was happening.南方大陆却在发生非同寻常的事件Here, the huge long-necks not only survived, they just kept growing bigger and bigger.在这里,巨型蜥脚类恐龙不仅活得好好的,而且越长越大About 90 million years ago, there were not such animals this big in any other part of the world, but in South America.大约是在9千万年前,世界上其它地方都看不到如此巨大的动物,除了南美洲These four-legged plant-eaters, like Argentinosaurus, are a typical South American kind of dinosaur.这些四足植食动物,例如阿根廷龙,是南美洲最典型的恐龙In this Cretaceous Period, they were highly successful in the southern hemisphere.在白垩纪时代,它们在南半球相当活跃It wasnt just the long-neck plant-eaters that were different on the isolated continent of South America.但在孤立的南美洲大陆上,不仅只是植食蜥脚类恐龙与众不同Sealed off from the rest of the world, the vicious tyrannosaurs never reached here.由于和世界上其它地方隔绝,霸王龙不可能来到这里201611/479540

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