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Learn how to handle a bad blind date from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys from Howcast.观看Howcast这段视频,跟随约会教练Rachel DeAlto学习如何处理糟糕的相亲经历。Your blind date isn#39;t going well; What do you do? This is the part in your life when you just have to suck it up. Sorry guys, but you#39;re aly out with her. You#39;re not going to run off to the bathroom. You#39;re not going to have your friends make an emergency phone call that you have to go and leave her stranded in the middle of the restaurant. It#39;s only a couple hours.You#39;ll be okay.你的相亲经历不愉快,你应该怎么做呢?这是你人生的一部分,你不得不面对。对不起伙计们,但是你已经和她一起外出了。你不可能尿遁。你可不能让朋友假装打电话有急事找你,把她一个人留在餐馆。只是几个小时而已。忍忍就过去了。The best thing you can do to prevent this if you really don#39;t know what you#39;re getting into and you#39;re not sure and you#39;re a little nervous, limit the date#39;s time. Instead of going to dinner and committing to a meal, go to drinks. You can have one drink and call it a night. Say you have somewhere to go. You have to be respectful.如果你实在不知道会发生什么情况,或者非常不确定,或者有一点紧张,防止相亲不愉快最好的方法就是限制约会的时间。不要提议共进晚餐或饮酒。可以随便喝杯饮料就算了。告诉对方你还有其他地方要去。一定要非常尊重对方。Karma is a ... If the date is really, really bad, I mean painfully bad, you can cut things short. You don#39;t feel well, but you have to end it. The worse thing you can do--I would hunt you down and find you if you do this to someone--is just walking out on somebody without telling them anything. You need to say goodbye at some point, whether you do it gracefully or not is up to you. You have to actually end it. If it#39;s that bad, figure out a way to end it, but do it respectfully.如果约会非常糟糕,我的意思是非常非常糟糕,你可以简短一点。你感觉不好,但是必须有一个好的结束。但是更糟糕的是,如果你对别人做了这种事,我一定会挖地三尺把你找到——什么都不告诉对方就逃跑了。你必须跟对方告别,无论是以优雅的方式还是其他的方式,这取决于你。必须有一个结束。如果约会非常糟糕,想点办法来结束,但是一定要尊重对方。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275960Apple, Samsung end global patent dispute Apple and Samsung have agreed to end their international patent disputes around the world except in the U.S. We#39;ll talk about Apple and Sumsung, right now though they have agreed to end their patent dispute around the world except here in the US, the partial truth comes after three years of acrimonious arguments between two of the biggest names in tech, CNN money#39;s Paul joins us now here in New York. Paul they are able to agree everywhere else in the world, why didn#39;t they make a global agreement on this?Yes, you would think that would be part of such a deal, but i think it really just go out to show how critically important the America#39;s smartphone market is to both Apple and Sumsung, they are willing to fight a little bit longer to try to figure out how this war will end as opposed to just settling around the rest of the world like they just did.To what extent do we feel these legal battles over patent in the tech row are distracting some of these companies from engaging in their core markets, i mean we just have the story yesterday, i saw on your website today about how these Chinese competitors are really eating away at their market shares at least in China, potentially pose a global threat, i#39;m assuming as soon as they get out of the court room and back into the ball room, the better it will be.I think to a certain extent that#39;s true, but it might be a little overstated, i mean i think really when it comes down to it, you know the general council of these company, it#39;s the one that#39;s really doing most of the fighting, regarding the legal battle, i don#39;t think the engineers have to worry about it too much, calling on something that Tim Cook is spending at Apple the majority of his time, but let#39;s be honest when you the irony here is that most smartphones right now are pretty similar to each other, there is a lot of copy cat in the industry, i mean Apple which we all expect to be unveiling the Iphone 6 next month, everyone is really eager to see if they#39;re going to have a bigger screen, for the Iphone that#39;s exactly what Sumsung aly have for the Galaxy, so we are seeing more duplication than innovation right now.Absolutely, it doesn#39;t seem like that#39;s going to end, all right i guess they have to gear up, the new launch is coming in the fall, not y yet, Paul but we will be talking about it i#39;m sure, thank you so much. (Possibly September 9), market calendar, September 9, all right we will put that down and we will talk about it, thanks Paul. /201408/320004Masked group attacks Russian bank in Kiev蒙面组织袭击基辅的俄罗斯Fighters in East Ukraine staged an anti-government rally on Sunday, but violence came to the capital Kiev, with demonstrations and attacks against Russian targets.东乌克兰的武装分子在上周日发动了反政府集会,但在首都基辅也发生了暴力流血事件,这起袭击事件是有针对性的对俄罗斯的示威。A group of masked people attacked a Russian bank in Kiev, throwing rocks and smashing windows.一群蒙面人袭击了在基辅的一家俄罗斯,他们扔石头并且砸破窗户。Meanwhile, hundreds of activists marched outside a Russian Orthodox Christian monastery.与此同时,数百名活动分子在俄罗斯东正教修道院之外游行。Clashes broke out when police arrived.警方于冲突爆发时及时赶到。The organisers of the march denied any involvement in the attack on the bank.游行的组织者否认与的袭击有任何牵连。It#39;s not clear if the two incidents were linked.目前尚不清楚这两起事件是否存在联系。 Article/201406/307148

在TEDxRainier,帕特里夏·库尔讲了有关婴儿学习不同语言的惊人发现,婴儿聆听围绕在他们身边的人类声音并对他们要知道的声音做统计。精巧的室内试验和脑部扫描呈现6周大的婴儿如何使用复杂的统计推理来感知世界。 Article/201407/310175

Why of the Chinese, when all their 4000 years of history were never waged in an aggressive war中国人悠悠四千年历史 这个从未有过侵略史的国家enforced to fight如今被逼到绝境fight, die, by the millions奋起反抗 数以百万的人民以身殉国because China is lamp,因为中国是灯光4 million square miles浩浩荡荡960万平方公里土地and because China is people 450 million of them也因为有四万万民众and because Japan had planned to use them both.而日本 鱼和熊掌想兼得Phase one, the conquest of Manchuria for all materials.第一阶段 征满洲 掠夺资源Phase two, the absorption of China for manpower.第二阶段 奴役中国人Phase three, a triumphant sweep to the south to seize the riches of the Indies.第三阶段 横扫南部 直取印度Phase four, the eastward move to crash the ed States.第四阶段 向东移动 打击美国One fact was obvious,一个不言而喻的事实是China was to be the giant back on which Japan would ride to world conquest日本要骑在中国的背上征世界just as Russia was to be enslaved for Germany.正如德国要征俄罗斯On December 7, 1941,1941年12月7日Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor,日本帝国对珍珠港发起攻击destroy most of the US Pacific fleet,摧毁了大部分美国太平洋舰队2402 Americans were killed,2402名美国阵亡and 1828 wounded.1828名身负重伤The attack came as a profound shock to the American people,这次进攻让美国举国震惊and as a result,因为这个事件the ed States of America entered WWII.美国加入了二战行列 Article/201409/329657

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