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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/381592Here#39;s a sneak peek, exclusive look inside the brand-new A330neo that you#39;ll be flying on for next year. It will provide all the latest comfort and design features currently available in its bigger sister, the A350XWB, and will also include a whole range of new innovations. From now on, when you get on a plane, you will definitely know if it#39;s an Airbus or not.这是独家一窥明年您将能搭乘的全新A330neo内部空间。它将提供一切最新的舒适和设计功能,和它的姊机A350XWB目前搭载的相同,且也会纳入一系列新设备。从现在起,当您踏上一架飞机,您绝对会知道它是否是一架空中巴士。We are calling this ;Airspace by Airbus,; and this is not just another marketing slogan. No! This is a new brand that stands for Airbus cabin DNA, which is covering the leading elements of comfort, ambience, service, and design. And we#39;re applying that uniquely to our cabins so that you as a passenger or crew member will really see and feel the difference.我们称之为“空中巴士飞行空间”,这并非只是另一种营销标语。不!这是代表空中巴士机舱DNA的新品牌,它兼顾舒适、氛围、务和设计的各种首要元素。我们将那独一无二地运用在我们的机舱,好让身为乘客或机组人员的您能真的看见和感受到不同。This isn#39;t tinkering or just in business or first class. Wherever you#39;re seated in an Airbus, including in economy, passengers will experience a new way of flying forever. Here#39;s Ingo again.这不是做做样子或只在商务或头等舱。无论您坐在一架空中巴士的哪里,包含经济舱,乘客们将永远体验一种新的飞行方式。再换Ingo说明。Let#39;s start with the personal space, because that is most important for the passengers. Actually, we have our 18-inch-wide seat, which is a lot wider than our competition. We have an entertainment system solution that gives you full space for your foot and legs under the seat. We also have new bins, with 66 percent more volume that makes it easy and relaxed to arrive and to store your carry-on luggage.让我们从个人空间开始,因为对乘客来说,那是最重要的。事实上,我们拥有18英吋宽的座位,那比我们的竞业对手还要宽许多。我们有能提供你的腿和脚在座位下有足够空间的系统套装。我们还有新的置物箱,多出百分之六十六的空间,让存放您的随身行李更方便轻松。Ambience—what you also see here is about light, the magic of light. We added light con features and a full-color LED system. Finally, services—in terms of services, we provide entertainment system, connectivity system online-fit so that we are truly connected to the world.氛围--您在这另外看到的是灯光,灯光的魔力。我们增设灯光调控功能以及色LED系统。最后,务--就务方面,我们提供能上网的系统、连网系统,如此一来我们才真正和世界接轨。In fact, Airbus#39;s designers have rethought every corner of the cabin. Take the lavatories—you#39;ll barely recognize them.事实上,空中巴士的设计团队重新思考了机舱内的每个角落。拿洗手间来说--你会几乎认不出来。The lavatories actually have now new features in terms of hygiene. So, we add aroma, we add sound, we add color lighting and anti-bacterial surfaces as were indicated that from our passengers as a clear improvement area.洗手间现在其实有全新卫生功能。我们添加香氛、添加音效、添加色灯光以及抗菌表面,因为乘客们曾指出洗手间是个可以改善整洁的区域。Can you have this level of comfort and cheaper tickets? The answer#39;s ;Yes,; because the A330neo#39;s 14 percent more fuel-efficient per seat in the current world.你可以享受这等级的舒适度和便宜点的机票吗?是“可以”,因为A330neo每个座位比现今世界上的还要省百分之十四的油。The A330 offers every passenger in economy class an 18-inch seat. That#39;s one inch wider than our competitors. In first and business class, we have the latest products on the A330. We have the fourth generation of in-flight entertainment, allowing passengers to watch hundreds of movies, communicate with people on the ground or communicate with passengers on board the aircraft. All of that combined with the fuel efficiency gives the A330 a great ride for the passengers at the best possible price.A330提供经济舱的每位乘客18英吋的座位。那比我们的对手宽一英吋。在头等和商务舱,我们在A330上有最新的产品。我们有第四代机上系统,让乘客能观赏数百部电影、与地面的人或机上乘客交流。那全部加上省油特性,让A330能以最优惠的价格提供乘客一趟优质之旅。Close to 200 A330neos have aly been bought by 10 customers, and they don#39;t have to wait long. This is the fastest drawing board-to-delivery of a new airplane Airbus has ever done. But that#39;s another story, and we#39;ll have more on that soon.有近两百架A330neo已被十位客户购买,而且他们不需要等太久。这是空中巴士公司史上做过最快速的新机规划到出货计划。不过那是另一个故事了,我们很快会有关于那的更多信息。 Article/201612/484257500 million humans live in the world#39;s desert lands,more than the combined population of Europe.五亿人口住在沙漠地带比欧洲人口还要多。They know the value of water.他们懂得水的价值。They know how to use it sparingly.他们也爱惜涓滴。Here, they depend on wells replenished by fossil water.在这里 他们依赖水井中的原生地层水。Which accumulated underground in the days when it rained on these deserts.它是由二万五千年前降于沙漠的雨水。25,000 years ago.聚集而成。Fossil water also enables crops to be grown in the desert to provide food for local populations.原生地层水令谷物得以在沙漠生长为当地人口提供食粮。The fields#39; circular shape derives from the pipes that irrigate them around a central pivot.圆形的农田由围绕中心的管道进行灌溉。But there is a heavy price to pay.但代价沉重的。Fossil water is a nonrenewable resource.原生地层水不可再生。In Saudi Arabia, the dream of industrial farming in the desert has faded.在沙地阿拉伯在沙漠作现代耕种的梦已褪。As if on a parchment map,the light spots on this patchwork show abandoned plots.这像一张羊皮纸地图,光点显示了被放弃的计划。The irrigation equipment is still there.灌溉设备仍在。The energy to pump water also.抽水的能量仍在。But the fossil water reserves are severely depleted.但原生地层水已严重枯竭。Israel turned the desert into arable land.以色列把沙漠变成耕地。 Article/201410/336910

In mid-afternoon,the commander of the parliamentary army, the Earl of Essex,下午三点左右 议会军指挥官埃塞克斯伯爵下令began to cannonade the Royalist infantry.炮击保皇党步兵团Balls thudded and hissed in the grass,taking a life here, a limb there.炮弹在草地上炸开弹片横飞 到处是尸体和残肢Then Prince Rupert led his cavalry forward down the hill.随后鲁珀特王子率领骑兵冲下山坡For the men in the parliament lines,议会军前线的士兵watching a distant trot turn into a canter and then a charge,眼看骑兵从远处一路冲锋到近前and seeing their own muskets have no effect on the suddenly terrifyingly hurtling horsemen,the moment of truth had arrived.而他们的火对那些 疾如闪电气势骇人的骑兵毫无作用 关键时刻来临了War slammed into them.Big dark horses, bright, deadly steel.战局急转直下 满眼是高大的战马和夺命的刀光剑影 They panicked and broke,Rupert#39;s horsemen following fleeing troopers all the way to the baggage train.他们惊慌失措不堪一击 鲁珀特的骑兵穷追不舍 一直追到后方的辎重运输车驻地Rupert must have thought this was going to be easy.鲁珀特一定认为胜利会来得轻而易举But by now the parliamentary infantry had crawled forward,但此时议会军步兵正在缓缓前行the two great phalanxes of pikemen heaving and pushing at each other amidst the musket fire until they dropped of exhaustion.双方方阵中的长兵 在林弹雨中向着对方前进 直到有人精疲力竭倒地不起Somewhere amidst the smoke, fire and steel was Sir Edmund Verney.埃德蒙·瓦内爵士就站在硝烟弥漫的战场中The royal standard clenched in his hand made him an obvious target.他紧握在手中的王旗 使他成为了靶子They never even found his corpse.人们最后连他的尸首也无法找到 /201703/498706

To us humans,aging seems inevitable-probably because no human has ever not aged.But getting older isn#39;t as universal a fact of life as we might think.Take the naked mole rat.Unlike their less naked brethren,they don#39;t appear to age after reaching adulthood-years pass,but the rats don#39;t get weaker,more susceptible to disease,or wrinkly...at least not any more wrinkly...and they keep on making as many babies as ever.人都会变老,可能是因为没有长成大的人。不过,与我们想象的不同,变老并非生命常态。就拿裸鼹鼠煮个栗子。与不太暴露的表亲不同,裸鼹鼠成年后似乎不会变老,鼹鼠不会一年一年地衰弱,易得病,或是变皱...至少没皱得厉害...并仍在不断繁衍后代.Surprisingly,they aren#39;t any more likely to die in old age than when they#39;re young adults.It#39;s as if they#39;ve found the fountain of youth,though perhaps not the fountain of beauty.And naked mole rats aren#39;t alone in not aging:rockfish,lobsters,and bristlecone pines also seem to stay forever young...or at least forever middle-aged.另外,年长鼹鼠不比年轻的更容易死亡。它们好似发现了青春源泉,不过泉水里美貌的含量为零。不会变老的不只有裸鼹鼠:岩鱼,龙虾和狐尾松都能永葆青春...要么拥永葆中年。We#39;re not exactly sure how these species do it,but their anti-aging secret may have to do with their ability to rebuild the DNA caps on their chromosomes.These caps,called telomeres,are one line of defense against aging in many species.That#39;s because cells need to divide to replace old or dysfunctional cells,but each time they replicate,they lose a little bit of DNA from the end of each chromosome.我们尚不完全确定它们怎么做到的,不过,不老秘诀可能与,它们重建染色体的DNA帽的能力有关这些帽子叫“端粒” 是许多物种抵御衰老的一道防线。由于细胞需要通过分裂,替换旧有或异常细胞,但每次复制时,染色体末端都会损失一点DNA。Normally that doesn#39;t matter,since these lost bits come from the telomere end caps that don#39;t encode important imformation.But after many replications,the telomeres get trimmed so short that the cells can#39;t afford to lose any more DNA,and they stop replicating.Age-defying species like naked mole rats,however,pump out high levels of a telomere-rebuilding enzyme that enables them to keep on replacing old and dysfunctional cells indefinitely.这一般没什么事,因为端粒上损失的部分不存储重要信息。不过,多次复制后,端粒越来越短,细胞无法损失更多DNA 因而停止复制。而裸鼹鼠这些不老物种,会产生大量的端粒重建酶,使其得以不断替换旧有或异常的细胞.A few kinds of human cells make this enzyme,but the vast majority don#39;t.And even if we could trick the rest into producing it,then we#39;d have another problem:more replications means more chances for mutations that could turn a cell cancerous.Naked mole rats don#39;t care because they seem to be immune to cancer;but we humans certainly aren#39;t.人类有少数细胞也可以,但大多数不行。即便能诱使其他细胞产生酶,也会引发新的问题:复制越多,变异可能性越大,细胞便会癌变。不会得癌症的裸鼹鼠表示毫无压力;然而人类亚历山大。However,as amazing as naked mole rats are,they can only pause their aging-the tiny jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii can age in reverse.Like butterflies,Turritopsis morph through multiple stages during their life cycle.But unlike butterflies,if Turritopsis get wounded or if times get tough,they can morph backwards,reverting to their immature polyp form until conditions improve.但是,裸鼹鼠即使再厉害,也只能暂停年长过程—— 灯塔水母却能“返老还童”。和蝴蝶一样,灯塔水母在生命不同阶段不断变化。与蝴蝶不同,灯塔水母受伤或条件艰苦时,会“退化”,保持在不成熟的水螅态,直到条件好转。They#39;re like,real life phoenixes.However if humans could somehow imitate Turritopsis#39; trick,it might not give us the kind of eternal youth we#39;d be looking for...for one thing,melting into an amorphous blob where our cells are reorganized and reprogrammed with new functions would not only be a mess;it would likely turn our brain cells into skin or muscle cells-and vice versa-erasing our memories and our sense of self.它们就像现实版的凤凰。但是,如果人类也能模仿灯塔水母的技能,结果可不是我们理想的“永葆青春”...一方面,人类返老还童时,细胞重组,重新改造出新功能不仅会导致一团糟;还会使脑细胞变为皮肤或肌肉细胞,反之亦然--让我们失去记忆,忘记自我。And no matter what,eternal youth wouldn#39;t make us invincible-in fact,the longer a creature lives,the more time it has to get chomped,starved,or smooshed.So eventually,every naked mole rat,pine tree,and jellyfish will ultimately meet its end-because it#39;s possible to be immune to aging,but not to death.无论如何,永葆年轻不能让我们永远无敌--其实,生物存活得越久,被咬死,饿死,砸死的机会越多。最终,每只裸鼹鼠,松树和水母,都会死,毕竟,老不死的不都是老死的。 Article/201511/407085

Suspect in US consulate attack arrested袭击美国领事馆嫌犯被捕For more on the attack at the US consulate in Istanbul, we are joined live by our correspondent there, Natalie Carney.有关美国驻伊斯坦布尔大使馆遇袭事件的更多报道,我们马上连线通讯记者娜塔莉。Hello, Natalie. Tell us the latest on the attack and the investigation?娜塔莉,你好,请告诉我们有关此次袭击的最新进展及现在的调查情况?As we#39;ve mentioned, Monday also saw several other attacks on Turkish security forces.就如同我们上面所提到的,土耳其安全部队周一也遇到过几次袭击事件。Give us more details about that, and is there any link between these incidents?请告诉给我们更多相关细节,这些事件之间是否有关联? 译文属 Article/201508/392477你会为爱而死么?你会为爱而欺骗么?关于性,关于爱,大多时候我们都闭口不提,这些关于性,秘密,与... Article/201502/359651

If your meddling mom is driving you crazy with her nose constantly in your business, take these steps to get her off your back once and for all.如果你爱管闲事的妈妈总是插手你的事情,让你快要抓狂了,采取下面的步骤,一劳永逸地让她还你自由。You Will Need你需要Emotional control情感控制Acknowledgment认可Sense of humor幽默感Specific example具体的例子Catchphrase名言警句Willingness to occasionally ask her advice愿意偶尔采纳她的建议Adroitness at changing the subject (optional)随时改变话题的机智(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Stay in control1.控制情绪Resist the urge to lash out at her every time she gives unwanted advice. It#39;ll just reinforce the same old power-struggle pattern.抑制每当她给出你不想要的建议时向她大发脾气的冲动。这样只会强化家庭大战的模式。STEP 2 Acknowledge her advice2.认可她的建议Acknowledge her advice by saying ;thanks; or ;good to know.; Follow up by calmly telling her that all her unsolicited advice makes you feel like nothing you do is good enough -- ask for some credit.认可她的建议,说“谢谢”或者“太好了,我知道了。”随后冷静地告诉她,她主动提供的所有建议让你觉得自己做的任何事都不够好——请求她给你留点面子。STEP 3 Make a joke3.说个笑话Make a joke next time she butts in. If she wants you to do something you#39;d rather not, give her a witty line that makes light of the situation.下次她干涉你的事情时,说个笑话。如果她想让你做你不想做的事情,借鉴现在的处境说个诙谐机智的笑话。STEP 4 Use an example4.举出具体的例子Use a specific example where a friend or family member criticized her to illustrate that no one likes unwanted advice.举出一个具体的例子,某个朋友或家人对她的批评,表明任何人都不喜欢她主动提供建议。STEP 5 Repeat a catchphrase5.重复名言警句Come up with a catchphrase and repeat it exactly every time she butts in. She#39;ll then expect the phrase and possibly avoid saying anything at all.想一个名言警句,每次她插手你的事情你都重复一遍。以后她可能会料到你要说这句话,干脆什么都不说了。Become a master of changing the subject.要擅长改变话题。STEP 6 Ask her advice6.征求她的建议Ask her advice every now and then. If she feels needed and appreciated, maybe she#39;ll lighten up.偶尔征求一下她的建议。如果她觉得有需要或者受到尊重,或许会高兴起来。The term ;heliopter parent; describes a parent who hovers over their children and become too involved in their lives, especially at school.“直升机父母”一词用来描述总是盘旋在孩子头顶上方,过分干涉孩子的生活,尤其是学校生活的父母。视频听力译文由。 /201503/365262Youve translated that design into your laboratory? Absolutely.听说你也在实验室做了相同实验 是的It would be interesting to do that work in children but you can#39;t.不过我们不能用孩子来做实验Ethically you cant be giving alcohol to kids这与我们的社会道德感相冲突so one way weve been trying to do that is looking at an animal model -所以我们用动物作为实验的对象a very simple animal model of adolescence and we used rats.我用了最容易找到的青春期老鼠Linda re-ran the experiment for me.琳达为我重新做了这个实验The idea was to compare teenage with adult rats after theyd had a dose of alcohol让青春期和成年老鼠都喝了酒后and see which one was better at keeping their balance.看看哪个的平衡感更好So the rats were put upside down on a slope -老鼠被面朝下放到一个斜坡上a spot they would immediately try to get out of but would they be able to?看他们是不是能够离开The first on was a teenage rat.第一只是青春期的老鼠And he made it.它成功了 Article/201507/384285My Generation我的世代I#39;m part of a fearful generation, and I refuse to believe that I can change the world. I realize this may be a shock, but an independent Scotland will thrive is a lie. ;The U.K. is Better Together,; so in thirty years, I#39;ll tell my children I vote with my head. I have my priority straight: the Union is more important to me than Scotland.我是这个畏缩世代的一部分,而我不愿相信我可以改变世界。我了解这可能是个打击,但独立的苏格兰将会繁荣是个谎言。“联合王国团结起来会更好”,因此三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子我深思后才投票。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来:联合王国对我而言远比苏格兰重要。As the experts tell me, 30 years from now, I would regret voting ;Yes.; I do not believe that I need to live in a country of my own making. In the future, the Union will prioritize Scotland#39;s needs, and I completely reject any suggestion that Westminster only wants us for our resources. The fact is my generation is fearful and unambitious. It is foolish to presume that we need change.正如专家们告诉我的,从现在起三十年,我会后悔投“赞成票”。我不相信我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。在未来,联合王国将优先考虑苏格兰的需求,而我完全否认任何英国国会只为了我们的资源而需要我们的说词。事实是我的世代都畏畏缩缩且毫无野心。擅自主张我们需要改变是愚蠢的。Or is it?或者真是这样吗?We need change. It is foolish to presume that my generation is fearful and unambitious. The fact is Westminster only wants us for our resources, and I completely reject any suggestion that the Union will prioritize Scotland#39;s needs. In the future, I need to live in a country of my own making. I do not believe that 30 years from now I would regret voting ;Yes; as the experts tell me.我们需要改变。认为我的世代都畏畏缩缩又没野心是愚蠢的。 事实是英国国会只因为我们的资源需要我们,而且我完全驳回任何联合王国将会优先考虑苏格兰需求的说词。未来,我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。我不相信从今以后的三十年,我会像专家所告诉我的那样,后悔投下“赞成票”。Scotland is more important to me than the Union. I have my priority straight. I vote with my head. So in 30 years, I#39;ll tell my children ;The U.K. is Better Together; is a lie. An independent Scotland will thrive. I realize this may be a shock, but I can change the world, and I refuse to believe that I#39;m part of a fearful generation.苏格兰对我而言远比联合王国重要。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来。我是深思熟虑过投票的。所以三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子们“联合王国团结起来会更好”是个谎言。独立的苏格兰将会兴盛。我知道这或许是个冲击,但我可以改变这世界,而我拒绝相信我是一个畏缩世代的一部分。On September 18th, vote ;yes;.九月18号,投赞成票。 Article/201411/341961

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