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Plane with MH17 victims remains set to leave Ukraine马航坠机受害者遗体即将离开乌克兰74 coffins containing the remains of victims from Malaysia Airlines flight 17 are set to be flown out of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.装有马航17号班机受害者遗体的74口棺材即将离开乌克兰东部的哈尔科夫。According to a Dutch police spokesperson in Ukraine, two more planes will leave for the Netherlands, with hopes that the whole process could be completed by Friday.据乌克兰荷兰警方发言人称,2架飞机将前往荷兰,希望在星期五之前到达。Two aircraft flew to the Netherlands on Wednesday containing some of the victims bodies from last weeks crash.这2架于周三飞往荷兰的飞机机上载有一些上周坠机事件受害者的遗体。They arrived at Eindhoven Airport and from there were transferred to a military base at Hilversum for identification.这些遗体到达埃因霍温机场后会在那里被转移到希弗尔苏姆的一处军事基地进行识别工作。201407/314854。

Chinese president holds talks with Tajik state officials国家主席习近平与塔吉克斯坦政府官员举行会谈President Xi hailed the deepening cooperative relationship between China and Tajikistan, saying that China is y to nuture their friendship for generations to come.习近平主席盛赞中塔两国的深化合作关系,表示中国愿建立世代友谊。The remark came when President Xi met with Tajik Lower House Speaker Shukurjon Zuhurov as part of his state visit.习近平主席在国事访问会见塔吉克斯坦众议院议长苏克恩祖洛夫时说出此番言论。Zuhurov says China’s rapid development is an important opportunity for Tajikistan, and that his country is willing to march shoulder-to-shoulder with China.祖洛夫称中国的快速发展对塔吉克斯坦而言是一次重要机会,并称他的国家愿意携手与中国共同前进。President Xi was also welcomed by Tajik Prime Minister Qohir Rasulzoda.习近平主席也受到塔吉克斯坦总理克希尔拉斯达的热情欢迎。During the visit, a five-year plan was enacted to further boost economic and cultural exchange between the two Asian nations.访问期间诞生了一份进一步促进这两个亚洲国家之间的经济和文化交流的5年计划。The two sides are striving to increase bilateral trade to three billion US dollars during the next five years.两国都致力于在接下来的5年将双边贸易额提高到30亿美元。201409/328717。

Luke Bryan Answers Your Questions The country superstar fields questions from ;GMA; viewers on social media. Multi platinum country superstar, Luck Bryan.Its loud.Yes, it is loud. You have a pretty good year, Luck. You have 4 back-to-back No. 1 hits in May. He made billboard history by simultaneously owning the number 1 and number 2 spots on the country airplay chart in June. His album Crush my party was certified double platinum and People Country named him 2014s sexist man. And I can edge that the biggest concert this summer yet, 5107 people came out to see you today.Crazy, crazy.I also look out the fact that youre going to be the As hit show, Nashfield. I saw you were ing the lines over there.I am studying , studying Molly.Are you nervous?A little bit.I am too.Its kind of, oh yeah, thats right. We are on this thing together. But yeah, its a little, its a new world for me so I am trying to get my lens, I am trying not to mess it up.Its okay because when youre standing next to the sexist man a lot. It doesnt just matter. Everyones just looking at him. Magazine cover, the Whole Deal, you said it has to do with your perfect eyebrows.Yes, eyebrows. No, I dont know. You know I get a lot of buddies. They gave me a lot of agree about these sexist man covers and stuff. But…I think, you know, what I think is. I think it was just your signature moves. Remember last fall when I show you the mesh up. This is just the excuse we can nail our show, the mesh up. Are we running again?Oh, yeah, that is airing right now and the world is watching. Do you take a lot of flat for that?I give more flat for that mesh up than I do actually the whole, the people cover stuff. But when I am on stage, I just cut up You just have fun.Yes, you know I feel like if I am loose, if I do not take my stuff too serious, all the fans can get out there and do the same. Speaking of your fans, really quickly. Just want to give a big shout out. Hedjaz Abraham, she is right over there. She came here at 2pm yesterday.2PM?Sit here in the Central Park. Just hear you, Luck. Thats the kind of fan you have. /201408/321699。

What Im looking at is the profile of a young man-his straight nose and his strong jaw line show classical good looks and strength, and hes looking keenly into the distance-the tilt of the head commanding and suggestive of vigorous forward movement.上面铸有年轻男子的头像,鼻子与下巴的线条笔直,表现出古典美与力量。他凝视远方,前倾的头部流露威严,似乎要奋力向前。Weve got no way of knowing whether this is an accurate likeness of Alexander but it must be him, because as well as human hair this man has rams horns.我们无法了解这个头像是否反映了他的真实相貌,但我们十分肯定他的身份,因为银币上的人除了人类的头发之外,还有一对公羊角。Its the horn symbol, well-known throughout the ancient world, that leaves the viewer in no doubt that were looking at an image of Alexander the Great.公羊角的象征意义在古代社会尽人皆知,毫无疑问,这就是亚历山大。The horns are associated with the god Zeus-Amon-a hybrid of the two leading Greek and Egyptian gods, Zeus and Amon.公羊角所代表的宙斯-阿蒙神是希腊与埃及两位最重要神祇的结合体。So this small coin is making two big statements-it asserts Alexanders dominion over both Greeks and Egyptians, and it suggests that, in some sense, he is both man and god.因此,这枚小小的银币具有双重含义:其一,亚历山大统治着希腊与埃及,其次,他既是凡人,也是神。Alexander the man was the son of Philip II of Macedon, a small kingdom a few hundred miles north of Athens.作为人的亚历山大是马其顿国王腓力二世之子。马其顿是个位于雅典以北数百英里的小国。Philip expected great things of his son and he employed the great philosopher Aristotle as Alexanders tutor.腓力二世对儿子寄予厚望,聘请了著名的哲学家亚里士多德来教导他。Alexander came to the throne in 336 at the age of 20, with an almost limitless sense of self-belief.公元前三三二年,二十岁的亚历山大登上王位, 自信满满,His goal was to reach the ;ends of the world and the Great Outer sea;, and to do this he embarked on a series of wars, crushing rebellions by Athens and the other Greek cities, and then turning east to confront the long-standing enemy of the Greeks-Persia.声称自己将到达“陆地与海洋的尽头”。为完成这一宏愿,他发动了一系列战争,首先平息了雅典与其他希腊城市的反叛,然后挥师向东,讨伐希腊的宿敌波斯。Persia was at that point the greatest empire on earth, sprawling from Egypt across the Middle East and central Asia to India and almost to China.波斯是当时世界上最伟大的帝国,领土囊括埃及、中东、中亚,直达印度,几乎与中国接壤。201410/336901。

Similar growing conditions all along the Fujian coast make this the treasure chest for Chinas tea, the heart of an industry dating back almost 4,000 years.福建沿海一带的类似种植环境使得中国茶叶独享其尊,其茶产业远可源自4000多年前。One of the most traditional tea-growing cultures in the area is that of the Kejia people.沿这个地区最传统的茶树栽培文化当数这里的客家人沿袭的Every morning, goats are let loose among the tea terraces, a centuries-old tradition.每天清晨,山羊被放养在这些茶树梯田间,这是个历史悠久的传统。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:1. date back追溯(到);开始(于);始造(或建)(于);eg. Some date back many centuries, but others have more recent origins.有些节日要追溯到好几个世纪前,但也有一些源于近代。eg. These plant fossils date back to the age of the dinosaurs. 这些植物化石可追溯至恐龙时代。2. be let loose放任;给予完全的自由;eg. She has all the glee of a little girl let loose in a sweetie shop.她像糖果店里无人管束的小女孩那样兴高采烈。eg. Trainees go through a four-hour lesson before they are let loose on the controls.受训人员须上4小时的课才能自由进行操作。 /201409/327421。