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So, whats wrong with sex before marriage? “A lot of people look for the correct person, but they don’t worry about becoming the correct person.”Would you like your future life partner to be somebody who has slept with a numerous amount of people and knows the body and intimacy of those who will in the future become strangers in your relationship?Or, would you prefer somebody who wants to have that experience with you and only you because they know that sex is something serious?Would you prefer spending your life with someone who has been within 50 different relationships, or with someone who has never had a boyfriend/girlfriend?Does it not sound better if both can be able to learn form each others sexuality rather than permitting your partner to learn with others? Would it not sound better to be your partners first and last? Yours and only yours.Not every body thinks this way. But be honest to yourself, isn’t this better than what common society tells us?Now I understand that many might say that “nobody waits for marriage anymore”. But this is the exact same reason why we have so many problems when it comes to the topic of sex:The exact same reason why people suffer from so much “emotional baggage”. The exact same reason why HIV is a top threat to modern society. The same reason why so many people die from AIDS. The top reason of so many abortions. The seed reason for why more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce because of infidelity .So, whats wrong with sex before marriage? All that is stated above.Now a sexual experiences is not just any type of experience. It is something that stays recorded in the mind permanently. When this is lived with someone, that person becomes more than just anybody for you.When a relationship is over, people tend to say that “it is the past”. But the truth is that it’s not in the past because the past forms part of your present and your future. What ever was done in the past becomes part of you for the rest of your life consciously or subconsciously.Proof of this is the knowledge you have of everything you know. This would include the alphabet, numbers, the language that you speak, the people that you know and everything that you do on the daily basis, you owe it all to your past.So when it comes to live that moment with that special someone, it would be almost inevitable to forget the past sexual experiences from others, staining the present moment with your beloved partner. 婚前性行为有何不妥呢?“人们都在寻找那个对的人,但他们都不担心自己成为那个对的人。” 你会希望你未来生活中的伴侣是一个曾和很多人发生过关系的人吗?还是你会愿意和那个了解你的身体又和你发生过关系的人在未来的日子里形同陌路? 或者,你更愿意某个人想要和你也只愿意和你发生关系,因为他们都知道性行为是很严肃的? 你是愿意和一个曾与50位不同异性发生过关系的人共渡一生,还是愿意接受一个从未有过男(女)朋友的人呢? 如果男女朋友可以互相学习性方面的知识应该好过让你的伴侣从别人那学会,这是不是听上去不是很恰当?对你的伴侣来说,你是第一次也是最后一次是不是听上去也不太合适?你希望你的伴侣是你的唯一。 并不是所有人都这么想,但老实说,这不是比社会常识告诉我们的更好吗? 现在我明白了很多人也许会说“没有人能等到结婚”的原因了,这和为什么我们面对性这个主题会有很多问题的理由是一样的。 像人们背负太多“精神包袱”的原因,HIV成为现代社会头号威胁的原因,如此多的人死于艾滋病的原因,造成太多流产的首要原因,还有超过50%的婚姻都走向离婚的根源都因为婚前性行为。 那么,婚前性行为到底有什么不妥之处呢?上面已经列举了所有情况了。 目前性经历不仅仅是一种经验了,这是某种在人的意识里留下永久记录的事物。当某个人和你发生关系,那这个人对你的意义就和其他任何人都不同了。 当一段关系结束了,人们总是说“这已经过去了”。但事实是那并没有过去,因为是过去组成了你的现在和将来。过去你不管做了什么,有意识或潜意识地它都会成为你下半生的一部分。 你所知道了解的所有知识就是明。这可能包括字母表、数字、你说的语言、你认识的人和你每天必须要做的最基本的事,你对你的过去是负有责任的。所以当你和那个特殊的人到了那一刻的时候,你过去曾和别人发生过关系的回忆几乎是不可能被你遗忘的,这也就玷污了和你所爱的人现在的这一刻。 /200809/47421。

"What do you want in a Man?" or "What do you want in a girl?" is often the question to the boy or girl who is seeking for his/her partner.When you are young your standards are set very high, however, as you age, you will have to lower your standards a bit and a bit and a bit...I came across this joke today. It’s absolutely hilarious yet brutally true.  "你理想的男友是什么样的"或"你理想的女友是什么样的"是大多数男孩或女孩在寻找伴侣的时候提出的问题。当你还年轻的时候标准定的相当高,但是随着年纪的增长,不得不一点一点的降低你的标准。今天偶然看到一个笑话,虽然是玩笑但非常真实。What I Want in a Man-Original List(age 22)1. Handsome2. Charming  3. Financially successful  4. A caring listener  5. Witty  6. In good shape  7. Dresses with style  8. Appreciates finer things  9. Full of thoughtful surprises  10. An imaginative, romantic lover.  我理想的男友标准-原版(22岁时)  1.英俊  2.有魅力  3.有经济实力  4.善于倾听  5.机智  6.良好的外形  7.衣着有品味  8.欣赏美好事物  9.充满惊喜  10.富有想象力的浪漫情人 /201008/111123。

These 10 habits of highly successful women range from maintaining your hormonal balance to letting go of the past -- and they will positively affect your mind, body, and soul。   成功女士的这十个好习惯会保持你的荷尔蒙平衡,放开过去的事情,能够对你的想法,身体,甚至灵魂产生积极的影响。   Taking action is a crucial habit of successful women…and so is dreaming! Don't let go of your passions。   采取行动是成功女人的好习惯之一,梦想也是。不要忘却了你的热情。   1. Maintain your hormonal balance。   保持你的内分泌平衡。   Are you moody, exhausted, irritable, or sad? Check your hormones. If they're out of whack, then you'll struggle to be successful! Make sure you're getting enough protein and vitamins, and decrease your refined sugars and carbohydrates。   你是否是个喜怒无常,疲惫,急躁,忧郁的人?检查下你的内分泌情况吧,如果失衡的话,你就很难成功。确保你每天都摄入足够的蛋白质和维他命,减少糖分和碳水化合物的吸收。 /200911/89562。

1. Use common sense and pay attention to your gut reaction. This is often the Holy Spirit in you, warning you that things may not be right. 运用常识,相信直觉。这是你内心的真正感受,会提醒你事情是不是有点不对劲了。 2. If he or she sounds too good to be true, he or she probably is to good to be true and isn’t being truthful on his or her profile. 如果对方好得有点不真实了,那么就应该质疑一下他/她的身份的真实性了。 3. Listen and watch (by ) for signs of a temper, control, etc. and run for the hills if you sense this person needs therapy first. You aren't going to change him or her. Let the person get help. 听一听,看一看(通过视频)对方的性格脾气。如果你觉得这个人有点不太正常,那就赶紧撤吧。你可没必要去改变他/她,让他/她自己想办法吧。 4. Use a free email account with family name and something else. This way a person cannot search all your personal details. 用你的姓氏开通一个免费的电子邮箱,防止别人来搜索你的个人信息。 5. Ask for a RECENT picture and encourage the person to send candid shots for more realism. You don't want major surprises when you meet. Awkward! 问对方要一张他/她的近照,最好是生活照,这样更真实。你也不想在见面的时候,对方是恐龙或青蛙吧,见光死啊! 6. If anyone asks for money, do not give it. Most likely you are being scammed. 如果对方问你要钱,千万别给!十有八九是来骗钱的。 7. Don't reveal details of your personal life too soon and be careful what you reveal. 别太快把自己的生活细节泄露给对方,多留意自己都说了些什么。 8. Paid services usually have more safety and screening procedures than free. 付费的婚恋网站往往比免费的更安全,审核程序也更严格。 9. If you do have a home phone, don't give out the number. Use your cell phone. 不要给对方家庭电话,给他/她手机号码就行。 10. Some people have a great deal of social awkwardness at meeting others. If you meet and it feels awkward, you may want to give it another chance to see if the person settles down and is interesting. 有些人在面对陌生人时会很紧张,表现糟糕。如果对方在见面时是这样的,再给他/她一次机会,看看对方的人品怎样,是不是风趣幽默。 11. Meet in a public space the first time. 第一次见面安排在公共场所。 12. Don't use a provocative handle to get interest. The interest you get is not the kind of interest you want. 不要用轻佻的言行引起对方的兴趣,这样激起的兴趣不是你想要的那种。 13. Don't go into questionable chat rooms. 不要进那些有问题的聊天室。 14. Use Skype (and other visual media) to actually see each other if the relationship progresses. You get more information when you can observe nonverbal behavior. 如果你们的关系有所进展的话,用Skype等视频聊天工具面对面地交流,你可以从非语言的行为中获得更多的信息。 15. Think about how your photos may be used. Once you send them to the cyberspace, people can use them however they want. And get permission from any person who might be in a photo with you. Better yet, crop that person out of the photo. It violates his or her privacy. 慎用照片。一旦你把照片上传到网络,人们就可以任意使用它了。如果是与别人一起的合照,要事先征求对方意见,要不然就直接把别人从照片上裁掉,不要泄露别人的隐私。 /201109/155367。

导读: 她们有着超常的法力,既能给人治病,也能用巫术蛊惑他人做坏事。这一神秘的职业,令许多人又敬又怕。Witchcraft, also called black magic, is the power or practices of witches. Western people used to believe that witches had supernatural powers. They were supposed to be able to call up spirits and make them do evil things. Their special helping spirits are called “familiars”, who take the form of animals, particularly cats, snakes, owls, and dogs.巫术,也称黑魔法,是巫师,尤其是女巫施行的法术。西方人曾相信女巫具有超自然的力量,可呼唤妖魔协助她们作恶。跟随她们的妖魔称为“巫使”,通常以猫、蛇、猫头鹰和等动物形象出现。 Some people believed witches had the power to change into animals. This power enabled them to travel about secretly. Witches also were said to be able to fly. They flew by riding brooms or rakes, or riding magical animals. Witches had great knowledge of how to make magical potions and charms, which were used to change people’s behavior. Witches were believed to be able to see into the future. They were also believed to have the evil eye – that is, the ability to harm or kill by looking.when crops failed, horses ran away, cattle sickened, wagon broke, women miscarried, or storms destroyed house, a witch was always found to blame. Some of these reputed witches were thought to hold yearly ceremonies called “Witches Sabbath”, a midnight meeting of 12 witches and the Devil.有人认为女巫也可变化为动物,所以她们可以四处游荡而不为人所知。据说女巫能够飞翔。飞行时或骑在扫帚或耙子上,或骑在某种有魔力的动物背上。女巫懂得如何煎制魔药、制作符录,以蛊惑他人。女巫也有预卜未来的本领。据说她们还有魔眼,即用目光伤害或杀死他人的能力。在中世纪,每当庄稼欠收、马匹走失、牛群遭瘟、车辆损坏、妇女流产或风暴摧毁房舍,总要找一个女巫承担罪责。有人还认为某些女巫每年举行一次女巫安息日聚会。与会者有十二个女巫及魔鬼。 Nearly all those who were suspected of practicing witchcraft were women, especially old women who were lean and ugly, looking pale and melancholy, or with red hair. In many witch trials of the 17th century in Europe and colonial America, a suspected witch was tied up and thrown into water. If she sank, she was considered a witch and was ecuted. 几乎所有被怀疑行巫术的人都是妇女,特别是些年老、瘦削、畸形、面色苍白而忧郁或长有红发的妇女。在17世纪的欧洲和北美殖民地,有女巫嫌疑的人往往被捆绑起来,投入水中,如果她下沉,就明清白;如果浮在水面,就被断定为女巫,处以死刑。 In the early Christian centuries, the church was relatively tolerant of magical practices. But in the late Middle Ages European people began to look upon those women who tried to cure diseases by using magic as witches, or the followers of Satan. Many women accused of practicing witchcraft were tortured or even burned to death. Most of them were obviously innocent.The belief in witchcraft declined at the beginning of the 18th century when people began to examine their old beliefs again with a skeptical eye. 早期欧洲基督教会曾对巫术较宽容,但到了中世纪末,人们开始将使用魔法为人治病的妇女视为女巫,或魔鬼的门徒。许多女人被控行巫术,遭受拷打后被施以火刑。其中大多数显然是无辜的。自18世纪启蒙运动始,人们开始对巫术持怀疑态度,对巫术的迷信不再流行。 /201008/111824。