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福建中医院去痣多少钱厦门哪里可以打美白针Disaster in Japan日本灾难,钚与米奇鼠Plutonium and Mickey Mouse钚与米奇鼠Japan’s nuclear crisis drags on, exposing profound failures both at the company and in national energy policy日本核危机悬而未决,暴露出公司和国家能源政策的深刻失败IT IS daylight, but the darkness inside the headquarters of the world’s biggest privately owned electricity company is sepulchral. Officials, heads bowed, apologise in whispers for the trouble Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has caused. Their 66-year-old boss, Masataka Shimizu, went into hospital on March 30th, suffering from hypertension; he has been absent for much of the past three weeks. In the gloom TEPCO’s logo on the walls of the building resembles a mutant Mickey Mouse.外面晴空万里,世界上最大的私有电力公司总部里却是阴云密布。管理人员低着头小声为东京电力公司(TEPCO)造成的事故而道歉。东京电力公司66岁的总裁清水正孝由于高血压于3月30日入院,过去的三个多星期里他一直不在公司。而挂在大楼墙上阴沉的东京电力公司商标就像是一只发生突变了的米奇鼠。About 250km away, at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, hundreds of TEPCO employees and some subcontractors are trying to prevent further leaks of radioactive material from three damaged nuclear reactors and various sources of spent fuel. Their conditions are close to intolerable. At times, they have been exposed to more radiation in a few hours than they are supposed to endure in a year. Their rations are biscuits and canned food. They have a blanket each, and sleep on the floor. Some have lost homes and families to the tsunami that left 27,690 dead or missing. TEPCO sees them as soldiers. “We don’t think they are heroes. They are doing what they should,” an official says.250公里之外的福岛第一核电站,成百上千的东京电力公司雇员和一些转包商正试图阻止由三个损坏的核反应堆和各种来源的废燃料产生的放射性物质的进一步泄露。他们的工作环境非常的糟糕。有时,他们在暴露的几小时内所承受的辐射量就超过了他们理应一年承受的量,配给的食物是饼干和罐装食品,人手一张毯子,睡觉就打地铺。部分工作人员已经在造成了27,690人死亡或失踪的海啸中失去了房屋和家庭。东京电力公司把他们视作战士:一位高层说:“我们不认为他们是英雄,他们正在做自己该做的事。”TEPCO is getting most of the blame for Japan’s nuclear disaster. For much of the past three weeks, the authorities have held out hopes that they could regain control by reconnecting cooling systems damaged by the tsunami. These are supposed to prevent fuel from melting and rupturing the protective steel case of the reactor vessels.东京电力公司受到了源于日本核灾难的大多数指责。在过去的三个多星期里,当局提出希望通过重新连接在海啸中损坏的冷却系统来重新控制局势。他们要阻止燃料融化和破坏反应堆容器的保护性外铁壳。This week the discovery of large pools of highly radioactive water and raised levels of radiation in seawater near the plant has shown how far the authorities really are from regaining control. Previous releases of radioactive iodine and caesium had shown that material from the core of at least one reactor has been released. The new findings suggest that the systems designed to contain such releases may have been badly compromised. The tanks into which contaminated water is being pumped will eventually fill up. And conditions for workers are getting more dangerous, which means that fixing up the cooling systems and hooking up vital measuring instruments takes longer.本周发现的大量高放射性水以及核电站附近水域中升高的辐射水平都显示了:对于重新控制局势当局还有很长的路要走。过去泄露的放射性碘量和铯量已经说明至少有一个反应堆核心有放射性物质泄露。最新的发现明被设计用于盛放这些泄露物的容器已经严重损坏。抽出的污染水最终将填满这些贮水池。作业环境对于工人来说正在变得越来越危险,这意味着修复冷却系统以及挂接重要的测量仪器将花费更长的时间。201104/131242厦门好一点的口腔诊所 If you dog-training books or watch dog trainers on television, you've probably learned that to control your dog, you have to display dominance. It's commonly thought that because dogs are pack animals, they live according to dominance hierarchies(等级制度)---either you're the dominant top dog or you're a submissive(顺从的,降的) underling(下属,部下,走卒). So, according to many popular dog-training methods, you've got to show a dog who's boss in order to make it sit, stay, fetch and obey other commands. But a study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that using confrontational methods to train dogs often results in pets that are more aggressive and unmanageable(难以处理的,难管理的). Common techniques include hitting or kicking a dog, growling, rolling a dog on its back and holding it down, staring a dog down and grabbing a dog's jowls and shaking. The researchers' survey of 140 dog owners showed that these aggressive methods resulted in an aggressive response from dogs at least twenty-five percent of the time. So how should you train your dog? Many expert trainers advocate treating a dog much as you would a small child. Gentle training techniques emphasize(强调) building a healthy relationship with your dog by opening clear lines of communication and establishing a set of rules and boundaries(界限). This includes rewarding dogs for good behavior and not expecting your dog to obey all your commands right away. Like most kids and even many adults, learning to behave takes time and patience.07/79203But you’re still smacking your foot directly on the ground, without any padding. Wouldn’t this lead to more foot injuries? Possibly. And, of course, it takes time to develop calluses on your feet thick enough to make barefoot running comfortable. And I suppose running in cold weather could be a problem. So like most things in science, there’s more than one side to this story. Running barefoot may have certain advantages, but there are some pitfalls, too.【生词注释】smack v.啪的一声甩(或扔等)padding n.衬垫callus n.老茧,皮肤硬厚处pitfall n.隐患,易犯的错误但是光脚跑步你仍然是将脚直接猛烈地接触地面,中间没有任何衬垫。这会不会导致脚受伤?当然很有可能,而且要花上一段时间脚才能生出足够厚的老茧让你舒地跑步。我猜在寒冷的天气中跑步也是个难题。像大多数科学中的事情一样,这个说法不只有一面。光脚跑步有一定的优势,但是也有些隐患。201110/159382厦门地区去皱纹哪家好

厦门抽脂医院哪个好每年8月最后一个星期三,在西班牙巴伦西亚地区的布尼奥尔小镇都举行一年一度的民间传统节日番茄节——“番茄大战”(Tomatina - Tomato Fight)。“参战”和“观战”的人数达4万多人。布尼奥尔的“番茄大战”始于1945年。关于它的来历,有这样一个传说:有一天,该城一个小乐队从市中心吹着喇叭招摇过市,领头者更是将喇叭翘到了天上。这时,一伙年轻人突发奇想,抓起西红柿向那喇叭筒里扔,并且互相比试,看看谁能把西红柿扔进去。这就是“西红柿大战”的由来。Thousands of people descended on the Spanish town of Bunol on Wednesday to take part in the Tomatina festival. The annual food fight draws visitors from around the world. They pelt each other with ripe fruit until they become soaked through with tomato juice and covered in pulp, using more than 200,000 pounds of tomatoes. Some of those involved in this messy festival got a stinging reminder that tomatoes are acidic, and could be seen rubbing their eyes after getting a soggy missile to the face. When the tomato supply runs out, the messy throng jumps into a nearby river en masse. La Tomatina is rumoured to have started in the 1940s when a group of young friends began throwing their lunch at each other one day, near a vegetable stand on a town square. Before long, it turned into an annual tradition.07/77554厦门地区市仙岳医院脱毛 Overseas Markets Drop Despite US Presidential Change亏损之忧使海外股市继续下滑 Despite the excitement the inauguration of Barack Obama generated around the world, overseas markets continued their downward slide. 尽管美国总统奥巴马的宣誓就职在全球各地都引起了激动和兴奋,但是海外股市还是继续下滑。Concern over rising bank losses and their effect on the world economy overshadowed the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama. 有关亏损日益增多以及它对世界经济带来影响的担忧盖过了美国总统奥巴马就职所带来的乐观情绪。In Tokyo and Hong Kong, both major indices were down two percent. 东京和香港这两大股市都下跌了2%。In Japan, machinery orders for November posted their steepest monthly fall since the government survey began 22 years ago. 在日本,11月份机械用品的订单出现了政府22年前开始进行这项调查以来最大幅度的月度下跌。In Europe, the same gloom persists. 在欧洲,同样低落的情绪还在持续。Germany has revised downward its prediction its economy will shrink by 2.25 percent this year. That would be the worst performance in 60 years. 德国下调了经济增长的预测,预计德国经济今年会收缩2.25%。这将是60年来最糟糕的表现。In Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to again defend his position of trying to spend his way out of this downturn and of further supporting banks with more taxpayer money in an effort to spur lending. 在英国,布朗首相不得不再次为他持有的通过增加政府开来走出这次经济滑坡以及用更多纳税人的钱进一步为提供帮助以促进借贷的立场进行辩护。"I believe that the indication that President Obama has given in the last few days - that he is going to take the fiscal stimulus action that we have taken and he is going to take action in relation to the banks in the way we have done - shows that the world can work together to deal with this problem. One thing that President Obama did not say in his speech yesterday was, 'fellow Americans, let us do nothing,'" he said.  他说:“我相信,奥巴马总统在过去几天发出的信号,即他将采取我们已经采取的财政刺激措施以及他将以我们已经采取的方式来对采取行动表明,全世界可以共同努力,一道来对付这个问题。奥巴马昨天在他的就职演说中并没有说‘美国同胞,让我们什么事也不要做。’”Speaking in parliament, Mr. Brown said the banking measures were temporary, but absolutely essential right now.  布朗首相在议会发表讲话时表示,他对业所采取的措施是临时性的,但是在目前是绝对必要的。"When markets fail, and banks are unable to do the job for which they are intended, the only agency that can step in is the government. And if the government does not take action, no on else will. And that is the lesson that has been learned in every single country of the world and that is the lesson that President Obama said yesterday is the work that will be pursued in America," said Mr. Brown. 他说:“当市场不起作用,而且不能做它们本来应该做的事情时,唯一能够介入的就是政府。如果政府不采取行动,没有别的人会采取干预行动。这是世界各地每一个国家所吸取的教训,这也是奥巴马总统昨天所说的美国也将要采取的行动。”New British unemployment figures show a worsening job situation with nearly two million people out of work, the highest total since 1997. 最新的失业数据显示,英国的就业状况正在恶化,失业人数达到将近2百万人,是1997年以来最高的。01/61423厦门副乳减

福建厦门隆鼻整形费用Bank of England cuts ratesKevin Gyateng of Corporate FX joins CNN to discuss the mortgage crisis in the U.S. and a rate cut from the Bank of EnglandFirst to the Bush plan. Oh, it does seem that it excludes more people than it includes?That's right. I mean that if you look at who the plan's aimed at, it is really borrowers who are, seem to be solvent not more than thirty days behind payment or sixty days throughout the course of the year with regards to their payments. So I think the in(itial), the original indication that it will help about 1.2, or 1, over 1 million subprime borrowers seems to be a bit mislaid if you like. And I think if when the market digests the full implications of the plan, there may be a bit of a reassessment thanks to its reaction to it.Oh, really, so, because we did see the markets rally yesterday. So you think that was just a knee-jerk reaction that we are seeing something.You also, you always see a knee-jerk reaction. I think what the plan did suggest or does suggest is that the actual extent of the subprime fallout from foreclosures. I mean if foreclosures do accelerate through a resetting of mortgage rates. What that's likely to do is put further pressure on house prices which is good for nobody. Home builders or the consumer. So that the initial reaction is to say, hey, this is gonna actually stand that impact and it is seen as er, US positive. I think going forward, as the plan is actually further analyzed. I think the obstacle will be more evident.And here in the UK, we saw interest rates cut yesterday. Now is this also a response to the credit crisis in a way?I think more, it is, the credit crisis has backed a lot of central banks into a corner. I mean there's no doubt within the UK that we are seeing, we have seen a softening picture within the economy house prices are at falling floor three months in a row. I think that the consumer sentiment and consumer activities softened and zoomed out considerably. But I think most analysts were really expecting the Bank of England to start their interest rate cutting cycle towards the, at the start of next year. So to see the move this early does suggest that the credit market impact is, was a big factor.It's one of the reasons that perhaps brought it forward a little bit.Definitely, I mean , I think you can't discount the impact of the Northern Rock, er, fiasco. The Bank of England was, has been one of the least active in terms of providing liquidity in the face of this credit turmoil so, I think they don't want to give the impression that they weren't sensitive to what was going on in the banking sector.Now to be proactive . And of course speaking of interest rates, what's gonna happen with the FED next week.Well, I think a 25 basis point cut is being pretty priced in by the market and analysts have been, increasingly have been talking about a 50, 50 basis point cut. I think if you look at the situation in the US, we are still seeing little evidence from the actual real economy to justify rate cuts. All of these responses are definitely related to the credit market and what's happening within the financial sector. I think if we see a 25 basis point cut from the dollar's point of view because it has been pretty priced in. I don't see that as a dollar negative mood whereas if we do see a 50 basis point cut next week, that could lend a bit of pressure against the dollar.Notes:Fiasco: A complete failureKnee-jerk reaction: an automatic response02/62180 Climate Change, World Trade at Forefront of Day Two of G8 SummitG8峰会探讨气候变化、世界贸易Summit host, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi welcomed world leaders for a second day of discussions in L'Aquila.The agenda items are much the same - the global economic crisis, the environment, climate change and trade. But, Thursday's talks were expanded from the G8 group to include the so-called G5 nations of major emerging economies - China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. But others were invited to the table as well, along with international organizations.On climate change, G8 leaders agreed Wednesday on new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions and try to limit global warming to just two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.In announcing that decision, Prime Minister Berlusconi spoke of the need to bring other countries into the process, especially India, China and Brazil.It would be counterproductive, Mr. Berlusconi said, if the ed States, Europe, Canada and Japan implement strategies to cut emissions if other countries do not. G8 leaders have said the group wants to be inclusive and bring other nations into discussions on global issues. The move is also widely seen as an increasing understanding that while G8 members may be the world's most powerful nations, they cannot solve issues such as the global economic crisis or climate change without the help of others.07/77296厦门地区第一医院位置福建省厦门欧菲整形是正规医院?



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