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楚州区中医院做体检多少钱淮安区包皮手术多少钱淮安中山医院泌尿科谁最厉害 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/46182411 Making Suggestions建议Suggesting a course of action建议做事I suggest/propose/recommend you buy this dictionary.我建议/推荐你买这本词典。I advice you to give up smoking.我建议你戒烟。I recommend that you go on a diet.我看你应该节食。It might be a good idea to mail the letter first class.通过一级邮递寄这封信也许是个好主意。It might be a good idea to celebrate Christmas with friends.与朋友们共度圣诞节倒是个好主意。I suppose we might buy a pretty gift for her birthday.我想我们应该给她买一件精致小巧的生日礼物。Have you ever thought of seeing a doctor?你是否想过去看医生?If I were you,I would apply for a better-paying job.如果我是你,我会申请一份薪水较高的工作。You#39;d better leave it as it is.你最好听其自然。Why don#39;t you put and ad in our paper?你为什么不在我们的报纸上登个广告?What about a picnic?去野餐怎么样?How about having a drnk?喝一杯怎么样?If you want my advice,I don#39;t think you should go.你要征求我的意见的话,我认为你不应该去。If you don#39;t like it,I wish you would say so.如果你不喜欢,我希望你就这么说。My feeling is that you ought to stay home tonight.我感觉你今天晚上应该呆在家里。It#39;s none of my husiness,but I think you ought to work even harder.这与我无关,但我认为你应该更加努力地工作。I#39;ve always tried not to interfere in your affairs.我总是尽量不干涉你的事情。It#39;s only a suggestion,and you can do what you please.这只是一个建议,你可以按自己的想法去做。You#39;ll be in trouble if you#39;re not careful.你要是小当心,会惹麻烦的。Don#39;t ask for trouble.别自找麻烦。That#39;s how I see it.我是这么认为的。You#39;ve got to learn to control yourself.你得学会自我控制。Let#39;s go to a Sichuan Restaurant to have a big meal.让我们去川菜馆大吃一顿吧。Responding negatively否定的回答No,don#39;t bother.不,不必费心了。I#39;m afraid I don#39;t agree.我恐怕不同意。I#39;m against it.我反对。No,I don#39;t think so.不,我不这么认为。I don#39;t think it will do.我认为这不行。I don#39;t think it is very practical.我认为这很不实际。No,really.I#39;m not in a mood for it.真的不行,我现在没那个情绪。I#39;d love to,but I must do my homework.我很想这么做,但是我必须做我的家庭作业。I can#39;t say I agree with you.我不能说同意你的意见。I couldn#39;t agree with you less.我极不同意你的看法。I don#39;t quite agree with you.我不十分同意你的意思。Responding positively肯定的回答I couldn#39;t agree more.我非常同意。You are right.你是对的。I think you are right.我觉得你是对的。I have no objections.我没意见。I think so too.我也这样想。That would be very nice.那太好了。That#39;s a fine idea.真是个好主意。that#39;s a good idea.真是个好主意。There is no doubt about it.那是毫无疑问的。I#39;d love to.我很愿意。All right.行。Good.好。Asking for advice寻求忠告Could you give me some advice about my studies?你能就我的学习提点建议吗?Could you give me some advice about how to fill in the form?你能就如何填这张表格提点建议吗?Would it be a good idea to go abroad for further study?到国外深造是个好主意吗?Would it be a good idea to go on a tour to Bangkok?到曼谷旅游是个好主意吗?Do you think it is worth applying for the credit card?你认为申请信用卡值得吗?Do you think I should buy the traveller#39;s check?你认为我应该买旅行票吗?Conversations会话 /200706/14689淮安中山医院网上咨询热线

淮安治疗慢性梅毒最好的医院A massive wildfire continues to burn on the border of Florida and Georgia. 佛罗里达和乔治亚州边境继续燃起大规模森林大火。And it isn#39;t showing any signs of slowing down.大火而且没有任何放缓的迹象。According to fire officials, the blaze, dubbed the West Mims fire, was ignited by a lightning strike at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge on April 6.据消防官员称,代号West Mins的大火是4月6日在奥克弗诺基国家野生动物保护区被闪电点燃。Over a month later, the flames have scorched over 130,000 acres, and the smoke can be seen from space. Firefighters have only 12 percent of the fire contained.一个多月后,火焰已经烧毁了130,000英亩地,从太空中可以看到烟雾。消防队员只控制了百分之12的火势。Officials said hot and dry weather conditions fed the flames over the weekend.官员表示,炎热和干燥的天气条件加剧了火势。On Sunday, authorities issued a mandatory evacuation order for the southeastern Georgia town of St. George.周日,当局向乔治亚州东南部圣乔治镇发布强制疏散令。And residents in Nassau County, Florida, have been warned that they too might need to leave their homes.弗罗里达拿骚县的居民也被警告可能需要离开家园。Officials say it could take until November to contain the blaze.官员表示,可能需要到十一月才能遏制大火。译文属。 Article/201705/508749淮安市男科电话 The sort of point of no return when you absolutely believe, in your own mind,you can#39;t get out.这种有进无退的处境 当你意识到时 你已经不能脱身了You that#39;s it you#39;re going. You#39;re taking off on a wing.只有这样了 你得上 站在机翼上起飞Beneath me is the Chihuahuan Desert.You can#39;t mistake this place.It will kill you.我下面就是奇瓦瓦沙漠 这地方你绝不能出任何差错 否则必死无疑When you#39;re in the air, you#39;re just a lump of meat hanging on the wing. You can#39;t do anything.当你在空中的时候 你只是机翼上的 废人一个 什么都做不了I was just sort of wedged in a sort of sort of mime-artist static position,trying to get these shots.我就好像是默剧艺术家 摆着一个静止的姿势 尽全力进行拍摄And the pilot#39;s smiling away,and Bear#39;s all comfortable in his seat.飞行员笑而不语 贝尔舒地坐在座位上And I#39;m thinking, ;Hang on, this isn#39;t usually,I#39;m in a slightly more comfortable position than Bear.我就想 要坚持住 以前都是我比贝尔舒得多Okay, Bear,we#39;re coming up on 8,000 feet now.You better get y to jump.好了 贝尔 我们已经到达海拔8千英尺 你得准备跳了This was a first for me.If I catch the tail on exit,it#39;s game over.这是我头一回做这种尝试 要是在出口挂到了降落伞尾部 那我就玩完了The only way to do it was to invert the plane so I could hang clear.唯一的方法 就是把飞机翻转过来 这样我就没有妨碍了So, I was in the cockpit,filming Bear.Bear was now standing on top of the wing.于是我就在驾驶员座舱 拍摄贝尔 贝尔正站在机翼上面As soon as the plane inverted, he would then be hanging off the top of the wing.只要飞机一翻转 他立马就会 悬挂在机翼下面It tilts #39;round,he#39;s then suddenly hanging,and Bear goes from feet in my eye view to feet suddenly hanging off the ground.飞机开始旋转 他突然被吊起来 原本贝尔的脚在我镜头前面 突然变成吊在半空中Amazing. Absolutely amazing feeling.But I remember it going through my mind,太神奇的 真是震惊 可我还记得当时想的是yeah, I#39;m upside-down in the plane, this is great.And Bear#39;s jumping out.我也坐在底朝天的飞机上了 真棒 接着贝尔就跳下去了 Article/201610/473012淮安人工流产多久时间

金湖县中医院治疗阳痿多少钱Heavy objects can be moved in this way.重物均可以通过这种方法来移动A three-in-one haul line like this has been deployed in countless rescue situations.这种三合一的拉绳 已在无数救援场合大显身手A couple of years ago,a hiker fell into a 75-foot ravine.几年前 一名徒步旅行者坠下75英尺的峡谷With no other access,rescuers lowered an emergency stretcher无计可施的情况下 救援人员降下了一副急救担架and were able to safely haul him out using this system.用这种拉绳将他救了上来The speed with which they were able to get him out and into hospital saved his life.从出峡谷到进医院 这一系列及时的救援行动 挽救了他的生命Okay. Well, we#39;ve reached the sea.到了 我们到海边了Now it#39;s just a question of trying to get out there.现在的问题便是离开这里The ship I spotted earlier has moved on now.我刚才发现的油轮已经远去But if you hug the coastline,You may come across more signs of shipping.但只要沿着海岸线行驶 你就能邂逅更多船只Kayaking is one of those things you just want to find your rhythm,皮划艇就是这样一种运动 需要你找到适合自己的节奏get into that zone, and then you can keep going,and the time passes quickly there.驾轻就熟后 就能乘风破浪了 时间也会过得很快We used to do so much of this sort of canoeing in the military, you know,just long-distance paddling.在军队里 我们常进行这种 划船训练 那种长距离划行To be honest, I kind of forget just how hard work it is.说老实话 我有点记不清它的艰辛了It#39;s just a grind.Getting a little bit choppier here.真是漫长的折磨 这的浪有点急了It#39;s actually surprisingly stable, this canoe.不可思议 这小舟真是结实That#39;s a port over there!We#39;re only about a mile away as well.那有个港口 差不多就剩一英里了If I can reach there, then it#39;s job done.到了那 就大功告成了This tiny country punches way above its weight.这小小的国家却拥有强大的实力It#39;s a formidable landscape and should not be underestimated.此处令人敬畏的景致 不应被人们所低估And one thing#39;s for sure I won#39;t be able to look at a boiled egg for quite a while.可以确定的是 我在一段时间内 都不会碰煮鸡蛋了But finally I can head home to my family,and that#39;s a welcome thought.最后 我终于能返回家中与家人团聚 这真令人振奋 Article/201705/508639 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463911江苏省涟水县中医院妇科检查多少钱淮安开发区做体检多少钱



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