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丹阳妇幼人民中医院祛痘价格江苏南京祛纹唇Scientists believe one in five stars in our galaxy have Earth-like planets orbiting them.But the ultimate goal of finding a world that truly resembles our own has continued to elude astronomers.据英国《每日邮报》报道,科学家发现在距离地球200光年的地方有一颗与地球质量相同的神秘行星。尽管科学家认为在系中五分之一的恒星都有一个与地球相似的行星围绕其运行,但是天文学家们却从未找到另外一个与地球真正相似的世界。Now researchers have come a step closer by finding Earth#39;s gassy twin in another solar system 200 light years away.不过,研究者们最近离这一目标又近了一步,在距离地球200光年的外星系中发现了地球的“双胞胎”。It orbits a dim red dwarf star at such a close distance that temperatures on its surface could be as high as 104°C - too hot for most forms of life on Earth. KOI-314C is only 30 per cent more dense than water. This suggests that the world is enveloped by a blanket of hydrogen and helium hundreds of miles thick.这颗被称为“KOI-314c”的行星,质量与地球相当,但是体积比地球大60%。科学家怀疑这是因为它的大气层更厚。Scientists believe it may have started life as a mini-Neptune before some of its atmospheric gases were blasted away by intense radiation from the parent star. #39;This planet might have the same mass as Earth, but it is certainly not Earth-like,#39; said lead astronomer Dr David Kipping from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics. #39;It proves that there is no clear dividing line between rocky worlds like Earth and fluffier planets like water worlds or gas giants.#39;这颗行星围绕一颗暗红色的小行星近距离运行,因此其表面温度高达104摄氏度,这个温度对于地球上的大部分生物来说都太高。The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington DC. To weigh KOI-314c, the scientists used a new technique called transit timing variations (TTV), which only works when more than one planet orbits a star.行星”KOI-314C“的密度只比水高30%。这意味着它被厚达几百英里的氢气和氦气像毯子一样包裹着。但是科学家认为,在其大气受到来自恒星的强辐射而爆炸之前,这颗行星可能已经像一颗迷你海王星那样运行。The two planets tug on each other, slightly altering the time they take to cross or #39;transit#39; the star#39;s face. Analysing the way the planetary wobbles affect light coming from the star makes it possible to calculate their mass. KOI-314c#39;s companion world is similar to it in size but weighs four times more than the Earth.哈佛大学史密森尼天体物理学中心的David Kipping士则认为:“这颗行星可能只是与地球质量相同,但肯定不是与地球相似的行星。”The new discovery was made by chance as scientists scoured data from the Kepler space telescope looking for evidence of moons rather than planets. #39;When we noticed this planet showed transit timing variations, the signature was clearly due to the other planet in the system and not a moon,#39; said Dr Kipping. #39;At first we were disappointed it wasn#39;t a moon, but then we soon realised it was an extraordinary measurement.#39;此前,科学家试图从开普勒太空望远镜的数据中寻找与地球相似的卫星,而这颗行星是机缘巧合下的新发现。 /201401/272271南京韩辰整形医院抽脂价格 江苏省人民医院打美白针多少钱

镇江永久性脱毛多少钱Physicists said that, based on a review of new data, they are confident that they have discovered a Higgs boson, a long-sought particle crucial to explaining the universe.物理学家说,根据对新数据的分析,他们现在确信已发现了长期以来一直在寻找的希格斯玻色子(Higgs boson)。该粒子在解释宇宙方面至关重要。The Higgs boson is important because it is linked to a mechanism that confers mass to elementary particles─helping to explain the presence of stars, planets and all living things.希格斯玻色子之所以重要,是因为它与一种可赋予基本粒子质量的机制有关,而这有助于解释恒星、行星和一切生物的存在。In July, the European particle-physics laboratory CERN, which runs an atom-smashing machine called the Large Hadron Collider, said it may have discovered a Higgs-like particle. Physicists have now analyzed 2? times the amount of the original data from CERN experiments. The latest findings were reported Thursday at a physics conference in Italy.去年7月,拥有大型强子对撞机(Large Hadron Collider)的欧洲粒子物理实验室CERN说,可能已经发现了类似希格斯的粒子。物理学家现已分析的数据量是CERN相关实验原始数据量的2.5倍。最新研究发现已于周四在意大利举行的物理学会议上公布。The latest data #39;are magnificent and to me and it is clear that we are dealing with a Higgs boson though we still have a long way to go to know what kind of Higgs boson it is,#39; Joe Incandela, a CERN spokesman, said in a news release.CERN发言人因坎代拉(Joe Incandela)在新闻发布会上说,最新数据有伟大意义,我个人认为,很明显我们正在与希格斯玻色子打交道,尽管要弄明白它属于哪种希格斯玻色子仍有很长一段路要走。The Higgs boson is the only particle theorized by the standard model of physics that hasn#39;t been conclusively observed in an experiment. The model describes how matter is built and how particles interact.希格斯波色子是唯一一种经物理学标准模型推理但还未在实验中确凿观察到的粒子。这种模型描述的是物质如何积聚而成以及粒子之间如何相互作用。Particles like the Higgs have to be found indirectly, by hurtling them to near-light speed and then smashing them together to generate other subatomic entities. An analysis of these smash-ups indicates the mass of the particle being sought.像希格斯波色子这样的粒子只能被间接找到,方法是将粒子加速到接近光速,然后使其相互碰撞,从而产生其他亚原子微粒。对这些碰撞的分析显示,有大量这种被人们寻找的粒子。Since the initial findings were disclosed in the summer, physicists have eagerly awaited fresh experimental data.自从去年夏天披露了初步研究结果后,物理学家一直在热切期待有新鲜的实验数据出炉。The view back then #39;was like seeing a person in a fog─you knew there was a person there but you weren#39;t sure who it was,#39; said Andy Parker, a professor of high energy physics at the University of Cambridge who is involved in the CERN experiments. Thanks to the latest data, #39;we#39;re no longer going to call it a Higgs-like boson but a Higgs boson.#39;剑桥大学(University of Cambridge)高能物理学教授、参与了CERN实验的帕克(Andy Parker)说,当时的看法就像是在浓雾中看到了一个人,你知道有个人在那里,但不确定他是谁。帕克说,得到最新数据后,我们不再把它称作像希格斯的波色子,它就是希格斯波色子。 /201303/230421无锡市激光祛疤多少钱 句容妇幼保健人民中心医院减肥瘦身价格

南京仪征医院脱毛手术价格 A shortage of female workers in science and engineering has long posed an image problem for Silicon Valley. Now a one-time congressional candidate is trying to make a difference, starting with a summer training program in New York City.缺少理工科女性是硅谷长时间以来的一个问题。现在,一名国会候选人试图在纽约开设暑期培训课程改变这一现状。A new organization called Girls who Codeis starting an eight-week program in July for 20 high-school-age girls, who will learn how to build websites and mobile apps and start their own companies. There will also be workshops on topics such a financial literacy, computer science and robotics. The group said it has financial backing from companies including Google, eBay, General Electric and Twitter.一个名为;编程女生;的新组织将在七月份为20个高中年纪的女孩子开设八个星期的课程,在这个课程中,这些女孩子将会学会怎么建立网站和移动应用,甚至开设自己的公司。课程中也包含财务知识、计算机科学和机器人技术。该组织表示已经得到了一些公司的经济援助,包括谷歌、易趣、通用电气和推特。Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and a former deputy public advocate in New York City, said the seeds for the program were planted during her unsuccessful 2010 run for U.S. Congress, when she was struck by tech inequalities.润丝曼·萨贾尼是;编程女生;的创立人,也是纽约公共宣传的正式代理人。她说,该计划的萌芽是在2010年,她在美国国会上竞选失败,失败原因是科学界男女比例的不平衡。;Women are going to be left behind,; Saujani said. ;Technology has the potential to create income inequity and we need to do something about it.;;女性就要落在后面了。;萨贾尼说。;技术是造成收入不平衡的潜在力量,为此我们要做点什么才行。;Cries of ;where are all the women?; reverberate from Wall Street to politics and beyond, but the dearth of women is particularly stark in technology fields, where talent is held up as the quality that trumps historic barriers of sex, race or class. Despite many programs aimed at encouraging women in tech fields, fewer than 20% of undergraduate degrees in engineering or computing and information sciences were awarded to women in 2009, according to the National Center for Women amp; Information Technology.;女性在哪里?;的呼喊声从华尔街蔓延到政坛甚至更远,但技术领域的女性缺乏问题尤其严重。对于人才的高要求阻碍了女性的发展,这一点比过去的性别障碍、种族、阶级障碍等都要更为严重。尽管很多奖项的目的在于鼓励科技界的女性,但根据国家女性和信息技术中心的资料显示,2009年工程学士学位和计算机和信息科学学士学位的女性获得者还不到总人数的20%。Girls Who Code and other initiatives aimed at drawing more women to tech fields say the key is to get girls interested in science, engineering and computing when they are very young, and support them to pursue education in technology.;编程女生;和其他方案的目的都在于吸引更多女性进入技术领域,而吸引的关键是让女性在小时候就对科学、工程和计算机产生兴趣,还要持他们接受科技教育。;If we want there to be more women who pursue careers in engineering and computer science and feel welcome in these fields, we have to work on ways to increase the number of women studying engineering - it#39;s that simple,; wrote Sara Haider, a Twitter engineer, in a blog post Tuesday.;如果要更多女性从事工程和计算机技术工作,使她们在科技领域受到欢迎,就必须想办法增加学习工程技术的女性数量——就这么简单。;推特的工程师萨拉·海德周二在她的客这样写道。Girls Who Code has the advantage of a high-profile founder, Saujani, the onetime hedge-fund attorney and former campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Saujani drew a spotlight during her campaign, which had the backing of tech and Wall Street luminaries such as Morgan Stanley#39;s then-chairman John Mack and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.编程女生创始人是知名的萨贾尼,她曾是对冲基金代理人和希拉里的前任选举活动筹款人。萨贾尼当时在希拉里的选举时掀起过高潮,得到了科技界和华尔街杰出人物的持,比如当时根史坦利投资公司的董事长约翰·马克和推特的联合创始人杰克·多西。Saujani and Kristen Titus, executive director of Girls Who Code, said they focused on drawing participants from less affluent families. Saujani said she went to New York City public housing developments and asked tenants to identify girls who are excited about computers. Saujani said 70% of New York City public school students have had no access to computers in school.萨贾尼和;编程女生;的执行董事克里斯汀·提图斯表示他们着重于吸引平民家庭的孩子过来参与计划。萨贾尼说,她到过纽约的公共住宅区,从居民口中打探对计算机感兴趣的女孩子。萨贾尼说,纽约70%公立学校的学生无法在学校使用计算机。In addition to the eight weeks of workshops, participants in Girls Who Code also will be paired with female mentors in engineering roles at AppNexus, an advertising technology firm in New York, and other women entrepreneurs in New York City.除了这八周的课程,;编程女生;的参与者还会跟纽约广告科技公司AppNexus的女性工程师和其他纽约的女企业家一起学习。Girls Who Code said it hopes to expand the program to other cities next year.;编程女生;表示,希望明年能把这个计划拓展到其他城市。 /201207/191294淮安第一人民医院激光除皱多少钱苏州祛痘多少钱



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