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Greenpeace, the international environmental group, is challenging the green credentials of outdoor clothing makers including The North Face, Columbia and Patagonia, accusing them of failing to eliminate toxic chemicals in their products.国际环保组织绿色和平(Greenpeace)对The North Face、哥伦比亚(Columbia)和巴塔哥尼亚(Patagonia)等户外装生产商的环保资质提出质疑,谴责它们未能清除自家产品中的有毒化学物质。The attack by Greenpeace came after its scientists this year found traces of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in the waters of high-altitude lakes around the world, including the Lago di Pilato in the Apennine mountain range of central Italy.绿色和平此次发难之前,该组织的科学家今年在世界各地高海拔湖泊的水体中发现了微量的全氟化合物(PFC),其中包括意大利中部亚平宁山脉的皮拉托湖(Lago di Pilato)。Greenpeace said its study — released on Tuesday — proved how slowly the environment breaks down these chemicals, which outdoor clothing makers routinely use in their waterproof gear.绿色和平表示,其周二发布的研究结果明,环境分解这些化合物的速度是多么的慢。户外装生产商经常在防水装备中使用这些化合物。”It is ironic to think that companies who depend on nature for their business willingly release dangerous chemicals into the environment,” said Mirjam Kopp, toxics campaigner for Greenpeace. “They need to set short-term deadlines for completely eliminating the entire group of PFCs in production processes,” she added.绿色和平反有毒物质活动家米丽娅姆科普(Mirjam Kopp)说:“那些依靠大自然发展业务的公司,竟然愿意向环境释放危险化合物,想想这有多讽刺。”她补充称:“它们需要设定一个不远的截至日期,在那一天到来前把生产工艺中涉及到的各种PFC彻底清除掉。”Greenpeace said Puma and Adidas have aly adopted “ambitious elimination targets” for PFCs and some companies have “entire collections “of PFC-free waterproof clothing. But it took aim at The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Salewa and Mammut for showing “little sense of responsibility when it comes to eliminating hazardous chemicals such as PFCs”.绿色和平表示,彪马(Puma)和阿迪达斯(Adidas)已经定下了“雄心勃勃的清除(PFC的)目标”,有些公司推出了“完整系列”的无PFC防水装。但该组织把矛头指向了The North Face、哥伦比亚、巴塔哥尼亚、沙乐华(Salewa)和猛犸象(Mammut),因为这些公司“在清除PFC等危险化合物方面没有展现出什么责任意识”。Greenpeace criticism could be especially problematic since outdoor apparel companies go to great lengths to appear environmentally friendly. In their catalogues, advertisements and social media channels, they use stunning pictures of pristine landscapes and often include messages of conservation and calls for environmental action.绿色和平的批评可能会引起轩然,因为户外装公司总是竭尽全力表现得很注重环保。在产品目录、广告和社交媒体渠道中,它们会使用极具震撼力的展示原生态景观的照片,而且内容往往包含环保思想和对采取环保行动的呼吁。 /201509/397938

China confirmed a second imported Zika case Monday, six days after the first was detected, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said.本周一,中国国家质量监督检验检疫总局发布声明称,中国确诊了第二例输入性寨卡病例,距第一例被发现病例仅有6天。The AQSIQ#39;s Guangdong provincial branch found a passenger with fever at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on Friday before the patient was confirmed with Zika virus by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday.上周五的时候,中国国家质量监督检验检疫总局广东分局发现广州白云国际机场的一名乘客有发烧症状,随后于本周一,中国疾控中心确诊该乘客携带寨卡病毒。The patient was exposed to an infected person in Venezuela days before returning to Guangzhou on Feb. 9 via the Netherlands and Russia, the AQSIQ said in a statement.中国国家质量监督检验检疫总局在一份声明中称,病人在2月9号从委内瑞拉回国时,途径荷兰和俄罗斯,与一名感染者有接触。The 28-year-old quarantined patient has shown signs of recovery with temperature back to normal, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) said late Monday.而在周一的晚些时候,国家计生委宣布,这名28岁的被隔离患者体温渐渐恢复正常。Disease prevention experts said the risk of any sp of the virus from this case is low due to timely quarantine, and the current low temperature which inhibits mosquito activity.疾病防治专家指出,及时隔离可以有效防止病毒传播,目前的低温天气并不利于蚊子活动。Symptoms of the Zika virus, which sps to people through mosquito bites, include fever, joint pain, a rash, conjunctivitis, headache and muscle pain.寨卡病毒都是通过蚊子叮咬传播的,常见症状包括发烧、关节痛、皮疹、结膜炎、头痛和肌肉酸痛。 /201602/426946

Drinking Wine Before Bed Could Help You Lose Weight睡前喝葡萄酒可以减肥Looking to shed a few pounds? According to science, some nighttime wine might just be the solution.想要减掉几斤肉?根据科学,晚上喝点酒或许是一种方式。A study out of Washington State University from July 2015 showed that wine and weight loss go hand-in-hand, thanks to a substance called resveratrol. The compound, which is found in red wine, was shown to help convert ;white fat; into ;beige fat.; (The latter is easier to burn off.)华盛顿州立大学2015年7月的一项研究表明,由于一种名为白藜芦醇的物质,葡萄酒和减肥相伴而行。在红酒中发现的这种混合物,被发现可以将“白色的脂肪”转化为“米黄色”的脂肪。(后者更容易燃烧掉。)As far as when it#39;s best to sip on that vino, a separate 2012 study concluded that a late-night glass of wine curbed snacking, which, in turn, aided in weight loss (but, it should be noted that the study involved bees, not humans).关于何时抿一口酒最好,2012年一项单独的研究总结道,深夜一杯葡萄酒抑制了吃零食,从而帮助减肥(但值得注意的是这项研究对象只提到了蜜蜂而不是人类)。So while this news may tempt you to keep a bottle of red on your nightstand, not so fast-doctors are typically wary of recommending that people start drinking wine, since too much alcohol can obviously have harmful effects on the body. It#39;s also worth noting that there are much more efficient (and potentially healthier) ways of reaping the benefits of resveratrol. 因此尽管这条新闻或许会让你想要在床头柜上放一瓶红酒,但别着急——医生本能地谨慎建议人们开始喝葡萄酒,因为太多的酒精很明显会对身体产生坏的影响。另外值得注意的是,获得白藜芦醇的好处有很多其他更加有效的方式。;Many of the beneficial polyphenols are insoluble and get filtered out during the wine production process,; said Professor Min Du of Washington State. Instead, he suggests snacking on blueberries, grapes and strawberries, all of which are natural sources of resveratrol.“很多有益的多酚都是不溶的,因此在葡萄酒酿造过程中被过滤了,”华盛顿州立大学的教授Min Du说。取而代之,他建议吃一些蓝莓,葡萄和草莓,这些都是白藜芦醇的天然来源。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430231


  Loss, nostalgia for a vanished past and “the unspeakable peril of the everyday” represented by “swimming pools, high-tension wires, lye under the sink, aspirin in the medicine cabinet” — these are the themes that have animated Joan Didion’s work, since “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” established her as one of America’s most distinctive and acute literary voices almost five decades ago.丧失、对逝去的时光的怀恋以及那些“司空见惯却又难以说清的危险”(比如游泳池、高压线、厨房水盆下存放的碱性洗涤剂、药柜里的阿司匹林等等)是琼·狄恩作品的一贯主题,也是令其作品绘声绘色、生命力持久的重要元素。自从50年前发表《缓缓走向伯利恒》(Slouching Towards Bethlehem)奠定了狄恩在美国文学的地位,这些主题一直赋予狄恩一个独特敏锐的文学声音。All her fears about the precariousness of life were horribly realized in December 2003, when her daughter, Quintana Roo, went into a New York hospital with an apparent case of flu and was soon lying unconscious in an intensive care unit, suffering from pneumonia and septic shock; days later, her husband of 40 years, John Gregory Dunne, sat down for dinner and collapsed, dead from a massive heart attack. Quintana would die about a year and a half later at the age of 39.她对于人生的重重险象及不稳定性的所有恐惧都在2003年12月不幸地兑现了:她的女儿,昆塔娜·璐,貌似患流感入住医院,却很快因肺炎及败血性休克躺在ICU病房昏迷不醒;几天后,她相濡以沫40年的丈夫格里高利·邓恩在餐桌前坐下准备用晚餐时突然瘫倒,死于大面积突发性心衰;一年半之后,昆塔娜也撒手人寰,时年只有39岁。Ms. Didion, now 80, chronicled these events in two books — “The Year of Magical Thinking” (2005), a shattering contemplation of loss and grief and sorrow, and “Blue Nights” (2011), a more elliptical meditation on her daughter’s life and death — much as she chronicled the rest of her life in her other work: her nervous collapses, her marital ups and downs, her anxieties, her illnesses, her craving for stability. In “The Last Love Song,” Tracy Daugherty — a fiction writer, and the author of critically acclaimed biographies of Donald Barthelme and Joseph Heller — unavoidably draws heavily upon Ms. Didion’s own writings while at the same time trying to draw distinctions between her real life and her literary persona, between her experiences as a daughter, writer, wife, and mother and what he astringently describes as her “working her brand.” He notes, for instance, that Ms. Didion wrote in “Blue Nights” about thinking of taking Quintana, then an infant, with her on assignment to Saigon, during the Vietnam War, implying that she was so unprepared to be a mother that the absurdity of such an undertaking never occurred to her. In fact, he writes, she was anything but clueless — “she was a steely professional, not about to let motherhood get in the way of her career.” What stopped her, Mr. Daugherty argues, was the simple fact that Quintana’s adoption had not yet been finalized and “she could not be transported out of state, much less out of the country.”现年已经80高龄的狄恩用两本书记录了她所承受的巨大损失与悲恸——《奇思幻想的一年》(The Year of Magical Thinking,2005),书中她直面丧夫之痛,对人生的失去与悲伤的反思直撼人心;《蓝色的夜》(Blue Nights,2011)是对女儿的生与死更加委婉含蓄的沉思。一如她的其他作品,两本书均对生活种种做了记录:从神经崩溃,婚姻的起起落落,到焦虑、病痛,以及对稳定生活的渴望,面面俱到。 小说家特雷西·多尔蒂(曾写过备受赞誉的唐纳德·巴塞尔姆和约瑟夫·海勒传记) 新近出版的《最后的恋歌》(The Last Love Song)无可避免地从狄恩自己的作品中提取了大量资料,同时又将生活中的狄恩与文坛上的狄恩区分开来,把她作为女儿、作家、妻子、母亲的多重角色以及多尔蒂所描述的狄恩的“自我品牌塑造”一一展现给读者。虽然狄恩在《蓝色的夜》中写到自己曾打算带上襁褓中的昆塔娜去西贡执行写作任务,尽管当时正值越战,这意味着她对于初为人母毫无思想准备,丝毫没有意识到带着一个婴儿奔赴战场采访的荒谬。多尔蒂却指出,事实上,狄恩并非对于做母亲的责任一无所知,“她是一个意志刚强的职业女性,不想让母亲的角色阻碍了她事业的发展”。多尔蒂认为,最终使她没能把昆塔娜带到西贡的原因是领养手续没有完成,“昆塔娜无法被带出州,遑论带出国”。The Didion who emerges from “The Last Love Song” is both a frail, angst-ridden outsider and a shrewd Hollywood and New York insider; a vulnerable witness to history and a hardheaded survivor; a writer drawn to theatricality and extremes, and a woman who prizes order and control. Mr. Daugherty — who did not get Ms. Didion’s cooperation — does an agile job here of examining how his subject’s life illuminated the eras she traversed (and vice versa). He uses her experiences, much as Ms. Didion did, as an index of the cultural convulsions that rocked the country during the 1960s and ’70s, while at the same time, using her literary methods and musical sense of language to chart her peregrinations between California and New York, and her intellectual evolution over the years.《最后的恋歌》呈现给我们的狄恩既是一个身体虚弱、充满焦虑的局外人又是一个精明锐敏的好莱坞和纽约的圈内人;既是易受伤害的历史见人又是精明务实的幸存者;既是追逐戏剧性和极端事件的作家,又是珍视秩序与掌控的女人。多尔蒂先生并没有得到狄恩的配合,但他对传主一生的审视却也机敏自如,使狄恩的人生与她所经历的时代辉映成趣。他以狄恩的个人经历作为上世纪六七十年代美国文化大震荡的指数,同时又以狄恩的创作手法及富有乐感的语言记录了她游走于加州和纽约之间的经历以及她心智上的发展。There are a few tasteless and superfluous lapses into gossip in this book — in one case, he even notes that a source’s observations “should be taken with heavy pitchers of salt.” And Mr. Daugherty dances nervously (though not as nervously as Ms. Didion has) around the subject of Quintana’s emotional difficulties and alcoholism, ing a close friend who says her depressions and drinking were “probably intertwined” with her final illness (acute pancreatitis, which Mr. Daugherty writes, is “usually caused in young people by prolonged drug or alcohol abuse”). For the most part, this thoughtful and ambitious biography remains focused on Ms. Didion’s writing, using her life to shed light on her highly autobiographical work. Mr. Daugherty reminds us of the pioneer past of Ms. Didion’s family — her mother was a descendant of Nancy Hardin Cornwall, who, with her husband, had followed the ill-fated Donner-Reed party west, but split from the group in Nevada — and how this indelibly shaped her vision of California, and how California, in turn, became, for her, a metaphor for the promises and betrayals of America.书中也有几处庸俗无聊的八卦闲话;有一处甚至多尔蒂自己都坦言可信度极低。对于昆塔娜的情感困扰和酗酒,多尔蒂和狄恩一样都是小心翼翼地旁敲侧击(尽管他比狄恩女士更放开一些)。借用一位关系密切的狄恩家庭朋友的话,多尔蒂告诉我们,昆塔娜的抑郁症和酗酒与她最终的病患——急性胰腺炎——很可能有着千丝万缕的联系(年轻人的急性胰腺炎“大多与长期滥用毒品和酗酒有关”,多尔蒂指出)。总之,这是一部深思熟虑、内容丰富的传记。它始终以狄恩的写作生涯为主线,探索了她的个人生活与她极富自传色的作品如何相得益彰;同时也让我们了解了狄恩家族的西部开拓者背景。她的母亲是南希·哈丁·康沃尔(Nancy Hardin Cornwall, 1811-1886)的后代,康沃尔夫妇曾经跟随时运不济的唐纳-瑞德大队西迁,在内华达州与大队分手;这一历史背景奠定了狄恩的加州观,同时对于狄恩,加州又成为美利坚的希望与背叛的隐喻。Over time, her nostalgia for a vanished frontier — the wagon-train mentality of its first settlers, the stoic individualism embodied by her beloved John Wayne — would mutate into something more ambivalent, an acknowledgment that selfishness and what she called a “mean scrambling for survival” had always lain beneath the romantic myths.随着时间的推移,她对逝去的那个边疆的怀恋——早期开拓者的大篷车心态、以她所喜爱的约翰·韦恩为代表的吃苦耐劳、坚忍不屈的个人主义——逐渐演变成某种矛盾的心理,一种认为自我利益及“为生存下去而抢夺”本就是浪漫传奇之内涵的观点。Although ers may not agree with all of Mr. Daugherty’s assessments of individual Didion books, his biography evinces a deep appreciation of her skills and idiosyncrasies, and an understanding of how writers like Conrad, Hemingway and her college professor Mark Schorer (who sharpened her awareness of textual nuances and the use of point of view) helped her forge her singular style. Mr. Daugherty expertly dissects Ms. Didion’s preoccupation with narratives — not just with the techniques of storytelling but also with the subtexts undergirding the personal and political story lines mapped in her work.读者未必赞同多尔蒂先生对狄恩每部作品的评价,但他的传记表现了对狄恩的写作技巧和独特风格的高度赞赏,揭示了康拉德、海明威等作家以及狄恩的大学教授马克·绍尔如何影响锻造了她的卓尔不凡的风格(是绍尔教授培养了狄恩对文字微妙差异和不同叙事视角的敏感)。多尔蒂先生详尽地分析了狄恩对叙事的专注——不仅仅是她讲故事的技巧,还有那些埋伏在字里行间的个人的和历史的故事线索。At the same time, Mr. Daugherty tries to tease out correspondences between Ms. Didion’s life and those of the heroines in her novels — most notably, anxiety over troubled or wayward daughters, from the emotionally impaired Kate in “Play It as It Lays” to Marin, the fugitive radical, in “A Book of Common Prayer” to the drug-addicted Jessie in “Democracy.” He suggests that Ms. Didion and Mr. Dunne’s focus on their own careers and self-absorption as writers sometimes sidelined Quintana when she was little (she was frequently parked with Ms. Didion’s parents, when they were traveling); that the Hollywood scene she knew as a teenager fueled her penchant for medicating her anxieties with alcohol and drugs; and that Ms. Didion was often in denial about Quintana’s problems. He is tough on Ms. Didion as a parent but arguably no tougher than Ms. Didion has been on herself (in print and in interviews) about her shortcomings as a mother, who missed or mis clues to Quintana’s unhappiness and screened off her worst worries and fears.多尔蒂先生还试图挖掘出狄恩女士和她小说里的女主人公的相应经历,其中最明显的就是对于任性的、有问题的女儿的担心与焦虑——这样的女儿遍布其小说作品,如《顺其自然》(Play It As It Lays)一书中有感情障碍的凯特;《祈祷书》(A Book of Common Prayer)里逃亡的激进分子马琳;《民主》(Democracy)中吸毒成性的杰茜等等。他认为狄恩女士和邓恩先生对事业的专注和各自写作的全身心投入往往使他们忽略了年幼的女儿(狄恩夫妇旅行时常常把女儿留在父母家里); 十几岁就近距离接触好莱坞文化的经历加剧了昆塔娜以酒精、毒品缓解焦虑的嗜好;而狄恩又常常拒绝承认女儿的问题。对于狄恩作为母亲的失职,对昆塔娜精神抑郁的种种端倪视而不见或误解,并一再屏蔽自己的担心与恐惧,多尔蒂都毫不留情地揭示出来,但他并没有比狄恩在书中或采访中的自我评判更严苛。After finishing “Blue Nights,” Mr. Daugherty reports, Ms. Didion felt increasingly “weary, listless,” less inclined to push herself, less invested in maintaining the momentum she’d once prized, uncertain whether she would write again. Even her commitment to the pioneer imperative of stoicism and survival, he writes, had begun to waver. He es her saying to a friend, “There’s something missing in survival as a reason for being, you know?”写完《蓝色的夜》之后,多尔蒂写道,狄恩女士越来越感到“疲惫,倦怠”,不再愿意发愤图强,不再有从前的动力,甚至不确定是否还会继续写作;连她一贯推崇与遵守的边疆开拓者的坚韧不屈、顽强活下去的精神都开始动摇了。多尔蒂引用狄恩自己对朋友说的话:“活下去作为存在的理由缺失了什么东西,你懂吗?” /201510/402131。


  Everyone is familiar with calls to donate blood, sperm, stem cells, bone marrow and organs, but the opening of a new #39;poo bank#39; in the Netherlands means it is now possible to donate your faeces.献血、捐精、捐献干细胞、捐骨髓、器官捐赠……这些你可能都听说过,不过最近荷兰新开了一家;便便;,这意味着上面的各种捐赠中又要多一项:捐便。The ;poo bank;, more formally referred to as the Dutch Donor Faeces Bank (NDFB), opened recently at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).;便便;还有个更官方的名字——;荷兰粪便捐赠库;。这家近日在荷兰雷登大学医疗中心(LUMC)开业。The faeces deposited at the NDFB is invaluable for those living with Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) — a bacterial infection which can affect the digestive system. In the Netherlands there are 3,000 reported C. difficile cases a year, usually occurring after using antibiotics to treat other illnesses.对于梭状芽胞杆菌(一种影响消化系统的病菌)携带者来说,;便便;的存在非常重要。荷兰每年新增3000例这种病患,这种感染通常发生于使用了抗生素治疗其他疾病之后。Although the infection often results in few symptoms, in approximately five per cent of patients it can recur as a regular infection. Symptoms for them include three to five bouts a day of usually foul-smelling, watery diarrhoea, sometimes blood-stained, accompanied by abdominal cramping and pain.虽然这种感染没有什么特别症状,但大约有5%的病患会出现反复感染。反复感染的病患每天会呈现三到五次的病状,比如便恶臭、水样便等,有时还会便血,并伴有腹部绞痛。For such unfortunate sufferers faecal transplants are the only effective treatment.对于这些不幸的病患,便移植就成为唯一有效的治疗手段。Ed Kuijper, a professor at the LUMC explained: ;The effectiveness of faecal transplants in patients with a Clostridium difficile infection was proven in 2013. Since then, the treatment has been included in national and international guidelines.;雷登大学医疗中心教授库吉柏解释道:;便移植对梭状芽胞杆菌携带者治疗的有效性已于2013年得到实。从那时起,这种治疗手段便被本国和国际医疗机构采纳。;The LUMC also provides training for those doctors who will carry out faecal transplants, of which there are said to be three or four every month in the Netherlands, although that number is increasing rapidly. Calling for healthy donors living near Leiden to offer their deposits to the #39;poo bank#39;, Professor Kuijper conceded the practice is ;not established yet, like giving blood is; adding:雷登大学医疗中心也在对医生进行便移植培训。荷兰每月约有三到四例这种手术,而且数量还在迅速增加。库吉柏教授号召住在雷登附近的健康居民积极;捐便;,但他也承认,这种捐赠;就像献血一样,尚未形成风气;。;I think it#39;s a matter of getting used to it.;他同时补充道:;我觉得这只是习惯问题。; /201602/427220New Anti-Aging Drug Could Extend Human Life Span to 120 Years新的抗衰老药可以将人类寿命延长到120岁Do you ever think that it#39;s kinda crazy that we can order pizza from our cellphones and yet no one can figure out how to stop (or at least slow) the inevitable march towards death? Well, you#39;re not alone.你是否曾觉得这很疯狂,我们可以在手机上订披萨但知道现在却没有人能弄明白如何阻止(或是至少减慢)不可避免的死亡?那么你不是一个人这么想。Science has been trying to figure out this whole aging thing for a long time now, and a new development just could be one of those watershed moments in history. According to the New Zealand Herald, a new anti-aging drug is going to be tested on human subjects starting next year. The potential result of this could mean that we, human beings, could extend our life spans to 120 years of age, and be in good health to the very end.科学研究衰老真相为时已久,一项新的发现可能会成为历史上重要的分水岭之一。新西兰研究先驱发现,一种新的抗衰老药将于明年在人类身上测试。潜在的结果可能意味着我们人类可以延长寿命到120岁,并且到人生的最后都一直保持健康。The drug in question is a widely-used diabetes pill called Metformin and costs mere cents to make. Metformin helps to increase oxygen flow on the cellular level, thereby slowing the necessary cell divisions that keep our bodies both functioning correctly but ultimately lead to aging. Belgian researchers have tested the drug on roundworms, and have had positive results so the next step is to do a human trial.讨论中的药是一种广泛使用的糖尿病药片叫做甲福明二甲双胍,并且制造费用微不足道。甲福明二甲双胍帮助细胞增加氧气流动,因此减慢了必要的细胞分裂,而细胞分裂既可以保我们的身体正常运作,也最终导致衰老。比利时的研究员已经在蛔虫身上测试了该药,并对下一步的人类试验持积极态度。;I have been doing research into aging for 25 years and the idea that we would be talking about a clinical trial in humans for an anti-aging drug would have been thought inconceivable,; says aging expert Professor Gordon Lithgow. ;But there is every reason to believe it#39;s possible. The future is taking the biology that we#39;ve now developed and applying it to humans.;“我已经在衰老问题上研究了25年,我们对抗衰老药进行人类医学实验的想法将是难以置信的,”衰老专家戈登教授说,“但是我们有足够的理由相信这是可能的。未来将承载在我们所研发和应用的生物学技术上。”Let#39;s just hope that cosmetic surgery can keep apace of these new developments.让我们也期待整容技术可以追上这些新发现的脚步。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201602/425194Cao Xueqin(1716~1763), styled Mengruan, had the literary names Xueqin and Qinxi Jushi. His ancestral home was Liaoyang, and later was received as member of the Orthodox White Banner of the ;Eight Banners; of the Man nationality in the Qing Dynasty.曹雪芹(1716~1763 ),字梦阮,号雪芹、芹溪居士,祖籍辽阳。先世本汉人,后入满洲正白旗。From his great-grandfather to his father#39;s generation, four persons of three generations of the Cao#39;s successively held the post of Jiangning Zhizao, a post in charge of satin-weaving for the use of the emperor or officials, for as long as 60 years, enjoying imperial favor for along time and living a life of luxury and dissoluteness.曹雪芹曾祖到父辈,曹家祖孙三代4人历任江宁织造达60年之久。Emperor Kangxi lived in the office of Jiangning Zhizao four times during his six inspection tours to the south. 康熙6次南巡,有4次都以江宁织造署为行宫。During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, the house of Cao Family was searched and their property was confiscated, their family, once prosperous and prominent, being on the wane. 雍正年间,曹家遭受抄家,由盛转衰。During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, great calamity befell the family again.乾隆年间又遭巨祸,从此一败涂地。Living in such a family, Cao Xueqin endured all kinds of frustrations and tribulations in his lifetime, getting a full taste of misery and bitterness.曹雪芹从繁华坠人贫困,一生历尽坎坷与苦难,饱尝了人世的辛酸与悲痛。Imperturbably he began to ponder and reflect upon the past. He dipped his brush heavily in poignant tears to blend the tragedy of the age with culture and life, which resulted in A Dream of Red Mansions, the summit of Chinese classical fiction.往事已成旧梦,他开始冷静地回味与反思,对人生和历史有了很多感悟,因此他能把时代的悲剧、文化的悲剧和人生的悲剧熔为一炉,饱蘸辛酸之泪创作出中国古典小说的高峰之作《红楼梦》。Before he could complete the book, he passed away due to exhaustion, leaving behind merely 80 chapters of scribe#39;s copy.书未成,泪尽而逝,仅留下八十回抄本。During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, Gao E combined the 80-chapter transcript with over 30 volumes of incomplete draft and produced a 120-chapter edition to be block-printed.乾隆年间,高鹗根据八十回后的30余卷抄稿,增补成一百二十回刊刻。A Dream of Red Mansions was originally entitled The Story of the Stone. It took the author 10 years to over marginalia and make additions and deletions five times. The fiction was the crystalization of Cao#39;s talent, emotion, scholarship and painstaking effort. 《红楼梦》初名《石头记》,披阅十载,增删五次,是曹雪芹一生才华、学问与心血的结晶。Its main th was the passionate love between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu, with the first five chapters as its key link. Through the depiction of the prosperity and adversity of the four big clans, namely, Jia family, Shi family, Wang family and Xue family, the author exposed and animadverted with profundity the evils of the feudal ruling class and feudal system. The tragedy of the times caused by the decadence and collapse of the Qing Dynasty was fully incarnated.小说以宝黛爱情为主线,以前五回为纲,通过对贾、史、王、薛四大家族兴衰的描绘,深刻揭露和批判了封建统治阶级与整个封建制度的罪恶,比较全面地表现了清王朝腐朽没落造成的时代悲剧。A Dream of Red Mansions was penetrated with an intense feeling of predestination, the concepts of “nihility; and that “the nature of the things was the emptiness; . It contained the historical sense of vicissitudes and the experience of life piercing to the bones. It was endowed with rich implication of tragedy.《红楼梦》中渗透着强烈的命运感与“虚无”、“色空”的观念,蕴涵着荣久必枯、兴久必衰的历史感受和透骨人髓的人生体验,具有浓郁的悲剧意味。As a great realistic magnum opus and a fiction of human feelings like an encyclopedia, it has been interpreted divergently by innumerable people.这是一部伟大的现实主义巨著,一部百科全比式的人情小说,两百年来,它得到了无数人的无尽的阐释。The study of Cao Xueqin and A Dream of Red Mansions has aly become a renowned cosmopolitan school called the Hongloumeng(A Dream of Red Mansions) scholarship.对曹雪芹和《红楼梦》的研究已成为一门专门学问,称为“红学”。 /201602/426406

  It is an outfit that attracts attention - and one that can stare back.这是一件引人注目,同时也能“反观外界”的外套。Fitted with a range of gadgetry, this fabric is covered with smart fibres that can expand and contract depending on who, and where, people look at it.衣的面料上配有一排小部件,表面附着一层智能面料,可以根据注视者目光的位置伸缩。By detecting how old they are and whether they#39;re men or women, it knows just how much to respond.通过追踪注视者的年龄和性别,面料就知道该做出多大反应。Those features may not make #39;Caress of the Gaze,#39; as creator Behnaz Farahi calls it, creep-proof, but it certainly lets them know something#39;s blocked their gaze.这些功能可能未必会让这件被发明者本纳兹·法拉希(Behnaz Farahi) 称为“目光的爱抚”的衣成为防狼利器,但是绝对能让他们觉察到有东西阻挡了他们的视线。Beneath the garb#39;s spotted spikes lie a hidden camera and microcontroller.在这件衣斑驳的尖状物下,隐藏着一个摄像头和微型控制器。They use an algorithm to spot onlookers and determine exactly where they#39;re looking, twisting around the wearer to match where they#39;re glancing.他们通过算法法则辨认观看者,并确定他们具体在看哪里,衣会随着观看者所看的位置在穿着者身上扭动。#39;What if our outfit could recognize and respond to the gaze of the other?#39; Farahi writes on her website.“如果我们的衣能识别并对他人的目光做出反应会是怎样的?”法拉希在其网站上写道。#39;This is an interactive 3D printed wearable, which can detect other people#39;s gaze and respond accordingly with life-like behaviour.#39;“这是一件交互式3D打印可穿戴外套,它可以追踪到别人的目光,并相应的给予生动的回应。”It#39;s not the first kind of clothing to change according to its surroundings—Chinese fashion designer Yin Gao, for instance has also made clothing that moves and lights up when people look at it.这并不是第一件能随环境改变的衣物——比如,中国时尚设计师高银(Yin Gao)也做过被人们注视就会移动、发光的衣。But when it comes to Farahi#39;s garment, its sophisticated ability to identify viewers and move exactly in line with their gaze set it far apart.但法拉希的这件衣,其通过辨别注视者并与注视者目光进行动态调整的复杂功能,确实令其脱颖而出。Another reason: its futuristic material, designed to flex like skin, was made by special 3D printer.还有一个原因:它充满未来感、可以像皮肤一样收缩的面料由特殊3D打印机制成。That #39;allows the fabrication of composite materials with varying flexibilities [and] densities,#39; Farahi said.“这就让复合材料制成的面料具有极大的灵活性和多变的密度。”法拉希如是说。#39;Inspired by the flexible behaviour of the skin itself, this outfit therefore exhibits different material characteristics in various parts of the body ranging from stiff to soft.#39;这件衣的灵感源自皮肤本身柔韧、有弹性的特点,因此它展示了身体不同部分的组织特性,软硬兼备。Farahi isn#39;t an ordinary designer—she#39;s an architect and interaction designer working toward her Ph.D. at University of Southern California.法拉希可不是普通设计师——她不仅是位建筑师,还是名交互设计师,目前正在南加州大学攻读士学位(University of Southern California)。And this isn#39;t her first foray into printed attire -her previous projects include a flexible collar and helmet.这并非她首次进军打印装界,此前她还做过可伸缩衣领和头盔等项目。But #39;Caress of the Gaze#39; is the first to directly respond to outside observers.但“眼神的爱抚”是首个能直接回应外界观察者的作品。She made it during Pier 9 artist residency at Autodesk, getting support from non-profit Madworkshop.她在欧特克公司(Autodesk)举办的“九号码头艺术家居所”活动中得到非营利组织“疯狂工作坊”(Madworkshop)的持,从而做出了这件衣。And while it may not be coming to stores anytime soon, it#39;s certainly showing what novel technology can do for fashion.虽然这种装或许不能很快进驻商店售卖,但它肯定显示出了新技术对时尚界的影响。 /201509/401596


  ;Grin; is the most popular emoji on the instant messaging tool QQ in China, and was used more than 52 billion times in 2015, according to a report released by Tencent.腾讯公司发布的一份报告称,“龇牙”表情是即时聊天工具QQ上最受欢迎的表情,在2015年使用次数超过520亿次。The report was based on the data of more than 860 million QQ users, for whom means polite, cute, and friendly, and has become the best way to say hello when chatting online.该报告的数据采集自超过8.6亿QQ用户,他们认为“龇牙”表情礼貌、可爱而又友好,因而是网上搭讪的不二之选。Different people prefer different emojis. Though not listed in the top 5, icons of crying are popular among women and kids.当然,各人自有各人钟爱的聊天表情。哭泣类表情虽未能入驻前五,却赢得了女性和儿童的青睐。Females like the emoji ;sob; most, which is also used to represent acting like a child. Kids and teenagers between the age of 5 to 15 favor ;whimper;, which is frequently used for an icon representing tears.女性最喜欢“流泪” ,让人觉得她们童心未泯。5到15岁之间的青少年喜欢“大哭” ,常用来代表泪水。Meanings of emojis change over the years, too.各个表情的意思也在逐渐变化。The emoji ;smile; used to represent kindness, but now indicates unhappy and dismissive. For example, one can reply with when he disagrees with and makes fun of others.“微笑” 曾经表示友好和善,如今却代表不开心和鄙视。例如,在反对并取笑对方时就可以用这个表情。The emoji ;wave; used to mean goodbye, but now is more often used to mean to pretend that ;we are no longer friends;. For example, one can say ;I don#39;t want to see you anymore;, which is usually not taken seriously.“再见” 曾经用来告别,如今却往往用来佯装“我们不能愉快地做朋友了”。比如,我们可以说“再也不见 ”,当然这一般是开玩笑的啦。The emoji ;laugh and cry;, which was chosen as the word of the year of 2015 by the Oxford English Dictionary, is a new star with several different meanings, for example laughing out loud, expressing extreme happiness, laughing helplessly, or embarrassment.“笑哭” 当选为牛津英语词典2015年度词汇,是一颗身负多重含义的新星,表达的含义可以有哈哈大笑、喜不自胜、无力苦笑、尴尬无语等。 /201602/426710。

  A group claiming to call itself #39;Overweight Haters Ltd#39; has been handing out abusive cards to commuters on London#39;s underground rail network, branding them as ;fat; and ;ugly.;一个自称“超重者仇敌有限公司”的组织在伦敦地铁上向通勤者分发侮辱性卡片,卡片上写着“你是胖子,你很丑”。National Health Service (NHS) worker, Kara Florish took to Twitter slamming the campaign group#39;s ;hateful; and ;cowardly; tactics after being given a card on the London Underground.英国国民医疗系统一名员工卡拉·弗洛里斯在推特上抨击这个组织,称其行为“令人厌恶、胆小懦弱”。她在乘坐伦敦地铁时收到了一张这样的卡片。The card went on, adding that Overweight Haters Ltd hated and resented ;fat people;, accusing them of ;wasting NHS money; and adding ;it#39;s really not glandular, it#39;s your gluttony.;卡片事件还在持续。“超重者仇敌”组织表示他们厌恶、憎恨“胖子”,称他们“浪费英国国民医疗系统的钱”。该组织认为,“胖不是天生的,而是暴饮暴食导致的。”The British Transport Police have announced that they are aware of the cards, and ask anyone who was handed one to call them.英国交通警察局表示他们已经介入卡片事件,并呼吁收到卡片的人和警方取得联系。;We have spoken to a number of people and, to date, have had two formal complaints and several anecdotal reports,; the police said in a statement Tuesday.周二(12月1日),英国交通警察局发声明称:“我们询问了很多人,至今已收到两起正式投诉以及几次情况报告。”One person reported on social media that he saw a woman in tears after a ;young man; at Oxford Circus handed her a printed card saying ;You#39;re Fat;.有人在社交媒体上称,他亲眼目睹一位女士在牛津广场收到一个年轻男子给她的卡片后默默流泪,卡片上印有“你是个胖子”字样。People across the globe ran to the woman#39;s defense, condemning the actions of Overweight Haters Ltd.世界各地的网友纷纷为该女士打抱不平,同声谴责“超重者仇敌”的行为。Companies from all walks of life including personal care brand, Dove, and plus-size clothing designer, Navabi, have reached out on Twitter to show their support to those affected.包括个人护理品牌多芬、大号时装设计公司Navabi在内的各行各业,均在推特上表示持那些受伤害的人。Local government body responsible for the city#39;s transport, Transport for London (TfL), has issued a statement about the matter, saying the anti-social behavior wouldn#39;t be tolerated.负责管理伦敦交通的政府机构以及伦敦交通局已就此事发表声明,称对这种反社会行为采取零容忍的态度。;All of our customers have the right to travel with confidence, and this sad and unpleasant form of anti-social behavior will not be tolerated,; Steve Burton, director of enforcement and on-street operations at TfL, said in a statement emailed to CN.伦敦交通局执法和道路管理部门主任斯蒂夫·伯顿 在给美国全国广播公司财经频道(CN)的邮件中说:“有尊严地乘坐地铁是所有乘客的权利,发“胖子卡”是一种可悲而又令人讨厌的反社会行为,我们绝不能容忍。” /201512/413708

  Organic meat and milk differ markedly from their conventionally produced counterparts in measures of certain nutrients, a review of scientific studies reported on Tuesday.周二(2月9日),一项科学研究综述报告,有机肉类和牛奶在某些营养成分上与通过常规方式生产的同类产品间存在明显差异。In particular, levels of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for lowering the risk of heart disease, were 50 percent higher in the organic versions.尤其是,有机产品中有益于降低心脏病风险的ω-3脂肪酸的水平比普通产品高出50%。“The fatty acid composition is definitely better,” said Carlo Leifert, a professor of ecological agriculture at Newcastle University in England and the leader of an international team of scientists who performed the review.该综述由一国际科学家小组完成,其负责人,英格兰纽卡斯尔大学(Newcastle University)的生态农业教授卡洛·莱费特(Carlo Leifert)说:“(有机产品的)脂肪酸组成绝对更佳。”The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, and the Sheepdrove Trust, a British charity that supports organic farming research, paid for the analysis, which cost about 0,000.该项分析耗资约60万美元,这些费用由欧盟(European Union)的执行机构欧盟委员会(European Commission)和持有机农业研究的英国慈善机构Sheepdrove Trust承担。However, the question of whether these differences are likely to translate to better health in people who eat organic meat and drink organic milk is sharply disputed.然而,上述差异是否代表着吃有机肉类、喝有机牛奶的人更为健康呢?人们对此仍有尖锐的争议。“We don’t have that answer right now,” said Richard P. Bazinet, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto who was not involved with the research. “Based on the composition, it looks like they should be better for us.”“这个问题的我们现在还不得而知,”多伦多大学(University of Toronto)的营养科学教授理查德·P·巴齐内(Richard P. Bazinet)说,他没有参与上述研究。“但就营养组成而言,它们(有机产品)似乎更为有益。”The two new scientific papers, published in The British Journal of Nutrition, are not the result of any new experiments, but instead employ a statistical technique called meta-analysis that attempts to pull robust conclusions out of many disparate studies.这两篇新的科学论文发表在《英国营养学杂志》(The British Journal of Nutrition)上,它们并没有介绍什么新的实验结果,而是采用了一种名为荟萃分析的统计技术,试图从众多不同的研究中得出强有力的结论。They are certain to further stir a combative debate over whether organic foods are healthier. Some scientists assert that organic and conventional foods are nutritionally indistinguishable, and others find significant benefits to organic. Many people who buy organic food say they do so not for a nutritional advantage, but because of environmental concerns and to avoid pesticides.它们势必会进一步激起人们就有机食品是否更为健康展开激烈的辩论。一些科学家宣称,有机食品和常规食品的营养价值并无区别,而其他人则发现有机产品显著较好。许多人称自己购买有机食品并非是为了更高的营养价值,而是出于对环境的忧虑,以及希望能避免农药问题。The higher levels of omega-3, a type of polyunsaturated fat, arise not from the attributes usually associated with organic food — that the animals are not given antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified feed — but rather from a requirement that animals raised organically spend time outside. Organic milk and beef come from cattle that graze on grass, while most conventional milk and beef come from cows subsisting on grain.ω-3脂肪酸是一种多不饱和脂肪。有机食品中ω-3脂肪酸水平较高,并不是有机食品本身的特点(即不给予动物抗生素、激素或转基因饲料)造成的,而是因为有机养殖的动物在室外活动的时间较长。有机牛奶和牛肉产自在草地上放牧的牛,而大多数普通牛奶和牛肉则产自吃谷物的牛。“It’s not something magical about organic,” said Charles M. Benbrook, an organic industry consultant who is an author of the studies. “It’s about what the animals are being fed.”“有机食品本身并没有什么神奇之处,”研究的作者之一,有机产业顾问查尔斯·M·本布鲁克(Charles M. Benbrook)说。“关键在于动物是用什么东西饲喂的。”Most of the same changes would be observed in conventionally raised animals that also grazed for the majority of their diet, the scientists said.“For once, this is a pretty simple story,” Dr. Benbrook said.科学家们表示,如果常规饲养的动物也以吃草为主,那么在它们身上也能发现很多相同的改变。“这样一来,问题就变得简单了,“本布鲁克士说。The review of comparisons of organic and conventional milk analyzed all 196 papers the scientists found. Because studies of meat are sparser, they could not look at just one type of meat like beef or pork. Instead, they did one analysis of the 67 papers they found for all types of meat. “Only if you throw them all in one pot can you do a meta-analysis,” Dr. Leifert said.科学家们在比较有机和常规牛奶的综述中分析了他们所能找到的所有196篇论文。由于对肉类的研究较少,他们发现只审查关于某一种肉,如牛肉或猪肉的研究不现实。反之,他们对关于各种肉的67篇论文统一进行了分析。“只有把它们放在一起才能进行荟萃分析,”莱费特士解释道。Two years ago, Dr. Leifert led a similar review for fruits and vegetables that found organic produce had higher levels of some antioxidants and less pesticide residue than conventionally grown crops.两年前,莱费特士领导了一项关于水果和蔬菜的类似综述,发现与用常规方法种植的作物相比,有机农产品中某些抗氧化剂的水平较高,农药残留较少。Nutrition experts broadly agree that omega-3 fatty acids in food offer numerous health benefits. When the ed States Department of Agriculture revised its dietary guidelines in 2010, it urged people to eat more seafood, which is rich in omega-3.营养专家普遍认同,食物中的ω-3脂肪酸具有多种健康效益。美国农业部(ed States Department of Agriculture)在2010年修订其膳食指南时,呼吁人们多多食用富含ω-3脂肪酸的海产品。Omega-3 is much more prevalent in grass than in grain, which is why organic livestock and milk also contain higher levels. “Lo and behold, we altered in some fundamental ways the nutrient intake of these animals and hence the nutrient composition of the products that we derive from those animals,” Dr. Benbrook said.草料中的ω-3脂肪酸含量比谷物中高,因此有机家畜及其乳制品中也含有较高水平的ω-3脂肪酸。“你瞧,我们改变了这些动物摄入营养的基本方式,这才影响了其衍生产品的营养成分,”本布鲁克士说。The new analysis found that levels of another polyunsaturated fat, omega-6, were slightly lower in organic meat and dairy. Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential for the functioning of the human body, which can make neither. But some have argued that a skewing toward omega-6 has become unhealthy.新的分析还发现,在有机肉类和乳制品中,另一种多不饱和脂肪酸:ω-6脂肪酸的水平略低。ω-3和ω-6脂肪酸对于人体的正常功能来说都必不可少,而且人体无法自己合成它们。但也有人认为,过多摄入ω-6脂肪酸并不利于健康。Centuries ago, people ate roughly equal amounts of the two fatty acids. Today, most Americans eat more than 10 times as much omega-6, which is prevalent in certain vegetable oils and thus also fried foods, as omega-3.几个世纪以前,人们摄入的这两种脂肪酸大致等量。今天,由于某些植物油中普遍含有ω-6脂肪酸(因此油炸食品也一样),大多数美国人摄入的ω-6脂肪酸约为ω-3的10倍以上。In an email, Dr. Walter C. Willett, the chairman of the nutrition department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said the differences between organic and conventional beef were trivial, and the amount of saturated fat in both were high.哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard School of Public Health)的营养系主任沃尔特·C·威利特(Walter C. Willett)士在一封电子邮件中写道,有机和常规牛肉之间的差异微不足道,而且两者中的饱和脂肪含量均很高。“Far greater, and beneficial, differences in fatty acids are seen if poultry and fish replace red meat,” Dr. Willett said.“如果用禽肉和鱼肉来代替红肉,你会发现更大、更有益于健康的脂肪酸差异,”威利特士如是说。A shortcoming of the recommendation to eat more fish is that if everyone followed it, the rivers, oceans and lakes would be emptied of fish. Dr. Bazinet of the University of Toronto said perhaps encouraging people to switch to organic meats and milk would be “a way to kind of get at them with the foods they’re aly eating.”不过,多吃鱼这个建议本身也有其缺点:如果每个人都遵循这个建议,那么河流、海洋和湖泊中的鱼就要被吃光了。多伦多大学的巴齐内士表示,鼓励人们改吃有机肉类和牛奶或许“只是在教人摄入本来就在吃的食物”。Dr. Bazinet said observational studies suggested that adding 200 milligrams a day of omega-3s to an average diet should yield health benefits. Switching to organic beef would add about 50 milligrams. “Eating one grass-fed beef serving per day is not going to do it,” he said.巴齐内士说,观察研究表明,在普通膳食的基础上,每天增加摄入200毫克ω-3脂肪酸可带来健康效益。而改吃有机牛肉只能多摄取到约50毫克的ω-3脂肪酸。于是他总结道:“每天吃一份草饲牛肉达不到你(补充ω-3脂肪酸)的目的。”But if combined with a couple of glasses of organic milk, “it should make a difference,” Dr. Bazinet said. “That would be the hypothesis.”但是,如果再喝上一两杯有机牛奶的话,“应该就有用了,”巴齐内士说。“假设上是如此。”Scientists are now trying to examine the health question more directly.现在科学家们正试图以更直接的方式来探讨这些健康问题。Dr. Leifert cited several studies that indicated that infants of mothers who ate organic fruits and vegetables were less likely to contract some diseases. He is also conducting experiments to see if rats fed organic foods are healthier. So far, he said, it appears that crop pesticide residue does have measurable effects on the rats’ hormones.莱费特士列举了数项研究,它们都表明,食用有机水果和蔬菜的母亲所诞下的婴儿较不容易患某些疾病。他还在进行实验,以研究饲喂有机食品的大鼠是否更健康。他说,从迄今为止的结果来看,农作物上的农药残留确实对大鼠的激素水平造成了明显的影响。“We still don’t know whether it kills you, but we do know it has an effect on hormonal balances,” he said. “It’s something that makes you think a little bit.”“虽然尚不清楚它是否会致死,但我们的确发现,它会影响激素的平衡。”他说,“这一点颇值得深思。” /201602/428192


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