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Chris Palmeri (Senior Correspondent, BusinessWeek) gives expert advice on: Can I really become a millionaire by 30?;What is the smartest way to get rich by 30?; Should I be aggressive or conservative with my money before 30? and more...商业周刊资深记者Chris Palmeri在视频中为我们提出了专业的建议:我在30岁之前真的能够成为百万富翁吗?在30岁之前变得富有的最佳途径是什么?30岁之前对待金钱应该采取进取还是保守的态度呢?以及更多其它问题。Can I really become a millionaire by 30?30岁之前我真的能够变成百万富翁吗?Yes, you can and more importantly, you can become a millionaire by 40 if you lay the groundwork in your 20s to do it. You know, when youre right out of college, you may have debts, you dont have the highest paying job, youre focusing more on having fun, less on your long-term financial perspective. Im not saying you shouldnt take that crazy weekend in Las Vegas,but you need to be thinking about ways you can position yourself for long term wealth. Get started in the company 401k plan.Put as much money as you can comfortably do from your income. Look for that first piece of real estate. Buy a condo, maybe go to your parents for help with the down payment. Theres a lot of people who have opportunities to do things that dont do that because theyre just not focusing on the long term at that age. But you need to start sooner rather than later. And one day, youll wake up and you will be rich.是的,你可以。而且更重要的是,如果你在20多岁的时候打好了基础,在40岁之前仍然有可能变成百万富翁。你知道,当你从大学毕业的时候,你可能背负着债务,没有最高薪的工作,你的精力可能更多地集中在玩耍,而不是长期财政状况。我并不是说你不应该在度过一个疯狂的周末,而是说你应该考虑让自己拥有长期的财富的方法。首先从公司的401k计划开始。从你的收入中拿出适量的尽可能多的钱投入该计划。寻找第一套房产。购买一座公寓,或许付定金的时候你可以向父母寻求帮助。许多人都有机会这样做,但是却没有这样做,因为他们在那个年龄并没有考虑长期规划。但是做长期规划越早越好。总有一天你醒来的时候发现自己成了有钱人。Should I be aggressive or conservative with my money before 30?30岁之前对待我的金钱应该采取进取还是保守的态度?You should be conservative at all times with your money. But, when youre younger, you can afford to take a little more risk in terms of what youre investing in. For example, you probably dont want to put all of your money in one stock. Bad idea.But you can invest your money in a mutual fund that owns a number of stocks and sps the risk and is professionally managed. If youre older, for example, you may have money in a mutual fund that owns bonds, which are more conservative and pay a steady income. If you are younger, you can afford to have your money in a mutual fund that owns smaller companies --companies that are more growth-oriented -- and they may fluctuate in price more dramatically than a mutual fund that owns bonds but over the long term should appreciate more. So thats an example of taking a conservative risk.在任何时候,你对待自己的金钱都应该采取保守的态度。但是,在你比较年轻的时候,你在投资项目的选择方面可以冒更多的风险。例如,你可能不想把所有的钱都投资在一股票上。这是个坏主意。但是你可以投资拥有几股票的,管理专业的共同基金来分散风险。当你年龄稍长的时候,你可以投资拥有券的共同基金,这种基金更加保守,向你付固定的收入。当你比较年轻的时候,你可以投资拥有规模较小的公司的共同基金——这种公司更有增长潜力——这种基金价格波动的幅度比持有券的共同基金波动幅度更大。但是长期来看升值空间更大。这是较保守的风险投资的一个例子。Where should I invest my money while Im in my 20s?我20多岁的时候应该把金钱投资在哪一方面?The most important thing is to put some money in the stock market. Okay. Probably if youre starting very small, you dont want to have individual stocks.You want to have money that is diversified in a mutual fund. And youre using your employers 401K plan. And youre taking advantage of the matching and the tax deferral that those all provide. And then your next step is thinking about real estate and buying yourself a place to live. Not making a quick buck. And you take care of those two things, your know your savings plan and your place to live and... its amazing just how many people become millionaires just that way.最重要的事情是在股票市场中投入一些资金。好的。可能你的启动资金很少,你又不想只购买单一的股票,你想将资金在共同基金中分散。你正在使用雇主401K计划。你可以利用该计划提供的共同缴费和税务延迟条款。你的下一步就是选择一座房产,为自己购买一个居住的地方,而不是想着发横财。一定要关注好这两件事:你的储蓄计划和居住的地方。许多人通过这种方式成为百万富翁,这是非常令人惊叹的。What are some common mistakes investors in their 20s make?20多岁的投资者犯下的共同的错误是什么?The most common mistake young people make is not investing. The easiest way to wealth is to not spend. Because youre getting yourself in debt and youre taking money that could have been invested and be making money for you and working for you. Instead youre just spending it on clothes and cars and fancy vacations and a lot of times in bars Im sure. So take some of that money and put it aside and get that money working for you rather than for somebody else.年轻人犯下的最普遍的错误就是不投资。拥有财富最简单的方式就是不消费。因为你使自己陷入了沉重的债务,你花费了本应用来投资,为你赚钱,为你务的资金。而你却拿来购买衣和汽车,去度假,我确定你还多次去酒吧消磨时光。所以,将其中一部分资金存起来为你务,而不是为他人务。201209/197826

Life is filled with situations that make you want to lose your temper. But learning to control yourself when youre about to have a tantrum is an important part of anger management. In this film leading anger management expert, Mike Fisher, explains his method for avoiding angry outbursts.生活中有很多情况会让你忍不住想要发脾气。但是,当你想要耍脾气的时候控制一下自己,这是愤怒管理的重要部分。愤怒管理方面的权威专家Mike Fisher解释了避免愤怒情绪爆发的方法。Step 1: F is for Focus1.集中精力If you feel youre about to lose your temper, try to focus and remain grounded. Use deep breathing or counting to get your brain thinking rationally. Tell yourself that you are not going to explode.如果你觉得自己马上就要发脾气了,集中精力,保持冷静。用深呼吸法或者数数来让自己的大脑理性地思考。告诉自己,不要爆发。Step 2: L is for Listen2.倾听When you are in a situation that makes you angry, or you are in disagreement with someone, try to really listen to them and empathise with them. Try to understand the conflict from their point of view.当你遇到让自己非常愤怒的情况,或者你和某人持不同意见,认真倾听对方的说法,设身处地为他们着想。试着从对方的角度理解冲突。Step 3: O is for Objectivity3.客观If youre in disagreement with someone, try not to take it personally. Try to stay objective about the situation, and this will help you to not become angry.如果你和别人意见不同,不要针对个人。对这种形势采取客观的态度,可以让你不那么生气。Step 4: W is for Wait4.等待People with anger management problems tend to react to situations immediately, without taking time to consider their reaction. If you feel like youre about to explode or lose your temper, try to take a moment to think and reflect before you react. Use this time to think about what the consequences of an angry outburst would be.难以控制自己的愤怒的人总是立即对形势作出反应,而不花点时间来思考。如果你感到自己马上就要失去控制,或者发脾气,在作出反应之前试着花点时间思考和反省一下。用这点时间来想一下愤怒会造成什么样的后果。Thanks for watching How To Control Your Temper.感谢收看“怎样控制自己的脾气”视频节目。201302/226970

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