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襄阳樊城妇幼保健院中医院治疗肛周囊肿怎么样襄阳一院人流手术怎么样Not everyone in Hollywood owes their nice complexion to a dermatologist. Here are some homespun beauty secrets you can steal.并不是每一位好莱坞明星的美丽肌肤都归功于皮肤护理专家。以下是一些自制美容秘诀,你可以向他们偷师。You Will Need你需要Sugar糖Extra virgin olive oil特级初榨橄榄油Liquid vitamin C液体维他命CWashcloths毛巾Bag Balm皮肤香膏Honey蜂蜜Petroleum jelly凡士林Un-petroleum jelly (optional)不含石油成分凡士林(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Exfoliate your skin with a mixture of sugar and extra virgin olive oil. That#39;s how Christie Brinkley stays so youthful; it#39;s like giving yourself a mini microdermabrasion.1.用糖和特级初榨橄榄油的混合物去角质。这是克里斯蒂·布林克利保持年轻的秘诀,就好像给自己采用了微晶换肤术一样。Jessical Biel adds sugar to her regular cleanser when she wants to slough away dead skin.杰西卡·贝尔想要去除死皮的时候向日常洁面产品中添加一点糖。Step 2 Nourish your skin the way Nicky Hilton does: Massage vitamin C into your face. You can buy it in liquid form in health food stores.2.像妮基·希尔顿一样滋养肌肤:向面部维他命C。可以在健康食品商店购买液态维他命C。Step 3 Keep your washcloths in the fridge so they#39;re nice and cold when you use them; supermodel Rachel Hunter has said she learned this trick in Japan. It reduces redness and swelling, makes pores appear smaller, gets rid of puffy eyes, and gives your complexion a healthy pink glow.3.把毛巾放在冰箱里,这样你使用的时候就比较清凉。超模瑞切尔·亨特说,她是从日本学会这个技巧的,可以消除红肿,让毛孔变小,给眼睛消肿,而且可以让肌肤散发出健康粉红的光。Step 4 Moisturize like Shania Twain: She finds there#39;s nothing like Bag Balm – an ointment made to soften a cow#39;s udder for milking – to make her complexion silky.4.跟仙妮亚·唐恩学习保湿技巧:她发现任何东西嫩滑肌肤的功效都不像皮肤香膏那么好。香膏是一种药膏,用于给奶牛挤奶。Step 5 Smooth your skin with honey: TV host and former model Padma Lakshmi washes her face, then slathers on the sticky stuff in the shower.She swears it acts as a smoothening agent. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses honey for the same reason.5.蜂蜜光滑肌肤:电视节目主持人和前模特帕德玛·拉克希米先洁面,然后淋浴时涂抹厚厚的一层蜂蜜。她说,蜂蜜的嫩滑效果就像皮肤护理专家。凯瑟琳·泽塔·琼斯使用蜂蜜也是出于同样的原因。Step 6 Remove your makeup with petroleum jelly; that#39;s how Jennifer Lopez cleans and moisturizes her face at the same time.For an environmentally friendly option, look for plant-based un-petroleum jelly.6.用凡士林卸妆:珍妮弗·洛佩兹就是用凡士林洁面并保湿的。如果出于环保的原因,可以选择植物成分而非石油成分的凡士林。Sixty-one percent of women polled would most want to swap hair, makeup, and accessory tips with Jennifer Aniston.61%的受调查女性最希望与珍妮弗·安妮斯顿交换护发,化妆和配饰心得。视频听力译文由。 Article/201505/372837老河口市妇幼保健院中医院无痛人流医院排名 Five Historical Misconceptions Rundown五大历史错误观念总览Number five: Vikings.第五:维京人。What would a Viking be without his trusty battle helmet and its impressive horns? The answer is: a more historically accurate Viking.维京人如果没有可靠的战斗头盔和那令人印象深刻的角会是什么呢? 是:一个在历史观点上更真实的维京人。Think, for a moment about wearing headgear like that into battle would mean the horns are just easy targets for your opponent to hit and knock off your helmet.想想看,戴着那样的头饰去打仗,角只是敌人容易打击的目标,很容易打掉你的头盔。Or, if you strap on your helmet, now your opponent has a convenient lever with which to drag you to the ground and something to hold onto while slitting your throat.或者,如果你把头盔绑紧,现在你的敌人就有个很方便的把手,用来把你拉倒在地,而且在割断你的喉咙时,有地方可以抓。Horned helmets are a terrible idea, which is why archaeologists have never found them at Viking battle sites, and there#39;s no evidence that they were ever used.有角的头盔真是个很糟的点子,这就是为什么考古学家从没在维京人的战斗遗址找到它们,而且也没有据显示他们有使用过。It was poets and artists (people not known for caring about facts and reality) who gave the Vikings their silly hats during the late 1800s, long after the Vikings could ;correct; their misconceptions.这是诗人和艺术家(那些不是以关心事实真相闻名的人)他们在18世纪末给维京人戴上了这愚蠢的帽子,而那发生在维京人能够“纠正”他们错误观念的很久之后了。Number four: Lady Godiva.第四:Godiva夫人。The story of this 11th century English noblewoman is that her mean husband, the Earl, raised taxes on the towns#39;people of Coventry which Lady Godiva, and not surprising the locals, thought were too high.这个十一世纪英国贵族妇人的故事是关于她那不体恤人民的丈夫,这位伯爵对Coventry镇的居民提高税赋,Godiva夫人,以及不意外的当地居民,都认为税赋太高了。She badgered her husband, and he conceded in exasperation to lower the taxes if she rode through town naked, assuming that she never would, but she did.她不断纠缠她丈夫,伯爵不胜其扰而让步,答应如果她光着身子骑马穿过城镇,就降低税赋--以为她绝对不可能这么做--但她真的去做了。Because people don#39;t like taxes, even though they#39;re how civilization is purchased, Lady Godiva#39;s story lives on notably in the Godiva logo and in popular songs.因为人民不喜欢税赋,即使那是文明的代价,Godiva夫人的故事特别是在Godiva巧克力的商标和流行歌曲中继续活跃着。But while Lady Godiva was a real person and Coventry is a real town, there is no record of her nude ride from the time when it happened. So we can safely assume the story is false. Just as with the Vikings, again, poets and artists are to blame, who made up the tale long after Lady Godiva#39;s death.但虽然Godiva夫人是真实人物而且确实也有Coventry这个城镇,却并没有事发当时她裸体骑马的纪录。所以我们可以有把握的假设这故事是捏造的。就像维京人的故事,又一次的,要怪到诗人和艺术家头上,他们在Godiva夫人过世许久之后,编造了这传说。Number three: Napoleon.第三:拿破仑。Famously, this tiny, tiny general, perhaps to compensate for his short stature, took control of France, greatly expanded its influence and dubbed himself emperor.脍炙人口的,这小小将军,或许是为了弥补他矮小的身材,掌管法国,大大地扩展其影响力,并自封为皇帝。Napoleon#39;s official height was indeed five foot two inches, but at the time French inches were longer than English inches. So doing the unit conversion, Napoleon#39;s height should#39;ve been reported as five-seven in England#39;s Imperial s, which is short by today#39;s standards, but was average or slightly above average in the early 1800s.拿破仑正式的身高的确是五尺二寸,但当时法国的“寸”是比“英寸”还长的。所以换算单位,拿破仑身的高应该是要被纪录为英制的五尺七寸(一百七十公分),以现代的标准来看是矮的,但以18世纪早期来说算是平均身高,或是稍稍超过标准的身高了。However, England, with its eternal love for all things French didn#39;t care, (and) went with the Napoleon-is-so-short-LOL version of the story in newspapers and cartoons.不过,英格兰对于法国人不在乎的事物有着永无止境的喜爱,在报纸和卡通上,演出“拿破仑超矮-哈哈哈(注一)”版本的故事。Meanwhile, Napoleon was busy introducing the Metric System to France and the wider world to standardize measurements so this sort of confusion would never happen again. And thankfully, the whole world now uses metric. Mostly. Sort of.同时,拿破仑正忙着将公制引进法国和世界上其他国家,以便将度量衡标准化,如此一来,这样的困扰就不会再发生了。而值得庆幸的是,现在全世界都在使用公制。某种程度上来说。Number two: Roman Vomit.第二:罗马人呕吐。Ah, the Roman Empire, so great and powerful, but corrupted by decadence from within. And what could be a better symbol of that decadence than the Vomitorium, where Romans, after stuffing themselves with delicious foods, could vomit them all up again to make room to feast anew.啊,罗马帝国,那么的伟大且强大,但却因内部的衰败而腐化。而还有什么可以比“Vomitorium”这个字更能代表罗马的衰败呢?罗马人,在用美味的食物填满肚子后,会再把所有东西吐出来,为再次享用大餐腾出空间。Vomitoria are real, but this idea of them is not, though confusion is understandable, because their name of Vomit-Orium seems to make their purpose so clear.确实有Vomitoria这个字,但并不是这样的意思,然而可以理解为什么会搞混,因为Vomit-Orium(注二)似乎很清晰地传达其意义。Even if for some reason you know Latin, perhaps because you live in a country that insists you waste hundreds of hours of your life learning a dead, useless language, this knowledge still won#39;t help you because the root word ;vomitum; means ;to spew forth.;既使你因为某些原因懂拉丁文,或许因为你住在一个坚持让你浪费几百个小时生命学习已经死去、完全没用的语言的国家,这知识仍然不能帮助你,因为“vomitum”这字根代表的意思是“往前喷出”。So what is it really? If you#39;ve ever been to a big stadium, like say, the ones made by the Romans, you have aly used a vomitorium. This is what the vomitoria are: The passageways that let lots of people enter or exit at once. The people are what spews forth in the vomitoria, not the contents of the people.所以这个字真正的意思是什么呢?如果你去过大型的体育场,譬如说,由罗马人所建造的那些,你就己经使用过vomitorium了。这就是所谓的vomitoria:是让许多人立刻进出的通道。而人们就是在vomitoria中,往前喷出的东西,而不是指人们吃进体内的东西。Number one: Columbus.第一:哥伦布。They#39;re so very much wrong with the common retelling of the story of Christopher Columbus that it#39;s hard to know where to begin. But the biggest misconception is that everyone else thought the world was flat, but Columbus was the only guy smart enough to know that it#39;s round.他们一般在重述哥伦布的故事时,实在错得离谱,以至于出处已不可考。但最大的误解是,其他每个人都认为地球是平的,而哥伦布是唯一够聪明的人,知道地球是圆的。It makes a daring story, but knowledge of a spherical earth goes back to at least 5,000 . That#39;s six and a half thousand years before Columbus set sail, and that knowledge was never lost to western civilization. In 200 , Eratosthenes calculated the Earth#39;s circumference, and his estimate was still well-known and being used during Columbus#39;s time.因而造就了这个大胆的故事,但圆的地球这知识可追溯到至少西元前五千年。这比起哥伦布开始航海旅程还要早了六千五百年,而这知识从未在西方文明中消失。在西元前两百年,Eratosthenes计算出地球的周长,而他的估算在那时相当知名,而且在哥伦布时代被使用。The argument Columbus had with Queen Isabella was not over the shape of the earth, but of its size. Columbus estimated the Earth was much smaller than Queen Isabella and her scientific advisers did, which was why he thought he could make it across the empty Atlantic to India.哥伦布和Isabella皇后间的争执并不是关于地球的形状,而是它的尺寸。哥伦布估计的地球比Isabella皇后和她的科学家顾问们所估算的还小得多,这就是为什么他认为可以横渡一望无际的大西洋到印度。But Columbus#39;s size estimate was wrong, again, just like Napoleon#39;s height, because of mixed up units.但哥伦布的大小估算错了,又一次的,就像是拿破仑的身高,因为混淆了的单位。However, this mistake did send him west to become the first European to discover America, as long as you ignore the hornless Vikings who beat him by five hundred years.不管怎样,这个错误的确将他送往西方,成为第一位发现美洲的欧洲人,只要你忽略那些没有角的维京人,他们其实比哥伦布早了500年。注一:LOL是英文Laught Out Loud的缩写,嘲笑的意思。注二:Vomitorium这个字普遍造成大家的误会,因为这个字看似由两个字根“Vomit(呕吐)”和“Orium(地点)”组成,直接让人联想到“呕吐的地方”。 Article/201505/376177襄樊市襄阳区人民医院做割包皮可以吗

襄樊市第二人民医院处女膜修复多少钱Three Chinese jailed for attempting to join Islamic extremist group3名国人因试图加入伊斯兰国极端组织被捕An Indonesian court on Monday sentenced three Chinese Uyghur to six years in prison each, for trying to join an Islamic extremist group.周一印度尼西亚一家法院判处3名维吾尔族人6年监禁—因为他们其试图加入伊斯兰的一个极端恐怖组织。The court heard that the men were arrested in September on the central island of Sulawesi, as they sought to meet the leader of an extremist group in the country.据法院了解他们是在9月份在前往同极端组织一位领导人见面的苏拉威西岛上被捕。 译文属 Article/201507/386208湖北襄阳看男科好吗 Don#39;t go to Paris. Don#39;t tour Paris. And please don#39;t do Paris.别只是去巴黎。别只是游览巴黎。还有拜托别只是到过巴黎。Live in Paris. When you Airbnb in Paris, you have your own home.住在巴黎吧。当你在巴黎用Airbnb,你就有自己的家。Make your bed, cook--you know, the stuff you normally do.自己铺床、做菜--你知道,你平常会做的事。Don#39;t go to L.A. Don#39;t go to New York. Don#39;t go to Tokyo. Live there!别只是去洛杉矶。别只是去纽约。别只是去东京。住在那吧!Live in Malibu. Live in the East Village. Live in Shinagawa.住在马里布。住在纽约东村。住在东京品川。Feel at home...anywhere. Do your regular routine.感觉像在家...任何地方都一样。照你平常的生活步调走。Wherever you go, don#39;t go there. Live there--even if it#39;s just for a night.不管你去到哪,别只是去那里。而是要住在当地--即使只有一晚。 Article/201612/484913襄樊市中心医院治疗腹胀多少钱

襄阳男科淋病的医院But no matter how much power the train has,但无论列车有多大动力it can never quite物理法则的限定reach the speed of light since the laws of physics forbid it.使它永远无法到达光速Instead, let#39;s say it gets close,但我们能假定它无限趋近于光速just shy of that ultimate speed.仅略微慢一些Now something extraordinary happens.神奇的事情就会发生Time starts flowing slowly on board relative to the rest of the world,相对于列车外,列车内的时间逐渐减慢just like near the black hole, only more so.就如同黑洞周围的情形,不过更慢Everything on the train is in slow motion.列车上的一切动作都缓慢下来This happens to protect the speed limit,这是为了维护速度极限and it#39;s not hard to see why.我们不难看出其中的原因Imagine a child running forwards up the train.试想一个孩子沿列车运行方向奔跑Her forward speed is added to the speed of the train,她的速度与列车速度相加so couldn#39;t she break the speed limit simply by accident?那她岂不是无意间就打破速度极限了吗The answer is no.是否定的The laws of nature prevent the possibility自然法则通过减慢列车内的时间by slowing down time on board.来防止这一可能的发生Now she can#39;t run fast enough to break the limit.这样她就不可能突破速度极限Time will always slow down just时间总是能够减慢enough to protect the speed limit.足以保护极限速度不被突破And from that fact comes the possibility of基于此,便产生了traveling large distances into the future.通过时间旅行穿梭至久远未来的无限可能Imagine the train left the station on January 1, 2050.假设列车2050年1月1日从站台出发It circles the earth over and over again for 100 years周而复始地环绕地球100年before finally coming to a halt on New Year#39;s Day, 2150.最后在2150年元旦停下来The passengers will have only lived one week because此时列车上的旅客仅度过了1周time is slowed down that much inside the train.因为列车内的时间被减缓了When they got out,当他们走出列车they#39;d find a very different world than the one they#39;d left.会发现世界发生了天翻地覆的变化In one week, they#39;d have traveled 100 years into the future.一周内,他们穿越到了未来100年 Article/201507/389292 襄阳东风医院妇科整形多少钱襄阳市第一人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗



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