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中级英语口语闪电速成[31] /200703/10896长乐人流多钱We communicate differently, extroverts and introverts.外向者和内向者的交流方式有所不同。Extroverts, when they interact, want to have lots of social encounter punctuated by closeness.外向者在与人互动时喜欢肢体接触,喜欢亲近对方。Theyd like to stand close for comfortable communication.他们喜欢靠近对方近距离交流。They like to have a lot of eye contact, or mutual gaze.他们喜欢眼神接触,甚至相互凝视。We found in some research that they use more diminutive terms when they meet somebody.有研究表明,外向者更喜欢使用昵称。So when an extrovert meets a Charles,比如当一个外向者遇见一个叫查尔斯的人,it rapidly becomes ;Charlie,; and then ;Chuck,; and then ;Chuckles Baby.;很快就会开始叫他“查理”,然后变成“查克”,然后变成“小查查”。Whereas for introverts, it remains ;Charles,; until hes given a pass to be more intimate by the person hes talking to.而内向者呢,会一直叫他“查理”,直到对方认为他俩的关系已经足够亲密。We speak differently. Extroverts prefer black-and-white, concrete, simple language.外向者和内向者的说话方式也不同。外向者喜欢确定、 具体、简洁的语言。Introverts prefer -- and I must again tell you that I am as extreme an introvert as you could possibly imagine -- we speak differently.而内向者喜欢——我必须再次提醒大家,我是一个十足的内向者——我们说话方式很不一样。We prefer contextually complex, contingent, weasel-word sentences我们内向者更喜欢说一些复杂难懂,模棱两可,云山雾罩的话More or less. As it were. Not to put too fine a point upon it -- like that.或多或少吧。基本是这样。不把话说死——就像刚才那样。When we talk, we sometimes talk past each other.我们在说话的时候,经常会打太极,推来推去。201608/462602长乐在长乐做无痛人流要多少钱18 The Internet amp; Email因 特 网 和 电 子 邮 件Part One: Expressions1.How do I set up an email account?我怎样建一个电子邮箱的账户?2. Go to yahoo.com.上雅虎网站。3. It’s asking me for a password.它要我输入密码。4. What do you want to find?你想查找什么?5. I want to find information on the American Civil War.我想找一些美国内战的相关信息。6. If I’m interested, I’ll go to the library.如果我感兴趣,我会去图书馆的。7. Can you find a good price there?你在那儿可以找到价钱便宜的吗?8. You don’t have to be mean. 你不要这么小气。9. I’ll let you know what I find.我会把我找到的告诉你。10. Have you tried the Internet?你上网试过吗?Part Two: Dialogues1.E-mail account 电子邮件帐户A: How do I set up an email account?B: Oh, that’s easy. Go to yahoo.com. Now, click on the link with the picture of an envelope.A: Which link?B: That one, the one that says, “Mail.”A: Oh, no. What did I do? It’s asking me for a password.B: Don’t worry. See where it says, “New User”?A: Yes.B: Click on that.A: Oh, I see. B: Yeah, just fill out this form and choose a password. The computer will do the rest.A: 我怎样可以建立一个电子邮件账户?B: 哦,那很容易。上雅虎网站。现在,点击这个图片为信封的链接。A: 哪一个链接?B: 那个,叫做“邮件”。A: 哦,不,我做了什么?它要我输入密码。B: 别急。看是是否问是新用户?A: 是的。B: 点击这个。A: 哦,我知道了。B: 是的,填了这张表,选择一个密码。其他的就交给电脑来做。2.Searching 查找资料A: Can you help me do an internet search?B: Sure. What do you want to find?A: I want to find information on the American Civil War.B: Well, can you be more specific? There are a lot of websites about that.A: Yes, I want to know about the battle of Gettysburg.B: O.K. Well, go to google.com, and type in “Battle of Gettysburg.”A: Oh wow, there are a lot of sites.B: Here, try this one. It’s a good site about Gettysburg.A: Thanks.B: For detailed information, however, you should a history book.A: Thanks. If I’m interested, I’ll go to the library.A: 你能帮助我上网查找吗?B: 当然。你想查找什么?A: 我想找一些美国内战的相关资料。B: 喔,你能再具体一些吗?相关网站可有不计其数。A: 好的,我想了解关于葛底斯堡战役的事情。B: 好的,好,上google网站,输入“Battle of Gettysburg”。A: 哇,有这么多网站。B: 这儿,点击这个试一试。这是关于葛底斯堡战役的一个挺好的网址。A: 谢谢。B: 可是,要查到详细的资料,你应该看看历史书。A: 谢谢。如果我感兴趣的话,我会去图书馆的。3.Shopping on the Internet 网上购物A: I really want to go to China for vacation, but I can’t find a cheap plane ticket.B: Have you tried the Internet?A: No, not yet. Can you find a good price there?B: Wow, you really live in the Stone Age, Mom.A: Well, you don’t have to be mean. How do I do it?B: Go to yahoo.com and click on “Travel” and “Tickets.” They’ll be about a billion sites to look at.A: O.K. Thanks. I’ll let you know what I find.B: All right. A: I’ll look for a ticket for you, too. Thanks.A: 我想去中国度假,可是买不到价钱便宜的机票。B: 你上网试过了吗?A: 不,还没有。你可以查到价钱合适的吗?B: 哇,妈妈,你还生活在石器时代。A: 你不要这么小气。我该怎么查找?B: 上雅虎网站,点击“旅游”和 “车票”。就有成千上万的网站供你查找的。A: 好了,谢谢。我找到了会告诉你的。B: 好的。A: 我也会帮你看看票的。谢谢你。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: How do I (set up/ get/ sign up for) an email account? B: Oh, that’s easy.我怎么样可以(建立/获得/申报)一个电子邮件账户? 哦,这个容易。2. A: (Go to/ Type in/ Open up) yahoo.com. B: O.K.(上/输入/打开)雅虎网站。 好的。3. A: It’s asking me for a (password/ username/ my email address). B: Don’t worry.它要(我输入密码/用户名/我的电子邮箱地址)。别急。4. A: What do you want to (find/ search for/ research)? B: The American Civil War.你想(查找/寻找/研究)什么? 美国内战。5. A: I want to find (information/ stuff/ websites) on the American Civil War. B: Can you be more specific?我想找一些关于美国内战的(信息/东西/网址)。你可以在具体一点吗?6. If (I’m interested/ I want to/ I decide to), I’ll go to the library.如果我(感兴趣/想去/决定)的话,我会去图书馆的。7. A: Can you find a good (price/ deal/ bargain) there? B: Wow, you really live in the Stone Age.那儿你可以买到(价钱合理/价钱便宜/价格便宜)的吗?哇,你真的还生活在石器时代。8. A: You don’t have to (be mean/ a jerk about it/ put me down). B: Sorry.你不要这么(小气/吝啬/挖苦我)。对不起。9. A: I’ll (let you know/ tell you/ show you) what I find. B: O.K., I’ll look too.如果我找到我会(让你知道的/告诉你的/给你看的)。 好的,我也会找。10. A: Have you tried (the Internet/ some websites)? B: No.你(上网/其他网站)试过了吗?没有。 /200703/11742A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 18 /200707/15463福州长乐妇女医院医院

长乐做人流最好的医院长乐人流费用明细长乐首占镇哪个医院人流做得好From Confucius to Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the traditional Chinese culture presents many precious ideas and qualities, which are essentially populist and democratic. For example, they lay stress on the importance of kindness and love in human relations, on the interest of the community, on seeking harmony without uniformity and on the idea that the world is for all.从孔夫子到孙中山,中华民族传统文化有它的许多珍贵品,许多人民性和民主性的好东西。比如,强调仁爱,强调群体,强调和而不同,强调夭下为公。Especially, patriotism as embodied in the saying ;Everybody is responsible for the rise or fall of the country;; the populist ideas that ;people are the foundation of the country; and that ;people are more important than the monarch;; the code of conduct of ;Dont do to others what you dont want others to do to you;; and the traditional virtues taught from generation to generation: long suffering and hard working, diligence and frugality in household management, and respecting teachers and valuing education. All these have played a great role in binding and regulating the family, the country and the society.特别是“天下兴亡,匹夫有责”的爱国情操,“民为邦本”“民为贵君为轻”的民本思想己所不欲,勿施于人;的待人之道,以及世代相传的吃苦耐劳、勤俭持家、尊师重教的传统美德。所有这些,对家庭、国家和社会起到了巨大的维系与调节作用。201703/497031长乐区第二人民医院人流价格表

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