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Arabian aromatics had powered the religious life of the pagan Roman Empire,but when that empire converted to Christianity and no longer needed frankincense for worship, the incense trade was dealt a massive blow, contributing to a collapse in the Yemen economy.阿拉伯的香料曾极广泛地应用于信仰异教 的罗马帝国的宗教生活。但当罗马帝国转而信仰基督教时,他们便不再需要焚烧乳香了。香料贸易的大幅下滑导致了也门的经济衰落。Local gods, like Talab, disappeared, perhaps because they were no longer delivering the promised prosperity.塔拉布等本土神消失了,也许是因为他们不能再给人民带来富足。Suddenly, in the 370s, offerings to traditional gods just stop, and their place is taken by other gods with a wider, universal reach-these are the religions of today.公元370年左右,也门人对本土神的敬拜戛然而止,取而代之的是在全世界都有信徒的大宗教,也就是那些延续至今的教派。Within the next couple of centuries the rulers of Yemen shift from Judaism to Christianity to Zoroastrianism and finally, in 628, to Islam, which has remained the dominant religion of Yemen ever since.在接下来的数百年间,也门统治者从犹太教转向基督教,又转向祆教,最后在628年改信伊斯兰教,直至今日,伊斯兰教仍是也门占配地位的宗教信仰。Gods like Talab no longer stood a chance.在这些超越国境的大宗教面前,塔拉布等本土神再也没有任何机会。But some elements of Talabs world did live on. We know for example that, like many Arabian gods, he was venerated through pilgrimages to his shrine.但塔拉布信仰的一些元素仍保留了下来。比如人们仍会前往他和其他一些阿拉伯神的神庙朝圣。The religious historian Philip Jenkins, of Pennsylvania State University, is fascinated by elusive survivals like this:宾夕法尼亚州立大学的宗教历史学家菲 利普?詹金斯教授对这种残存的信仰元素很感兴趣:;There are aspects of the old pagan Arabian religion which do live on into Islam, and into Muslim times.阿拉伯的这些古老宗教确实有一些元素延续到了伊斯兰和穆斯林时期,Especially in the practice of the pilgrimage, the Hajj-what goes on at Mecca.其中影响最大的便是到圣地麦加的朝覲仪式。Muslims would absolutely reject any pagan context, obviously-they frame it in terms of Abraham and his story,but probably the events of the Hajj closely recall what would have happened in pagan times at that centre.穆斯林排斥一切异教教义,因此将这种观念融入了易卜拉欣的故事里。但其实这种朝觐行为很可能曾受到发生在这一宗教中心的古代异教信仰仪式的影响。201508/390650

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201509/400778

But the benefits go both ways. Cuddle a dog and her blood pressure will also drop.养的好处是相互的。拥抱,她的血压也会下降。She even produces the attachment hormone oxytocin, so shes feeling that same bond that goes between a mother and her child.甚至还会产生催产素,她会感受到宛如母子相偎的亲密。But how far does this special connection go?但这份特殊的羁绊能有多深呢?Some people think their dogs have almost supernatural powers.有人认为他们的简直有超能力。Is there any truth that they can sense when youre about to take them for a walk? Or predict when youre going to faint?它们到底能不能察觉你准备带它们出去散步呢?能不能预知你要晕倒?Do some dogs really know us better than we know ourselves?有些真的比我们自己还要了解我们吗?As we explore the secret world of dogs, were discovering that theyre capable of remarkable feats.在探秘的世界时我们发现它们潜力无限。The puppy weve been following is just over a year old.我们关注的幼犬刚满一岁。Shes now living at the Guide Dog Centre, going through the toughest phase of her training yet.她现在正住在导盲犬中心,接受最艰难的训练阶段。Shes made the important bond with humans, but now she must put it to practical use and do something really impressive.她与人类建立了重要的联系,但是她现在必须把它付诸实践并做出一些成绩。Looking after a blind, vulnerable handler means knowing to stop at the edge of the road.照看脆弱的盲眼主人意味着要知道在路边停下来。Shes anticipating her handlers needs.她在预测主人的需求。Avoiding obstacles on the ground, but also in the air.不仅要避开地上的障碍物,还得留意空中的。She could walk right through this arch, but she knows that her blind handler would hit her head.她自己能走过拱门,但她知道盲人主人会撞到头。Good girl.好样的。So hows she doing this? It comes down to observation.她是怎么做到的呢?秘诀在于用心观察。201506/380152

  栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201509/392015


  In Rome at this time Christianity became the state religion, and almost contemporaneously, in Iran, the Sasanian Dynasty built a highly centralised state, in which secular and religious authority were bound together. At its height, this Iranian empire stretched from the Euphrates to the Indus-in modern terms, from Syria to Pakistan. And for several centuries it was the equal, and the rival, of Rome, in the long struggle to control the Middle East.当时,基督教刚成为罗马国教。而在伊朗,萨珊王朝几乎在同一时期建立起了高度中央集权、政教合一的国家。伊朗帝国的领土从幼发拉底河一直延伸到印度河流域,用现代地理概念来说,便是从叙利亚一直到巴基斯坦。在数个世纪的时间里,它的实力与罗马相当,是与罗马争夺中东控制权的强有力的对手。The Sasanian king out hunting on this programmes silver dish is Shapur II, who ruled with resounding success for 70 years, from 309 to 379. Its a shallow silver dish, I suppose its about the size and the shape of a small Frisbee, but its made of very high quality silver, and as you move it around you can see that its got highlights in gold. The King sits confidently astride his mount, and on his head he wears a very large crown, with what looks like a winged globe on the top of it. Behind him, ribbons flutter over the silver, giving an impression of movement. Everything about his dress is rich-pendant earrings, long-sleeved tunic with carefully embroidered shoulder pads, highly decorated trousers and ribboned shoes. What were looking at is an elaborate, carefully worked out ceremonial image of wealth and power.银盘上狩猎的萨珊国王是沙普尔二世, 他在位时间为公元309年至公元379年,他成功地统治伊朗长达70年之久。这是一个浅底银盘,大小与形状都类似小号飞盘。它用上好的白银制成,一经转动还会发现它曾用黄金点缀。国王镇定地跨坐在坐骑上,头顶巨大的王冠,冠顶的装饰就像一个带翅膀的地球仪,绶带飘扬在身后,表现出动感。他的衣饰极为奢华:垂坠的长耳环,带精美垫肩的长袖束 腰外衣,装饰华美的长裤以及带缎带的鞋子。一副精心塑造的表现财富与权力的仪式性形象。201505/373589

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/415899In the Bohunt science labs, theres also a very British emphasis on self-discovery.航特科学实验室同样高度重视自我探索的重要性We dont tend to show them the practical methods, usually.我们一般不会直接告诉他们问题的解决方法Because for a scientist, its all about trying to find out the method yourself, erm,因为作为一名科学家,自己找到解决办法是很关键的and even though we give them some instructions,即便我们提供给他们一些指导they still get it wrong anyway,他们仍然会犯错and thats what science is all about,科学就是这么一回事getting it wrong and then correcting it, and finding the way to do it.反复犯错,然后修正,最后找到正确的方法Put your hands up if you successfully managed to get some iron.成功得到铁的同学请举手Can you put your hands up if that was with the help of Jordans team?如果是乔丹那一队帮你做的,请举手The Chinese approach to science is very different.中式探索科学的方法则完全不同Class begins.上课Stand up.起立Good afternoon, everybody.同学们下午好Good afternoon.下午好Sit down, please.请坐OK - reversible reactions.好了,可逆反应Excuse me, youre talking.那位同学,你在讲话Shall we listen?请专心听课好吗Im not going to talk until you stop talking.你们再说话我就不讲课了Thats so cute. She reminds me of my nan.她那样子好可爱,让我想起了我奶奶Miss Yang has 15 years experience as a teacher in China and the UK,杨老师在中国和英国有十五年的教学经验but for this project shes sticking rigidly to the Chinese way.但为了这个项目,她固执地选择了中式的教学方法I dont use the science equipment very often,我平时不经常使用这些科学仪器I deliver the knowledge and I write on the board in a very traditional fashion.我传授知识,然后写在黑板上,都是用十分传统的方式Chemically bonded with these copper sulphate molecules.与这些硫酸铜分子形成化学键Its all done in books and papers and note takings.所有教学过程都通过书本和做笔记完成Cos I can go fast, deliver quickly in a very structured manner.因为这样我可以条理清楚地快速完成教学工作OK. Sh.好了,别说话But for the Chinese method to work,但如果采用中式教学方法the kids need to pay complete attention - a tall order for 50 British teenagers.孩子们需要完全集中精力,对于五十个英国中学生来说这显然不太可能201601/419853

  My grandmother... Its quite chilly, isnt it?这是我祖母,这儿满冷的对吧Yes.So the reason why its so cold indoors是啊 家里之所以这么冷is because theres no central heating in Sichuan.是因为四川这儿没有暖气There isnt?没有暖气?Southern of Yangtze of the provinces长江以南的省市dont actually have central heating because都没有中央供暖I guess the government figures我想是因为政府认为its not cold enough to need it.这边还未冷到需要供暖的程度So do they were coats indoors, then?那南方人在室内也穿着外套吗Yes, exactly. When its winter, everyone wears coats,的确是这样 冬天的时候 每个人都穿着大衣scarves, hats, the whole thing.围着围巾 戴着帽子 全副武装的Thank God for the wok and cooking!感谢上天 我们还有炒锅和川菜While Ching gets to know the family,Ching饶有兴致地了解这个家庭时I really want to see the local market我却想去看看当地的市场and join Jennys aunt和每天都去买菜的Jenny的姑姑on her daily trip to buy fresh ingredients.一起去采购新鲜食材 Most days, shes here at大多数的时候 她都是天一亮the crack of dawn to get the best produce.就来这儿买走最新鲜的食材She spends around five hours each morning她每天早晨都要用差不多五个小时shopping and preparing lunch for her family.去购买和准备全家的午餐I offered to help out with a dish of my own...我也准备帮忙做一道自己的菜And Im on the lookout for inspiration.并且一边逛一边寻找做菜的灵感No? OK.不买? 好吧Its a struggle though to understand the local dialect.弄明白四川方言真是一种挑战How much?这个多少钱一斤No, no, no.不不不 不用So typical Chinese.典型的中国人啊Im embarrassed.真有些尴尬Ive always loved markets,我一直很喜欢逛市场and in China, theyre a particular pleasure.在中国 尤其乐在其中Chaotic, and despite the governments pledge乱糟糟的菜市场 尽管政府许诺to improve food safety,要提升食品安全I cant see many fridges.我还是看不见哪儿有电冰箱Do you see this for fish, see? Live.你看到这些鱼了吗 你看 还活着的This is how Chinese want freshness.可想而知中国人有多喜爱新鲜食材They want to make sure their fish is really fresh.他们想以此实鱼是活蹦乱跳的Look at this, fresh frogs.看这儿 活的青蛙Turtles, of course.甲鱼 是的I spotted some rabbit, a specialty in Sichuan.我发现一家兔肉店 四川的特产The Chinese actually produce more rabbit than any other country,事实上中国的兔肉产量居世界首位although they export most of it.不过大部分都用于出口What theyve done is quickly blanched it in hot water他们会在开水中快速地焯一下and theyve pulled the skin off, which is how rabbit is done.然后扒掉皮 兔肉就弄好了You would not see this in Beijing or Guangzhou,在北京或者广州可看不到这些or anywhere Ive been in China.在我到过的中国的任何一处都看不到Duck, chicken, pork, you see that everywhere,鸭肉 鸡肉 猪肉 在任何地方都能找到but certainly not rabbit, and they just love it.但兔肉却不是 四川人太爱吃这个了Its a great protein and a sustainable food,这是一种高蛋白的可持续食品and it was quite poor here, which is why they eat rabbit.而且在这里价格实惠 这就是他们吃兔肉的原因201507/388231

  We might be feet away from aliens我们距离外星生物也许只有几英尺远From a whole ecosystem of microbes, crustaceans, maybe even squid下面有微生物、甲克类,甚至有乌贼构成的生态系统The only thing between us and the possibility of alien life...我们和这些可能存在的外星生物之间this layer of ice.只隔着一层薄薄的冰But until we send a spacecraft to drill here...在我们派出飞船钻透它的冰层之前...Europas secrets will remain beyond reach木卫二仍会一直保守它的秘密Its captivated our imaginations, haunted our dreams它挑逗着我们的想像,萦绕在我们梦中And here it is, spinning before our eyes现在它就在我们面前自转Saturn.土星Named for the Roman god...由古罗马农神的名字命名who reigned over an golden age of peace and harmony他曾统治过一个祥和安宁的黄金时代This planets a giant ball of gas, so light it would float on water这个行星是一个巨大的气体球,轻到可以漂浮在水面上Its spectacular rings would stretch almost from Earth to the Moon.壮观的土星环展开的长度几乎等于地球到月球的距离Theres the Cassini orbiter那是卡西尼探测器Its picking up ghostly radio emissions它收到鬼魅般的无线电信号Probably generated by auroras around Saturns poles可能是由土星两极的极光产生的This is the real music of the spheres.这是真正的天体音乐Cassinis telling us where these rings came from.卡西尼告诉我们这些土星环的来历Theyre the remnants of a moon shattered by Saturns gravitational pull它们是被土星引力撕碎的卫星残骸Incomparable beauty from total destruction彻底毁灭产生的无比美景Billions of shards of ice无数的碎坚冰Some as small as ice cubes, others the size of houses.有些很小,就像冰块,有些则有房子那么大They collide, break apart, reassemble他们碰撞、破碎、重新聚集Its like a snapshot of our early solar system...就是我们太阳系的早期快照as dust and gas orbited the newly born Sun尘埃和气体环绕着初生的太阳and gravity worked this magic pulling the lumps together...然后引力施展魔力,吸引碎块聚在一起until from space trash like this, our home emerged直到这些碎块形成地球We could stay here forever我们可以一直呆在这里But theres so much further to go, so much more to see.但我们还要赶路,还有很多东西要看201506/380950

  Right. It is now 10.30 at night好的 现在是晚上10:30and I am hungry.我肚子很饿It has been, oh,25个小时前just about 25 hours since I last ate a meal我吃了最后一顿饭and the prospect of going to bed我将饿着肚子上床while hungry is not a great one.这可不怎么令人愉快I think its getting to me,我觉得它开始产生影响了because last night I had a dream因为昨晚我做了个梦and I dreamt I ate a sandwich梦到自己吃了个三明治and then I felt fantastically guilty.然后感到巨大的罪恶感So vivid, I had a look round to see那场景太生动了 我醒来后还四处查看if there were any crumbs in the bed, but there werent.床上是否有面包屑 不过并没有I guess time to go to work.是时候去工作了Simple dietary intervention简单的饮食干预can really change how the human body works.就能轻易地真正改变人体的基本运作方式It puts you in a higher risk category.你得癌症的风险略高Just as Valter warned me, the first day was tough.正如费尔特所警告的 第一天十分难熬Not really because I was that hungry,倒不是因为我有多么饥饿but simply because I had never done anything like this before.只因为这是一件我从未尝试过的事It was fear of the unknown.这是对未知的恐惧重点解释:1.fear of 害怕, 担忧例句:The nurse walked on tiptoe for fear of waking the patient.护士踮着脚走,生怕吵醒病人。2.look round 环顾例句:Lets take a look round the exhibition.咱们看看展览吧。 201510/404321。


  So how does this realization brings us closer to the meaning of life?如何使我们更了解生命的意义Well,at first,it would seem to be bad news.这在乍看之下可能像是个坏消息If reality itself is just a model in each individual brain...若现实本身只不过是每个人心里所认知的模型Where can the meaning be?那么意义究竟何在Whats more: Perhaps there is no real reality out there at all?此外 也许真正的现实根本不存在It may seem crazy to doubt that our concept of reality as true.怀疑我们所认知的现实的真实性可能有点疯狂But I think to find the meaning of life we must answer the question:但我认为要找出生命的意义 就必须回答这个问题Is there an independent reality or not?独立的现实世界是否存在?Imagine a scenario that is straight from a science fiction movie.想象一下科幻电影里的一个情景The world around you is actually nothing more than an elaborate fabrication你周遭的世界其实只不过是 某个比人类优越的of some unknown superior intelligence.不知名智慧体 所精心拟造的Giant supercomputer provide you with all your senses一台巨大的超级电脑提供所有的观感给你from what you see to what you smell,hear and touch.从你所见的景象 到你所闻 所听与触摸的一切But in fact you have no senses.但其实你并没有感官Your body does not exist. You are just a brain in a jar.你的身体并不存在 你不过是装在罐子里的大脑罢了It may sound bizarre,but this is a genuine scientific hypothesis called:这听起来可能很诡异 但这是真的科学假说 叫做The simulation theory.;模拟理论;201602/427169


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