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长乐市妇保医院网站长乐人流费用一般多少钱The electroencephalograph, or EEG, is a machine commonly used by doctors and researchers who want to know what the brain is doing without having to open up someones head and look inside.脑电图仪,简称EEG,是一种医生或研究人员经常使用的机器,通过它可以得知人脑如何运转,而不用开启人的大脑直接进行观察。In fact, even if you were to look inside the head, you still couldnt see the brain ;doing; anything—the energy brains use to operate is not visible. Nevertheless, brain activity can be recorded on an EEG just by taping a few electrodes to someones scalp. How is that?实际上,即使你直接观察大脑内部,仍然看不到大脑如何工作,因为大脑利用能量使身体运转的过程是不可见的。尽管如此,大脑的活动仍可以通过EEG来记录,操作时只要将一些电极连接到人的头皮就可以了。The answer is that the brain runs on electrical energy. Individual brain cells, called neurons, regularly discharge tiny electrical impulses between themselves: this is the way they communicate. All these electrical impulses add up to create what are called ;brain waves.;使它如此神奇的原因在于大脑依靠电运作。单个的大脑细胞叫做神经元,神经元定期相互释放微小的电子脉冲:这就是信息传递的方式。所有的这些电子脉冲叠加在一起形成了我们所说的脑电波。An EEG relies on the fact that this electrical energy can be transmitted along a thin metal wire. By placing electrodes on someones scalp, you can get the electricity from their brain to travel across the wire and into the EEG, where it is charted on a graph. Then, by looking at a large number of graphs taken when test subjects are doing different things—such as ing, resting, listening to music, or sleeping—researchers can distinguish different characteristic brain wave patterns. Once there is a standard of healthy patterns to refer to, it then becomes possible to recognize abnormal brain waves that signal something going awry.EEG正是基于电能通过细金属线传输的原理制成。通过把电极连接到被测者的头皮,大脑中的电能就能通过电线到达EEG,然后被制成图表。然后,测试不同对象做不同的事情,比如看书、休息、听音乐、或者睡眠时的脑电波并绘制成图表。通过观察这些大量图表,研究人员就可以区分不同脑电波模式特点。只要设置一个正常模式作为参考,那么就有可能识别异常的脑电波信号。It isnt really ing your mind, but the EEG is a machine that can the overall electrical state of your brain. Since its creation in 1929, the EEG has proved an invaluable tool in understanding sleep disorders, in diagnosing patients for epilepsy and brain tumors, and in a whole host of other medical areas. EEG这种机器并不能真的读懂你的心思,但它能全面观察你的脑电波信号状况。自从在1929年被发明以来,EEG被公认为研究睡眠紊乱、诊断癫痫和脑瘤和其它医学领域的大多数疾病的得力助手。本文译文属201206/187670长乐市第一医院口碑好不好 When it comes to evidence, the camera doesnt lie. Over the years , law enforcement here in Seattle has used cameras and their police cruisers to show proof of a crime of just a document proper procedure. But now city council member Bruce Harro wants to exploit the possibility of placing the sturdily-art cameras on the officers themselves.说到取,没有什么能比摄像机更确凿的了,多年来,西雅图的执法机关使用固定监控摄像和警察巡逻来作为法律取的主要手段。但现在,议会议员Bruce Harro提出,可以考虑在警务人员身上安放摄像头。;I believe that this is the way of the future. That we are in a technology age, its a good way to establish a good record on whats happening out there.;“我相信这是未来取执法的必然趋势。现在是视频技术飞速发展的时代,用录像来明‘发生过什么’是再好不过的方法了。”In a special meeting today at city hall. Two separate companies, Viview and Taser International made their pitch to demonstrate the latest on-person camera technologies. The cost, anywhere from 900$ up to 1,700$ per unit. But not everyone is sold on the idea.在今天市政大厅的会议室,两家公司,Viview和Taser International分别展示了现代放置人体身上的最新的摄像技术。每套设备造价900美元到1千7百美元不等。因此,并不是所有人都赞同这一想法。;You are talking about millions of dollars of investment on technology, whats the cost benefit analysis in a large organization?;“在人身上安置摄像装备意味着上百万的经济开销,”;And you dont have the answer to that yet.;“因此您现在还没有结论。”;I do not have the answer to that.;“是的,我现在还不能下任何定论。”;I believed last year Seattle probably spent around 16 million dollars just handling over 1,400 complaints that were made against the officers. And in studies weve seen both domestically and internationally. Weve seen anywhere between 40 up to a 100 percent of reduction in complaints. ;“去年一年,西雅图政府花费了约1千6百万美元购置了1千4百多套设备并投入使用。研究表明,我们看到了该举措的国内和国际效应。我们看到西雅图各地群众的投诉减少了40%以上,甚至是100%。”Recently incidents here in Seattle have shown that can be a very powerful tool that can benefit both the officer and the citizen.最近,发生在西雅图的事件实,摄像头对执法人员和市民都有好处。;What concern you more now as we saw is the incidents out there we dont get the chance to see, we want to know whats happening out there. And say it again, if we have the technology, we should use it.;“我们使用这项技术的原因是我们需要了解真相,了解案发地点发生了什么。我要重申的是,如果我们技术上能够做到,我们应该好好利用它。”According to some police departments, body bond camera should be the way of the future. Documenting everything from the officers point of view. And the will not only help convict people, but to help cops defend themselves from allegation of rudeness or even police brutality.根据一些警局的观点,便携摄像头是将来执法的必要工具。它会从执法人员的角度拍摄下一切真相。这些录像不仅能取定罪,还能明警察是否在执法过程中又无理暴行。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/190108长乐哪个妇科医院较好

长乐妇科医院Unveiling a new generation of fast car, this will be in a league of its own. Bloodhound SSC, or super-sonic car is designed not just to break the current land speed record of 763 miles an hour but to smash it. Bloodhounds driver was at the wheel the last time the record fell. Making Wing Commander Andy Green, the Royal Airforce fighter pilot, the first man to drive a car faster than the speed of sound.新一代超速汽车揭开其神秘面纱。猎犬号,也就是超音速汽车,不仅仅要打破陆上最快时速763英里每小时,而且要彻底粉碎这一纪录的领先地位。猎犬号的驾手在上次冲击记录时失败了。作为皇家空军战斗机驾驶员,Wing Commander Andy Green成了世界上第一个驾驶快于光速汽车的人。;We fixed the shape. We managed that a few months ago. Now we know, because the modeling weve done, we know the shape will go to 1,000 miles an hour. Now we are actually getting on building it.;“我们修理了车身,几个月前就做好了。我们知道它的时速会达到1,000英里每小时,现在我们正在专攻这点。”Bloodhound SSC, named after a missile, was powered by a combination of a rocket and the jet engine from a Typhoon fighter, from a standing start to reach 1,000 miles an hour in just 45 seconds; be stationary again, just 100 seconds and 10 miles later.猎犬号SSC的名字来源于导弹,一半来源于火箭,一半来源于战斗机。这辆车能在45秒内加速到1000英里每小时的速度,而要完全静止,也就是停车的话,刹车的过程要花费100秒并行驶10英里。The design was revealed at Farnborough Airshow in the UK with the Typhoon showing off its awsome power, Andy Green noting his car will be faster than the current low level air speed record let alone the land speed record.这项设计成果展示在了英国范堡罗航展上,也与此同时,台风的来袭也展现了其实力。Andy Green认为他的车将要打破现在的低空最快速度记录,而不是陆地交通工具的最快速度。;Here we are at Farnborough, Farnborough International Airshow with all these fantastic airplanes around. This is the fastest thing here. We are gonna be quicker than any of them.;“在范堡罗国际航展上展出的这些绝妙的展品中,这是速度最快的。我们的车是这些展品中最快的。”Construction of the car has now begun with test run scheduled to start on a dry lake bed in South Africa in 2012.这辆车的结构正在南非干涸的湖床地区接受测试,测试是严格遵照时间安排进行的。Stuart McDill, Reuters, at Farnborough Airshow.Stuart McDill范堡罗航展报道,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/189157鹤上镇人民医院网上预约 And here in a freezer that MESSENGER will encounter another puzzle: can ice exist on a planet so close to the sun?在冷冻中,;信使;号将遇到另一个难题:如此接近太阳的行星,冰存在吗?Its only when the first radar observations to the surface of Mercury were obtained, back in the 90s.早在90年代,只有第一个观测水星表面的雷达知晓。That was discovered that Mercury in fact,had what appeared to be polar caps in these first radar images.而事实上在水星上的发现,似乎是在雷达图像上有类似的冰帽。Some corners of Mercury polar craters are in permanent shadow.Here, on the most sunbaked planet of all, water seems to survive frozen in the eternal darkness.水星极地陨石坑永久的阴影中的一些角落里。在这里,就像地球上的所有太阳炙烤下一样,水似乎冻结存活在永恒的黑暗中。The ice is contained in places where literally the sun never shines,冰也包含在太阳绝对不会照射到的地方,and so the ice sequestered in these dark,因此这些冰在黑暗中被束缚,interiors of craters of high latitude regions.在这些高纬度地区的陨石坑内部。We found the same thing on our moon.我们在月球上也发现过同样的东西。In late ,the LCROSS mission crashed a probe into a deeply shadowed crater confirming ice hidden near the lunar South pole.在年末,LCROSS任务探测到了陨石深坑附近的阴影确认冰隐藏在月球的南极。Where did it come from? A comet?它从何而来?来自彗星吗?注:听力文本来源于普特201203/174209福建省长乐市中心医院收费怎么样

长乐人民医院妇产中心Business,Golden,parachutes Rip-cord economics商业 ,金色降落伞,打开经济降落伞。Pay-offs for the boss need to be better designed企业老板薪酬结构须改善。RICH rewards for departing bosses are not popular.离职的老板还领着厚饷总让人难以接受。After Sir Fred Goodwin led Royal Bank of Scotland into a ditch and dumped the bill on British taxpayers, he left with a pension of over £700,000 (0,000) a year.弗雷德?古德温爵士(Sir Fred Goodwin)把苏格兰皇家(Royal Bank of Scotland)推进深坑,继而用英国纳税人的真金白银买单走人之后,居然每年还享有70万英镑(折合98万美元)的退休金。The Sun, a tabloid, said he had ;screwed the nation;.英国小报《太阳报》直陈其;把整个国家都搞砸了;。Yet golden parachutes have their uses.不过金色降落伞条款也并非一无是处。If well-designed, they align the bosss interests more closely with those of shareholders.如果妥善拟备该等条款,老板的利益会更紧密地和股东利益协调一致。Suppose, for example, a takeover is brewing.例如,在拟收购的项目中,该等条款的作用就可见一斑。Takeovers are usually lucrative for shareholders of the target firm: in America between 1990 and 2008, they have received a median premium of 35%.对于目标公司的股东而言,收购通常会带来丰厚回报:在美国1990年至2008年间的收购项目中,目标公司股东的收益溢价中值为35%。But the bosss interests are quite different. If the firm is acquired, he is likely to be fired.但老板的权益相去甚远;如果公司最终被收购,其可能官位难保。A golden parachute can persuade the boss not to obstruct a takeover.妥善的金色降落伞条款可促使老板不为收购设置障碍。But their notoriety dissuades firms from using them.但鉴于该条款通常不受欢迎,公司不太会动用。Dirk Jenter of Stanford University and Katharina Lewellen of Tuck Business School find that golden parachutes are rarer and stingier than they should be.斯坦福大学(Stanford University)的德克?珍特(Dirk Jenter)和塔克商学院(Tuck Business School)的卡特琳娜?卢埃林(Katharina Lewellen)研究认为:金色降落伞条款不应该像现在这般罕见且苛刻。To test whether bosses block takeovers, they looked at what happens when they are nearing retirement, and therefore have no future career to sacrifice.为核查企业老板是否会因其自身原因选择阻碍收购,这两位学者研究了临近退休的老板(收购的达成不会影响其业已结束的职业生涯)会如何处理收购项目。Using data on American public firms from 1992 to 2008, they found that companies with a boss aged 65 or over were 50% more likely to be taken over.他们分析了1992年至2008年美国上市公司的数据,结果显示:老板年龄在65岁以上(包括65岁)的公司被收购的可能性高出50%。Another paper, by Eliezer Fich and Ralph Walkling of Drexel University and Anh Tran of Cass Business School, found that when golden parachutes are larger, proposed mergers are more likely to be completed, but buyers pay less for the shares of the target firm.德雷塞尔大学(Drexel University)的埃利泽?芬奇(Eliezer Fich)、拉尔夫?沃克林(Ralph Walkling)与卡斯商学院(Cass Business School)的陈安(Anh Tran)在一篇共同发表的论文中指出:如果金色降落伞的力度增强,拟合并项目达成的可能性更大,但买方就目标公司股份所付的对价则减少。The data from Mr Jenter and Ms Lewellen show that when the boss of the target firm is old, buyers pay an average premium of 26%. For younger bosses, the premium is 33%.珍特与卢埃林的统计数据显示:如果目标公司的老板年届退休,买方付的平均溢价为26%;而对于老板年龄较轻的公司,则为33%。This makes sense. If younger bosses are more reluctant to sell, it will cost more to overcome their objections.这就说明了问题所在:年轻的老板相对不太愿意售出其公司,所以买方须付更高溢价以平息其反对意见。So boards must strike a balance.所以,董事会必须寻求一种平衡。If the bosss golden parachute is too miserly, he may block a deal that would benefit shareholders.若金色降落伞条款对企业老板过于不利,其可能会干预对股东有利的交易;If it is too generous, he may fail to negotiate hard with potential buyers.反之,若金色降落伞条款对其过于优厚,其可能不愿尽心尽力与拟收购方谈判。As with real parachutes, poor design can have serious consequences.跟真正的降落伞一样,劣质的金色降落伞所带来的后果可能不堪设想。 /201211/210441 长乐做无痛人流什么时候安全〖疑难解说〗长乐市妇保医院无痛人流的收费标准



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