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No, we don#39;t drink rum. Do you know what it does to your body! Here, have a spirulina and a shot of beetroot... Later we#39;ll meditate...不,我们不喝朗姆酒。你知道它对你的身体有什么作用!来,吃螺旋藻和甜菜根……稍后我们将考虑……The day Long John Silver realized that times had changed这天Long John Silver意识到时代已变 /201610/468245There are three cars gleaming in the Bentley family drive: a Porsche, a Range Rover and — of course — a rather splendid Bentley.宾利家别墅外面的车道上停着三辆吸睛的轿车:一辆保时捷,一辆路虎,当然还有一辆豪华的宾利。#39;Everyone used to say we should have one, with our name,#39; smiles millionaire Terry Bentley, who made his fortune via loft conversions.“所有人都说我们应该买一辆和我们家姓氏一样的宾利汽车,”特里·宾利,这位靠阁楼改造发家的百万富翁笑着说。Terry bought his company for 5,000 pounds, but when he sold it six years ago it was turning over 42.5 million pounds.特里当年花了5000英镑的价格买下的公司,六年前出售的时候已经涨到了4250万英镑。The cars are the first thing single mother Angela Carter-Begbie sees in Lincolnshire, four kids in tow, to take part in a daring new #39;lifeswap#39; TV programme.单亲妈妈安吉拉·卡特-贝吉比带着四个孩子来林肯郡参加一档大胆创新的电视节目《交换人生》时,第一眼看到的就是宾利家的三辆豪车。Angela#39;s name might sound posh, but her life certainly isn#39;t. She drives a clapped-out Skoda (on the days where she can afford petrol).安吉拉这个名字听起来光鲜亮丽,但她本人的生活却完全不是这样的。在她还能付得起油费的那段日子里,她开的是一辆旧损的斯柯达。#39;I thought I#39;d died and gone to heaven,#39; says Angela, 42, of the modern, four-bedroom home on an exclusive estate that she got to call her own — albeit only for a week.42岁的安吉拉在拥有四个时尚卧室的独立别墅中即便只住一星期也觉得自己“仿佛到了天堂”。#39;Their house is the sort of place you dream about, all beautifully done out, like a showroom. The kitchen is massive and they#39;ve got three bathrooms so no one ever has to share. I can#39;t even swing a cat in my bathroom at home — and I have to share it with my four kids.#39;“他们的房子就是人们梦寐以求的地方,所有地方都美丽绝伦,就像展厅里一样。他们的餐厅很大,而且还有3个浴室,所以他们可以每个人单独用一间。在我们家的浴室里连转个身的空间都没有,并且还要和四个孩子共用一个卫生间。”If you#39;ve ever wondered how the other half live, then this programme not only answers the question, but lets participants have a taste, too.如果你想知道世界上另一半人是如何生活的,那这个节目不仅会解决你这个问题,还会让参与者亲身体会一下。The rich families in each episode are drawn from Britain#39;s most affluent ten per cent — while the poor families come from the bottom ten per cent.每一期节目里的富人都是从英国最富有的百分之十的人群中选出的,当然经济相对困难的家庭也都是从收入最低的百分之十的人群中选出的。The format sees them not only moving into each other#39;s houses, but stepping into their lives as they are given the spending money the other family has in a typical week.节目不仅安排双方家庭住到对方的家里,还会给他们对方家庭一周的开销来作为他们这一周的花费,以此来体验对方的人生。The millionaire Bentleys — Terry, wife Sharon, both 54, and their daughter Kaylee, 26 — are horrified to discover they will have just 138.83 pounds to survive on.百万富翁宾利一家的成员有:54岁的特里、妻子香农以及26岁的女儿凯丽。他们惊恐地发现接下来的一周将只靠138.83英镑生活。This is how much Angela has each week after she pays her rent and bills. It has to cover food. Kaylee, who spends a staggering 300 pounds a week on clothes, has trouble taking it in.这就是除去房租和其他账单后,安吉拉一周剩下的吃饭钱。而这令一周要花300英镑“巨款”买衣的凯丽无法接受。Back in the glossy kitchen Kaylee has just left, there is disbelief, too, when the Carter-Begbies gather round as Angela counts out the cash. Their spending money for the week? 1,797.43 pounds.再回到凯丽刚刚离开的光鲜亮丽的厨房,这里也充满了震惊。卡特-贝吉比家的孩子们聚在一起,看着妈妈数出了他们一周的可用花销,1797.43英镑!#39;It would take me three and a half months to earn something like this,#39; she says.安吉拉说:“我要花3个半月的时间才能挣这么多钱。”Doubtless this programme will prompt accusations that it is another example of #39;poverty porn#39; — using vulnerable people#39;s perilous financial situations as entertainment. But it does provide a fascinating glimpse into how polarised our society is.毫无疑问这档节目会被指控为又一档“用贫穷取悦富人”的节目--利用弱势群体的经济困难当做消遣。但它也确实深刻反映出了社会两极分化的严重程度。 /201704/501806

If you thought pineapple was the worst thing to put on a pizza, you were very wrong. A restaurant in Japan is offering pizza topped with cotton candy and seasoned with honey sauce. Sounds “devine”!如果你认为菠萝和披萨是最糟糕的搭配,那你就大错特错了。日本一家餐厅现推出一款上面放有棉花糖,并浇上蜂蜜酱的披萨。听上去“美味极了”!Schmatz Beer Dining, a German-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, is changing pizza as we know it. Instead of classic ingredients like prosciutto, peppers or tomato sauce, it uses spun sugar as the main ingredient for one of its pies. And if you’re thinking that this is probably just a pizza-shaped dessert, you’re wrong again. The bizarre dish consists of a thin-crust pizza dough pie, cheese and cotton candy. The ketchup is replaced by a special honey-based ginger sauce that is poured over the cotton candy, melting the candy floss and allowing the sugar to really get into the pizza.日本东京一家德国主题的餐厅Schmatz Beer Dining正在改变我们所熟知的披萨。这家餐厅没有使用传统的材料,比如意大利熏火腿、胡椒或番茄酱,它使用棉花糖作为店里一款披萨的主要材料。如果你以为这可能只是个披萨形状的甜品,那你就又错了。这款奇怪的披萨由薄脆披萨底、奶酪和棉花糖构成。番茄酱由一款特制的以蜂蜜为主的姜蓉酱替代,这种酱浇在棉花糖上,可以让棉花糖融化,从而让甜味渗入披萨中。Cotton candy pizza recently made news headlines in Japan, after Schmatz advertised it as a way of celebrating cherry blossom season. They added pink coloring and cherry blossom flavoring to both the cotton candy and the ginger sauce. This special pizza is only a temporary item on the , and can only be ordered until April 2nd.棉花糖披萨近日登上了日本的新闻头条,此前Schmatz利用日本的樱花季来宣传这款披萨。他们在棉花糖和姜蓉酱中添加了粉红着色剂和樱花香精。这款特制樱花披萨只限时供应,到4月2日截止。I can almost see conservative pizza fans breathing a sigh of relief at the news that this travesty is only a promotional gimmick, but it’s actually not. While the special cherry blossom variant is just a one-off thing, plain cotton candy pizza is here to stay. In fact, RocketNews24 reports that Schmatz has been serving the unusual dish for a while now, so it must be pretty popular.我几乎可以想象出传统披萨的粉丝在看到这个拙劣作品只是宣传噱头的新闻时大松一口气的样子,但事实并非如此。尽管这款特制樱花披萨只此一次,但棉花糖披萨会一直保留下去。事实上,据RocketNews24报道,Schmatz已经供应这款不同寻常的披萨有段时间了,可想而知必然是大受欢迎的。So if you ever find yourself in the Kanda district of Tokyo and get a craving for cheese pizza and cotton candy, stop by Schmatz Beer Dining. They’ll hook you up!所以如果你有机会到东京的神田区,并且想吃奶酪披萨和棉花糖,那就到Schmatz Beer Dining看看吧。他们会对你胃口的!Or you could spend ,000 on this gold-covered pizza, instead.或者你也可以花2000美元买个这样上面布满金子的披萨。 /201704/503122

If you#39;ve ever watched the movie, ;The Wizard of Oz,; you probably remember the Cowardly Lion. The Cowardly Lion is a fictional character that accompanies Dorothy on her journey through the woods and across the Yellow Brick Road. He is one of several characters that Dorothy meets along the way.如果你曾看过《绿野仙踪》这部电影,或许你对胆小的狮子还有印象。在影片中,胆小的狮子一路上陪伴多萝茜穿过丛林,走过黄砖路。他也是多萝茜旅途中遇见的几个角色之一。Each of Dorothy#39;s friends, while rich in spirit, lack a certain asset. The Tin Man, for instance, lacks a heart. He is certainly smart and put together, but lacks the ability to feel and express love. The Scarecrow lacks a brain. The Cowardly Lion has both a heart and a brain, but lacks the courage needed to live his life.多萝茜的每位朋友虽然精神上富足,但物质上都缺少某种特定的东西。比如铁皮人缺少一颗心。他相当聪明结实,但却没有感受和表达爱的能力。稻草人缺少一颗头。胆小的狮子心脏和头颅都有,但却缺少生活的勇气。What is courage and why is it so important? You might recall that the Scarecrow was nice and thoughtful, but was afraid of everything! He let his fears get in the way of standing up for what he believed in and wanted most – an ounce of courage. Courage is defined as one#39;s ability to be brave or fearless. Courage enables a person to stand up and fight for what they truly believe in. It is a personal asset that allows an individual to stand strong among adversity and deal with setbacks and failure with ease.什么是勇气,它又为何如此重要?还记得影片中稻草人善良体贴却害怕一切。恐惧阻止了他坚持自己的信仰,而他最想要的不过是一点点的勇气。勇气是一个人勇敢无畏的能力。勇气能够让人们为了自己坚信的东西而去争取奋斗。它是一种能够让人在逆境中顽强拼搏在挫折中轻松以对的私有财富。Just like the Cowardly Lion, a person is not always born with courage. It is not an asset that is innately guaranteed at birth. It is, however, an asset that everyone has the potential to develop over the course of a lifetime. So, how do you become more courageous? Here are ten easy ways to build up your courage in no time.如同胆小的狮子一样,人并不是生来就有勇气。勇气不是与生俱来的资本,相反,每个人都可以通过后天的潜能逐渐得到它。所以怎样变得更加勇敢?这里有十个让你立刻勇气大增的简单方法。10. Be Open and Honest About Your Fears10. 和你的恐惧开诚布公One of the first steps in becoming more courageous is acknowledging the fact that you lack courage in the first place! You cannot begin to build courage unless you recognize and acknowledge the fact that it is, indeed, lacking.变得更加勇敢的第一步就是要首先承认你缺少勇气这个事实。除非你意识到并且承认这个事实,否则无法开始增加勇气。In order to become more courageous, you must be open and honest about your fears. This means being open and honest with yourself, as well as with others that are close to you. When it comes to being honest with yourself, it is important to face the facts. What are you most afraid of? Why are you afraid of this particular object, person, or event? What are some things that you can do to overcome this fear? It is important that you work through your fears on your own. Come to terms with them and accept them for what they are. Once you accept your fears, you can develop a strategy to overcome them.为了变得更加勇敢,你必须和自己的恐惧开诚布公。这意味着你要对自己坦诚,也要对亲近的人坦诚。和自己坦诚时,直面事实很重要。你最害怕什么?你为什么害怕这个特别的东西、人或者事情?你能做些什么来克这种恐惧?要懂得靠自己应对恐惧。面对它们并且接受它们的存在。一旦你接受了自己的恐惧,你就能找到克它们的方法。It is also important that you have a conversation with others about your fears. Let them know what you are dealing with and how you are feeling. Be honest with them about your fears and let them know that you have come to terms with them, but need some additional support in building up the courage needed to tackle them head on. Sometimes, just a small conversation can lead to big results when it comes to building your skills and becoming a stronger, more courageous individual.和其他人聊聊你的恐惧也是很重要的。让他们知道你的处境以及你的感受。对他们坦诚并且让他们知道你面对过恐惧,但在增强正面解决恐惧需要的勇气时需要一些额外的帮助。有时候,仅仅一小段交流就能提升你的能力使你成为一个更加坚强勇敢的人。9. Be Vulnerable9. 学会脆弱There are many occasions where modern society deems vulnerability a bad thing. Being vulnerable isn#39;t a bad thing at all. On the contrary, vulnerability allows you to grow. When you open yourself up to all of the things in this world that you think can hurt you, you give yourself the ability to learn, grow, and thrive.在很多场合中现代社会认为脆弱是一件坏事。但其实脆弱根本不是一件坏事,相反,它能让我们成长。当你把自己暴露在世界上所有可能会伤害你的事物中时,其实你给予了自己学习、成长和强大的力量。Vulnerability is defined as the state of being exposed to emotional, social, psychological, or physical harm. Harm, in this case, can be defined in a lot of different ways. While you certainly don#39;t want to expose yourself to any serious threats, vulnerability is an important characteristic in becoming a more well-rounded and courageous individual.脆弱是一种暴露在情感、社会、心理或者身体伤害中的状态。在这种情况下,伤害就分为很多种方式。当你不想把自己暴露在任何不利的情况中时,脆弱是你成为更全面勇敢的人过程中重要的一个特质。Too often, people put up a guard or a wall to prevent themselves from ever feeling vulnerable. They believe that vulnerability is a sign of weakness and strive to protect themselves from being hurt. Vulnerability is actually necessary for character building. Opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is one of the best ways to learn and to grow. By facing your fears, getting hurt, getting let down, and standing back up in the face of failure, you will grow to become a much more courageous individual.人们经常会竖起心防来阻止自己受到伤害。他们认为脆弱是软弱的一种标志,并且努力地保护自己不受伤害。学会脆弱在品质养成中是十分必要的,让自己脆弱一些是学习和成长最好的方法之一。在失败面前,经历了恐惧、伤害、失望、崛起之后,你将成长为一个更加勇敢的人。8. Face Your Fears8. 直面恐惧Have you ever admired or looked up to someone that you considered to be very successful? Perhaps they have a wonderful home life or a lucrative career. Perhaps, to you, they have everything.你曾钦佩或仰慕过你认为成功的人么?他们或许家庭美满,或许事业有成,又或许对你来说,他们拥有美好的一切。Chances are that the person you admire most has something that he or she fears. Chances are, also, that they have learned how to face their fear and use fear to their advantage to achieve an admirable level of personal and professional success.但有可能你最钦佩的那个人也有害怕的事情,有可能他也曾学过如何面对恐惧,并用恐惧激励自己的优势达到令人钦佩的个人和专业上的成功。Everyone has fears, but not everyone knows how to confront them. When it comes to becoming a more courageous individual, facing your deepest fear is critical.每个人都有恐惧,但并不是每个人都知道如何面对恐惧。想要成为更加勇敢的人,直面内心最深处的恐惧是至关重要的。Opening up, admitting that you are afraid, and learning how to deal with your emotion is key to developing a high level of courage.承认自己害怕,学会处理情感,是获得更多勇气的关键。You are probably thinking that this is all easier said than done, correct? Facing your fears doesn#39;t have to be difficult. One of the best ways to face your fears is to go slow. Think about what you are afraid of and make yourself come to terms with the emotion that is linked to this particular event, behavior, or activity. Sometimes it is helpful to write about it or talk to someone about how you are feeling. It is also helpful to think positive thoughts. Often times, fear is simply an illusion. It is something that we concoct in our heads to talk ourselves out of something. Thinking positive thoughts can help curb these irrational feelings.你或许在想说比做容易对吗?直面恐惧并不难,最好的一个方法就是慢下来。想着你害怕的东西,让自己面对和这个特别的事情、行为或者活动相关的情绪。有时候和其他人谈论你的恐惧或者写下来都是很有帮助的。积极思考也同样,很多时候恐惧只是一种幻想,是我们因为某件事的影响自己在大脑里捏造的假象,这时积极思考就能帮助抑制这些消极情绪。Whatever strategy you choose to use, facing your fears is a critical component of becoming a stronger, more courageous adult.无论你选择用什么方式,直面恐惧是变得更加强大勇敢的关键因素。7. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone7. 走出你的舒适区Another way to become more courageous is to step outside your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the space in which you feel the most comfortable. It is the neutral state that you tend to lean towards. Your comfort zone may include particular trends or routines that make you feel comfortable on a regular basis.另一个变得更加勇敢的方法是走出你的舒适区。舒适区是你认为最安逸的地方,是你前行路上的中间站,这里可能有让你感到轻松惬意的日常活动。Let#39;s say, for instance, that there is a particular way you like to start your day. Every day, you wake up and eat breakfast. Then, perhaps, you go to the gym and walk on the tmill for an hour. Afterwards, you return home to shower, drink a quick cup of coffee, and skip out the door on your way to work. This is a routine. Most people get swept up in the routine of their daily lives. It becomes familiar and comfortable. The minute most people step outside of this routine, their day suddenly becomes much different. Perhaps slightly more awkward and uncomfortable. For most people, however, this mix up in the schedule can be a great way to learn new things, build character, and seek new opportunity.比如说,有这样一种生活方式,每天早上起床吃早餐,然后去健身房跑步一个小时,回到家洗澡喝一杯咖啡,然后准备去上班,大多数人在日常生活中也会勤于打扫。这些日常活动都是人们既熟悉又感到安逸的。大多数人一旦离开了自己的舒适区,生活对他们来说就变得十分困难。可是走向未知的领域也是一个学习新事物、培养新品质、寻找新机会的绝佳方式。In order to become more courageous, you must seek opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone. It may be scary at first, but it will open you up to so much opportunity. When people step outside of their comfort zones, as research shows, they become more productive, more fulfilled, and have an easier time adjusting to the ebb and flow of life. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is not always easy. It is best to start with baby steps. Switch things up and try something new. Seek out new challenges and opportunities. By doing this, you will undoubtedly become a stronger, smarter, and more courageous individual.所以要想变得更加勇敢,你必须寻找契机走出自己的舒适区。起初会很畏缩,可慢慢你会发现很多机遇。据调查显示,走出舒适区的人们会变得更有成效、更满足、更能适应生活的潮起潮落。但是走出舒适区并不简单,最理想的情况是从小就培养这种意识。但通过尝试新的事物、寻找新的挑战等方法,毫无疑问,你也会变得更加强大、机智和勇敢。6. Be Objective6. 保持客观的立场While it is certainly important to step outside your comfort zone, it is also important to be objective. When it comes to certain, fearful situations, sometimes taking a step back and reanalyzing the situation can help you overcome irrational thoughts and emotions.与走出舒适区一样,保持客观的立场也很重要。在某些糟糕的情况下,退一步重新审视整个情形能帮助你抑制不理智的想法和情绪。Take public speaking, for instance. Imagine that you have a terrible fear of speaking in front of large groups of people. Every time you step in front of an audience to share your thoughts, you freeze. You begin to panic. Anxiety sets in. Your body responds by growing more rigid. Your body temperature spikes, which makes you sweat. As you open your mouth, you may stumble over your words and feel foolish. You may think that everyone is looking at you and silently judging you. Perhaps, judging harshly or unfavorably, as you stumble over your own words.就演讲来说,假设你非常害怕在公众面前说话,每次站在台上演讲时都会紧张到说不出话,内心恐慌焦虑,身体僵硬,体温激增甚至汗湿。当你准备演讲却开始结巴时,你可能会感到羞耻,会觉得所有人都在注视着你并且默默地评判你。The picture that you paint in your head is, often times, much worse than the reality of the situation at hand. Even if you did get a little nervous standing in front of a large group of people, what are they going to do? What is the worst thing that can happen? In the worst case scenario, perhaps they #39;boo#39; you off the stage. Even if they did, what would happen? At most, you would feel slightly embarrassed. Eventually, you would learn to move on from that experience.你脑海中想象的画面经常比实际情况更糟糕。即使你站在人群面前的确有点紧张,那么他们会做什么呢?能发生的最糟糕的事情是什么呢?可能就是他们轰你下台。即便如此,又有什么呢?最多你感到有点尴尬。最终,你会慢慢成长起来的。Being courageous is all about taking chances and facing your fears, head on. When it comes to public speaking, for instance, it is important to stop the stream of negative thoughts in your head by taking a step back and reanalyzing the situation. Is it really as bad as it seems? Little by little, you will start to overcome your fears by employing more practical and logical thoughts.变得勇敢无非是冒险前行,直面恐惧。在演讲中,通过退一步重新审视整个情形来抑制脑海中萌发出的消极想法。演讲并不如想象中可怕,经过更多实际并且理智的思考,你会逐渐克自己的恐惧。 /201705/509967

Magic, it turns out, is a highly addictive thing - and when it comes to the intricate fictional world of JK Rowling, fans can rarely get enough.事实上,魔法这东西很容易上瘾,而提起JK.罗琳笔下错综复杂的魔幻世界更是让人欲罢不能。To celebrate the release of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, a number of books on the making of the film have consequently been published, including Ian Nathan#39;s behind-the-scenes guide Inside the Magic, and The Case of Beasts, which explores the wizarding world shown in the film.为庆祝电影《神奇动物在哪里》上映,一系列描写该片制作过程的书籍已经上架,其中包括伊恩.纳森的电影幕后指南《魔法探秘》,以及揭开片中呈现的魔法世界的《神奇动物居住的手提箱》。We had a look through, to see what we could glean about Fantastic Beats, its cast, and Rowling#39;s script.为了搜集关于电影、演员以及剧本的信息,我们已经阅读了这些书。Here are some of the things we learnt:以下是我们的收获:1.Eddie Redmayne wound up ;sobbing; after ing the script for the first time1.埃迪.雷德梅尼第一次看完剧本后难过得哭了In Yates-ian style, the director held a ;slightly clandestine meeting; with Redmayne near Christmas in the basement of ;a hidden little club in Soho;, next to a roaring fire. He later went to safari parks to meet real zoologists and meet experts in animal breeding to learn about these people cared for exotic creatures.圣诞节临近时,导演叶茨在Soho区一家隐秘俱乐部的地下室里与雷德梅尼在熊熊燃烧的火堆旁“秘密小聚了一次”。这是他一贯的作风。随后,他到野生动物园拜访了真正的动物学家以及动物育种专家,了解这些照料外来生物的人们。2.JK Rowling wrote the script in two-day chunks2.JK.罗琳两天重写一遍剧本Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Rowling#39;s debut screenplay, and she said that, in comparison to writing a novel, she really, really, really enjoyed it.《神奇动物在哪里》是罗琳的电影剧本处女作。比起写小说,她认为自己真的、真的很喜欢写剧本。Rowling was in constant communication with Yates and serial Potter-producers Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram. She would then: ;depart for her hotel and spent two nights at her keyboard, returning having not slept but rewritten huge portions of the script, sometimes producing an entirely new draft.;罗琳与叶茨、哈利.波特系列电影制作人史蒂夫.克劳夫和莱昂纳尔.威格拉姆不断沟通后,便“赶回酒店,花上两晚不眠不休地码字,又将剧本的大部分重写,有时还会创作出全新的剧本初稿。”3. Redmayne made sure that Newt#39;s wand was animal-free3.雷德梅尼坚信纽特的魔杖没有动物元素Prop modeller Pierre Bohanna wanted Newt#39;s wand to include an ;animal component;, such as Fawkes#39;s phoenix features that can be found in both Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort#39;s wand, but Redmayne refused: he was ;insistent there would be no leather or horn involved. Newt wouldn#39;t stand for that. ;道具师皮埃尔.哈纳希望在纽特的魔杖中加入“动物元素”,就好比哈利.波特和伏地魔的魔杖中有凤凰福克斯的尾羽。但雷德梅尼拒绝了该想法。他“坚持认为魔杖不应该包含任何皮革或者动物犄角成分。纽特不会持这种做法。”4.The crew built 1920s New York on set at Leavesdon Studios4.工作人员在利维斯登制片厂搭建出上世纪20年代的纽约城It took just 16 weeks to create Manhattan#39;s Lower East Side, TriBeCa and the Diamond District in 1926 in a studio an hour north of London. The set needed constant re-dressing by an army different teams of designers and dressers during the five months it was used for filming.距伦敦以北一小时车程有一间制片厂,工作人员仅用了16周就在那里搭建起1926年时的曼哈顿下东区、特里贝克地区以及钻石区。在用于电影拍摄的5个月间,这处电影布景需要一大批设计和化妆团队不断对其重新修饰。The same attention to detail was given to the office space of the MACUSA, where Tina and Queenie Goldstein work - 80 bespoke desks were designed and built and chairs were imported from the US for the set.工作人员对美国魔法国会布景的细节处理同样一丝不苟,他们为蒂娜和奎妮的办公室设计制作了80台定制桌子,而椅子是从美国进口的。5. Queenie is the most attractive female character Rowling has ever created5.奎妮是罗琳笔下最有魅力的女性She wrote as much in the script: ;The most beautiful girl ever to don witch#39;s robes;.罗琳在剧本中这样写道:“她是有史以来最美的女巫”。6.The extras really earned their money6.群众演员真的很辛苦To recreate the chaos of 1920s Manhattan, there needed to be a lot of extras and a lot of costumes. The problem was that Fantastic Beasts was set in December, so the cast were dressed up in overcoats, scarves and gloves - and the crowd scenes were shot in August 2015. Everyone was sweltering, remembers crowd costumer Gary Hyams, and ;tended to undo their coats or take their scarves off and tuck them into their pockets.;为了重现上世纪20年代曼哈顿地区的混乱场景,需要大批穿着戏的群演。问题是电影的时间设定是12月,演员们都穿着大衣、戴着围巾和手套,然而群演画面的拍摄时间是2015年8月。一位扮演顾客的群演盖瑞.海厄姆回忆道,所有人都很热,“他们都想解开大衣、取下围巾塞进口袋”。7.There are a lot of deliberate similarities between Harry Potter and Credence Barebone7.哈利.波特和克雷登斯.拜尔本有很多刻意为之的相似之处Both are orphans, adopted into loveless families and thrown into the paths of a struggle between good and dark magic.他们都是孤儿,都被冷漠的家庭收养,都被卷入正义和黑暗魔法之间的较量。;It#39;s rare that fantasy can touch on something this painful and delicate,; said actor Ezra Miller, who plays Credence.饰演克雷登斯的埃兹拉.米勒表示,“魔幻故事很少能触及如此痛苦而细腻的情感。”Producer David Heyman indicated that Credence#39;s character and the struggles we see him go through in the film are a metaphor for the dangers of repression.制片人大卫.海曼表示,克雷登斯这个角色以及片中他的遭遇都象征着压抑情感的危害。8.Tina#39;s trousers were designed to show that she was a modern, forward-thinking type of woman8.蒂娜穿裤子的设定是为了表现她是一个前卫而有远见的女人Costume designer Colleen Atwood made the decision to put Katherine Waterston#39;s character in trousers (something that was not all that common for women in the 1920s) as a way of demonstrating Tina#39;s independent side.装设计师柯琳.阿特伍德决定让凯瑟琳.沃特斯顿饰演的角色穿着裤子(女人穿裤子在上世纪20年代并不常见),通过这种方式展示了蒂娜独立的一面。9.The Demiguise was #39;babysitting#39; the young Occamy9.隐形兽是小鸟蛇的“保姆”Ever wonder why, in Fantastic Beasts, Dougal the Demiguise escaped?想知道电影中的隐形兽为什么逃跑吗?We always assumed that the mysterious ape-like creature with a talent for invisibility just saw his chance and decided to make a run for it. But the truth, it turns out, is a lot more aww-inducing.我们一直认为,这种会隐身的神秘猿类生物是看准了机会决定逃跑的。但事实上,真相比这有爱。According to Redmayne, in the script Dougal ventures out solely in order to protect the lost young Occamy.根据雷德梅尼的说法,在剧本中,隐形兽只身冒险是为了保护走失的小鸟蛇。JK Rowling apparently came up with the idea that the Demiguise should show a caring instinct while the creature was still in the design stage.显然,罗琳在构思阶段就想到要让隐形兽表现出充满爱心的本能。10.The chilling MACUSA execution pool was inspired by a Saatchi Gallery installation10.美国魔法国会令人胆寒的死刑执行池灵感来自萨奇画廊的一件装置艺术品According to the film#39;s VFX supervisor Christian Manz, the disturbing, memory-absorbing pool seen in the film was designed to resemble a Saatchi Gallery artwork ;where there was oil with a perfect reflection on the surface;.据电影特效总监克里斯汀.曼茨称,记忆吸收池的设计模仿了萨奇画廊的一件艺术品,它利用油映射出完美的镜像。Although the installation in question isn#39;t named, it sounds as if Manz is referring to artist Richard Wilson#39;s 20:50, a permanent piece in which an entire room at the gallery is filled with smooth black engine oil.虽然曼茨没有提及这件装置作品的名字,但是他所指的似乎是理查德.威尔逊的《20:50》。这件永久作品将画廊中的一整间房间注满黑色机油。 /201612/481637A lot of women I know prefer to date older men - and, hey, I get that. An older man can make you feel protected, taken care of, young, and sexy. It#39;s hard to hear your ticking biological clock over the sound of a refined gentleman recommending an expensive whiskey. It seems whatever age I am (and, spoiler alert: I#39;m in my thirties now), I#39;ve found myself saying ;guys my age don#39;t have their shit together.; Even when I was on Tinder, I set my minimum age to a couple years older then me because I had no interest in dating younger. But then I met Ben (name has been changed to protect the overly sensitive). Ben changed my views on younger guys - because, really, the operative word is guy here, not man (and, hi, I#39;m a woman, not a girl) - upside down, and made me see the pros and cons of dating a younger guy, like...我认识的很多女性都喜欢和年纪大一点的男人约会——我明白这一点。年长的男人会让你感觉有人保护、呵护你、让你觉得自己年轻、性感。一位优雅的绅士向你推荐昂贵的威士忌,你很难不对他倾心。无论我多大年纪(剧透:我现在30多岁了),我总是会说“我这个岁数的男生还不懂事呢。”即使在Tinder上,我设置的约会对象最小年纪也比我年长,因为我对约会小鲜肉没有兴趣。但后来我遇到了本(名字已改,不用过于敏感)。本改变了我对小鲜肉的观点——因为,这里最适合的词是这个家伙而不是男人(而我是女人不是女孩儿了)——颠倒过来,让我了解到与小鲜肉约会的利弊,比如……Pro: He Made Me See How Far I#39;ve Come利:他让我明白我已走了多远This might be selfish - actually, it is 100 percent selfish -but it#39;s true. While we were together, Ben was a lost little lamb in the woods; scared, full of doubt, directionless. I remember being a little lamb myself in my mid-twenties. I felt sad for him and I understood what he was going through, but I was relieved to know that those woods were behind me. I#39;m not a lost little lamb anymore, but rather, a confident, sexy lion. Sorry that I just referred to myself as a sexy lion, but seeing how confused he was made me realize I wasn#39;t anymore.这可能很自私,实际上是百分百的自私,但这是真的。当我们在一起的时候,本是迷失在树林里的小羊羔:害怕、充满疑惑、毫无方向。我还记得我25岁左右的时候也是这样的小羊羔。我为他感到遗憾,我明白他要经历什么,但现在知道我已走过了这些树林让我舒心不少。我再也不是迷失的小羊羔了,现在的我是一头自信、性感的狮子。我为暗示自己是头性感的狮子感到抱歉,但是看到他如此困惑反而让我意识到我自己再也不困惑了。Con: You Have Way More Figured Out Than He Does弊:你想的东西要比他多得多I struggled in my twenties, and I get the nature of struggling, but building a partnership with someone who is just starting his own tenuous path to adulthood is frustrating. I often found myself saying ;when I was your age,;and I hated it. What am I, a grandma?! At times, I felt like I was more of a teacher then a girlfriend. I wasn#39;t learning anything from him because I had aly found the answers to my questions.在20几岁的时候我挣扎过,我也明白了挣扎的本质,但与刚刚脆弱起步走向成人之路的小鲜肉谈恋爱是很令人沮丧的。我总是会说“我在你这个岁数的时候,”我特别讨厌自己说这句话。我是谁啊?姥姥吗?有时我觉得自己是个老师而不是女朋友。我从他身上学不到任何东西,因为我已有了自己问题的。译文属 /201611/479533An exhibition entitled ;Common Witness: The Rape of Nanjing Massacre; opened last Saturday in Caen, France.《共同见:南京大屠杀》展览于上周六在法国卡昂开展。It is the first such exhibition in Europe since the ed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization added the Nanjing Massacre to its ;Memory of the World Register; in 2015.这是自2015年联合国教科文组织将南京大屠杀正式列入《世界记忆名录》后,欧洲首次举办此类展览。The exhibition spans 800 square meters, with over 270 photos, 50 pieces of physical evidence and s on the Nanjing Massacre, which lasted from Dec. 13, 1937 to January 1938, during which more than 300,000 civilians and Chinese unarmed soldiers were killed by Japanese invaders, said Zhang Jianjun, general director of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.南京大屠杀纪念馆馆长张建军表示,该展览占地面积800平方米,共展出有关南京大屠杀的270余幅历史照片、50余件展品和视频资料。南京大屠杀从1937年12月13日持续到1938年1月,在此期间共有超过30万名市民及手无寸铁的中国士兵被日本侵略者杀害。The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, which co-organized the exhibition with the Caen Memorial, is China#39;s largest museum dedicated to this massacre.与卡昂纪念馆联合举办此次展览的南京大屠杀纪念馆,是有关此次大屠杀的中国最大的纪念馆。The exhibition mainly introduces the massacre in the eyes of European and American witnesses who were in Nanjing during the unusual inhuman tragedy, presenting daily notes, letters, documents, photos and s made by these witnesses.本次展览重点通过展出当年身处南京的欧美人士留下的日记、书信、文件、照片及影像,介绍他们眼中的这场世所罕见、惨无人道的悲剧。;We welcome this exhibition for our public to learn that the Second World War indeed started in July 1937.; said Stephane Grimaldi, general director of the Caen Memorial, during the exhibition#39;s inauguration ceremony.卡昂纪念馆馆长史蒂芬·格里马尔迪在开幕典礼上表示:“我们对本次关于1937年7月开始的二战的相关展览表示欢迎。”;History does not change. History is not forgotten. It sheds light on the future. We meet here today, not to perpetuate the hatred, but to enable our future generations to live in peace,; said Chinese Ambassador to France Zhai Jun.中国驻法国大使翟隽表示:“历史不会改变。历史不应被忘却。它揭示了未来。我们今天在这里会聚,不是为了延续仇恨,而是让我们的子孙和平相处。” /201610/475029

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