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Traditionally, brides hand-pick a group of female bridesmaids and grooms select a handful of male groomsmen to stand by their side on their wedding day.传统上,大婚之前,新娘总会精心挑几个要好的女性作为自己的伴娘,新郎则会选几个男性当伴郎。But many Australian couples have decided to break tradition and mix up their bridal parties to ensure their loved ones are included and honoured with the traditional roles - regardless of their gender.但在澳大利亚,很多夫妇打破了传统,为了能让至亲的人都参与到婚礼中,他们别出心裁地决定:新娘可以有伴郎,新郎也可以有伴娘。Over the past year, weddings across the country have seen a rise in #39;groomswomen#39;, #39;bridesmen#39;, best women and #39;males of honour#39; taking part in the celebration.去年,全国很多地方的婚礼都出现了“女伴郎”和“男伴娘”——新郎新娘各自最要好的异性共同参与婚礼的庆祝。In March 2015, Alex and Sara Mazzoni married in Brisbane, with Mr Mazzoni choosing to include a groomswoman in his party.2015年3月,艾利克斯和萨拉·马佐尼在布里斯班举行婚礼。婚礼中,新郎艾利克斯就有一个伴娘。#39;It was a pretty easy decision...my best man and two groomsmen were my best mates since high school and my #39;groomswoman#39; would be my sister,#39; Mr Mazzoni told Daily Mail Australia.。“这个决定没什么不妥。我的主伴郎和另两位伴郎是我高中以来最好的朋友,而我的伴娘是我的。”艾利克斯对澳大利亚《每日邮报》如是说。#39;My sister and I are pretty close. I was actually her #39;man of honour#39; a couple of years before and my sister had also grown up knowing my best man and groomsmen very well, so it was the perfect team!#39;“跟我关系很亲近。实际上,两年前她结婚的时候我就是她的伴郎,而且跟我的伴郎们也很熟,所以这样的搭配非常完美!”Sara Mazzoni said she#39;d love to see more couples embracing a less traditional approach.萨拉说她乐见越来越多的新人用一种新颖的方式踏入婚姻殿堂。#39;I love when couples break the rules and find fun and authentic ways to celebrate the start of their marriage. I think it#39;s definitely the new normal for weddings - you should be able to share the day with your nearest and dearest by your side, no matter if they#39;re a man or a woman,#39; Mrs Mazzoni said.她表示:“当我看见新人们突破传统,用既有趣又真诚的方式来庆祝婚姻生活的开始,我就很开心。我觉得这无疑将成为一种新的婚姻礼俗:在这个重要时刻,你应该有至亲至爱的人陪在身边,而他们的性别根本不是问题。”Mandi Takis and her husband Robert married in October, with Mr Takis choosing to include Mrs Takis#39; cousin Evette in his party.10月,曼迪·塔基斯和丈夫罗伯特结婚了。在他们的婚礼上,塔基斯太太的表伊维特就是女伴郎。#39;Robert had been married before and had a good mate as his best man so we decided that for our wedding we would like to have my cousin as she is close to me and my partner,#39; Mrs Takis told Daily Mail Australia.塔基斯太太告诉澳大利亚《每日邮报》:“罗伯特结过婚,当时是好友当他的主傧相。所以我们决定,这次婚礼就由我的表来当伴郎,因为她跟我们都很亲近。”#39;We thought it would only be right to have her be the one next to him and do the honour of the best man duties as my sister was next to me as my maid of honour.#39;“我们觉得让伊维特站罗伯特旁边当他的主傧相再好不过了,正好站在我旁边当伴娘的是我。”Mrs Takis said the decision was an easy one as the pair are very family oriented.塔基斯太太表示,他们夫妻二人的家庭观念都很强,所以在这个问题上很容易取得一致。#39;I am very much a family person and they are always number one on my priority list so we would much rather have our family a part of our wedding and included in the important roles as we trust them more,#39; she said.她说:“我很看重家庭,家人在我心里永远排第一。因为我们更信任家人,所以更希望他们成为我们婚礼的一部分,参与这个重要的时刻。”Other women decided to include their male best friends as part of their bridal parties - all of them happy to go against tradition to make sure their best mates had a special role on the big day.也有的女性会让自己最好的男性朋友参与到婚礼中来。她们都很乐意打破传统,让自己最好的朋友承担起婚礼当天的特殊角色。Samantha Amiridis and her partner also both chose to mix their bridal parties.萨曼莎·艾米丽迪斯和丈夫也在婚礼上选择了 “混搭式”伴娘伴郎团。#39;I had my brother Timothy as my chief bridesman and my husband had his sister as his best woman,#39; Mrs Amiridis said.萨曼莎说:“我让哥哥蒂莫西做我的主伴郎,而我丈夫的则是他的伴娘。”#39;Why? Simply put my brother is my best friend and I didn#39;t want anyone else by my side on the big day. Likewise with my husband.#39;“理由很简单:哥哥是我的好友,所以在这样重大的日子里,我只希望陪在我身边的人是他。我丈夫也是这么想的。”#39;For my husband Billy, his sister Maria was his best woman. She made sure he was on time, dressed perfectly and all organised. She stood by him at the front of the room whilst I walked down the aisle.#39;“我丈夫比利的玛利亚是他的伴娘。在她的操持下,婚礼那天比利准时到场,衣着完美;玛利亚把一切都安排的井井有条。我步入红毯的时候,她就和比利一起站在门前。”#39;Essentially, we firmly believed that whoever was by our sides on the day were going to be people who would be by our sides forever.#39;“最重要的是,我们坚信,婚礼那天能陪伴在我们身边的人,也将陪伴我们一生。” /201601/424723。

Among those killed Monday when a Taliban suicide bomber attacked a patrol in southern Afghanistan was the first openly gay female U.S. soldier to die in combat.美国一巡逻队星期一在阿富汗南部遭到塔利班自杀炸弹杀手的袭击,阵亡军人中包括第一位公开性倾向的美国同性恋女军人。The Pentagon identified 36-year-old Air Force Major Adrianna Vorderbruggen as one of the six troops killed in the blast.五角大楼说, 36岁的空军少校弗德布拉吉是在爆炸中阵亡的六名军人之一。In 2012, she married her partner Heather Lamb in what was one of the first marriages involving an openly gay service member since President Barack Obama repealed the nearly 20-year-old ;Don#39;t Ask, Don#39;t Tell; policy. That rule kept openly gay people from serving in the U.S. military.2012年,弗德布拉吉与她的同性伴侣拉姆结婚。奥巴马总统废除实行近20年的“不问不说”的政策后,她是最先结婚的美国同性恋军人之一。按照“不问不说”政策的规定,公开性取向的同性恋者不能在美国军队中役。The six deaths bring the number of American soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan this year to 10. Another 10 have been killed in non-combat situations, including multiple helicopter crashes.算上这次阵亡的六个人,今年美军在阿富汗作战行动中的阵亡将士总人数增至10人。另外还有10名驻阿美军属于非战斗死亡,包括几起直升机坠毁。There are still 9,800 U.S. troops in the country as part of a mission to advise and assist Afghan troops. The U.S.-led NATO combat mission in the country ended a year ago after 13 years and 2,349 American deaths, according to Pentagon data.目前仍有9800名美国军人留驻阿富汗,为阿富汗军队提供咨询和帮助。美国领导的北约联军一年前结束了在阿富汗的战斗行动。五角大楼的数据显示,共有2349名美国军人在这场历时13年的战争中死亡。 /201512/417787。

Mencius(372 B. C.~289 B. C.), a great thinker of the mid-Warring States Period, was born at Zou (present Zoucheng, Shandong Province).His given name was Ke and courtesy name Ziyu.孟子(约公元前372年~公元前289年),名柯,字子舆,邹(今山东省邹城市)人,战国中期的思想家。He was a successor of Confucius and has been called the “Second Sage; after Confucius.曾受业于子思的门人,继承了孔子的学说,被后世尊称为“亚圣”。He spent his life bouncing from one feudal court to another, lobbying the rulers, debating among the politicians and trying to find some rulers who would follow his teachings. His philosophical thoughts were established in the process of his political activities and were compiled in a book bearing his name.孟子周游列国,游说于朝堂之上,论辩于政客之间,在激烈的辩论与尖锐的矛盾冲突中发展了自己的思想,《孟子》一书是其思想的结晶。Mencius developed Confucius#39; concept of ren from merely a moral term to a level of governance by pointing out that a state should be governed by a sage-king.他把孔子“仁”的思想改造发展为通过实行“仁政”而实现“王道”社会的政治思想,把“仁”从伦理道德层次提升到治国思想的高度。His concept of benevolent governante calls upon the resumption of the “square-field system; and the reduction of corporal punishments. He was also against the abuse of taxation and any unjust wars.“仁政”思想主张恢复井田制,省刑薄赋,使民以时,取民有制,反对横征暴敛,反对不义战争。He claimed that ;the people are the most important; the state is secondary while the monarch is the least; and believed that civil security and public opinions are pivotal to the stability of a state.他提出“民为贵,社稷次之,君为轻”的主张,认为人民的安危与民心的向背是国家安危的关键所在。The theory of benevolent governance is based on Mencius#39; belief that human beings are good by nature. He held that this goodness is innate and can be acquired without learning or thinking; one#39;s natural goodness is presented by the exercise of benevolence, righteousness, proprieties and prudence.“仁政”思想的哲学基础是“性善”论: 孟子认为人的本性是“善”的,良心本心人所固有,不学而能,不虑而知,表现出来即为仁义礼智之性。Evil comes into being when one rejects their natural goodness.恶之所以产生,只是因为舍弃了自己的良心本心。Unlike Confucius, Mencius did not deny the quest for li (profits, or gains), but he attached more importance to yi (righteousness) and considered yi as his top priority.在义利观土上,孟子不否认利,但更加重视义,把义作为最高的价值选择。When li and yi are in conflict, one should sacrifice one#39;s opportunities of making profits for a righteous cause, or even lay down one#39;s life.当二者发生矛盾时,要舍利取义,甚至舍生取义。To achieve this state, there is no better way than reducing one#39;s desires.人要想达到这一境界,就需要通过养心而实现寡欲。Thus, the ideal moral personality of Mencius is that one should never be “corrupted by neither riches nor honors, shaken by neither poverty nor adversity, faltered by neither threats nor force;.所以,孟子理想的道德人格是“富贵不能淫,贫贱不能移,威武不能屈”,具有大义凛然的道义感。On the other hand, Mencius#39; declaration of “if poor, one attends to his own virtue in solitude; if advanced to dignity, he makes the whole world virtuous as well; has become a standard of social conduct of Chinese scholars for thousands of years.另外,孟子“穷则独善其身,达则兼济天下”的主张成了后世中国文人立身处世的法则。 /201510/402710。

It#39;s peak fall, and people are going nuts over foliage.秋意正浓,人们为秋叶而痴狂。As mid-October approaches, New Englanders wait in anticipation for that iconic time of year when the vibrant colors of fall foliage finally reach their peak. For many locals, leaf peeping - yes, that#39;s a thing - is as simple as stepping out into the backyard or taking a ride on Amtrak#39;s Autumn Express train.每每临近10月中旬,新英格兰地区的居民就开始期待这个黄金时节,此时秋叶色泽最好,可谓五纷呈、绚丽无比。对于许多当地人而言,赏叶——没错,这是一种时尚——很简单,只要走到后院或者坐上“美铁”(Amtrak)的“秋季特快列车”(Autumn Express)就够了。Meanwhile, those stuck in season-less regions are deprived of this annual treat.而那些生活在四季不分明地区的人就没有这一年一度的眼福了。But now, green-leafed West Coasters - or anyone else who really, really likes fall - can get New England foliage delivered straight to their door. Avid hiker Kyle Waring and his wife have searched throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont for the perfect few leaves that typify the fall season. They sell them on ShipFoliage.com. Customers receive a .99 bundle that has been hand-picked and assembled by the Warings.但现在,只能赏绿叶的西海岸人或真地特别喜欢秋天的其他人,也能看到新英格兰的树叶了,而且直接送货上门。徒步旅行爱好者凯尔·华林(Kyle Waring)和妻子搜寻了整个新罕布什尔州、马萨诸塞州和佛蒙特州,只为找到少数能象征金秋的完美叶子。他们在“寄送叶子”(ShipFoliage.com)网站上出售搜集到的树叶。客户只需花19.99美元就能得到一组华林夫妇亲手采摘并包装好的树叶。Once the leaves are collected, they ;undergo a unique preservation process; that involves soaking them for 2-3 days and allowing them to dry for a few more. This ensures that they#39;ll last long after the fall season is over - an estimated 5-7 years, according to the company#39;s site.叶子被收集起来后,会“经过一种独特的保鲜处理”,包括浸泡2-3天,干燥数天。这可以确保秋季结束后树叶仍长期不褪色,该公司的网站称,树叶颜色预计可维持5-7年。So far, Waring has seen the most demand from season-starved customers in California, Texas, and Florida. ;I guess there#39;s something about New England foliage,; he says.到目前为止,以四季不分明的加利福尼亚州、得克萨斯州和佛罗里达州的客户需求最大。华林说:“我想是因为新英格兰树叶与众不同吧”。 /201510/402400。

A study has found that high glycemic index foods, like white b, bagels and rice, increase the risk of lung cancer. The study confirms that carbohydrates are a contributing factor in increasing the risk of the lung disease.研究发现,白面包、百吉饼、米饭等血糖指数偏高的食物,会增加患肺癌的几率。该研究实,患肺部疾病的人群数量正在增加,而碳水化合物是这种趋势的一个诱因。According to the study, while high glycemic index (GI) foods increase the risk of lung cancer by 49%, low GI foods, like fruits and vegetables were found to lower the risk. The study#39;s lead author Dr Stephanie Melkonian of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center said: ;We observed a 49% increased risk of lung cancer among subjects with the highest daily GI compared to those with the lowest daily GI.该研究称,血糖指数(GI)偏高的食物会使肺癌的患病率增加49%,而蔬菜水果等低血糖指数的食物则能降低患肺癌的几率。该研究的第一作者是德克萨斯大学安德森癌症中心的斯蒂芬妮·梅尔克尼安教授。她说:“我们对接受调研的人进行对比后发现,摄入GI食物最高的群体,其肺癌的患病率比低GI群体高出了49%。”;Diets high in glycemic index result in higher levels of blood glucose and insulin, which promote perturbations in the insulin-like growth factors (IGFs). Previous research suggests increased levels of IGFs are associated with increased lung cancer risk. However, the association between glycemic index and lung cancer risk was unclear.;“日常饮食摄入大量高GI食物,会导致血液中葡萄糖和胰岛素的浓度增加,从而扰乱胰岛素样生长因子(IGFs)的平衡。之前已有研究显示,人体内IGF含量的增加,与肺癌患病率升高有关。但是,当时血糖指数与肺癌患病率之间的关系尚不明确。”As a part of the study that has been published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers amp; Prevention, some 1,905 patients diagnosed with lung cancer were surveyed. Comparisons were made with 2,413 healthy patients. The study#39;s senior author Dr Xifeng Wu said it is the ;average quality; and not the quantity of carbohydrates that determines the risk of lung cancer. Non-smokers consuming high GI foods, like bagels, white b, popcorn and cornflakes, were found to be more at risk compared to smokers.科学期刊《癌症流行病学、生物标记与预防》上发表了这份研究报告。研究人员对1905名确诊的肺癌患者进行了调研,把他们与2413名肺部健康患者进行了比较。参与该研究的资深作者吴喜凤教授表示,肺癌患病率的决定性因素在于含碳水化合物食物的“平均质量”,而非数量。研究甚至还发现:平时不抽烟的人如果进食过多的高血糖指数食物,例如百吉饼、白面包、爆米花、玉米片等,他们患肺癌的几率比烟民还要高。Meanwhile, latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that cancer is on the rise in England, with at least 813 new cases registered every day. The ONS statistics found that breast cancer accounted for the greatest proportion of cancer registrations in England, making up 15.6% of cancer cases. Prostate cancer followed behind at 13.4% and lung cancer was in the third place making up 12.6% of cancer cases.同时,英国统计局发布的最新数据表明:英国的患癌人数正持续增加,每日新增病例至少813人。而且,该数据还发现,在英国所有癌症病例中,乳腺癌患者所占比重最大,高达全部患癌人口的15.6%;前列腺癌紧随其后,所占比重为13.4%;肺癌位列第三,占比12.6%。 /201603/431459。

Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese president Xi Jinping, looked stunning in a midnight blue gown at tonight#39;s lavish white-tie dinner held in Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.中国国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛,身着大气的深蓝色长礼参加今晚由英国女王伊丽莎白二世及丈夫菲利普亲王在白金汉宫举办的奢华白领结晚宴。52-year-old Peng Liyuan, who is on a state visit of the UK with her husband, wore a sophisticated blue tailored gown with mid-length sleeves and high collar set off with a white belt and clutch, and a pearl and diamond brooch and drop earrings.52岁的彭丽媛,身着精致的中长袖、半高领蓝色定制礼,腰部以白色腰带衬托,手拿白色手包,佩戴珍珠钻石胸针和耳坠。It was the former soprano#39;s third glamorous outfit of the day. In the Houses of Parliament this afternoon she wore an elegant grey tailored coat with a dove grey silk pussy bow blouse, while this morning she wore a simple white dress suit with embroidered pockets and a leaf motif brooch when meeting the Queen.这是这位前女高音歌唱家今天的第三套靓丽饰。今天下午在议会,她穿的是一件优雅的灰色定制外衣,搭配一条灰色丝质围巾,而今早是一套极简的白色套裙,口袋刺绣,胸前佩戴树叶造型的胸针,与女王见面。This morning, wearing a simple white dress suit, Peng looked relaxed and elegant as she was greeted by the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.今早,身着白色套裙的彭丽媛会见了伊丽莎白女王和菲利普亲王,查尔斯王子和康沃尔公爵夫人,她看起来既放松又端庄。Cabinet members including David Cameron and Theresa May were also on hand to welcome the couple.内阁成员,包括大卫·卡梅伦和内政大臣梅伊也出席欢迎仪式。Following a meeting this morning with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge, the couple were met at the Horse Guards Parade by a host of UK dignitaries.今早查尔斯王子和康沃尔公爵夫人在文华东方集团酒店接见习近平夫妇,随即在英国王室陪同下前往皇家骑兵卫队阅兵场。As she strode alongside Camilla en route to the welcome ceremony, the pair appeared to chat casually, signalling a warmer friendship could develop between the two countries over the coming days.彭丽媛与卡米拉一起大步前往欢迎仪式,两人随意交谈,发出两国未来更加友好和睦的信号。Teaming her tailored suit with a pair of black patent heels, the glamorous 52-year-old seemed to be revelling in the company of the royals at the start of the couple#39;s short stay on UK soil.52岁的彭丽媛身着定制西装,搭配一双黑色漆皮高跟鞋,在英国皇室的陪伴下显着格外精神。Although it#39;s unclear the designer behind the outfit, Ms Peng is said to be a big fan of Chinese couturier Ma Ke, who she#39;s worn frequently since 2003.尽管我们对这些饰背后的设计者不是太了解,但是据说彭丽媛很钟意中国设计师马可的作品。从2003年起,彭丽媛就经常穿马可设计的衣。Camilla and Ms Peng continued to chat at they travelled in a royal car together. Camilla, propped up by a white cushion appeared to be gesticulating at the first lady to get her point across.卡米拉和彭丽媛共同乘坐皇家马车,途中两人也在继续畅聊。卡米拉靠在白色垫子上,似乎正在与中国第一夫人做手势交谈。Arriving at the Horse Guards Parade, the Chinese first lady enjoyed a warm reception from legions of fans who had gathered to greet the presidential couple.到达皇家骑兵卫队阅兵场,中国第一夫人受到众多专程而来的粉丝们的热情欢迎。The party then embarked on a state carriage procession along the Mall to Buckingham Palace.紧接着他们坐上马车沿林荫大道前往白金汉宫。This afternoon President Xi addressed MPs and peers in the Royal Gallery of Parliament.今天下午,习近平在皇家议会画廊向议员们致辞。In her second outfit change of the day, Peng Kiyuan wore a grey double-breasted knee-length tailored coat with a silver Oriental print complemented by a dove grey silk pussy bow blouse.今天的第二套饰,彭丽媛身着灰色双排扣及膝定制大衣外套,上面有银色东方图案印花,配以灰色丝质围巾。She donned the same outfit to meet the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at Clarence House, London, for China tea.她身着同样的衣在克莱伦斯宫会见了威尔士亲王和康沃尔公爵夫人,共饮中国茶。 /201510/405008。

Lu Xun (1881~1936), originally named Zhou Shuren, styled Yucai, was born in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province. 鲁迅(1881~1936 ),原名周树人,字豫才,浙江绍兴人。He was a great Chinese littérateur and thinker of the 20th century and was a cultural giant with genuine modern humanity.20世纪中国伟大的文学家与思想家,是一个真正具有现代人格的文化巨人。He made use of literature and art as the weapon to transform the national spirit and psychological making. Insisting on the literary stand of ;for the life;, he carried forward the realistic spirit of facing life squarely.他把文艺当作改变国民精神与民族心理素质的武器,坚持“为人生”的文学主张,弘扬直面人生的现实主义文艺精神。He was worthy of the title of the noble national spirit of modern China. The lines ;Fierce-browed, I coolly defy a thousand pointing fingers. Head bowed, like a willing ox I serve the children; portrayed his cultural personality vividly.他堪称现代中国的民族魂,“横眉冷对千夫指,俯首甘为孺子牛”是其文化人格的生动写照。Lu Xun was engaged in writing all through his lifetime, leaving behind an immense number of books.鲁迅笔耕一生,留下了大量著述。Diary of a Madman was the first novel written in the modern form in Chinese literature, symbolizing the great outset of modern Chinese fiction.白话短篇小说《狂人日记》是中国现代文学史上第一篇用现代体式创作的小说,标志着中国现代小说的伟大开端。The short story collections Call to Arms and Wandering became the sign of maturity of Chinese present-day novel, with ;the profundity of expression; and ;the particularness of style;.短篇小说集《呐喊》和《彷徨》以“表现的深切”与“格式的特别”而成为中国现代小说成熟的标志。The prose collection Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk and Wild Grass respectively initiated the two kinds of trend and tradition in prose creation, called ;casual talk; and“soliloguy;.散文集《朝花夕拾》和《野草》分别开创了“闲话风”与“独语风”两种散文创作潮流与传统。Satirical essay became Lu Xun#39;s weapon. With penetrating insight and pungent style, he brought into full play his unrestrained imagination and enormous talent of satire.鲁迅把杂文作为战斗的武器,以敏锐的洞察力,犀利泼辣的笔锋,于嬉笑怒骂之中充分发挥了他的不羁的想象力与卓越的讽刺才能。Mirth or laughter, bouts of anger or strings of curses—all made excellent writing under his pen. His sixteen collections of essays, such as The Grave, Bad Luck Collection, Nothing More Collection, Mixed Dialects, Two Hearts, Essays of Zujieting, displayed fully his spirit of indomitable integrity, his intense worry and indignation, and his sublime feelings.鲁迅著有《坟》、《华盖集》、《而已集》、《南腔北调集》、《二心集》、《且介亭杂文》等16本杂文集。Lu Xun attached importance to the translation and introduction of progressive foreign literature and put forward the Take-Over Policy. He compiled and collated Short Stories of the Tang and Song Dynasties and Rediscovering Lost Ancient Novels. He composed A Brief History of Chinese Fiction and A History of Chinese Literature, making outstanding contributions to the study of Chinese literary history.他重视外国进步文学的译介,提出了“拿来主义”原则,并整理、辑校了《唐宋传奇集》、《古小说钩沉》等古籍,写下了《中国小说史略》和《汉文学史纲》两部学术著作,对中国文学史的研究有着巨大的意义。 /201602/427153。