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May Florence Nightingale’s BirthdayIn 1837,to the age of seventeen,Florence Nightingale decided to become a nurse,which horrified1) her whimsical) mother.In those days,nurses were little more than janitors3),and hospitals were pits of squalor and neglect.Nightingale pressed on,and in 1853she became superintendent) of a small London hospital.She went on to the Crimea when war broke out there between Britain and Russia.She established the first of what we now know as war hospitals:sanitary,safe,and stocked with supplies.Her tireless ministrations to the wounded soldiers made her famous all over the world.Following the war,Nightingale avoided fame and continued to train nurses,ever battling against what she herself declared“a commonly received idea...that it requires nothing but a disappointment in love,or incapacity5) in other things,to turn a woman into a good nurse.”Since 191,her birthday has been the centerpiece of National Hospital Week,observed in British and American hospitals with special exhibitions,workshops,and publicity drives. 1985After thirty years of married happiness, he could still remind himself that Victoria was endowed with every charm except the thrilling touch of human frailty. Though her perfection discouraged pleasures, especially the pleasures of love, he had learned in time to feel the pride of a husband in her natural frigidity. he still clung, amid the decay of moral platitudes, to the discredited ideal of chivalry. In his youth the world was suffused with the after-glow of the long Victorian age, and a graceful feminine style had softened the manners, if not the natures, of men. At the end of that interesting epoch, when womanhood was exalted from a biological factsintosa miraculous power, Virginius Littlepage, the younger son of an old and affluent family, had married Victoria Brooke, the grand-daughter of a tobacco planter, who had made a satisfactory tune by saking his plantation and converting tobaccosintoscigarettes. While Virginius had been trained by stern tradition to respect every woman who had not stooped to folly, the virtue peculiar to her sex was among the least of his reasons admiring Victoria. She was not only modest, which was usual in the nineties, but she was beautiful, which is unusual in any decade. In the beginning of their acquaintance he had gone even further and ascribed intellect to her; but a few months of marriage had shown this to be merely one of the many delusions created by perfect features and noble expression. Everything about her had been smooth and definite, even the tones of her voice and the way her light brown hair, which she wore a la Pompadour, was rolled stiffly back from her ehead and coiled in a burnished rope on the top of her head. A serious young man, ambitious to attain a place in the world more brilliant than the secluded seat of his ancestors, he had been impressed at their first meeting by the compactness and precision of Victoria's orderly mind. in that earnest period the minds, as well as the emotions, of lovers were orderly. It was an age when eager young men flocked to church on Sunday morning, and eloquent divines discoursed upon the Victorian poets in the middle of the week. He could afd to smile now when he recalled the solemn Browning class in which he had first lost his heart. How passionately he had admired Victoria's virginal features! How fervently he had envied her competent but caressing way with the poet! Incredible as it seemed to him now, he had fallen in love with her while she recited from the more ponderous passages in The Ring and the Book. He had fallen in love with her then, though he had never really enjoyed Browning, and it had been a relief to him when the Unseen, in company with its illustrious poet, had at last gone out of fashion. Yet, since he was disposed to admire all the qualities he did not possess, he had never ceased to respect the firmness with which Victoria continued to deal in other ms with the Absolute. As the placid years passed, and she came to rely less upon her virginal features, it seemed to him that the ripe opinions of her youth began to shrink and flatten as fruit does that has hung too long on the tree. She had never changed, he realized, since he had first known her; she had become merely riper, softer, and sweeter in nature. Her advantage restedswheresadvantage never fails to rest, in moral fervour. To be invariably right was her single wifely failing. his wife, he sighed, with the vague unrest of a husband whose infidelities are imaginary, was a genuinely good woman. She was as far removed from pretence as she was from the posturing virtues that flourish in the credulous world of the drama. The pity of it was that even the least exacting husband should so often desire something more piquant than goodness. 019371在一个阳光明媚的早晨,临桌而坐,整整四个小时不受打扰,有足够数量的雪白稿纸,还有一“挤压式”妙笔——那才叫真正的幸福The Joys of WritingThe tunate people in the world—the only reallytunate people in the world, in my mind, are those whose work is also their pleasure. The class is not a large one, not nearly so large as it is often represented to be; and authors are perhaps one of the most important elements in its composition.They enjoy in this respect at least a real harmony of life. To my mind, to be able to make your work your pleasure is the one class distinction in the world worth striving ; and I do not wonder that others are inclined to envy those happy human beings who find their livelihood in the gay effusions of their fancy, to whom every hour of labour is an hour of enjoyment, to whom repose—however necessary—is a tiresome interlude. And even a holiday is almost deprivation. Whether a man writes well or ill, has much to say or little, if he cares aboutwriting at all, he will appreciate the pleasures of composition. To sit at one's table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice white paper, and a Squeezer pen—that is true happiness. The complete absorption of the mind upon an agreeable occupation—what more is there than that to desire? What does it matter what happens outside?The House of Commons may do what it likes, and so may the House of Lords. The heathen may rage furiously in every part of the globe. The bottom may be knocked clean out of the American market. Consols may fall and suffragettes may rise. Nevermind, four hours, at any rate, we will withdraw ourselves from a common, ill-governed, and disorderly world, and with the key of fancy unlock that cupboard where all the good things of the infinite are put away.by Winston Churchill 7Most people complain of tune, few of nature; and the kinder they think the latter has been to them, the more they murmur at what they call the injustice of the mer.Why have not I the riches, the rank, the power, of such and such, is the common expostulation with tune; but why have not I the merit, the talents, the wit, or the beauty, of such and such others, is a reproach rarely or never made to nature.The truth is, that nature, seldom profuse, and seldom niggardly, has distributed her gifts more equally than she is generally supposed to have done. Education and situation make the great difference. Culture improves, and occasions elicit, natural talents I make no doubt but that there are potentially, if I may use that pedantic word, many Bacons, Lockes, Newtons, Caesars, Cromwells, and Mariboroughs at the ploughtail behind counters, and, perhaps, even among the nobility; but the soil must be cultivated, and the season favourable, the fruit to have all its spirit and flavour.If sometimes our common parent has been a little partial, and not kept the scales quite even; if one preponderates too much, we throw into the lighter a due counterpoise of vanity, which never fails to set all right. Hence it happens, that hardly any one man would, without reverse, and in every particular, change with any other.Though all are thus satisfied with the dispensations of nature, how few listen to her voice! How to follow her as a guide! In vain she points out to us the plain and direct way to truth, vanity, fancy, affection, and fashion assume her shape and wind us through fairy-ground to folly and error. 8778Raising Oysters In the past oysters were raised in much the same way as dirt farmers raised tomatoes - by transplanting them. First, farmers selected the oyster bed, cleared the bottom of old shells and other debris, then scattered clean shells about. Next, they "planted" fertilized oyster eggs, which within two or three weeks hatched into larvae. The larvae drifted until they attached themselves to the clean shells on the bottom. There they remained and in time grew into baby oysters called seed or spat. The spat grew larger by drawing in seawater from which they derived microscopic ps of food. Bee long, farmers gathered the baby oysters, transplanted them in other waters to speed up their growth, then transplanted them once more into another body of water to fatten them up. Until recently the supply of wild oysters and those crudely farmed were more than enough to satisfy people's needs. But today the delectable seafood is no longer available in abundance. The problem has become so serious that some oyster beds have vanished entirely. tunately, as far back as the early 1900's marine biologists realized that if new measures were not taken, oysters would become extinct or at best a luxury food. So they set up well-equipped hatcheries and went to work. But they did not have the proper equipment or the skill to handle the eggs. They did not know when, what, and how to feed the larvae. And they knew little about the predators that attack and eat baby oysters by the millions. They failed, but they doggedly kept at it. Finally, in the 190's a significant breakthrough was made. The marine biologists discovered that by raising the temperature of the water, they could induce oysters to spawn not only in the summer but also in the fall, winter, and spring. Later they developed a technique feeding the larvae and rearing them to spat. Going still further, they succeeded in breeding new strains that were resistant to diseases, grew faster and larger, and flourished in water of different salinities and temperatures. In addition, the cultivated oysters tasted better! 601

经典日常英语口语0句 -- 1::55 来源: 经典日常英语口语0句 1.Time to wake up! 该起床了! .I'm going to take a shower. 我要洗个澡 3.What do you want breakfast? 你早餐要吃什么? .Bye,I'm leaving. 再见,我要走了 5.Hand me the sports section, will you? 把运动版递给我,好吗? 6.I'll have a sandwich lunch. 我午餐想吃三明治 7.What channel is the news on? 哪个频道有新闻报道? 8.Does this station play good music? 这个电台播的音乐好吗? 9.Who's there? 是谁呀? .May I take a message? 你有什么留言要我记下来吗? .Honey,I'm home. 亲爱的,我回家了 .How was school? 学校的情形怎么样? .Dinner is y. 吃晚饭了 .Did you set the table? 你把餐桌摆好了没有? .Don't talk with your mouth full. 嘴巴里有东西时不要说话 .I'll do the dishes. 我来洗碗 .Will you help me clean them up? 你可以帮我清理吗? 18.What's your day like tomorrow? 你明天有什么事要做? 19.Where's the floss? 牙线在哪里? .Goodnight!Sleep tight! 晚安!好好地睡觉! 1.Time to turn in. 该睡觉了 .I love bedtime stories. 我喜欢听睡前故事 3.It's time spring Cleaning. 是春季大扫除的时间 .The garbage man is here. 收垃圾的人来了 5.Clean the bathroom. 清理浴室 6.Can you help me wash the car? 你可以帮我洗车吗? 7.Sort the laundry. 把要洗的衣分类 .Where is the nearest Laundromat? 最近的自助洗衣店在哪里? 9.Hang the shirt on a hanger. 把衬衫挂在衣架上 30.Put the socks in the top drawer. 把袜子放在衣柜的最上层 31.I'd like to pick up my dry cleaning. 我要去拿我送干洗的衣 3.I'll hand wash the dress. 我要用手洗这件上装 33.I need to shop a pair of shoes. 我要去买一双鞋子 .We only carry women's clothes. 我们只卖女士装 35.It's on sale today. 它今天在打折 36.I'll take it. 我买了 37.I need more cream. 我需要乳液 38.You look best in bright red lipstick. 你用鲜艳的红色唇膏看起来最好 39.What perfume are you wearing? 你擦什么香水? 0.I'm looking a ring. 我在找一个戒指 1.Look at my new necklace! 看看我的新项链! .I love the earrings you are wearing. 我喜欢你戴的耳环 3.I need a new pair of dress shoes. 我需要一双新的皮鞋 .Do you sell boots here? 你们这里卖靴子吗? 5.I'd like to try these on. 我想要试穿 6.I'ii bring the slippers. 我会带拖鞋来 7.This is a lovely desk. 这张桌子很好看 8.I just love shopping here! 我就是喜欢在这里购物! 9.I need a black bag. 我需要一个黑色的皮包 50.I'm looking a watch. 我在找手表 51.I need a hair band. 我需要一个发带 5.What sort of belt are you looking ? 你在找什么样的皮带? 53.I need a pair of glasses. 我需要一副眼镜 5.That style is popular. 那个款式很受欢迎 55.You look better in contacts. 你戴隐形眼镜比较好看 56.I'm going to buy groceries. 我要去买食品杂货 57.We need paper towels. 我们需要纸巾 58.I need four steaks. 我需要四块牛排 59.I'm going to get some apples. 我要去买一些苹果 60.Cherries are not in season yet. 还不到樱桃的季节 61.We have apples and peaches. 我们有苹果和桃子 6.It's time to buy a new TV. 是买一部新电视的时候了 63.We need a new toaster. 我们需要一个新的烤面包机 6.I want two end tables. 我要两个床头小桌 65.I need a haircut. 我需要剪头发 66.I have a three o'clock appointment. 我约好三点钟 67.I need a shampoo. 我要洗头发 68.I need a trim. 我要修剪头发 69.I need a perm. 我要烫头发 70.I need a new hairstyle. 我需要一个新发型 71.I want my hair cut short. 我要剪短发 7.How much do I owe you? 一共是多少钱? 73.Don't get to tip the hairdresser. 别忘了给美师小费 7.How short do you want to go? 你要剪多短? 75.I need a shave. 我要修胡须 76.Do you know where the library is? 你知道图书好在哪里吗? 77.It will be on the right. 那就在右边 78.How long does this flight take? 这班飞机要飞多久? 79.How far is it? 有多远呢? 80.We have plenty of time. 我们有很多时间呢! 81.That's an aisle seat. 那是靠走道的座位 8.Can I get you a drink? 你要我帮你倒杯饮料吗? 83.Did you find your suitcase? 你找到你的小提箱了吗? 8.The bus is leaving in five minutes. 再过五分种公共汽车就要开了 85.Whick bus should I take? 我应该搭哪路车? 86.We're taking the bus. 我们搭巴士 87.I took a tour of Europe. 我到欧洲旅游 88.Book me two tickets. 我要订两张票 89.All aboard! 旅客请上车 90.I wish we could get a seat. 我们要是有位子坐就好了 91.Hail a taxi. 招出租车 9.Where to? 你要到哪里? 93.How much is the fare to the airport? 到机场的车费是多少? 9.My turn signal isn't working. 我的方向灯坏了 95.I need an oil change. 我要换机油 96.Fill it up. 把油箱加满 97.I got a ticket today. 我今天被开了一张罚单 98.My car needs a tune-up. 我的车需要调整点火 99.We cruised to Alaska last year. 我们去年搭游轮到阿拉斯加 0.Do you have a boat? 你有游艇吗? 1.I like pop music from the 70's. 我喜欢70年代的流行音乐 1.Are you going to the concert? 你们要去听演唱会吗? 1.What type of movies do you like best? 你最喜欢什么类型的电影? 1.Two adult tickets, please. 我要买两张成人票 1.Could you please be quiet? 请你安静一点,好吗? 1.I'd like a box of candy. 我要一盒糖果 1.Could you record the show me? 你可以帮凶录下这个节目吗? 1.Don't get to rewind the tape. 别忘了倒带! 1.The station plays country music. 这个电台播放乡村音乐 1.I'm throwing a party. 我要办个宴会 1.I was invited to a party. 我被邀参加一个宴会 1.How good of you to come! 你真好,肯赏光! 1.What kind of film do you use? 你用什么胶卷? 1.Do you a lot? 你经常阅读吗? 1.What do you most? 你最常读的是什么? 6.I'm going to the library. 我要去图书馆 7.Is this book out in paperback? 这本书出平装本了吗? 8.Who caught the bouquet? 谁接到新娘花了? 9.When are you graduating? 你几时会毕业? 0.I want to pursue a Master's degree. 我要攻读硕士学位 英语口语 经典 口语0

  人同自然界其他事物之间最重要的区别之一就是,人懂得短暂、始与终,所以也了解时间是一种恩赐 Life grows in the soil of timeWhat I believe, what I value most, is transitoriness.  But is not transitoriness - the perishableness of life - something very sad? No! It is the very soul of existence. It imparts value, dignity, interest to life. Transitoriness creates time - and "time is the essence." Potentially at least, time is the supreme, most useful gift.  Time is related to - yes, identical with - everything creative and active, every process toward a higher goal.  Without transitoriness, without beginning or end, birth or death, there is no time, either. Timelessness - in the sense of time never ending, never beginning - is a stagnant nothing. It is absolutely uninteresting.  Life is possessed by tremendous tenacity. Even so its presence remains conditional, and as it had a beginning, so it will have an end. I believe that life, just this reason, is exceedingly enhanced in value, in charm.  One of the most important characteristics distinguishing man from all other ms of nature is his knowledge of transitoriness, of beginning and end, and theree of the gift of time.  In man transitory life attains its peak of animation, of soul power, so to speak. This does not mean alone would have a soul. Soul quality pervades all beings. But man's soul is most awake in his knowledge of the interchangeability of the term "existence" and "transitoriness".  To man time is given like a piece of land, as it were, entrusted to him faithful tilling; a space in which to strive incessantly, achieve self-realization, more onward and upward. Yes, with the aid of time, man becomes capable of wresting the immortal from the mortal.  Deep down, I believe - and deem such belief natural to every human soul - that in the university prime significance must be attributed to this earth of ours. Deep down I believe that creation of the universe out of nothingness and of life out of inorganic state ultimately aimed at the creation of man. I believe that man is meant as a great experiment whose possible failure of man's own guilt would be paramount to the failure of creation itself.  Whether this belief be true or not, man would be well advised if he behaved as though it were. 971

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