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Its just beautiful.它那么美Mars火星has, you know, intrigued people for so many years.吸引众人的目光已有多年I think its that red colour that attracts people,我认为就是那红色吸引了人们and its just...那真的just the romance of it.真的很浪漫Thats wonderful.真是太美了Curiositys planetary scientist Ashwin Vasavada参与好奇号的行星科学家阿斯温·瓦萨瓦达has shared this fascination since he was a boy.从小就对火星充满兴趣Looking at Mars through a telescope,从望远镜里看火星you can see some wonderful things.你能看见一些奇妙的东西You can see the planet,你能看到这个星球you can see the polar caps come and go with the seasons.能看到极冠随着季节变换I love looking through telescopes,我很喜欢用望远镜观察火星but really, theyre almost like using a record player但实话说 这样几乎就像是让一个for someone who grew up with the internet.在因特网时代长大的人使用电唱机In 1976,1976年we moved beyond mere telescopes.我们对火星的探测不再限于望远镜重点解释:1.go with 与 ... 相配例句:He wants me to go with him.他希望我同他一起去。2.look through 透过…看去例句:The auditor looked through all the vouchers.查帐员审核了全部凭单。3.grow up 长大例句:At 18, hes still rather frivolous and needs to grow up.他到了十八岁仍然很不懂事,很不成熟。 201601/421714原味人文风情:The Time You Have你还拥有多少时间?These are roughly 28,835 Jelly Beans. I counted out five hundred of them, and used those to weigh the rest. In this pile, theres one Jelly Bean for each day that the average American will live. You might have more beans in your life, or maybe less, but on average, this is the time we have.这些大约是28,835颗雷根糖。我数出其中五百颗,用那些去估测剩下的份量。在这一堆,一颗雷根糖代表一般美国人会过的每一天。在你的人生中也许会有更多颗糖,或也许更少,但平均来说,这是我们拥有的时间。Heres a single bean. Its your very first day. A special day, but kind of a rough day on everyone involved. Add 364 more and you have the first year of your life.这是一颗糖。是你的第一天。特别的一天,但对其他参与者来说是有点难熬的一天。再加上364颗,你就有人生中的第一年。Now for a sense of scale, here are your first fifteen years: 5,475 days, which brings us to the threshold of adulthood. And at that moment, this is the time that we have left. And this is, on average, what we will do with all that time:现在用比例的概念,这里是你第一个十五年:5,475天,那将我们带到成年期的门槛。在这时候,这是我们所剩下的时间。而这是,平均来说,我们会用那所有时间做的事:Well be asleep for a total of 8,477 days. If were lucky, some of that time well be sleeping next to someone we love.我们会有总共8,477个日子是睡着的。如果我们很幸运,其中有些时间我们会睡在某个我们所爱的人旁边。Well be in the process of eating, drinking, or preparing food for 1,635 days.我们会有1,635个日子是在吃、喝、或是准备食物的过程中。Well be at work, hopefully doing something satisfying for the equivalent of 3,202 of those days.我们会有相当于3,202个那些日子,是在工作中,希望是做一些令人满意的事。1,099 days will be spent commuting or travelling from one place to another, maybe a little bit more if you live in LA.1,099天会被用在通勤或从一个地方旅行到另一处,可能会多一点点,如果你住在洛杉矶的话。On average well watch television in one form or another for a total of 2,676 days.平均来看我们会有总共2,676个日子,是以一种或是其他形式看电视。Household activities, like chores and tending to our pets and shopping will take another 1,576 days.家务活动,像是家事和照顾我们的宠物以及购物会佔去另外1,576个日子。And well care for the needs and well-being of others, our friends and family, for 564 days.我们会有564天,是在照顾其他人──我们的朋友及家人的需求和健康。Well spend 671 days bathing, grooming, and doing all other bathroom related activities.我们会花671天在洗澡、打扮和做所有其他与浴室相关的活动。And another 720 days will go to community activities like religious and civic duties, charities, and taking classes.另外的720天会花在社区活动,像是宗教及公民义务、慈善活动、和上课。After we remove all those beans, this is what remains. This is the time that we have left. Time for laughing, swimming, making art, going on hikes, text messages, ing, checking facebook, playing softball, maybe even teaching yourself how to play the guitar.在我们移除所有这些糖之后,这是剩下的东西。这是我们剩下的时间。用来笑、游泳、创作艺术、健行、传简讯、阅读、查看脸书、打垒球、也许甚至教你自己怎么弹吉他的时间。So what are you gonna do with this time? How much of it do you think youve aly used up?所以你要用这个时间做什么?你觉得你已经用掉其中多少了?If you only had half of it, what would you do differently? What about half of that?如果你只有它的一半,你会做什么不一样的事?那再一半呢?How much time have you aly spent worrying instead of doing something that you love?你已经花了多少时间去担心而不是去做某件你喜爱的事?What if you just had one more day? What are you gonna do today?如果你只有再多一天呢?你今天要做什么?201504/367725


  Dont let the day-to-day pressures and hassles of life get to you. Unwind celebrity style.不要让日复一日的压力和生活的烦恼把你打垮。跟明星学习如何缓解压力。You Will Need你需要An outdoor retreat户外静思之处A spa水疗Exercise锻炼Meditation techniques冥想技巧Comfort food安慰食品A bubble bath泡泡浴Your family你的家人Steps步骤STEP 1 Get outdoors1.去户外Escape to the great outdoors. Whenever she feels stressed, Sandra Bullock heads to her ranch in Texas and enjoys the sights and sounds of nature.到伟大的户外大自然中。每当感到压力重重的时候,Sandra Bullock都会前往位于得克萨斯州的牧场,享受大自然的风光和声音。STEP 2 Hit the spa2.进行水疗Spend the day at a spa, a tried-and-true relaxation technique for stars from Martha Stewart to George Clooney.花一天的时间去水疗,这是从Martha Stewart到George Clooney等明星屡试不爽的放松技巧。STEP 3 Exercise3.锻炼Exercise. Jessica Biels works out her stress and builds self-confidence by exercising regularly. Go for walks or hit the gym.锻炼。Jessica Biel经常通过锻炼来排解压力,建立自信。去散步或去健身馆都可以。STEP 4 Meditate and practice yoga4.冥想,练瑜伽Meditate and practice yoga, like Madonna and Sting.像Madonna和Sting那样冥想和练瑜伽。Try a simple meditation technique where you focus on your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, and close your eyes.尝试一个简单的冥想技巧,集中精力注意呼吸。以舒适的姿势背部挺直坐好,闭上眼睛。STEP 5 Cook and eat comfort food5.烹煮和食用安慰食品Try cooking, like Ghost Whisperers Jennifer Love Hewitt does. Or eating comfort foods – hers are cupcakes.像《鬼语者》中的Jennifer Love Hewitt那样尝试烹煮。或者食用安慰食品——她的安慰食品是杯形蛋糕。STEP 6 Soak in the tub6.浴缸中泡澡Take a long hot bath – with lots of bubbles – or soak in a hot tub. Thats what Kristin Chenoweth does to recharge.洗一个长时间的热水浴——加很多泡泡——或者在浴缸中浸泡。Kristin Chenoweth就是用这种方法来给自己充电的。STEP 7 Enjoy family time7.享受家庭时间Spend time with your family, a favorite for Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick, and Angie Harmon.花点时间和家人在一起,这是Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick和Angie Harmon等明星最喜欢的。Many celebrities have suffered from anxiety, including Naomi Judd and Kim Basinger.许多明星患有焦虑症,包括Naomi Judd和Kim Basinger。视频听力译文由。201503/362897


  Caterpillar and Snail同理心的力量--毛虫哥与蜗牛的故事In the garden, theres a caterpillar and a snail, and theyre basically best friends. They hang out 24/7. They do dinner, movie nights, crafts, oh, and theyre, like, really into cosplay on top of, like, whatever else caterpillars and snails do, like, eat leaves or something.花园里,有一只毛毛虫和一只蜗牛,它们基本上算最好的麻吉。它们二十四小时都混在一起。它们一起吃晚餐、看电影、做手工艺 ,噢,而且它们真的很迷角色扮演,除了其它毛毛虫和蜗牛都会做的事之外,像是,吃树叶还是什么的。Anyways, one day theyre on their way to a party thats right outside the garden, and they have to go through the fence to get there. So the caterpillar goes right through, but the snail is stuck. Her shell is just too big and it wont fit under the wire, so shes like, ;Crap! I cant get through! Maybe, like, can you lift up the wire, or maybe we can build a little bridge or something?; And the caterpillars like, ;Dude, just go under.; But she cant. Theres just no way that the shell is gonna fit.总之,有一天它们在前往花园外的派对的路上,而它们得穿过围篱才能到那。毛毛虫直接过去,但蜗牛卡住了。她的壳太大,那穿不过铁网下面,所以她就像这样说:“糟糕!我过不去!或许,你可以抬起铁丝网,或是我们也许可以建个小桥还是什么的?”毛毛虫这样回答:“好哥儿们,从底下过去就是了。”但蜗牛她没办法。那壳根本不可能过得去。And the caterpillars like, ;Go under, come on. Were gonna be late, and Im trying to hook up with that super cute ladybug.; But its not happening. The shell will not fit under the wire, and at this point, Snails getting kinda frustrated because its not like she doesnt wanna go to the party, but for some reason, Caterpillar just isnt getting it.毛毛虫就像这样说:“从底下过,快啊。我们要迟到了,我可是要试着把那只超可爱的瓢虫耶。”但蜗牛过不去。壳没办法从铁丝网下过去,此刻,蜗牛感到有点挫败,因为又不是说她不想要去派对,但因为某种原因,毛毛虫就是无法理解。;Yeah...its not that easy for me. I just cant crawl under the fence like you can, so I would really appreciate your help here. Maybe we can, like, go a different way, or the...; And this just, like, sets the caterpillar off.“是啊...这对我来说没那么容易。我就是没办法像你那样从围篱底下爬过去,所以我会非常感谢你此时此地的帮忙。或许我们可以,像是,走别条路,或者...”然后这就把毛毛虫惹火了。;What the heck! Just because I can crawl under stuff doesnt mean that I have it easy. Do you even know what its like to have 16 feet?! You dont, because finding shoes is a complete nightmare.;“搞什么!只因为我可以从那玩意底下爬过去不代表对我来说就很容易。你知道有 16 只脚是怎样吗?!你不知道,因为找鞋子是场全然的噩梦。”;Whoa, whoa, whoa, Im not saying you have it easy. Im just saying I cant go under the fence because of my shell, thats it. I have a shell and you dont, and theres some stuff thats easier for you thats harder for me, just like, I dont know jack about finding shoes because I dont have feet!;“哇、哇、哇...我不是说对你来讲很容易。我只是说,因为我的壳的关系,我没办法从围篱底下过去,就这样。我有壳而你没有,有些对你来说比较容易的事对我来说比较困难,就像是,我压根不了解找鞋子这回事,因为我没有脚!”Caterpillar thinks about this for a second and realizes the snail is right. I mean, hes never had to think about shells or slimy trails, and thats a privilege that the snail has never had because she has to think about that stuff all the time. Thats part of being a snail. And its kind of like that for everyone, right?毛毛虫想了会,发现蜗牛是对的。我是说,他从来不用考虑壳或是黏答答的足迹,但那是蜗牛从未享有的特权,因为她必须时时刻刻想着那玩意。那是当一只蜗牛的一部分。而对大家来说都有点像那样,对吧?I mean, we all have our own struggles and challenges, and some of them are small, and some of them are huge and really unfair and beyond our control. And a lot of the time, it can be hard to see what someone else deals with because youve never been in their shoes...or shell. I mean, like, maybe youre gay, or trans, have a disability, or different religion, or, of course, the obvious one, youre a member of a different race. I dont know what its like to be you, and you dont know what its like to be me. So its really important to stop and try and see the other side so we can help each other overcome those obstacles together. Its like sometimes youre the snail, and sometimes youre the caterpillar.我是说,我们都有我们自己的挣扎和挑战,那些事有些微不足道,有些则很庞大、且非常不公平、又超出我们的控制。很多时候,可能很难看见别人面临的困难,因为你从未处在他们的立场...或壳里。我是说,像是,可能你是同性恋,或跨性别者,有缺陷,或有不同的宗教信仰,或者,当然,很显然的那一个,你是属于不同种族的一员。我不知道身为你是怎样,而你也不知道身为我是怎样。所以停下来并试着看另一面是非常重要的,这样我们才可以同心协力帮助彼此克那些困难。这就像有时候你是那只蜗牛,但有时候你是那只毛毛虫。Oh yeah, okay so, then the snail and the caterpillar figured out that if they went to the other side of the garden, they could get through a little break in the fence. And while it took a little longer to get to the party, they did the trip together, which is what made it so great. So they got to the party. The caterpillar hooked up with the little ladybug. Snail taught everyone how to do the Wobble, and the party was everything.没错,好啦所以,接着蜗牛和毛毛虫想到,如果它们去花园的另一边,它们就可以从围篱的小缝隙穿过去。虽然花了比较多时间才到派对,但它们一起完成这旅程,那就是让这旅程如此美好的事物。所以它们抵达派对。毛毛虫和小瓢虫调情。蜗牛教所有人跳摇摆舞,派对棒呆了。The End结束This is illustrated by the very talented and lovely Kat Blaque, and written and narrated by yours truly, Chescaleigh. Please check out Kats channel and dont forget to subscribe. Byeee!这部影片是由才华洋溢又可爱的 Kat Blaque 绘制,由你真挚的 Chescaleigh 写下以及配旁白。请看看 Kat 的频道,还有别忘了订阅喔。掰掰!201511/408612

  像《魔兽世界》这样的游戏,提供了一个让玩家在虚拟空间充当救世主的角色,并且同时激励这些玩家学习那些英雄们所具有的良好品质。那么我们能否利用这种机制去解决现实世界中的问题呢?Jane McGonigal说可以,并且给出了她的理由。201507/38345851 reported to have died in India quake据报道印度地震已造成51人丧生Indian media is reporting that 51 people have been killed and 237 injured, after tremors from the Nepal earthquake shook northern India.据印度媒体报道印度北部尼泊尔的地震已造成51人死亡,237人受伤。India has also dispatched air force planes to evacuate stranded nationals in Nepal.印度方面已派出空军部队疏散在尼泊尔滞留的人民。Indian media say over 550 Indian nationals were brought back late on Saturday, with more expected to be evacuated on Sunday.印度媒体称周六晚间超过550名印度人被带回,预计周日会有更多人疏散。The defense ministry says 10 special flights have been laid on for Sunday, to send disaster response forces, medical personnel and equipment, and relief supplies into Nepal.国防部称10架特别飞机已经为周日的救援工作做好准备,这些飞机将载着救灾部队、医疗人员及各种设备及救援物资进入尼泊尔。201504/372057

  There is growing evidence that a bomb was the likely cause of last week’s Russian airliner crash in Sinai which killed 224 people.上周俄罗斯客机在西奈坠毁造成224人死亡,越来越多的据表明事故是由于炸弹引起的。Although not mentioning any group, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond cited the possibility after a meeting of the UK government’s emergency Cobra committee.尽管没有提及任何组织,英国外交大臣哈蒙德·菲利普在英国政府紧急会议后引了这一可能性。We have concluded that there is a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.我们得出结论是飞机坠毁很可能是由于机上的爆炸装置引起的。Both US and UK intelligence sources point to the Islamist militant group ISIL or affiliated extremists who may have planted the bomb before the plane took off.美国和英国情报来源指出,伊斯兰激进组织ISIL或附属的极端分子可能在飞机起飞前埋下了炸弹。We have concluded that we have to change our travel advice and we are advising against all but essential travel by air through Sharm el-Sheikh airport. That means that there will be no U.K. passenger flights out to Sharm el-Sheikh from now.我们得出的结论是我们必须改变我们的旅行建议,除必要的旅行外我们建议不要在沙姆沙伊赫机场搭乘飞机。这意味着从现在开始没有英国旅客航班到沙姆沙伊赫。The UK’s reaction comes before investigators have reported on the crash.The news was not welcomed by British tourists.英国的反应是在调查人员报道事故发生之前,英国游客对此并不买账。I’ve been coming to Egypt since 1981, I was here very soon after the Hatshepsut problem in ’97 , and I will always keep coming back.我1981年就来了埃及,97哈特谢普苏特问题后不久我就在这里,我会一直回来。I think that it has been a really bad decision, because I think that nowadays, this could happen anywhere in the world.我认为这是一个非常糟糕的决定,因为我认为现在这可能发生在世界的任何地方。Egypt’s economy relies heavily on tourism and its foreign minister has called the UK response premature, claiming to have taken exceptional measures to enhance security at the airport.埃及的经济很大程度上依赖旅游业,其外交部长称英国的回应过早,声称已经采取特殊措施加强机场安全。译文属。 /201511/408357


  Extracted from the poppy seed pod,鸦片是从罂粟籽当中提取而出的It activates a natural substance in the brain, dopamine,它刺激了大脑中一种天然物质的分泌:多巴胺That controls feelings of pleasure and reward,这种物质传递着快乐与兴奋Generating a sense of euphoria And physical addiction.使人产生一种欢愉的感觉 并且导致生理上的依赖Ho lao chin runs a lucrative opium den.何老金开设了一家利益颇丰的鸦片馆He gets the drug from the British.They grow it in India.他从英国人那里买来鸦片 他们在印度种植For the British traders, its like printing money.对英国贸易商来说 这就像印钞票For the Chinese, its devastating.而对中国人来说 这是毁灭性的This one drug opium had such a powerful impact on peoples minds鸦片这种药物对人的大脑 有着巨大的影响力that it became the single largest commodity traded worldwide in the early 19th century.在十九世纪早期 它就成为了 世界贸易中唯一销量最大的商品 Twelve million Chinese are addicted.一千二百万中国人沉迷于此Fifteen times more than the number of heroin addicts In the US today.比今天美国海洛因吸食者的数量 要高出十五倍Draining Chinas silver reserves And tearing the country apart.这掏空了中国的白银储备 国家变得四分五裂The addiction to opium was so widesp,鸦片吸食普遍到that we have about 30% of court officials addicted.近百分之三十的官员有毒瘾It really was a disease that would cripple a great empire.这个病害足以使 一个伟大帝国的衰落201604/437840。

  You don’t have to marry a member of a royal family to have a royal wedding. Just crib their style.要举办皇家级别的婚礼,你不一定要和皇室成员结婚。模仿他们的风格就可以了。You Will Need你需要Invitations邀请函Horse-drawn carriage马车Venue with a balcony有阳台的婚礼举办地点Extra names额外的名字Etiquette instructions礼仪指导21-gun salute21响炮History books (optional)历史书(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Send the invitations1.发送邀请函Send invitations that begin: ;I am commanded by the Queen to invite you….; In the ed Kingdom, the ;I; being commanded is the Lord Chamberlain, the chief officer of the royal household. In your household, it could be anyone.发送邀请函,这样开头:“受女王命令,我邀请你……”在英国,其中的“我”指的是宫务大臣,皇室家族首席官员。在你的家庭中,可以是任何人。STEP 2 Pick out names2.选择名字Pick out extra names to use when exchanging vows. Only commoners have only one or two given names; the ruling classes have at least four.Just make sure they’re regal enough for a royal wedding.挑选额外的名字,交换誓词时使用。平民只有两个名字,而统治阶层至少有四个。确保你挑选的名字具有王者风范,适合皇室婚礼。Consult history books for names of past kings and queens.查看历史书,了解过去的国王和王后的名字。STEP 3 Book a carriage3.租用马车Hire a horse-drawn carriage to carry the bride and groom from ceremony to reception. Publicize the path your carriage will take so people who havent been invited can pay their respects. You can’t have a royal wedding without adoring subjects!租用马车,搭乘新郎和新娘从婚礼到招待场所。公布你们的马车要经过的路线。这样未被邀请的人可以表达敬意。没有尊重你们的观众又怎么称得上是皇室婚礼呢?STEP 4 Wave from a balcony4.在阳台上挥手Book a reception hall with a balcony from which you can wave to total strangers.预订一个有阳台的招待场所,这样你们可以向陌生人挥手致意。STEP 5 Lay down the rules5.制定规矩Instruct guests that they are not to touch the bride, the groom, or anyone in their immediate families without the person’s implied consent,such as an extended hand. Men should acknowledge a royal presence by bowing their head; ladies should curtsy.向宾客介绍规定,没有许可,他们不能触碰新郎,新娘,或者他们的家人,比如握手。皇室人员出现时,男士应该点头致意,女士们应该屈膝行礼。STEP 6 Arrange for a salute6.安排行礼Follow the tradition of Norway, Sweden, and Brunei and arrange for a 21-gun salute to announce that you are now husband and wife. Nothing like ending a royal wedding with a bang!遵循挪威,瑞典,文莱的传统,安排21响礼炮,宣布你们成为夫妇。没有什么比响礼炮来结束皇室婚礼更震撼的了。Prince William and Kate Middleton made royal history when they revealed details of their wedding on Twitter.威廉王子和凯特王妃在社交网站推特上宣布婚礼细节时,他们的婚礼创造了皇室历史。201501/355916

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/428164


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