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So lets connect all this together.那么让我们把我们的大脑都连起来。So if Im understanding correctly, one of the monkeys is actually getting a signal and the other monkey is reacting to that signal just because the first one is receiving it and transmitting the neurological impulse.那么,如果我理解正确的话,其中一只猴子得到信号,而另一只猴子接到信号做出反应是因为第一只猴子接收并传递神经脉冲。No, its a little different.不,这有一些不同。No monkey knows of the existence of the other two monkeys.没有一只猴子知道有另外两只猴子的存在。They are getting a visual feedback in 2D,它们接收到一个二维的视觉反馈,but the task they have to accomplish is 3D.但它们要完成的任务却是三维的。They have to move an arm in three dimensions.他们需要在三维空间里移动胳膊。But each monkey is only getting the two dimensions on the screen that the monkey controls.但是每只猴子在控制时只有二维图像。And to get that thing done,you need at least two monkeys to synchronize their brains,but the ideal is three. 而要完成这个任务,你需要至少两只猴子 去同步它们的大脑,但是在理想状态下是 同时同步三只猴子的大脑。So what we found out is that when one monkey starts slacking down,the other two monkeys enhance their performance to get the guy to come back,so this adjusts dynamically, but the global synchrony remains the same. 那么我们发现 当一只猴子开始松懈时,另外两只猴子提高他们的动作让松懈的那只猴子跟上节奏,那么这个只是动态上有调整,但是整体还是不变的。Now, if you flip without telling the monkey the dimensions that each brain has to control,like this guy is controlling x and y,but he should be controlling now y and z,instantaneously, that animals brain forgets about the old dimensions and it starts concentrating on the new dimensions. 现在,如果你改变每个大脑控制的维度但没有事先告知那些猴子,比如这只猴子控制X和Y,但是它本应该控制Y和Z,动物的大脑立即忘掉旧的指令并开始专注于新的指令。So what I need to say is that no Turing machine,no computer can predict what a brain net will do. 我需要说的是这里没有图灵机,没有计算机可以预言大脑能做什么。So we will absorb technology as part of us.那么我们将技术吸收成为我们的一部分。Technology will never absorb us.科技将不会控制我们。Its simply impossible.这是不可能的。How many times have you tested this?你们测试了多少次?And how many times have you succeeded versus failed?而在测试中成功和失败的比率是多少?Oh, tens of times.噢,几十倍With the three monkeys? Oh, several times.三只猴子在一起的时候? 哦,好几次。I wouldnt be able to talk about this here unless I had done it a few times.我不可能站在这如果我没有至少做几次测试。And I forgot to mention, because of time,that just three weeks ago, a European group just demonstrated the first man-to-man brain-to-brain connection. 而我忘记提了,因为时间关系,在三周前一群欧洲人刚演示了第一个人对人,脑对脑的连接。And how does that play?而那个又是如何运作的?There was one bit of information-big ideas start in a humble way but basically the brain activity of one subject was transmitted to a second object, all non-invasive technology.我知道一点信息 伟大的想法,总始于藏在不起眼的地方,但是基本上一个目标的大脑运动通过非入侵式科技传递到第二个目标。So the first subject got a message, like our rats, a visual message,and transmitted it to the second subject. 那么第一个目标得到一个信息 比如之前说的老鼠,得到一个视觉信号,并传递给第二个目标。The second subject received a magnetic pulse in the visual cortex,第二个目标在其视觉皮层接收到磁脉冲,or a different pulse, two different pulses.或是两种不同的脉冲。In one pulse, the subject saw something.在第一个脉冲中, 目标发现某些东西。On the other pulse, he saw something different.在另一个脉冲他发现不同的东西。And he was able to verbally indicate what was the message the first subject was sending through the Internet across continents.而它能够在口头上通过跨大洲的互联网指出第一个物体所发出的信息是什么。Moderator: Wow. Okay, thats where we are going.主持人:哇 那好,这就是我们的方向。Thats the next TED Talk at the next conference.这将在下一个TED Talk里为大家展示。Miguel Nicolelis, thank you. Thank you, Bruno. Thank you. Miguel Nicolelis,谢谢你。谢谢。谢谢大家。201503/365559Well, more than we think. We cant fix every problem--corruption, natural calamities are part of the picture here--but the ones we can we must. The debt burden, as I say, unfair trade, as I say, sharing our knowledge, the intellectual copyright for lifesaving drugs in a crisis, we can do that. And because we can, we must. Because we can, we must. Amen.这比我们想象的更为复杂。我们无法解决所有的问题——腐败和自然灾害是无法抵抗的——但对于力所能及的问题,我们必须竭尽所能地去解决。我认为,外债负担、不公平贸易、知识共享以及危急时刻救命药物的知识产权问题,我们是可以做到的。因为我们可以做到,那我们就必须去做。我们可以做到,就要竭尽所能。阿门。This is the straight truth, the righteous truth. Its not a theory; its a fact. The fact is that this generation--yours, my generation--that can look at the poverty. Were the first generation that can look at poverty and disease, look across the ocean to Africa and say with a straight face, ;We can be the first to end this sort of stupid, extreme poverty, where, in the world of plenty, a child can die for lack of food in its belly.; We can be the first generation. It might take a while, but we can be that generation that says no to stupid poverty. Its a fact. Its a fact. The economists confirm it. Its an expensive fact but, cheaper than say the Marshall Plan that saved Europe from communism and fascism. And cheaper I would argue than fighting wave after wave of terrorisms new recruits. Thats the economics department over there, very good.这就是现实,真正的现实。不是理论,而是现实。现实就是我们这代人和你们这代人要直面贫困,我们是第一代能够穿越大洋直面非洲的贫困和疾病的人,我们这样说:“我们也可以成为结束这种荒谬的极度贫困的第一代人,在这个丰裕的时代,那里的孩子正因为肚子里没有食物而死去,”我们可以成为这第一代人。也许解决这一问题需要很长时间,但我们可以成为对这种荒谬的贫困说“不”的第一代人。这就是事实,这就是事实!经济学家实,解决这一问题耗资巨大,但却比从共产主义和法西斯主义中拯救欧洲的“马歇尔计划”耗资要少得多,也比一浪高过一浪的反恐部队的开要少得多。那边就是经济系的学生吧,真是太好了。Its a fact. So why arent we pumping our fists in the air and cheering about it? Well, probably because when we admit we can do something about it, weve got to do something about it. For the first time in history we have the know-how, we have the cash, we have the lifesaving drugs, but do we have the will?这就是事实。为什么我们没有挥舞着拳头欢呼呢?也许是因为如果我们承认了我们可以做出行动,我们就得有所作为。有史以来第一次,我们拥有了解决方法、资金以及救命的药物,但是我们有决心吗? /201312/268685

Thousands of people are posting s like this,mostly teenage girls, reaching out in this way.有成千上万的人们上传这样的视频,他们中大部分都是十几岁的女孩,用这种方式来接触外界。But whats leading them to do this?然而是什么导致他们这样做的呢?Well, todays teenagers are rarely alone.今天的青少年很少独处。Theyre under pressure to be online and available at all times,talking, messaging, liking, commenting, sharing, posting a it never ends.他们被迫上网并随时保持在线,聊天、发信息、点赞、、分享、上传—无休无止。Never before have we been so connected,so continuously, so instantaneously, so young. 我们之前从来没有如此被紧密地联系,而且是如此地无休无止、如此快速,如此年轻。And as one mom told me, its like theres a party in their bedroom every night.正如一位妈妈跟我说的,似乎每天晚上他们的卧室里都有聚会。Theres simply no privacy.简直毫无隐私。And the social pressures that go along with that are relentless.而由此伴随而来的社会压力也是残酷的。This always-on environment is training our kids to value themselves based on the number of likes they get and the types of comments that they receive.这种永远在线的环境将我们的孩子训练成要靠通过他们获得的点赞数量和收到的来肯定自己的价值。Theres no separation between online and offline life.没有线上和线下之分,Whats real or what isnt is really hard to tell the difference between.很难区分什么是真实的什么不是真实的,And its also really hard to tell the difference between whats authentic and whats digitally manipulated.也很难区分现实和虚拟世界。Whats a highlight in someones life versus whats normal in the context of everyday.也分不清日常生活和精时光。And where are they looking to for inspiration?那他们又从哪里去获得灵感呢?Well, you can see the kinds of images that are covering the newsfeeds of girls today.你可以看看那些今天出现在各种新闻中女孩的形象。Size zero models still dominate our catwalks.零号尺寸模特仍然统治着T形台。Airbrushing is now routine.修饰照片现在也很常见。And trends like thinspiration, thighgap,bikinibridge and proana.现在的趋势是励瘦、大腿间距、比基尼桥和安娜运动。For those who dont know, proana means pro-anorexia.要跟那些不明白这些的人提一下,安娜运动的意思是持厌食。These trends are teamed with the stereotyping and flagrant objectification of women in todays popular culture.这些趋势与今天的流行文化中对女性的刻板印象和公然物化结合在一起。It is not hard to see what girls are benchmarking themselves against.从中不难看出女孩子们是怎样定位自己的。But boys are not immune to this either.但是男孩子们对此也不能幸免。Aspiring to the chiseled jaw lines and ripped six packs of superhero-like sports stars and playboy music artists.他们渴望拥有轮廓分明的下巴线条和像英雄般的体育明星以及音乐艺术家所拥有的六块腹肌。201507/385848

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