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Speaking of babies,prince Williams pregnant wife,Kate middleton,is past her due date.说到新生儿 威廉王子的怀妻子 凯特·米德尔顿已经过了产期了Doctors may have to induce labor.医生可能得催产Yeah,to speed up the birth,doctors have been telling the baby,come on out.You will never have to work a day in your life.为了加速生产 医生们对宝宝说 快出来吧 你这辈子永远不用工作的This is pretty sweet.Yesterday Instagram announced that users can now hashtag emojis.不错啊 昨天图片分享宣布用户现在可以给符号表情打井号了So,ladies and gentlemen,its official.we all learn to for nothing.女士们先生们 就是这样了 我们字都白识了Bruce Jenner,of course,big star in the news right now.Bruce Jenner will be getting his own reality show.Did you know that?布鲁斯·詹纳 大热新闻 布鲁斯·詹纳将拥有自己的新真人秀 大家知道吗Unfortunately as a woman,Jenner will only be making 70% of what he made on his last reality show.Got to get used to that.Its step down.只是 作为女人 他只能挣之前七成的工资了 得面对这个现实了 要减工资了Speaking of gender issues,girls who play ;Mine craft; can finally play it as girls instead of boys.You can play as a girl,yeah.说到性别问题 玩《我的世界》的女生 终于能以女生而非男生的身份玩这个游戏了 你可以以女生的身份玩了Not to be outdone,today grand theft uh-oh released an update that allows you to shoot a male prostitute.Nice.倒不是要攀比 但今天《侠盗猎车手》更新了游戏 让你可以射杀男妓 多棒啊were getting there.were getting there.Real progress,real progress.we really made it.性别平等不远了 性别平等不远了 真是大进步 我们成功了Ok,I got to mention this,two Ohio graduate students have invented a device they are calling a cannabis buster,a cannabis buster得提一嘴 两名俄亥俄州毕业生 发明了一种设备 称为印度大麻探测器 印度大麻探测器This will help law enforcement determine whether or not drivers are under the influence of marijuana.Yeah,they are aly testing the device.能帮助执法部门确认驾驶员是否吸大麻后驾驶 这件设备已经在接受测试了Did you hear the worry from our audience? whoa,what?你听到观众们的担忧了吗 什么201608/458931No. 1 Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prizein 1939, he was nominated by Brandt, a member of the Swedish parliament.第一,希特勒在1939年获得了诺贝尔和平奖的提名,提名他的是勃兰特,一位瑞典议会的议员。The man was a dedicated anti-fascist and he made thenomination as a joke, but unsurprisingly is sarcasm wasnt very well received.此人致力于反法西斯,并把这项提名当作笑话,但毫无疑问这个讽刺并不被大众理解。No. 2 Hitler invented the blow-up sex doll.第二,希特勒发明了充气娃娃。German troops were getting syphilis from engagingwith French prostitutes, so to counteract this, Hitler had lifelike dolls madethat could pack into soldiers bags and provide comfort when needed.德国军队从法国身上染上梅毒,所以为了抵抗此病,希特勒下令制作了栩栩如生的娃娃,可以装在士兵的包裹里,在需要的时候提供安慰。No. 3 Hitlers first love was a Jewish girl, lackingcourage he never spoke to her.第三,希特勒的初恋是一个犹太女孩,由于缺乏勇气,他从来没有对她说话。He was only 16 at the time and he wrote a number oflove poems about her.那时他只有16岁,还写了许多关于她的爱情诗。Some sources claim he even contemplated suicide, asan escape from the suffering unrequited love caused him.一些消息来源声称他甚至想以自杀来逃避单恋的痛苦。No. 4 Hitler led the first public anti-smokingcampaign in modern history.第四,希特勒领导了现代史上第一次公共禁烟运动。The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign banned smoking inpublic transport vehicles and raised the tobacco tax.纳粹反烟运动禁止在公共交通工具上吸烟和提高烟草税。They also promoted health education and organizelectures for soldiers.他们还推行士兵的健康教育并组织讲座。No. 5 Hitler was a vegetarian, and created lawsagainst animal cruelty, he passed laws which regulated animal slaughter as wellas animal transport.第五,希特勒是一个素食主义者,他制定了反对虐待动物的法律,通过法律规范动物屠宰以及运输。Most importantly, he prohibited hunting and limitedanimal testing.最重要的是,他禁止打猎和限制动物实验。Unfortunately, the animals previously used inmedical experiments were replaced by the Jews.不幸的是,之前医学实验中使用的动物被犹太人所取代。No. 6 Hitler was saved from drowning by a priestwhen he was four years old.第六,希特勒在他四岁时溺水,被一个牧师救了。The priest was around hitlers age and jump to therescue when the ice under Hitlers feet cracked and he sank into the freezingwater.这个牧师跟他差不多年龄,在希特勒脚下的冰裂开,陷入了冰冷的水时,跳下去救了他。Ironically, the hero grew up to regret the incident.具有讽刺意味的是,这位英雄长大后表示十分后悔这个举动。No. 7 During the First World War, a British soldierspared the life of a wounded German, that German was Adolf Hitler.第七,在第一次世界大战期间,一名英国士兵救了一个受伤的德国士兵一命,那个德国人就是阿道夫#8226;希特勒。The soldier had a clear aim to kill at point-blank,but he decided not to shoot.这个士兵本可以一毙命,但他决定不开。Hitler later found an article about the soldier,recognized him in the picture and save the clipping.希特勒后来发现了一篇关于该士兵的报道,从照片上认出了他并保存了剪报。No. 8 Hitler plan to collect thousands of Jewishartifacts to build a museum of an extinct race after the war.第八,希特勒计划收集成千上万的犹太人艺术品以在战争结束后建造一个灭绝种族的物馆。He ordered the collection of 200,000 items whichwere photographed and catalogued, the collection was meant to serve as a trophycase.他命令集合20万件物品来拍摄和编目,这个收集被作为自己的一个奖杯陈列。No. 9 Hitler never once visited a singleconcentration camp.第九,希特勒从未去过任何一个集中营。In fact, he was very careful about keeping a safedistance from all the dirty work.事实上,他非常小心地和所有肮脏的工作保持着一段安全距离。He deliberately spoke very vaguely about thesubject, and no written order about the killings ever existed, he gave the mostsensitive order exclusively and verbally.他故意很含糊地谈到这个话题,对裁定杀戮从不下书面命令,这些敏感的命令都是口头陈述并鲜为人知。No. 10 Hitler only had one testicle. Reportedly, hewas injured in battle with his abdomen and groin suffering most of the damage.第十,希特勒只有一个睾丸。据传,他在战斗中受了伤,腹部和腹股沟遭受了严重的伤害。As a result, he lost one of his testicles, the wardoctor supports this claim although no conclusive evidence was ever made inpublic.结果是,他失去了他的一个睾丸,虽然战地医生持这一说法,但至今没有有确凿的据来公然实。201508/391263

Alrigt. Oh.Thats not good when that sound happens.Who wants to go next?啊 听起来感觉不大妙 下一个谁来You want Melanie or Heather, its up to you.是梅勒妮还是希瑟 由你们决定Me, cause its killing me.Okay. The waiting is killing me.我来 这太折磨人了 好 等的过程太恐怖了Than its gonna be Melanie, okay?那就先降梅勒妮吧 好吗Melanie, I will see you in a minute. - Okay.梅勒妮 等会儿见 好I mean, its too much fun,when you said you are scared.说真的 你说害怕的时候 实在是太有意思了Okay. Now, are you y?Wait a minute, wait wait wait wait.Wait.现在 你准备好了吗 等等 等一下 等等 等等 等等The crocodile has not moved back to that area yet.鳄鱼还没回去呢Alrigt.No. There are not crocodiles in there.Sharks.I am kidding.好吧 啊不对 那没有鳄鱼 有鲨鱼 逗你呢There are little baby jerboa cheer packs.那有群乐颠颠的小跳鼠Alrigt. Here we go, y? Yes.来了 准备好了吗 准备好了Here you go.Come on now.Hi. Oh My God!Hi.Hi...Alrigt.走你 大家出来吧 嗨 -啊 天呐 嗨 嗨 好了You each are getting a fifty-inches TCL Roku TV,and we, get to dance.你们每人都将获得一台50寸TCL罗库电视 我们 来跳个舞吧 /201601/421228It means the living can slip away, for now.这意味着现在活着的动物可以逃跑。Shell not go far, for shell be back again,up to eight times during a single breeding season to deposit up to 100 eggs on each visit.它不会走的很远,而且将会再次回来,一个繁殖季节它会往返八次,每次会产下100个蛋。Only then can she head back to her feeding grounds,where who knows what will happen to her.只有那之后它才会掉头返回它觅食的地方 在那里有人知道将会发生什么。Away from the Great Barrier Reef, sea turtles are caught to eat.远离大堡礁,海龟也会被捕食。And sharks arent immune either.鲨鱼也不会幸免。These tiger sharks bear the scars of hooks from long-line fishing.这些鲨鱼携带着被长线的钩子留下的疤痕。Its not surprising then that the older sharks are conspicuous by their absence.所以年长的鲨鱼,因为缺席而显得显眼并不让人吃惊。While at Raine Island, the sharks and turtles are in a sanctuary,but even sanctuaries can come under threat.在雷恩岛,鲨鱼和海龟都是生活在避难所里,但是避难所也会受到威胁。Although not necessarily from us.尽管不是来自于人类。Brief thunderstorms are a welcome break from the heat and humidity,but they can also build into the mother of all storms.短暂的暴风雨能使人短暂摆脱湿热的天气,但是它们也能形成所有的暴风雨。The summer heats up the ocean,creating tropical storms that spiral in from the Coral Sea.夏天海洋被加热形成的热带风暴从珊瑚海螺旋上升。In America, storms of this intensity are known as hurricanes,and in Japan theyre called typhoons.在美国,这种强度的暴风雨被称为飓风,日本人管它叫台风。But here theyre known as cyclones.但是人们熟知的叫气旋。 译文属201511/412820Residents of the Philippines are bracing themselves to weather Typhoon Haimi, which bore down on the Philippines Tuesday. 菲律宾民众正在应对周二逼近的台风海马。Forecasts say the countrys northern island of Luzon will face strong winds and heavy rainfall that could trigger landslides in the mountainous region. 气象预测称,菲律宾北部的吕宋岛将面临强风和强降雨,并可能引发山区山体滑坡。The storm is expected to become a super typhoon,with winds over 150 mph in the next 12 to 24 hours and make landfall Wednesday night. 未来12到24个小时,风暴预计发展成为超级台风,风速超过每小时150英里,并于周三晚上登陆。CNN Meteorologist Taylor Ward said the area around the center will have extreme damage from the winds as well as a significant storm surge.美国有线电视新闻网的气象学家泰勒·沃德表示,中心区域将遭受强风和风暴潮的极端破坏。译文属。201610/472156

Happiness and Income收入与幸福感Everything that rises must converge幸福的家庭总是相似的Emerging markets are catching up with the West in the happiness stakes新兴国家的幸福指数将要赶上西方POETS, songwriters and left-wing politicians hate the idea, but for decades opinion-poll evidence has been clear: money buys happiness and the richer you are, the more likely you are to express satisfaction with your life. Until now. A survey of 43 countries published on October 30th by the Pew Research Centre of Washington, DC, shows that people in emerging markets are within a whisker of expressing the same level of satisfaction as people in rich countries. It is the biggest qualification to the standard view of happiness and income seen so far.诗人,作词家,左翼政治家总是反驳这样一个观点:钱可以买到幸福,一个人越有钱,他对生活的满意感就可能越高。但是十年来民意调查却清楚明了这一点。不过,位于华盛顿特区的皮尤研究中心调查了43个国家后,发现发展中国家的人对生活满意度与富有国家的人们生活满意度相差无几。这是迄今为止出现的最能明人越有钱越幸福这个观点的据。The Pew poll asks respondents to measure, on a scale from zero to ten, how good their lives are. (Those who say between seven and ten are counted as happy.) In 2007, 57% of respondents in rich countries put themselves in the top four tiers; in emerging markets the share was 33%; in poor countries only 16%—a classic expression of the standard view.皮尤让被调查者用0到10之间数字表示对生活的满意度。(如果给出数字在7和10之间,认为该调查人幸福。)2007年的调查显示富有国家57%的调查者认为自己是幸福的人;发展中国家有33%认为自己幸福;在贫困国家幸福的人只有16%—这是明金钱和幸福感相关的典型例子。But in 2014, 54% of rich-country respondents counted themselves as happy, whereas in emerging markets the percentage jumped to 51%. This was happening just at a time when emerging markets chances of converging economically with the West seemed to be receding.2014年中富有国家幸福的人有54%,然而发展中国家的百分比跃到了51%。此时发展中国家抓住机会发展经济正在赶上经济似乎萎靡的西方国家,两个时间点不谋而合。Rich countries did not experience steep declines in happiness. The decreases in America and Britain were tiny (a single percentage point), while the share of happy Germans rose 13 points. A large drop in formerly joyful Spain ensured a modest overall decline for the rich. But the convergence happened thanks to huge improvements in countries such as Indonesia (+35) and Pakistan (+22). In 12 of the 24 emerging markets, half or more people rate their life satisfaction in the top tiers of the ladder.富有国家在幸福感上并没有大幅下降。美国和英国只是下降了一个百分点,德国人民的幸福感却上升了13个百分点。但是之前幸福的西班牙人此次调查指数大幅下降导致发达国家幸福指数总体稍微有所下降。幸福感大幅提高的几个国家是此次汇合发生的原因,比如印度尼西亚(+35),巴基斯坦(+22)。24个发展中国家里12个国家,半数、或半数以上的人感觉对自己生活很满意。This is not to say the link between income and satisfaction has been snapped. Poor countries still lag behind: only a quarter of the people there are in the happy tiers—half the level of the other two groups. There is also a clear link between happiness and income growth (as opposed to income levels). Chinas GDP rose at an annual average rate of 10% in 2007-14 and its happiness level rose 26 points.这并不是明金钱和生活满意度之间的关联断了。贫困国家指数依旧垫底:只有四分之一的人认为自己幸福—是发展中国家和发达国家的一半。该数据清晰显示了工资增长率和幸福感之间的联系(而不是收入水平)。中国国内生产总值从2007到2014年每年以平均10%的速度增长,其人民幸福度提高了26个百分点。Within countries, richer people express more satisfaction than their poorer neighbours. The study divided respondents into categories with higher and lower incomes and fewer and more household goods. In every country in every group, richer folk with more goods expressed higher levels of happiness. So at a personal (as opposed to national) level, money does buy happiness. And if you ask people about different aspects of their lives—health, family life, religion, standard of living—it turns out that satisfaction with living standards still has the biggest influence on happiness.在同一个国家里,富人比穷人更幸福。这项调查把调查者分成了高收入群体和低收入群体,家里日用品多的和少的群体。在每个国家里的每个群体,有很多如用品较为富有的居民反映出的幸福度更高。如果问到生活中一些其它方面如健康,家庭生活,信仰,生活水平对幸福感的影响,结果显示生活水平是影响幸福感最大方面。But the secret of happiness has been scattered around. Women tend to be happier than men. Married people are happier than unmarried ones. Latin Americans are more satisfied than people in other emerging markets. Asians are the most optimistic; Middle Easterners the least. Income still matters. But it has been dethroned.但是幸福的秘密还存在很多地方。女人为什么会比男人幸福?已婚者为什么比未婚者幸福?拉丁美洲人为什么比别的发展中国家幸福?亚洲人为什么如此乐观?中东人为什么不幸福?收入是一方面,但已经不是唯一方面。译者:刘苗苗 校对:韦永睿译文属译生译世 /201411/341877

I am in the infantry with a segregate,second infantry division.Ive been fort Lewis我曾在路易斯要塞的步兵营 第二步兵师Im a vehicle commander on a Shrike,and I konw a lot of people dont understand whats that我是一辆百舌鸟战车车长 大家可能不清楚Thats basically a big tank with rubber wheels most people explain,Im just the commander of the vehicle,I command where it goes and what it does就是一种有胶轮的大型坦克 我就是一辆战车的车长 可以决定战车的进退攻守At the first injury,you had seems like such a freak accident,can you talk about what happened你上次负伤 好像是一件很可怕的事故 能给我们讲讲发生了什么吗Yeah.Last deployment I was in Afghanistan,I was getting y for a mission好的 上次我在阿富汗部署 准备执行一项任务We were upon top of our shriker,a bullet had been left around from shooting prior当时我们在战车的顶上 一个左边前锋队员打出的炮弹That had not gone off.A live round basically exploded on top of the vehicle却没有避开 一个炮弹在战车的上方爆炸了and it cut through my hand and took off my index finger on my right hand,wow然后刚好打中我的右手 弹片把我的食指打掉了 哇Ive regained all my strength in my hand,they said Id only get 50 percent strength现在右手的握力已经像以前一样 虽然医生曾说只能恢复一半But I can use my hand fully to the ability,Iam able to use it now.Amazing,amazing.但我现在想用右手做什么都可以 已经完全好了 太惊人了And we cut the letter down a tiny bit actually,but in the letter you told us what youre doing because youre struggling to pay bills刚刚读信的时候 其实有所删减 信中还写道 你们做的许多为了付各种费用的事情And tell us,tell them.I know what youre doing,to pay bills和大家聊聊 你们是怎样应付生活开销的Well,we got kind of creative,we put together things we didnt need anymore and things we could live without and we put them on我们想了个点子 把不再需要的东西 生活必需品以外的东西整理出来卖Like what?what are you selling on.We sold some baby stuff,some appliances,some furniture,what appliances were you using举个例子 都卖什么 一些婴儿用具啊 家用电器 家具 用什么电器啊Like coffee pot and stuff like that you know you dont need你不需要的那些咖啡壶之类的东西I found some unloader parts set I have done my car before I bump my truck我还找到了一些以前为我自己的卡车做的减震的装备You are selling stuff like that,just a little things you know.all right.你们就卖这些 差不多的小东西 好的 /201609/464625

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