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福州通水去哪里福州市博爱医院治不孕收费贵吗So I just copied and pasted from my resume.所以我直接把简历,复制粘贴上去So in the descriptive part up top,上面,描述部分I said that I was an award-winning journalist我说我是,获奖记者and a future thinker.和未来思考者When I was asked about fun activities and让我描述兴趣爱好和理想人选my ideal date, I said monetization我填了,赚钱and fluency in Japanese.和日语流利I talked a lot about JavaScript.还写了很多关于,网页编码的内容So obviously this was not the best way这一步,to put my most sexy foot forward.走得确实不太优雅But the real failure was that最根本的问题是there were plenty of men for me to date.还是有很多男士,和我约会These algorithms had a sea full of men配对公式,为我找到一大批男士that wanted to take me out on lots of dates --他们不断约我--what turned out to be truly awful dates.可结果却特别糟糕There was this guy Steve, the I.T. guy.其中有一位,叫史蒂夫的技术男The algorithm matched us up配对公式,发现我们都对小玩意着迷because we share a love of gadgets,配对公式,发现我们都对小玩意着迷we share a love of math and data and 80s music,我们是数学迷,数据迷,还是80年代歌迷and so I agreed to go out with him.我同意见他So Steve the I.T. guy invited me out然后这位技术男,带我到to one of Philadelphias white-table-cloth,费城一家,extremely expensive restaurants.特别高消费的西餐厅And we went in, and right off the bat,刚到,我们就发现our conversation really wasnt taking flight,谈得,不太有意思but he was ordering a lot of food.但他,点了很多吃的In fact, he didnt even bother looking at the .他餐牌都,不用看He was ordering multiple appetizers,就点了几份,开胃菜multiple entres, for me as well,几份主食,还帮我点了and suddenly there are piles and piles of food on our table,忽然间,桌上堆满了大盘小盘吃的also lots and lots of bottles of wine.还有,很多很多瓶酒So were nearing the end of our conversation在我们,谈得差不多and the end of dinner, and Ive decided晚餐也,接近尾声的时候Steve the I.T. guy and I are really just not meant for each other,我确信和技术男,并非天生一对but well part ways as friends,但再见,还可以是朋友when he gets up to go to the bathroom,他去趟,洗手间and in the meantime the bill comes to our table.帐单也来了And listen, Im a modern woman.看,我是现代女性I am totally down with splitting the bill.平分帐单完全没问题But then Steve the I.T. guy didnt come back.但,技术男却没回来And that was my entire months rent.而那是我,整整一个月的房租So needless to say, I was not having a good night.不用说,我那天晚上很不好受So I run home, I call my mother, I call my sister,跑回家之后,我打电话找妈妈,找and as I do, at the end of each one of these每一次经历这些,糟糕至极的约会之后terrible, terrible dates,我都会,打给她们I regale them with the details.我披露,每一个细节And they say to me,之后,她们对我说;Stop complaining.;“别抱怨了”;Youre just being too picky.;“你就是太挑”So I said, fine, from here on out我说,好吧,那以后Im only going on dates where I know我只去,有无线网络的地方约会that theres wi-fi, and Im bringing my laptop.要带上,手提电脑Im going to shove it into my bag,把它,塞到袋子里and Im going to have this email template,然后做一个,邮件模版and Im going to fill it out and collect information把收集到的信息,填进去on all these different data points during the date一边约会,一边填to prove to everybody that empirically,用客观事实,向大家实these dates really are terrible.这些约会,究竟有多糟糕So I started tracking things like我开始,记录那些really stupid, awkward, sexual remarks;无聊又尴尬的,性暗示语言bad vocabulary;不适当的用词the number of times a man forced me to high-five him.还有对方,逼我与他击掌的次数So I started to crunch some numbers,然后我开始,统计这些数据and that allowed me to make some correlations.并且找到,一些关联So as it turns out,我发现for some reason, men who drink Scotch不知为什么,喝苏格兰威士忌的男性reference kinky sex immediately.立马联想到,性怪癖Well, it turns out that these当然,不是说probably werent bad guys.他们不好There were just bad for me.只是,不适合我And as it happens, the algorithms that were setting us up,同样,把我们凑到一起的,配对公式they werent bad either.也不差These algorithms were doing exactly它们按预先设计好的,what they were designed to do,正常运行which was to take our user-generated information,用提取到的,用户信息in my case, my resume,比如,我的简历and match it up with other peoples information.再和其他人的信息,配对See, the real problem here is that,可见,真正的问题是while the algorithms work just fine,虽然公式会按部就班you and I dont, when confronted我们却没有with blank windows where were supposed当我们面对,空白栏to input our information online.填写,个人信息的地方Very few of us have the ability没有多少人to be totally and brutally honest with ourselves.可以裸地,描述完全真实的自己The other problem is that these websites are asking us另一个问题是,网站总爱问questions like, are you a dog person or a cat person?你喜欢猫还是喜欢?Do you like horror films or romance films?爱看惊悚片还是爱情片?之类的问题Im not looking for a pen pal.我又不是来找笔友Im looking for a husband. Right?我在找丈夫,对吧?So theres a certain amount of superficiality in that data.而这些数据,比较肤浅So I said fine, Ive got a new plan.所以,我有个新计划Im going to keep using these online dating sites,继续上,婚恋网but Im going to treat them as databases,但只把它们当作,资料库and rather than waiting for an algorithm to set me up,而不是继续,被动地等公式配对I think Im going to try reverse-engineering this entire system.我要把整个系统反过来,重新定义201505/375135三明市哪里做试管婴儿 And think about the friends who never got the chance to go to college but were still invested in your success—friends who talked you out of dropping out, friends who kept you out of trouble so that you could graduate on time, friends who forced you to study when you wanted to procrastinate.想想那些从来没有机会进入大学但依然为你们的成功出钱出力的朋友们吧——想想那些劝告你们不要辍学的朋友们,想想那些让你们远离麻烦以便你们能够准时毕业的朋友们,想想那些当你们想偷懒时强迫你们去学习的朋友们。Most importantly, tough, think of the millions of ids living all over this world who will never come close to having the chance to stand in your shoes—kids in New Orleans whose schools are still recovering from the ravages of Katrina; kids who will never go to school at all because theyre forced to work in a sweat shop somewhere; kids in your very own communities who just cant get a break, who dont have anyone in their lives telling them that theyre good enough and smart enough to do whatever they can imagine; kids who have lost the ability to dream. These kids are desperate to find someone or something to cling to. They are looking to you for some sign of hope.但是最重要的,想想世界上还有数百万计的孩子们,他们永远不会像你们一样离机会如此之近——想想纽奥良的那些孩子们,他们的学校遭受了卡特里娜飓风的肆掠,目前还在修复;想想那些将永远没有机会上学的孩子们,他们会被迫在世界各个角落的血汗工厂里做工;想想你们自己社区里的孩子们吧,他们没有这么好的运气,在他们的生命里没有人告诉他们,他们聪明优秀,足以完成他们想象的任何事情;想想那些失去梦想的孩子们吧。这些孩子们迫切想找到可以依赖的人或事物。他们想要从你们那里看到希望的曙光。So, whenever you get y to give up, think about all of these people and remember that you are blessed. Remember that you are blessed. Remember that in exchange for those blessings, you must gives something back. You must reach back and pull someone up.所以当你们准备放弃的时候。想想所有这些人,记住你们是幸运的。记住你们是被祝福的。记住,得到了这些幸福后,你们必须拿出东西来回馈社会,你们必须回过身去拉别人一把。 /201303/228914福州再通输卵管哪里最好

龙岩疏通输卵管什么医院好福州博爱不孕不育精液检查好不好费用多少 Thank you, President Cowan, Mrs. President Cowen; distinguished guests, undistinguished guests--you know who you are, honored faculty and creepy Spanish teacher. So and thank you to all the graduating class of , I realize most of you are hungover and have splitting headaches and havent slept since Fat Tuesday, but you cant graduate till I finish, so listen up.尊敬的考恩校长,校长夫人,尊贵的嘉宾,不知名的嘉宾——你们知道自己是谁,不用介绍了,老师们还有令人害怕的西班牙语老师,感谢你们!感谢所有杜兰大学届毕业生们!我知道你们绝大多数还因为宿醉而头痛欲裂,狂欢到今天都还没有睡觉。但没听完我演讲不能毕业,所以要注意听了。When I was asked to make the commencement speech, I immediately said yes. Then I went to look up what commencement meant. Which would have been easy if I had a dictionary, but most of the books in our house are Portias, and theyre all written in Australian. So I had to break the word down myself, to find out the meaning.当我应邀来发表毕业演讲时,我毫不犹豫就答应了,然后我才去查毕业典礼是什么意思。如果我有字典的话就轻松多了,但我家里有的书大多都是波西亚的,而且都是澳式英语,所以我得自己拆分单词,摸索它的意思。Commencement: common, and cement. Common cement. You commonly see cement on sidewalks. Sidewalks have cracks, and if you step on a crack, you break your mothers back. So theres that. But Im honored that youve asked me here to speak at your common cement.Commencement由common和cement构成,意思是“常见的水泥”。在人行道上你常看见水泥。人行道上有裂缝,你踩到了裂缝,撞伤了你妈妈的背。意思就是这样。但是我很荣幸应邀给你们做“常见的水泥”的演讲。I thought that you had to be a famous alumnus-alumini-aluminum-alumis-you had to graduate from this school. And I didnt go to college here, and I dont know if President Cowen know, I didnt go to college at all. Any collge. And Im not saying you wasted your time, or money, but look at me, Im a huge celebrity.我原以为要够有名,并且必须是贵校的校友才能来这里演讲。我没在这儿上过大学,而且,不知道考恩校长是否知道,我根本没念过大学,没上过任何大学。我不是说你们在浪费时间和金钱。看看我,我可是超级成功的名人。201404/290794福州治疗子宫粘连那家好

晋安博爱医院看男科And I just look at this, and I think, yes,看到这些,我想,是的we could take that so much further by allowing people to set targets我们能可以把它带到更广阔的境界,以让人们去设定目标的方式by setting calibrated targets,以设置校准目标的方式by using elements of uncertainty,以使用不确定因素的方式by using these multiple targets,以使用这些多重目标的方式by using a grand, underlying reward and incentive system,以一个浩大的,潜在的奖励和激励系统by setting people up to collaborate in terms of groups, in terms of streets to collaborate and compete,依靠建立合作以群体形式,路边组合形式协作,竞争to use these very sophisticated group and motivational mechanics we see.以这些我们看到的非常复杂的群体和激励机制In terms of education,这在教育方面perhaps most obviously of all, we can transform how we engage people.大概显然是最有效的就是我们可以改变和人共事的方式We can offer people the grand continuity of experience and personal investment.我们可以提供人们在经历和个人投资上浩大的连续性We can break things down into highly calibrated small tasks.我们可以把事情拆分为可高度校准的小任务We can use calculated randomness.我们能用数理随机性We can reward effort consistently as everything fields together.我们能持续奖励努力正如所有东西传递承接在一起And we can use the kind of group behaviors that we see evolving when people are at play together,并且我们能用这种群体行为,我们看到它在人们共同游戏时演变these really quite unprecedentedly complex cooperative mechanisms.这些极空前复杂的合作机制Government, well, one thing that comes to mind is the U.S. government, among others,政府,有件事在我脑海中浮现,那就是美国政府,是所有政府中is literally starting to pay people to lose weight.首次书面声明付费用给人们用于减肥So were seeing financial reward being used to tackle the great issue of obesity.所以我们在谈论财政激励被用于解决肥胖症的巨大问题But again, those rewards could be calibrated so precisely但,那些激励能够被如此精确地标量if we were able to use the vast expertise of gaming systems to just jack up that appeal,如果我们能够用游戏系统中庞大的专门技术来持这种需要to take the data, to take the observations, of millions of human hours去积累数据,执行观察分析代替百万人工作量and plow that feedback into increasing engagement.和艰苦劳动来反馈提升人的参与度And in the end, its this word, ;engagement,; that I want to leave you with.最后,关键词是,参与度,这是我要留给大家的Its about how individual engagement can be transformed这是关于如何用心理学和神经学的经验来转换by the psychological and the neurological lessons个人的参与行为we can learn from watching people that are playing games.我们可以从观察人的游戏中学习But its also about collective engagement这同时也是关于集体参与and about the unprecedented laboratory for observing what makes people tick这是前所未有的实验室,我们通过游戏世界这个平台and work and play and engage on a grand scale in games.观察什么让人行动,什么让人工作,游戏和投入And if we can look at these things and learn from them如果我们观察这些并从中学习and see how to turn them outwards,并找到将它通用到游戏之外的方法then I really think we have something quite revolutionary on our hands.那么我真的任务我们正在做的士一件具有革命性的事情Thank you very much.非常感谢201511/411968 Pardon me.不好意思。I dont think I need this clicker anymore. You can have that.我觉得我不需要这个遥控器了,给你吧。Thank you very much. I appreciate that.谢谢,非常感谢!Come on up to the stage, Joe. Lets play a little game now.请上台,乔。我们玩个游戏吧!Do you have anything in your front pockets?你前面的裤袋里有什么东西吗? 乔:现金。Money. All right, lets try that.罗宾:现金,很好,让我们试试。Can you stand right over this way for me?你能站到这边来吗?Turn around and, lets see,请转过来。if I give you something that belongs to me,嗯,如果我把我的东西给你,this is just something I have, a poker chip.我有一枚扑克筹码,Hold out your hand for me. Watch it kind of closely.把你的手拿出来,看好了。Now this is a task for you to focus on.现在需要你专注地做一件事。Now you have your money in your front pocket here? Joe: Yup.你前面裤袋里有现金,对吗? 乔:是的。AR: Good. Im not going to actually put my hand in your pocket.罗宾:很好,我可没打算把手伸到你口袋里,Im not y for that kind of commitment.我还没准备好心理准备。One time a guy had a hole in his pocket,之前有一次碰到一个人,他的口袋里有个洞,and that was rather traumatizing for me.那次经历给我留下了巨大的心理阴影。I was looking for his wallet and he gave me his phone number.我本来是在找他的钱包,结果他给了我他的电话号码。It was a big miscommunication.真是个巨大的误会。So lets do this simply. Squeeze your hand.我们开始吧,请握紧你的手。Squeeze it tight. Do you feel the poker chip in your hand? Joe: I do.紧紧地握着,能感觉到手中的筹码吗? 乔:能。AR: Would you be surprised if I could take it out of your hand? Say yes.罗宾:如果我能将它从你手中取出,你会惊讶吗?请说“会”。Joe: Very. AR: Good.乔:我会非常惊讶。 罗宾:很好。Open your hand. Thank you very much.张开手。谢谢!Ill cheat if you give me a chance.如果你稍有疏忽,我是会作弊的。Make it harder for me. Just use your hand.现在给我加大点难度。Grab my wrist, but squeeze, squeeze firm.用你的手抓住我的手腕,死死地抓紧。Did you see it go?你看到筹码溜走了吗?Joe: No. AR: No, its not here. Open your hand.乔:没有。 罗宾:没有,但它不在这,张开手。See, while were focused on the hand,看到了吧,当我们专注于手的时候,its sitting on your shoulder right now.它其实已经落到了你的肩膀上。Go ahead and take it off.请将它取下。Now, lets try that again.现在,让我们再来一遍。Hold your hand out flat. Open it up all the way.把手张开,张到最大。Put your hand up a little bit higher, but watch it close there, Joe.请稍微抬起一点,但是要紧紧看着它。See, if I did it slowly, itd be back on your shoulder.看,如果我动作慢一点,它还是会回到你肩膀上。(Laughter)(笑声)Joe, were going to keep doing this till you catch it.乔,我们可以一直这样做,直到你抓住它为止。Youre going to get it eventually. I have faith in you.你最终会抓住它的,我相信你。Squeeze firm. Youre human, youre not slow.抓紧了。作为人类,你动作敏捷。Its back on your shoulder.它又回到你肩膀上了。You were focused on your hand. Thats why you were distracted.刚才你一直专注于你的手,所以你的注意力转移了。While you were watching this, I couldnt quite get your watch off. It was difficult.当你专注手的时候,我不能取下你的手表,太难了。Yet you had something inside your front pocket.但是你前方口袋里还有东西,Do you remember what it was?你还记得里面装着什么吗?Joe: Money.乔:现金AR: Check your pocket. See if its still there. Is it still there? (Laughter)罗宾:检查下你的口袋,看看现金还在不在,还在吗? (笑声)Oh, thats where it was. Go ahead and put it away.哦,它在这儿呢,请将它放回去。Were just shopping. This tricks more about the timing, really.我们只是到处看看。这个游戏更多的是对时间的把握。Im going to try to push it inside your hand.我接下来会把它放在你手里。Put your other hand on top for me, would you?能把你的另一只手放在上面吗?Its amazingly obvious now, isnt it?这一切出乎意料的显而易见,不是吗?It looks a lot like the watch I was wearing, doesnt it?这很像我现在带着的手表,对吗?(Laughter) (Applause)(笑声)(掌声)Joe: Thats pretty good. Thats pretty good. AR: Oh, thanks.乔:这太神奇了。 罗宾:谢谢!But its only a start. Lets try it again, a little bit differently.这仅仅是个开始。我们再来一次,但这次有点不同。Hold your hands together. Put your other hand on top.把你的手放在一起,把另一只手放在上面,Now if youre watching this little token,当你在注视这枚筹码的时候,this obviously has become a little target. Its like a red herring.这就成了一个小目标,就像是红色的鲱鱼。If we watch this kind of close, it looks like it goes away.如果我们认真盯着它,好像它已经溜走了。Its not back on your shoulder.这次它不在你肩膀上,It falls out of the air, lands right back in the hand.它从空中掉下来,落在了手上。Did you see it go?看清楚了吗?Yeah, its funny. Weve got a little guy. Hes union. He works up there all day.嗯,是很有趣。 上面有个人,跟我一伙儿的,整天干这事儿。If I did it slowly, if it goes straightaway,如果我做得慢点,它马上就溜走了,it lands down by your pocket. I believe is it in this pocket, sir?这次它降落在你的口袋里了。在你的口袋里吗?No, dont reach in your pocket. Thats a different show.别,别把手伸进口袋,那是另外一个节目。So -- (Squeaking noise) -- thats rather strange. They have shots for that.嗯,(吱吱声)这是有点儿奇怪,可以打针。Can I show them what that is? Thats rather bizarre. Is this yours, sir?我能给大家展示一下这个吗? 真奇怪。先生,请问这是你的吗?I have no idea how that works. Well just send that over there.我不知道这是怎么回事。我们把它放那儿就好了。Thats great. I need help with this one.很好,我这儿需要一点帮助。Step over this way for me.请站到这边来。Now dont run away. You had something down by your pants pocket.请别跑,你裤子口袋里还有点儿东西。I was checking mine. I couldnt find everything,我在找,可是怎么也找不到,but I noticed you had something here.但我注意到你那儿似乎有点东西。Can I feel the outside of your pocket for a moment?我能摸一下你的口袋外面吗?Down here I noticed this. Is this something of yours, sir?我发现了这玩意儿。先生,请问这是你的吗?Is this? I have no idea. Thats a shrimp.是吗?我完全不知道是怎么回事,那是一只虾。Joe: Yeah. Im saving it for later.乔:嗯,这是我为晚点时间准备的。AR: Youve entertained all of these people in a wonderful way,罗宾:你给在场所有人带来了欢乐,better than you know.比你想象的还要好。So wed love to give you this lovely watch as a gift. (Laughter)所以我想把这块手表送给你以示感谢(笑声),Hopefully it matches his taste.希望它合你口味。But also, we have a couple of other things,此外,我还有其他礼物要送给你,a little bit of cash, and then we have a few other things.一点现金,还有点其他东西,These all belong to you,这些都是你的,along with a big round of applause from all your friends. (Applause)还有来自现场朋友的热烈掌声。(掌声)Joe, thank you very much.乔:谢谢。(Applause)(掌声)So, same question I asked you before,那么,我想再问一遍最开始的问题,but this time you dont have to close your eyes.但这次不需要你们闭上眼睛,What am I wearing?我今天穿了什么?(Laughter)(笑声)(Applause)(掌声)Attention is a powerful thing.注意力是非常强大的东西。Like I said, it shapes your reality.正如我之前所说的,它决定了你的现实世界。So, I guess Id like to pose that question to you.所以,我想问大家一个问题,If you could control somebodys attention,如果你能控制一个人的注意力,what would you do with it?你会用它做什么?Thank you.谢谢201409/329851宁德优生优育检查医院排名福州市中医看不孕哪里最好



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