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North Koreas nuclear testing isnt just a possible danger for nearby countries and the Western world — it could also trigger a volcanic eruption from nearby Mount Baekdu. At least according to South Korean seismologists. 朝鲜核试验不仅对临近国家和西方世界造成可能的危险,也可能引发附近长白山火山爆发。据韩国地震学家报道。The scientists studied the ;dynamic stress changes; caused by hypothetical underground nuclear tests. A report in Nature says, ;An underground nuclear explosion test near an active volcano constitutes a direct threat to the volcano.;科学家们研究了由假设地下核试验引起的“动态应力变化”。自然杂志的一份报告称,“活跃火山附近的地下核爆炸试验对火山构成直接威胁。”According to the research team, the volcano last erupted in 1903. A previous eruption was one of ;largest explosive events in human history.; 根据研究小组发现,这座火山在1903年爆发了。先前的一次喷发是“人类历史上最大的爆炸事件之一。”North Korea refuses to stop its nuclear program and has conducted multiple underground nuclear tests in recent years, the most recent of which was in January and was immediately condemned by Western nations. 朝鲜拒绝停止其核计划,并在最近几年进行了多次地下核试验,最近的一次是在一月,立即被西方国家谴责。But according to RT, this isnt the first warning from seismologists of volcanic fallout from North Korean nuclear testing. In 2013, a geologist said, ;A nuclear test will probably exert a direct or indirect impact on volcanic activity at the mountain, and this is worrisome.”但根据RT,这不是地震学家对朝鲜核试验的首次警告。早在2013年,一位地质学家表示,“核试验可能会直接或间接对山体火山活动造成影响,这是令人担忧的。”译文属。201602/427182。

This week were sweeping across the vast expanse of Europe and Asia between the ninth and the thirteenth centuries.本周的我们将横跨九世纪至十三世纪欧亚大陆的广阔区域。And once again were not going to be focussed on the Mediterranean:were dealing with two great arcs of trade-one that begins in Iraq and Afghanistan, rises north into Russia and ends here in Britain, and another in the south, spanning the Indian Ocean from Indonesia to Africa.而再一次我们不会将焦点限于地中海地区:一条始于伊拉克和阿富汗,向北延伸至俄罗斯,最后止于英格兰;另一条则在南边,从印度尼西亚开始,跨越印度洋,直抵非洲。The weeks objects range from todays precious Viking treasure from Yorkshire to a few pottery fragments from a beach in Africa.本周的这件物品范围是从现今约克郡珍贵无比的海盗宝藏,到非洲海滩的一些陶器碎片。Between them, they bring to life the travellers, the traders and the raiders who helped to shape this world.在其中,他们为旅客们带来了生活,贸易商,而且袭击者帮助曾改变这个世界。When you use the words ;traders and raiders;, one group of people above all springs to mind: the Vikings.—提到“商人与劫匪”,浮现在我们脑海里的总是维京人的形象。Vikings have always excited the European imagination and their reputation has fluctuated violently.维京人一直刺激着欧洲人的想象力,他们的名声也总是大起大落。In the nineteenth century, the British saw them as savage bad guys-horn-helmeted rapers and looters.在十九世纪,英格兰人视他们为野蛮的恶棍,戴着牛角头盔,奸淫掳掠无恶不作。For the Scandinavians, of course, it was different: the Vikings there were the all-conquering heroes of Nordic legend.但在北欧人眼中自然并非如此:他们是北欧传奇中所向披靡的英雄。The Vikings then went through a stage of being seen by historians as rather civilised-more tradesmen and travellers than pillagers-in fact they became almost cuddly.一度有考古学家认为维京人的文明程度相当高,在本地及外地经商的人比海盗多。This recent discovery of the Vale of York Hoard makes them seem a bit less cuddly and looks set to revive the aggressive Vikings of popular tradition, but now with a dash of cosmopolitan glamour.不过最近发现的约克郡宝藏则给他们的形象减分不少,民间流行的侵咯者一说再次回归,只是增加了一点四海为家的魅力。And the truth, I think, is that thats what the Vikings have always been about: glitz with violence.其实我想,维京人一宜以来的形象都是既暴力又耀眼。The England of the early 900s was divided between territories occupied by the Vikings-most of the north and the east-while the south and the west were controlled by the great Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex.十世纪初,英格兰一分为二,东、北部被维京人占据,西、南部则是盎格鲁-撖克逊人的韦塞克斯王国。 译文属201603/430302。


In this presentation you will learn how to and understand a nutrition facts label本讲你将了解如何阅读理解营养标签this slide shows an example of the nutrition facts label for a box of macaroni and cheese.这张课件显示的是一张通心粉奶酪盒子上的营养标签The US food and drug administration dictates that美国食品及药物规定food labeling is required for most prepared foods such as bs, cereals, canned and frozen foods,大多数预加工食品,如各种面包,谷类食品,灌装及冷冻食品snacks, deserts, drinks and many more.小吃,点心,饮料等都需要提供食品标签However nutrition labeling for raw produce such as fruits and vegetables and fish is voluntary.然而未加工产品如蔬菜水果鱼等营养标签则不是必须的Dietary supplements and vitamins have separate labeling requirements食物强化剂和维生素都需要营养标签and will not carry a nutrition facts label that looks like the one you see here.但并不是你在这里看到的这种营养标签Nutrition facts labels will all have the same format with several sections as those outlined here.营养标签与这里展示的这几部分格式相同Next we will discuss the different sections of a food label.下面我们就讨论一下食物标签的不同部分But you should know that each nutrition facts label但是你应该知道每种营养标签has specific information about the food product on which it is labeled.都提供了其标注食物的特定信息You can think of a food label as having six sections你能够想到食物标签包含六部分serving size, calories, two sections for nutrients, a footnote and a percent daily value.食用分量,热量,两部分营养物质,补充说明和每日摄入百分比On the next slide you will see the food label with each of these sections.下张课件你将看到食品标签的这些部分The serving size is at the top of the label and is in a green color.位于标签最顶部的绿色区域是食用分量Calories are shown just below the serving size at the top of the label热量一栏仅位于最顶端的食用分量下边and in our example will be in a white coulour.在此例中为白色区域Both sections of the nutrients are below the calories and in our example are highlighted in yellow and blue.两栏营养物质都在热量栏下面,即例中的黄色和蓝色区域The footnote is located at the bottom of the food label in white补充说明位于食品标签最底部的白色区域and the percent daily values are given on the far right of the column and highlighted in purple on our example.而每日摄入百分比则在该栏的最右侧,即例子中的紫色区域You should note that你应该已发现food labels on products are only displayed in black and white with no colours.商品的食物标签只有黑白色Here you can see the six sections pointed out on the previous slide这里你可以看到上张课件中讲到的食物标签六部分serving size at the top in green calories最顶部的绿色区域是食用分量just below the serving size in white,下面的白色区域表示热量two sections for nutrients in yellow and blue a footnote in white at the bottom营养成分的两部分分别为黄色和蓝色,最下边的白色部分是补充说明and the percent daily value on the right hand side highlighted in purple.而右手边的紫色区域是每日摄入百分比Next we will walk through each of the six sections下面我们将一一介绍这六个区域201603/428982。

While Rockefellers oil empire steadily grows,steel becomes the product of choice for construction.洛克菲勒的石油帝国在稳步增长 而钢材则成为了建筑业必不可少的产品And Carnegies business takes off.卡内基的经营飞速发展Mr. Connor康纳先生Yes, sir.是 先生Hows the output?产出如何Shes running at full capacity, sir.正在满负荷运行 先生Good. Carry on.很好 继续Carnegies steel helps trigger the upward expansion of Americas cities.卡内基的钢材让美国城市得以垂直发展But if he wants to challenge Rockefeller for the title of Americas Most Powerful Businessman......Carnegie must become even more profitable.但如果想挑战洛克菲勒美国最有权势商界领袖的地位 卡内基还需要进一步提高利润率But hell pay a price for his ambition.为了这一野心 他需要付出代价That will threaten to destroy everything hes worked so hard to build.风险在于 他苦心经营得到的一切可能会毁于一旦201604/438534。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201507/386635。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201509/399180。

As the moon pulls away it will put an end随着月球日渐远离to one of natures most glorious spectacles;自然界中最壮丽的奇景也将画下句点a total solar eclipse.那就是日全食The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun.月球的体积是太阳的四百分之一But at the moment it is also precisely 400 times但目前和地球的距离closer to the earth than the sun is.也是太阳和地球距离的四百分之一This amazing coincidence means that这个惊人的巧合表示when the moon passes directly in front of the sun,月球经过太阳前方时it appears exactly the same size.两者看来体积相当We are living at the only time in the history of the solar system只有我们身处的这个时代when this unique spectacle is possible.才看得到这种奇观As the moon drifts away from us,随着月球日渐远离this awe-inspiring sight will be over forever.这个令人敬畏的异象,将会成为历史So over the years scientists continued to这些年来科学家不断做出make exciting new discoveries about our moon.有关月球的新发现But somehow it was never enough to reignite our passion但似乎永远不足以再度引燃for our closest neighbour.我们对月球的热情And that was partly because our attention had turned elsewhere.有部分原因可归咎于人们的注意力已转向别的地方There are over one hundred太阳系中还有150多颗and fifty other moons in the solar system,其他的卫星and by the late 1970s we were starting to explore them.我们在1970年代末期,开始探索这些卫星The results were spectacular.得到的结果令人啧啧称奇The journey of discovery began with the Voyager probes.航海家探测器为这趟发现之旅揭开了序幕They were sent to explore the outer solar system它们的目的是探索外侧太阳系the gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn.如木星和土星等巨型气体行星Until now these extraordinary worlds在此之前人们只能透过望远镜had been seen only through telescopes.观察这些奇异又美丽的世界It took 2 years for these probes to reach their first port of call这些探测器花了两年才抵达第一个停靠点Jupiter.木星Scientists all over the world were gripped,世界各地的科学家都屏息waiting for the first close up pictures of the great giant.等待木星第一批特写照片回传But when Voyager started transmitting pictures back to earth,但是航海家开始将影像回传地球时they were in for a surprise.科学家有了意想不到的惊喜It seemed it was Jupiters moons, rather than the planet itself,看来最惊人的秘密,似乎存在于木星的卫星that held the most exciting secrets.而非木星本身We thought the moons of the outer planets我们一直以为外行星的卫星would be lumps of ice covered in craters.都是布满陨石坑的冰块And that was about it.此外乏善可陈But when Voyager started transmitting但航海家开始回传back pictures of Jupiters innermost moon,最靠近木星的卫星木卫一的影像时lo, there was a strange anomaly.出现了一个奇怪的异常之处A young NASA scientist spotted航太总署一名年轻科学家发现an odd looking bulge on the moons side.卫星的侧面有个奇怪的隆起I came in about 9 oclock that morning to the navigation area我那天早上九点左右来到导航区and the tape with the pictures the spacecraft探测器前一天拍到的影片had taken the day before was on my desk.就放在我桌上I put them on the computer system于是我就用电脑放出来看and I displayed them and I could see that lo,我看到the moon of lo, was a crescent as very木卫一呈新月形often our own moon is a crescent in the night sky.就如同我们自己的月亮在夜空中往往呈新月形一样And I went and enhanced the brightness我增加了画面的亮度and there appeared beside lo,发现木卫一的一侧an object, a huge object that looked like something出现一个巨大的物体I couldnt recognise and could never have expected我没料到会看到这种情景,也不知道那是什么and it completely captured my attention.所以看得全神贯注I wanted to know so badly what that was.我很想知道那是什么I just had to ask myself my goodness what is that? .忍不住自问 “天啊,那是什么?”201505/373531。

Each cannon, packed with up to 10 stone balls.每门大炮 可以塞入十个石弹For those people in Constantinople,对于那些在君士坦丁堡里的人们来说they had never experienced anything like a cannon bombardment.他们从来没有经历过 大炮轰炸这种事情I have been rocketed, and I have been mortared before,我以前曾亲历过炮击轰炸and it aint no fun.这可不是什么好玩的事You never know, you dont know where its going to land.你永远不知道炮弹会落在哪儿Pounding the city, round the clock for 53 days.土耳其人连续五十三天不停地猛攻这座城市The great cannonballs flew over the walls巨大的炮弹飞越城墙and crashed through the houses of the city,毫不留情地砸在城中的房屋上and then as they struck the ground, the stone shattered,然后重重坠地 碎石飞溅and they burst in a shrapnel hail of jagged little splinters加农炮猛然炸开 锋利的弹片随即四散 that killed and maimed and lacerated for hundreds of yards around.方圆几百里 皆笼罩在死亡痛苦的阴影之下Defenders rebuild.But mehmet breaks through.守卫者不断加固城墙 但穆罕默德还是破城而入201601/424291。

Religious Worship in Taiwan认识台湾的民间信仰,保庇保庇喔!As you travel around Taiwan, you cant help but notice that people are busy praying, from giving incense to the temple, or burning ghost money on the street; leaving a small offering of food for the Kitchen God, or a whole pig for the Jade Emperor. Everybody is very busy doing ;bai-bai.;当你环游台湾时,你不得不注意到人们忙着祈祷,从给庙宇上香、或在街头烧冥纸;留一小份食物给灶神,或是献一整只猪给玉皇大帝。每个人都非常忙着“拜拜”。Weve come here today to Taipei Story House to learn more about the folk rituals which is so popular in Taiwan and such an integral part of the culture.我们今天来到台北故事馆这,学习更多在台湾如此受欢迎的民间习俗,以及这文化中如此不可或缺的一部分。Chia-Yi showed me around Taipei Story House. The paper money you can see in the background is known as ghost money. Its handmade using stamps. There are two types of ghost money: the plain red and golden. The plain money is used to give offerings to ancestors, so that they have money to buy things in the afterlife. Whereas the gold money is used to give offerings to the gods to show respect. The money is offered up by being burned.Chia-Yi 带我四处看看台北故事馆。你在背景可以看到的纸钱被称为“冥纸”。它是用图章手工制作的。有两种冥纸:素色红以及金色的。素的纸钱被用来给予祖先祭品,好让他们在来世有钱买东西。而金色的钱被用来给予神明祭品,以示尊敬。纸钱由焚烧贡献。Taiwans folk religion has a multitude of gods. Chia-Yi showed me around and introduced me to some of the most popular gods in Taiwan, such as Wen Chang Di Jun, who is the god of study. Students go to him to pray for A grades.台湾的民间宗教信仰有众多神明。Chia-Yi 带我四处看看,并向我介绍台湾一些最受欢迎的神祇,例如文昌帝君,他是课业之神。学生祭拜他以求好成绩。There are also other gods that people pray to for money or for good business. And Zhu Sheng Niang Niang, the goddess of children and mothers, who, of course, mothers go to to pray for protection for their children, or maybe to ask for a boy or a girl child.也有其他人们为了财富或蓬勃事业所拜的神明。还有注生娘娘,主管子嗣与母亲的女神,当然,母亲们拜注生娘娘为孩子求保佑,或也许求个男宝宝或女宝宝。Another very popular god is the god of lovers, Yue Xia Lao Ren. People pray to him using ;bua buei; to ask if theyll have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or to see how their destiny will go with their lover.另一个非常受欢迎的神明是恋人之神,月下老人。人们用“掷筊”来向他祈求,询问他们是否会有男朋友或女朋友,或了解他们和恋人的命运会如何发展。Possibly the most popular folk god is Tu Di Gong. Many people pray to him for their businesses, for their communities, and for their family. And the ghost money that you see burning on the streets on the first and the 15th of the month in Taiwan is often being sent up as an offering to Tu Di Gong.也许最受欢迎的民间神祇是土地公。许多人为了他们的事业、为了他们的社区,以及为了他们的家庭向他祈祷。而你在每月的初一十五在台湾街上看到人们在烧的冥纸,通常是被烧来当做给土地公的祭品的。There are also some rather special gods, such as Tien Peng Yuan Shuai. He is the god of the sex industry, because he loved ladies very much.也有一些其他比较特别的神明,像是天蓬元帅。他是特种行业之神,因为他极度好女色。Another common sight in Taiwan is offerings left outside the home. This is especially prevalent on New Years Eve, when offerings are left for the gods and the ancestors outside the home. The ancestral offerings include everything from food and drink to makeup. The offerings are left around about 30 minutes, when its deemed that the gods and the ghosts have had enough and used up or eaten their fill, and then the family can use them.另一个在台湾常见的景象是被留在屋外的祭品。这在除夕特别盛行,那时献给神明和祖先的祭品被留在屋外。给祖先的祭品包含所有从食物、饮料、到化妆品的东西。那些祭品被留在外头大约半个小时,那时人们认为神明和好兄弟已经用够了,用完或吃饱饱了,接着家人们就可以使用它们。Now, Chia-Yi has told me that everything here in the souvenir shop is made by local artists and its all handmade. And so it ranges from the...very beautiful, such as this plate, which is just amazing, down to more simple things, such as this Hakka bag. Pretty cool, eh?现在,Chia-Yi 告诉我这间纪念品店里的每样东西都是由当地艺术家制作,且全是纯手工的。所以它的范围从...非常美丽,例如这个盘子,真是太美了,到更简单的东西,像是这个客家包。满酷的,对吧?And then, of course, theres the little, tiny souvenirs, like the ba zhang. This is rice wrapped in bamboo. And this I might put on your phone or on your keys as a good luck charm. And this is very familiar—the ;buei; that we were using earlier to find out if youre gonna have success in your love life. Maybe I should get these to help me out at the Baoan Temple.然后,当然,有这个小小、迷你的纪念品,像是肉粽。这是包在竹子里的饭。这个我可能会放在你的手机或钥匙上当做幸运物。而这个非常眼熟--我们稍早用来知道你在恋爱生活会不会成功的“筊”。也许我应该拿这些来在保安宫帮我一把。201508/390496。