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One time or another, you’ve had the thought running through your head that if you only knew more you would be more successful in life.有时候有个想法会闪过脑海:你只有知道的越多,人生才会更成功。It’s only natural that you think knowing more will make you more successful. Perhaps another degree, a conference, or a DVD business series is what you need to turn your situation around.你觉得“懂得越多越成功”再自然不过了。也许另一个学位、一场会议或商战系列DVD就能让你反转境况。It’s frustrating.Because the more you learn, the less you feel like you’re becoming successful.现实令人沮丧。因为你学得更多,你就越不会觉得自己成功。That’s because, despite what you hear about success, it has very little to do with formal education. How much you know doesn’t really matter.Some of the most successful people did it without all the education:这是因为,虽然你听过关于成功的种种说法,但成功很少和正规教育有关。你懂得多少并不重要。最成功的人中有些人没受过教育,却依然成功了:Steve Jobs stayed in college for only six months. His breakthrough inventions in mobile technology and movie animation are perhaps the greatest business marvel of the last fifty years.史蒂夫·乔布斯只上了6个月大学。他在移动技术和电影动画的突破性发明也许是过去50年中最大的商业奇迹。Henry Ford had no college education at all. He went on to reinvent the manufacturing process and the entire automobile industry.亨利·福特根本没有大学文凭。他改进了制作业生产过程和整个汽车行业。William Shakespeare dropped out of middle school. He would later create almost 2,000 English words and write the most famous literary works.威廉·莎士比亚中学辍学。他后来创造了近2000个英语单词,并且写了最有名的文学作品。Horace Greeley had no schooling at all. He would later become a Congressman, and today is considered one the most influential journalists in American history.霍勒斯·格里利没受过任何教育。他后来成为国会议员,如今被认为是美国历史上最有影响力的记者。Albert Einstein was a high school dropout and failed his university entrance exams. He came up with the Theory of Relativity, published 300 scientific papers, won a Nobel Prize, and is considered the greatest mind of the twentieth century.爱因斯坦高中辍学,也没考上大学。他提出了相对论,发表了300篇科学论文,获得了诺贝尔奖,被认为是二十世纪最伟大的人。Success isn’t really about how much you know.What matters is what you do.成功与你知道多少无关。重要的是你做了什么。One of the greatest inventors the world has ever know explained success this way: “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”Thomas Edison didn’t just say that; he lived it. He would attempt over 10,000 separate tries in creating the light bulb.爱迪生是世界上最伟大的发明家之一,他是这样解释成功的:“天才是1%的灵感和99%的汗水。” 他并不只是说说,他实践了这句话。爱迪生在发明灯泡时试了10,000多次。Some people probably thought he was crazy. And some will think you are too.Maybe you’re just on your way to doing something mind-blowingly amazing.有些人可能认为他疯了。有些人也同样会这么评价你。也许你只是正在做什么惊天动地的事。 /201302/225658There seems to be no limit to the extremes people will go to show off their wealth.土豪们的挥霍炫富似乎是没有节制的。And now, for those who truly want to wow guests - or simply want to flush some excess money down the loo, there is...gold toilet paper.现在,那些真的很想让客人震惊一下,或者就是想要把钱财放水冲走的土豪们可以实现梦想了——黄金厕纸问世了。The roll, sold by Australian company is made from 22-carat gold and costs a staggering ,376,900.00 (around #163;825,839).澳大利亚公司生产的这种黄金厕纸内含22克拉的黄金,价格约为137.7万美元(约837万人民币)上下。The company claims that each roll - which comes with a free bottle of champagne - will be delivered personally.制造公司称,每一卷黄金厕纸都会专人送货上门,同时附赠一瓶免费香槟。And for those concerned that metal may not provide a gentle wipe, the roll is three-ply to ensure the utmost comfort.有些人也许会担心金属材质不够柔软,但这种黄金厕纸是三层夹层设计,因而保了最柔软的触感。Speaking to the Mail Online, the company said the inspiration for the roll came from Dubai.该公司对《每日邮报》记者称,黄金厕纸的创意来自于迪拜。#39;When we saw in Dubai some hotels have full gold toilet seats and handles for the toilet paper we decided it would be a good idea.It took four years of patience to make one roll which has gold flakes through it.#39;“当我们在迪拜看到,一些酒店提供纯金的马桶座圈和厕纸卷柄时,我们觉得黄金厕纸会是一个不错的主意。经过四年的不懈研究,我们研制出了这种厕纸,金屑内融于厕纸里面。”The company describes their uber-luxurious product, saying: ‘This is the most expensive toilet paper roll in the world. A quality 3-ply toilet paper with 22-carat gold through the roll. We have only been able to produce one roll at this stage. Naturally it comes gift wrapped. This is 100 per cent useable and safe and made proudly in Australia. Perhaps unsurprisingly no one has brought the roll as yet, We would love to get a purchase.#39;对这种极致奢华的产品,制造商的说法是:“这是世界上最贵的厕纸。三层设计,内含22克拉黄金。在现阶段我们只生产出了一卷黄金厕纸。自然出售的时候会附赠礼品。这种黄金厕纸百分百安全舒适,它的产地为澳大利亚。这卷黄金厕纸暂时还无买家出现,不过这在我们意料当中。我们很期待有买家出现。”For those looking to leave guests in no doubt of their superior wealth, there is a range of gold bathroom fittings, including a golden toilet seat, available to complement the roll.如果有富可敌国的土豪想要让宾客们佩的五体投地,他们可以从该公司买到一系列的卫生间黄金配件,比如黄金马桶座圈,这些配件可以和黄金厕纸搭配使用。 /201312/269253

Grooming and personal hygiene have been around for ages. It#39;s hard to imagine a time when people weren#39;t concerned with taking care of their appearance and their bodies. Perhaps these practices started when Adam first took a bath and combed his hair before going on a date with Eve. Or maybe they began when Eve put on some herbal makeup to make herself more beautiful. No matter where they started, grooming and personal hygiene have become an important part of everyone#39;s daily routine.仪容整洁和个人卫生的讲究已经行之有年了。很难想象一个人们不在乎打理外表和身体清洁的时代。或许这些卫生习惯始于亚当第一次洗澡梳头去赴夏娃的约;也可能始于夏娃第一次搽上青草制的化妆品使自己更美丽。无论是从何时开始的,仪容整洁与个人卫生已经成为每个人生活例行事务中重要的一部份。You might think that all modern societies would have the same grooming and personal hygiene practices. After all, doesn#39;t everybody take baths? Most people do recognize the need for hygiene, which is the basis for cleanliness and health-and a good way to keep one#39;s friends. Grooming practices include all the little things people do to make themselves look their best, such as combing their hair and putting on makeup. However, while most modern people agree that these things are important, people in different cultures take care of themselves in different ways.你可能以为所有现代社会中的仪容整洁与卫生习惯都是一样的。毕竟,不是每一个人天天都要洗澡的吗?大部份人的确肯定卫生的必要性,它是清洁与健康的基础,也是维持友谊的好办法。仪容整洁的工作涵盖了所有可以使人看起来体面的琐碎小事,像是梳头和化妆。虽然大多数的现代人都同意这些事很重要,但不同文化背景的人打理自己的方法也不一样。There used to be an old joke in America that people should take a bath once a week, whether they need one or not. In fact, though, Americans generally take a bath-or more commonly, a shower-every day. But in contrast to some cultures, most Americans get their shower in the morning, so they can start the day fresh. And instead of going to a beauty parlor for a shampoo, many Americans prefer to wash and style their own hair. So if Americans have a ;bad hair day,; they have no one to blame but themselves. But most people in America do head for the beauty parlor or barber shop occasionally for a haircut, a perm or just some friendly conversation.以前在美国有一个老笑话,说不管人们需不需要,他们至少每个礼拜该洗一次澡。不过事实上,美国人每天会洗一次澡,或者更普遍的作法是每天淋浴一次。但是不同于某些文化习惯的是,美国人在清晨淋浴,以使他们展开清新的一天。而且美国人不上美容院去洗头,他们宁可自己洗头和整理发型。所以美国人如果有一天头发很丑,除了怪自己之外就没什么好抱怨的了。然而大部份的美国人偶尔会到美容院或理发厅去,剪头发、烫头发,或是去跟人聊聊天。Americans are known for having very sensitive noses. In America, ;B.O.; (body odor) is socially unacceptable. For that reason, Americans consider the use of deodorant or anti-perspirant a must. Ladies often add a touch of perfume for an extra fresh scent. Men may splash on after-shave lotion or manly-smelling cologne. Another cultural no-no in America is bad breath. Americans don#39;t like to smell what other people ate for lunch-especially onions or garlic. Their solution? Mouthwash, breath mints and even brushing their teeth after meals.美国人的鼻子是出了名的灵。在美国,体臭在社交上是不被接受的。因此,美国人会认为使用除臭剂或止汗剂是必须的。女士们通常会再抹点香水以增加清香;男士则拍一些刮胡水或是男性古龙水在脸上。在美国文化里的另一项禁忌是口臭。美国人不喜欢闻别人午餐后留在口中的味道——尤其是洋葱或大蒜。他们怎么解决这问题呢?漱口、吃薄荷糖、甚至饭后刷牙。Some of the cultural variations in grooming practices result from physical differences between races. Whereas many Asian men have little facial hair, Westerners have a lot. As a result, most American men spend some time each day shaving or grooming their facial hair. Beards and mustaches are common sights in America, although their popularity changes from generation to generation. Most American men who wear facial hair try to keep it nicely trimmed. American women, on the other hand, generally prefer not to be hairy at all. Many of them regularly shave their legs and armpits.有些仪容整洁方面的文化差异是源自于种族间生理条件的不同。亚洲男性面部的胡髭长得并不多,但西方人却长得多,因此美国的男性每天得花些时间去刮除或整理他们的脸毛。在美国,男人在下巴部份或嘴唇上方留胡子是很普通的,不过不同时代胡子受欢迎的样式不相同。在美国大部份留胡子的男性都会试着将胡子修剪整齐,但另一方面,美国女性通常不喜欢毛茸茸的,很多人会定期地刮除腿部和腋下的毛。Americans put great value on both grooming and personal hygiene. For some people, taking care of themselves has become almost a religion. As the old saying goes, ;Cleanliness is next to godliness.; Whether or not being clean and well-groomed brings one closer to God, it certainly brings one closer to others. Americans look down on people who don#39;t take care of themselves, or who ;let themselves go.; To Americans, even if we don#39;t have much to work with, we have to make the best of what we#39;ve got.美国人非常看重仪容整洁与个人卫生。对某些人而言,打理自己几乎成了一种信仰,如一句古老的谚语说:清洁是仅次于圣洁第二重要的事。不管整齐清洁是不是能使人更接近上帝,但它的确能拉近与人的距离。美国人轻视那些不在乎打理自己或让自己随随便便就好的人。对美国人而言,就算我们没有非常好的先天条件,但至少该尽力将已有的好好发挥。 /201305/242062

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